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Disney's Polynesian Resort
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"Food was very good, but..."
Reviewed on May 19, 2015 by NYBaloo
Rating: 5  
This May was our first visit to Ohana for dinner. I must say that the food was very good and the came quickly and often and the wait staff was very accomodating. What really ruined my whole meal was the the entertainment. There was a woman playing the ukelele and singing that was incredibly annoying. First, she couldn't sing on key if her life depended on it and her voice was like nails on a chalkboard. She also was far to loud. It was like a very very very very intentionally bad Vegas lounge act. If she had been a bit campy, maybe it would have worked, but it was just painful. I would only return if she was not going to be there.
"Not as good as hoped"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2013 by Jayne0902
Rating: 3  
The served buffet breakfast to the table left little choice and if you didn't like it you went hungry. The speciality bread was a good if you liked that thing but if not there was no alterative. On a plus the character interaction was good.
"A must do!!"
Reviewed on Aug 17, 2013 by Sammy
Rating: 9  
Having researched a lot on here I made a reservation for Ohana in April 2013. May I start off by saying I have already made a return reservation! Ohana is a hidden gem! With a family atmosphere, entertainment for adults and children and with food you cannot fault Ohana is a must do. The food is fantastic , juicy and well cooked, with a great selection of meats and shrimp with a large salad and noodles. The all you can eat style does not disappoint. The dessert was very tasty too and a great end to a great meal. Top tip don't eat before hand, you need all the room you can get for this amazing food.
"Great for Family"
Reviewed on Mar 19, 2013 by Rick
Rating: 9  
I've eaten dinner here with family many times. We've never had a bad experience. We typically time our dinner with the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. The food is fantastic, service typically is top notch. Its family style serving so as soon as you sit down and get your drinks order, the food starts to come out shortly after. Ohana's has always been packed when I've gone so its not exactly a quiet atmosphere. But its a memorable experience and it has become a staple of our vacations to WDW. Only drawback is you can feel rushed. No one ever says anything, but I think most people are taken back how quick the food comes out and can mistake that for the servers rushing you. But, if you understand that the food will come quick, you'll understand that they are not trying to rush you.
"Great shrimp! Not so good breakfast!"
Reviewed on Mar 02, 2013 by bethyah
Rating: 9  
We ate here for both breakfast ( character meal) and dinner. The dinner was fabulous, especially the shrimp! Our waiter kept bringing the shrimp to my husband without even having to ask! It was always hot too! On the other hand, the "family style" breakfast was not hot. It was lukewarm at best! Mickey and the gang including Lilo and Stitch are always nice to see, but I found the interaction with the characters at the parks much better sadly! I would recommend dinner ( all you can eat) in a heartbeat, especially the potstickers! But, I have some reservations in recommending the breakfast.
"Lots of food!!!!"
Reviewed on Dec 10, 2012 by JMagicFink
Rating: 9  
There is so much delicious food served here! Everything is served family style and there is entertainment for the kids! We had salad, pot stickers, chicken wings, broccoli, very tasty noodles (I think they had absorbed a teriyaki sauce or something), chicken, steak, shrimp, pork and banana caramel bread pudding. Soooo much food! It was all absolutely delicious. My wife thought the steak was not cooked quite enough for being family style, but I liked it. The servers are extremely nice and we are thankful we finally got to try this place! 'Ohana is now our favorite resort restaurant for dinner! Just make sure you eat a very light lunch that day!!!! Highly recommend!
"I Love 'Ohana"
Reviewed on Dec 10, 2012 by JTT
Rating: 10  
This is must do for any Disney World trip. The atmosphere is great but the food is awesome.

I live with two picky eaters and they both love it.

I'm not a big eater but everything on the menu is great.

Don't miss out!
"A Must-Do Experience!"
Reviewed on Nov 27, 2012 by DfromATX
Rating: 9  
'Ohana is an awesome place! When we go to DW, we like to try new places each visit, but 'Ohana is one we always return to.

We always do the dining plan, so before we go, we research all the restaurants that participate in the plan. (If you do the dining plan, I recommend you do this to get your money's worth. You may also need to make reservations about 6 months in advance to get a favorable time.) It's been a couple of years since we've been, but we are now planning for our next trip in June 2013.

Delicious Polynesian-styled food and festive atmosphere with friendly servers! I highly recommend it!! One word of caution... because they bring you as much as you desire, save room for dessert!

