Liberty Tree Tavern reviews

Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom
Reader rating Reader rating 8.5 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 8.5  
Reviewed on Apr 28, 2014 by Paulette Smith
Rating: 10  
On Saturday the 26th of April, my husband and I met our granddaughter at Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner. Her High School band from Pennsylvania marched at 2:30 that day at Magic Kingdom. She had three band friends with her,
Samantha asked the waiter if there were mushrooms in anything that she was going to eat. He left the table and within three minutes the chef was at our table asking her what she was allergic too. He wrote the items down and again within 5 minutes time he had prepared her a separate platter of food that he knew would be safe for her to eat, and also prepared her a special dessert.
I do hope this message is received by him. Unfortunately I did not get his name.
He needs to be commended for his thoughtful and compassionate action to our granddaughters friend.
The meal was wonderful, the service was fantastic and we can all say we had a "Magical Day".
Ron, Paulette and Cassie Smith
Samantha, Allison and Maddie
"Wonderful food wonderful service wonderful atmosphere"
Reviewed on Dec 13, 2013 by Sarah :)
Rating: 10  
Love this place! I remember years ago coincidentally meeting my friend amy here and we both joined up at one table.

The food was great, Disney's always had food above the average theme park, in that its actual food. As expected the service was friendly timely, and fit the atmosphere.

I loved eating here before braving the haunted mansion, pretending I was planning to sneak in the abandoned house with my friends. I always made everything part of an adventure story as a kid, this was a great place to do it.

The foyer reminded me much of the one in the short cartoon Sleepy Hollow in adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. The fireplace where they told the gruesome tale, the floor where they danced with that one way too over excited woman.

I recomend it for anyone who's in that area during dinner time. This along with Pecos bill, and Village Haus are my favs in the park.
"Fabulous Lunch!!"
Reviewed on Nov 17, 2013 by DisneyDebNJ
Rating: 9  
We ate lunch here November, 2013. What a treat! We normally don't do lunch during our Disney visits but sure glad we visited Liberty Tree Tavern!! We had cheeseburgers and the turkey dinner. I was pleasantly surprised that the turkey was not dry at all, and the green beans? WONDERFUL!!!!! The Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake.. slap yer momma good!! Service was fabulous as well. We were seated within 5 minutes of our ADR time.
"Not just great for theme park food..."
Reviewed on Oct 11, 2013 by Josh Ames
Rating: 10  
It was great for any restaurant!!! All the lunch entrees, apps, and desserts were great but the pot roast was incredible!!! (Clam chowder, lobster & crab dip, pot roast, salmon salad, bbq chicken flatbread kids meal, raspberry sorbet, cappuccino, & double esspresso)($100).The service was perfect as well! Coming from Boston, the prices were reasonable and the ambiance was really cool and had real New England charm about it! I would say this is a must eat if you visit the Magic Kingdom.
"Loved it! Hit the spot:)"
Reviewed on Sep 15, 2013 by Ally
Rating: 8  
We were fortunate to get a lovely table by a front window, it was so cozy and felt like home:). Everyone really enjoyed the food. I was looking forward to this meal since I love all the traditional fixings for a thanksgiving dinner. I was worried with the heat that the last thing I'd want is mashed tots, turkey and stuffing. Once it