"2nd time not a charm"
Reviewed on Oct 03, 2012 by evilqueenT
Rating: 5  
Background: We've been to Ohana's twice for dinner, once about a year ago and the second time in July 2012. On our first trip our adr was for 530, on the second trip it was at 9pm. Experience: The entertainment during dinner both times was the same and is fun. The first trip service was great, second time just ok. The second trip had the added bonus of watching wishes at the end of our meal. The food: The menu was unchanged between our visits. The first trip I thought the food was really good (I love grilling so this was right up my alley). The meats were moist, hot, and served quickly. The second trip was awful. The service was slow, she'd disappear for long periods of time and never cleared empty plates. This trip we also had the problem that the meats were sooooo dry that all the water in Bay Lake wouldn't have helped get it down any easier...just awful thus the 5 star rating is my overall average of our two experiences.
"Great place!"
Reviewed on Sep 10, 2012 by Megan
Rating: 9  
We love both breakfast and dinner at 'Ohana. Even though its served family style, everything is always cooked to perfection, and I love being able to get more of our favorites. The dipping sauces are delicious and go great with the three selections of meats. The juice they give you with breakfast is also really tasty. The characters are great, love seeing Mickey dressed in a tropical shirt.
"Best All around Disney Meal! "
Reviewed on Aug 26, 2012 by It wouldn't be a Disney Vacation without 'Ohana
Rating: 10  
Forget Stacey's List, this is our "Must Do" on every trip!
There may be better "meals" (not many) on Disney property but no other meal says
"Disney" like 'Ohana. They've changed some of the choices over the years but family style experience and grilled meets are always the best. It never disappoints!
"A MUST Do Every Trip!"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by DisneyDebNJ
Rating: 10  
From the welcome bread to the banana bread pudding, is outstanding. With the abundance of meats (chicken, pork, steak and also shrimp) you are given three dipping sauces. Trust me, the peanut sauce is wonderful, and you will be asking for more! Words of advice... GO HUNGRY! There is also a child's menu and you can opt for vegetarian options as well. Breakfast is standard fare, but very good, and the character interactions never disappoint. Once you try Ohana, it will become a family favorite!!
"Great Choice!"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by ThinkTink721
Rating: 10  
By far, this is our favorite WDW restaurants!
We have eaten there many times for dinner & several times for breakfast.
Both meals are awesome!
The service here is excellent...the food is excellent...the atmosphere is excellent.
I would definitely recommend this one...it's a great choice!
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by Ariel484
Rating: 10  
We've eaten at 'Ohana 3 times (twice for dinner, once for breakfast). Both dinners were amazing. The dessert was our favorite part, followed closely by the noodle course. Luckily we knew to pace ourselves during the meal...there really is tons of food!

Breakfast was fun (love meeting the characters) and the food was delicious. Despite it being all-you-can-eat (care-to-enjoy...whatever!) everything was really fresh, hot and tasty.

You really cannot beat the atmosphere at 'Ohana. It's upbeat, yet relaxed. Definitely one of our favorites.
Reviewed on Mar 26, 2012 by Flip83
Rating: 10  
It's a must go everytime we go. Don't know how anyone complains about anything here. Food is outstanding. Atmosphere is incredible. That dessert is to die for.
"A favorite"
Reviewed on Mar 24, 2012 by luvmydisneyrt
Rating: 10  
Ohana is always one of our favorites. Food is good and there's plenty of it. Keep in mind the meal is mainly meats. The atmosphere is great they have coconut races for the little ones and of course if you book your seating at the right time you can experience wishes from magic kingdom. Or you can eat and then watch wishes at the beach with one of the best views. Take advantage of this great resort and take a walk on the beach.
"It is OK used to be better....."
Reviewed on Jul 19, 2011 by Mickeygirlie
Rating: 7  
I've been here 4 times or so. The last time I went I wasn't impressed & I hear it isn't as good as it once was. The scalloped potatoes & bananas flambee are amazing still though :) Just pricey for not loving the food.
"You should eat here!"
Reviewed on Jan 13, 2011 by 
Rating: 10  
I love this place! If you enjoy high quality food you are in the right place. If you like something they bring you more if you don't like it skip it. They have fun activities for the kids throughout the meal. This help grown ups have time to eat. If you can ask for a window seat because at night the view is great. You will have a wait but there are plenty of seats upstairs and a TV or you can tour the hotel lobby, the pager has good range. What more can I say you should try to get a seat here. If you are staying at the Polynesian and don't try to eat here you are missing out.
"Family Favorite!!"
Reviewed on Jun 10, 2010 by mwedon09
Rating: 10  
Hello Cousin!! Ha, personally my favorite restaurant at WDW. The food is fantastic and there is a lot of it so bring an empty stomach! The place is full of energy as there is music playing and conga lines passing through the tables. The food here is what makes this #1 for me, it is so good and you can have as much as you want. I come back every year.
"Loved it!"
Reviewed on Feb 18, 2010 by hibbsofep
Rating: 9  
Ate here on the first night of our trip (2/11/10) and it really set the bar high for the rest of the trip. Loved the pineapple bread and the dessert was fantastic. You get plenty of food and the service was excellent. We had not planned to be there during the fireworks, but there was no feeling of being rushed to get out of there, so we were surprised when the lights dimmed and the music changed over to the fireworks show music--Bonus time! We will definitely go back! I gave it a '9' rating only because the room was quite chilly which cooled off the food too fast.
"Good food, but too much of it!"
Reviewed on Jan 02, 2010 by DizneyPryncess
Rating: 8  
My husband and I had dinner here on our honeymoon, and thought everything was what we expected. We had heard outstanding things about Ohana, and were really looking forward to eating here.

The Hawaiian bread that you are first served is so delicious. Just be careful you don't eat too much of it! We had so much bread we were nearly full by the time the next course came. Each course from then on out was very good, but there were too many. Neither of us have huge appetites, so we were overwhelmed. The last couple courses, including dessert, were wasted even though we wanted to eat them. I felt bad wasting so much good food like that, and wished there had been a smaller course option.

It's expensive to have dinner there, we thought. You do get your money's worth, but for people like us, the amount of food was too much. I'd like to see levels that you can purchase of different amounts of food you get, equating to different costs. Keep in mind when eating here, it's the most food you'll probably ever get served. For at least an hour after eating, my stomach hurt from fullness.

That being said, the quality of food is for sure a 10. There is nothing for me to complain about there. The environment is also really fun. The Hawaiian dancer is great to watch and listen to, and kids seem to really like being active with her. We had a lot of fun, and loved the food, just wished there were a bit less of it!

Going back on our next trip in a few months, and making sure I keep my stomach empty for dinner!
Reviewed on Nov 16, 2009 by moose2990
Rating: 9  
This place has got to be Disney's best secret, although everytime I go there, it is packed to the gills. The food is excellent, although I do miss the potatoes, anyone that leaves there hungry should just mever go out to eat again. I have eaten at Ohana's at least 8-10 times and "NEVER" had a bad experience. I hope that Disney never plans to close O'hana's because it is one of the things that I like best about WDW. I'm hungry just thinking about this place.
"'Ohana April 14, 2009"
Reviewed on May 06, 2009 by 
Rating: 10  
The service and food is a 10!
As always, 'Ohana remains our favorite place to eat. We had 7:15pm reservations and showed up about 45 minutes early due to the expected large crowds during the Easter week. However, within 5 minutes we were already being shown to our table (what service!). During our last visit we had a window table (couldn't have asked for anything more as the food and view were excellent). Unfortunately, this time our table was nestled among the heavy traffic of the kids games. Although not the best location, I blame myself for not requesting a window or less trafficked area and I won't downgrade my rating based on this.
I have read many reviews stating that the courses of food are served very quickly and are rushed. Remember, if the pace of food serving gets too fast for you, just let them know. We requested a slower pace and they more than obliged. As a result our dinner took us a little over 2 hours to enjoy. Everything was excellent tasting. Out favorites are the dumplings, wings, steak, shrimp, pork, and lastly, the bananas foster dessert. This last served item is out of this world!!
The food is unlimited...just remember to keep room for that fantastic tasting dessert!
We had a great time and were completely stuffed when we left.
Also, keep in mind, if you think you will never be able to replicate tasty food like this when you get home, just remember to ask for one of the recipes.
"The food was great, the staff could use some work"
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2009 by litesabergirl
Rating: 7  
I hadn't eaten here for about 7 years so I knew it probably wasn't going to be the same. My husband and I planned this to be our romantic dinner during the fireworks in July 08'. Because of the Disney Buses cutting back due to gas prices our trip from Downtown Disney took almost an hour and half. (We left Downtown Disney at 8, didn't get to Ohana till almost 9:20) We were panicking because we thought we had given ourselves plenty of time to get to the restaurant and were 10 minutes late! Because we were late they had given our special requested table to another couple apparently (we had requested 90 days in advance to be next to the window for the fireworks) My husband kept looking at his watch worried we were even going to be seated for the fireworks since they told us they would have wait since we were late. Finally we were seated only 5 minutes before the show was to start...behind a pole. The food was great, and after I moved my chair to the other side of the table and looked over the heads of the table across from us it was a good firework show. Our waitress only refilled our drinks once, and wasn't very happy. My husband still wants to go back because the food was so good. The overall experience could have been better.
"No scalloped potatoes? No thanks!"
Reviewed on Jan 06, 2009 by klineski96
Rating: 5  
My wife and I used to love this place! We ate there a few times and loved everything. Just to mix things up one night we had dinner at the place next to Ohana, but walked by it on our way out. For no particular reason, we casually looked at the menu on the wall... and much to our surprise and disappointment they had removed the scalloped potatoes! That was the best part of the meal. No scalloped potatoes? No thank you!
"Lost it's magic!!"
Reviewed on Sep 09, 2008 by JROK
Rating: 4  
The first time I ate there (2006) they had scalloped potatoes that were freaking amazing, pineapple bread, and a huge bowl of cocktail shrimp. Then this spring when we went, the shrimp had been replaced with grilled shrimp. While it's still pretty good, it's a pain in the butt to peal and eat. The old shrimp was so much easier, and you could dip it in several different sauces. I only had four shrimp this time, where as last time I had a ton.

Fast forward to Saturday. Out comes the bread, "Hey where are the pineapple chunks?" It still taste sweet, but no pineapple inside. Then out come the drinks, we ordered 3 sprites and a lemonade, not hard. "Where's my sprite?" "Oh, I thought you wanted a water." "No." Quite the evening so far. Then out come the appetizers. "Here's the broccolli and noodles." "Where's the potatoes?" "We don't have those anymore." Instead of the amazing potatoes we have RAMEN NOODLES!!! What the hell?! I'm paying $30 for this!!! I don't want $0.15 noodles in a fancy bowl!!!

The rest was pretty good but just not the same without the bread, shrimp and scallops. This place used to be our favorite on property, but now Liberty Tree Tavern takes back the prize.

And Sunday at Liberty Tree Tavern was just great! The food was excellent! The service was super! And the characters made us laugh all night. We were in there for a little more than two hours!!! Two helpings of Mac N Cheese, tons of flank steak and turkey!! If they introduced the scalloped potatoes there, I don't think I'd ever leave!!!

So for those of you going to Disney, try to get into Liberty Tree Tavern!! Not too expensive, all you can eat, and it's character dining!

For the price, there's better.
"Best Character Breakfast"
Reviewed on Sep 05, 2008 by lebeau
Rating: 8  
We have yet to visit O'Hana for dinner (but we will very soon). We found it to be surprisingly good for breakfast. We had more character interactions than we have had at other, larger venues. And since the food is family-style, it was superior to the usual buffet food.
"Never Again"
Reviewed on Aug 25, 2008 by Lance
Rating: 3  
We had reservations for 2 at Ohana for 5:15PM. The woman sat us by the hardwood pathway, I wanted a window seat, but thought nothing of it.

Then the ANNOYING entertainer woman opened her mouth, and she wouldn't shut up, and she was DIRECTLY in front of our table. Then she called up all the kids and everything, again 30+ kids right in front of our table!!! PARENTS taking pictures over our shoulders, practically in our food, kids straddling our table, we couldn't believe it!!!

I understand Ohana means family and all that, but we went to Ohana because its one of the few non-Character dinners, and boy were we mistaken. We couldn't believe how kid-oriented it was. The ANNOYING entertainer woman kept saying, "this is the last opportunity tonite to take part.... blah blah," so we all thought it was great that it was over. THEN, she would come up 10 minutes later with some new obnoxious thing for kids to do RIGHT in front of our table!!!

The hostess sucked for sitting us IN FRONT of the kiddie activities, and I wish I knew about them, or else I would have asked for a table way off in the corner, but SHE should have known that, and I wish I got her name, because I really would like to get her fired right now!

Overall, food wasn't that great, chicken wings were great, until some kid ran to our table and put his hand in them!

Yeah, I know its WDW, BUT some places should be free of kid-oriented dining, especially when its not character dining, if you want kid-oriented, take your damn kids to CHARACTER dining.... unreal!

Reviewed on May 27, 2008 by disneydiva72
Rating: 10  
This is by far one of my favorite restaurants, the meat is cooked to perfection!! The side dishes are delicious and if you have a picky child with you ASK for the children's menu, it has the usual child fairs of mac and cheese, chicken strips etc.

The games can be noisy, and if you have children with you they seat you by the games, if your children do not like to partisipate, then ask for a table by the windows, its not so invloved and you get a FANTASIC view of bay lake and fireworks if the time is right. :)
"this was amazing"
Reviewed on Feb 22, 2008 by disneyguru92
Rating: 10  
my family and i ate at ohanas for my parents 18th annivarsary in 2004 it was great i loved the food (except dessert) but the seating was fantastic, the service was terrific and the games were fun to play. this is one of our favorite resturants we eat there every time we go!!!!
"Great for celebrating a birthday!"
Reviewed on Feb 19, 2008 by mousebymarriage
Rating: 10  
We ate here on Jan. 30th for dinner for my husbands 38th Birthday! We were a Grand Gathering of 14 plus 1 in a high-chair and they were able to seat us at 1 very large table. Our reservation was for 7:30 pm but we arrived before 7pm and we were seated almost 30 minutes EARLY, which was great. The dinner "show" with the lady that sings and plays the ukele was a bit annoying but cute, especially when they chose my husband and mother to be part of the show. It was hysterical, they had to wear grass skirts and lei's and march around the restaurant leading all the children to the limbo contest, my sisters and I thought we were going to wet our pants we were laughing so hard. The kids had a blast with the limbo contest and coconut rolling contest. The food was good, beef, pork, huge shrimp and chicken(I think) served on 3 ft skewers. The scalloped potatoes were delicious as were the wings that were served for an appetizer. Salad and shrimp were also served as appetizers. The kids were able to order chicken fingers and fries if they didn't want the other food. I ordered a special cake 3 weeks before to celebrate my hubbys birthday, the servers and hawaiian singer made a big deal of his birthday by singing and encouraging the entire restaurant to sing.
"Will never eat here again"
Reviewed on Feb 05, 2008 by reptar77
Rating: 2  
The restaurant was extremely loud even by disney standards. The entertainer drove us crazy with her sining..... The food was not great either. Definitely not worth the money. You can get better food at counter service.
"Great Food and Great Fun"
Reviewed on Jan 01, 2008 by timbeth
Rating: 10  
My family of four dined at Ohana the night we arrived in Disney. What a great place! The atmosphere if fun, casual, and festive. The food servings were quite generous and the flavors were authentic and delicious. Our server was very attentive. My children, ages 5 and 1, loved the entertainment and music.
We all loved being served from the large skewers. This is a great place to have a great meal, tons of photo opportunities, and lots of fun.

Terrific food-prepared with care and authenticit; no meat smoothered in sweet sauce, Terrific service, Clean and FUN FUN FUN
"It was nice"
Reviewed on Nov 26, 2007 by tiggerzgirl83
Rating: 8  
This place was nice. The food was the same as anywhere else such as food courts and counter services but it was good. If we did'nt have the dining plan, i probably wouldn't go back. The kiddie parade was cute and the kids loved it. The servers were very nice. It was nice!
"Just okay..."
Reviewed on May 27, 2007 by LilMommyBug
Rating: 6  
The food was just okay for me. It wasnt worth the $$ we spent for it. Also, the "entertainer" walking around drove us all insane with her singing!
"What's Not To Like"
Reviewed on Mar 15, 2007 by WEDisney
Rating: 8  
O’hana is just one of those “feel good” type of places where you just cant help but smile. Since we try and stay at the Poly we usually eat here multiple times. Every time has been better then the last. The only down side is that the “sides” are usually better then the entrees. This isn’t a bad thing especially because it is all you can eat but the main courses are chunks of meat on a skewers whereas the sides are shrimp and potatoes that are amazing. Another critique is sometimes the wait staff in their jubilation forget to check what you have on the table and put EVERYTHING down in hopes of rushing you out. I have had to tell each waiter to slow down, there is no way anyone can eat that fast. The table fills up fast and if you have room for dessert you are a better person then me. I wanted another portion of potatoes but I didn’t have room for dessert. It’s the price I had to pay. This is one “Cousin” who will be at the family reunion each and every trip (O’hana means family and all the cast members call you “cousin”).
Reviewed on May 04, 2006 by tracyandalex
Rating: Not rated  
we ate here once for dinner and twice for breakfast and loved it every time. this was our first dinner at the world this trip and it was the best!! because it was our honeymoon, they sat us by the window with a great view - we saw the castle and the water parade. the food was awsome, i absolutely loved the peanut sauce. we can\'t wait to eat here again.
breakfast was great too. the food was good and the characters were a lot of fun.
we will be eating here a lot in the future.
"we want the old menu back"
Reviewed on May 03, 2006 by sallyshine
Rating: Not rated  
We go to O\'hana on every trip. It is one of our favorites. However, we were disapointed this last time. We don\'t like the menu changes, at all. First of all, they took away the lazy susan. Next, the fried wontons were replaced with wonton chips. The fried rice was replaced with potatos and the pineapple was gone all together. I\'m not sure why they decided to change a great menu. Also, this was the first time the restaurant wasn\'t totally full. Maybe we aren\'t the only ones who don\'t like the changes.
Reviewed on Sep 20, 2005 by kellydisney
Rating: Not rated  
We have two favorite restaurants in all of Disney. This is one of them!! We arrived 30 minutes early and decided to have a drink in the Tambu Lounge. We sat at the bar and ordered a Lapu Lapu for me and the Tradewinds for my fiancé, Johnny Disney (JD). The Lapu Lapu was extremely strong, I tasted no fruit and all alcohol. I’m a wuss and I really like “girlie” drinks, like the Tradewinds, but was enticed by the pineapple… I’m a sucker for fun mugs, cups, straws, etc. The Tradewinds was TASTY. JD loved it as well; he too is a fan of the “girlie drinks” . The Lapu Lapu is large. It is also $11.99 so there’s no way I was going to let it go to waste. I finished it and was feeling pretty good by dinner…
We were seated not 5 minutes after we finally checked in. The table we were at was for 3 people, right against the windows in front of the castle. Perfect view! At this restaurant you are referred to as “cousin” by the waitstaff. We started with Hawaiian bread, it has pineapple in it and is very tasty, but filling! Don’t eat too much; there are better things to come. Our waiter, who was fantastic, brought over a lazy Susan of chicken wings, shrimp and vegetable won tons, salad (who eats that?! Certainly not I), and 3 types of dipping sauces: fruit, peanut and cilantro ginger. Usually you also get rice with this but we got Au Gratin Potatoes instead. And can I just say here they were fabulous. I liked them so much more than the rice. Ohana offers long skewered tips of steak, turkey and pork as well as shrimp. Your server brings them over in rounds and puts as much or as little as you want onto your plate. Here’s where they save money at Ohana, they do have a long wait time (at least every time we’ve been) between each round of Steak/Turkey and Pork/Shrimp. So the longer time you have to wait, the more time you have to digest, then you’re not hungry by the time the next option rolls around. I hate this. I wanted to stuff myself like the glutton I can be, but I was too full too fast. However, I will say that the steak was marinated and cooked just right, not too pink, not burnt. We both like our steak well done, and we were really happy with this. I preferred the steak and shrimp while JD really liked the steak and Turkey.
At the end of the meal our waiter told us the dessert was different. They were no longer doing pineapple and caramel. Instead he brought us over a rum cake with vanilla ice cream. It had an awesome warm caramel/syrup sauce that tasted like it had some cinnamon in it. We LOVED the new addition and though we also loved the pineapple, we both agreed this cake was much better!! Overall Rating: A+
"Best buffet at WDW"
Reviewed on Sep 19, 2005 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: Not rated  
This is a unique buffet experience where instead of leaving your table to get to the buffet line, the servers bring the buffet to your table. There are some great appetizers and salads to start, while the meat and seafood is brought to your table on 2 foot skewers. Most tables have a view of the fire pit. There are games w/ a Polynesian twist for the kids. There's a great view of the MK fireworks and the Electric Water Pageant. And the caramel-dipped pinapple is fantastic.
Reviewed on Apr 16, 2004 by mickey merrills
Rating: Not rated  
On a recent "magical gatherings" vacation we booked O'hanas to end a full day at Magic Kingdom. After all of the walking & sensory-overload our group of 11, which ranged in age from 1 to 60, walked off the monorail hungry, tired and wet (from one of Florida's infamous afternoon rain showers). From our first glimpse of the beautiful Polynesian Resort to our pineapple & caramel dessert, we could not have been more pleased with this decision. We were seated within 10 minutes of our p.s. and our waiter brought the appetizers and drinks within minutes of our arrival. The food was delicious and abundant, the activities were fun but not overwhelming, and the adult cocktails were refreshing (and non-existent within MK itself). I strongly recommend this restaurant for families that want the end-of-the-first-day meal to be delicious and memorable instead of drawn-out and cranky.
"ohana means family!"
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2004 by FanofDinsey1981
Rating: Not rated  
ohana means family, and we felt right at home. great food .great service. and a great atmosphere for the whole family.
"Fun Breakfast!"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2003 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
We loved the setting, the food, and the character interactions. A great way to start the day before heading to the Magic Kingdom!
"ohana? oh yeah!"
Reviewed on Jul 26, 2003 by disneydawg
Rating: Not rated  
This was my first trip to Ohana and it was a memorable one. We were celebrating my Mother-in-law's birthday and the staff made one she's not likely to forget. I know they say this is all you can eat, but they bring out so much food to start with that I was stuffed before I could even think of seconds. Highlights for me included the wontons and the peanut butter dipping sauce.
"Hey Cousin!"
Reviewed on May 07, 2003 by trendymagic
Rating: Not rated  
At Ohana's everyone is your cousin. The menu is the same for all but there is plently of it. If you happen to run out, just ask for more. The peanut sauce is GREAT! There are games for the kids every half hour or so (yes big kids are allowed to participate too!). Great service and loads of fun and food. This is one of the better places in Disney where your dollar goes further for the meal you get.
"Fun, but not tasty"
Reviewed on Dec 10, 2002 by Mississippian
Rating: Not rated  
There are games for the children which makes for a festive atmosphere, even if it means the children cannot be coaxed into eating their meal. Our service was poor. The appetizer tray is very good, but it is followed by nothing else but overcooked chunks of meat served from skewers. Really awful for the money when you get down to it. I understand the breakfast is good, though. However, I have been very disappointed twice, and will not return for dinner.
"Great Food! Great Price!"
Reviewed on Nov 26, 2002 by christopher
Rating: Not rated  
If was cheaper to eat a meal here than at Captain Cooks and twice as good. Great French Toast. A must visit for all Poly stayers and anyone else should stop before hitting the Magic Kingdom. Then jump on the monorail and enjoy the park.
"A Fun Place, Good Food"
Reviewed on Oct 30, 2002 by My2sweetums
Rating: Not rated  
We used to love this place but on our last visit the service was extremely slow, which really put a damper on things. The singer/Ukelele player is the best though, he really goes out of his way to make your dinner special. My boys were coming out of the bathroom as the hula hooping was starting so we were too late to join in. But, the Singer Guy came over to our table with hoops and played just for my 2 and 4 year old ds's. Even though our last visit was a tad disappointing it will remain one of our favorites.
"Good, but not great"
Reviewed on Oct 29, 2002 by Bryy2001
Rating: Not rated  
O'hana is something that every Disney vacationer should experience once partly because most people have a love/hate relationship with Polynesian's flagship restaurant. For me, theming and atmosphere are great as is the service. The problem here is the menu and the price. O'hana is very, very expensive and the meal (the food itself) is not worth it, the atmosphere is a saving grace, but that ugly spot on your credit card may have you avoiding O'hana in subsequent visits to WDW.
"The Peanut Sauce is GREAT"
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2002 by chris
Rating: Not rated  
I just LOVE O'hanas. The food is plentiful and quite tasty and the peanut sauce is absolutely incredible. The after dinner pineapple is also quite good. Nice selection of all you can eat meats.
"I would check it out for"
Reviewed on Sep 25, 2002 by jeffs10
Rating: Not rated  
I am not a big fan of eating meat but they had enought Food for me I only ate the chicken and the shrimp both on the salty side but the sides where great liked the rice and the salad, But the best was the Pinapple and Carmel my favorite dessert in all of the magic kingdom, Check out the Lupa Lupa for a drink at the lounge its a great drink.
"Not worth it!"
Reviewed on Sep 22, 2002 by fanofwdw
Rating: Not rated  
I hate to be the lone dissenter, but... I was VERY disappointed, especially as we were staying at the Polynesian and this was one of our "special" activities...especially since everyone raves about it. The meat they cook is extremely salty, and I didn't like it...and my tastes aren't particularly picky. It started out with appetizers, including salad with Hawaiian dressing (OK), grilled veggies (blah), shrimp wanton (OK, best of appetizers), fried rice (thumbs down), chicken wings (thumbs down). Then you get bread and choice of turkey, pork, steak or shrimp...again all salty. Now they give you three choices of sauce, including barbeque, something I can't remember, and a Hawaiian banana/mango (my favorite of the sauces). Pinapple with caramel sauce for dessert--OK/good. Overall--very disappointing. My 8-yr. old enjoyed the hula hoop thing, but was this really worth $80 for three people? NO! Will never do Ohana again.
"Why 'Ohana Means Family"
Reviewed on Sep 11, 2002 by DisneyInsider
Rating: Not rated  
I thought that this was the best Dining Experience that I ever had, and not just in WDW. Just entering the restaurant was thrilling. Right away you are introduced to your "cousins" which really makes the place seem so friendly. Your host takes you to get the delicious bread and also allows you to get a good view of the 18-foot wood burning grill. Our Server who I think was named Ernesto was terrific. He was one of the nicest Cast Members in Disney. We had a birthday in the party and he was with us celebrating the whole time. The food was incredible (and I think that is an understatement)! The starters which were Shrimp Wontons, Honey Coriander Chicken Wings, Seasoned Vegetables, Salad in a Honey lime dressing, and Oriental Rice with vegetables. After getting filled up on starters your server comes out with the main course. One 4 big skewers your server has Steak, Turkey, Pork Chop, and Shrimp. Each one is seasoned to perfection with Polynesian tastes. The food is also all-you-can eat. For dessert you are treated to Pineapple served with hot caramel sauce. There are also other deserts that you can purchase, but after the pineapple it is almost unnecessary. The setting at the restaurant is great! You are surrounded by the Polynesian feel with the lit up Cinderlla Castle in the background. If you time it right you can also watch fireworks from the restaurant, where you get the perfect view (and they play the music). There are also games for kids like Coconut Races and Hula hoop contests. All in all this is a must see restaurant. The setting, service, and food are terrific.
"Nice Breakfast"
Reviewed on Sep 08, 2002 by Brett
Rating: Not rated  
On my last visit to Walt Disney World, I stopped at 'Ohana for breakfast before hitting the Magic Kingdom. The all-you-can-eat set-up they had was nice. A healthly portion of french toast, bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, etc... was served and you could guzzle down. Plus, the festive island characters that visited your table were a plus. If you are hungry, the price isn't bad. I think it was around $13-16 dollars for adults. You can just eat and eat and eat. Get stuffed then go ride some rides.
"Awesome food, atmosphere"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by Daannzzz
Rating: Not rated  
Most of the food is extremely tasty. You can have as much as you want and it is difficult to choose what to have more of. The pork is the best tasting meat anywhere. I love all the salad and dumplings at the beginning too though. Save room for the pineapple and caramel sauce. Our first trip to 'Ohana we were so full and turned it down but our waiter was insistant that we would want it. He was right!
"Delicious! Don´t miss it!"
Reviewed on Aug 19, 2002 by Maria
Rating: Not rated  
It´s my favorite! I love that I don´t have to go get my own food and still eat all I can! I have only tried it for dinner and I loved it! Banana bread baked in their oven...mmmm! ;-)
"all about family"
Reviewed on Aug 19, 2002 by disneycp2000
Rating: Not rated  
I've tried both breakfast and dinner and this restaurant and it's a blast. It's a family style meal which is similar to a buffet. Waiters and waitresses come by the table and serve you what the restaurant has to offer. If you ever need more just ask and you'll be given another hearty serving. As for entertainment, it comes in the from the characters themselves (during breakfast). They're usually running around the tables greeting everyone. It's a great way to get photos with you're favorite Disney character! Besides characters, they restaurant also holds games and parades with adults and kids! And when you're finally have some time you can soak in the sights from the restaurant. With a view of the Magic Kindom, parts of the Polynesian, and the Seven Seas Lagoon you'll truely feel the magic of Disney! TIP: When planning your dinner, try to set the meal around the time of Fantasy in the Sky at the Magic Kingdom. The restaurant will dim all the lights down and turn up the music so you can have you're own viewing of the show.
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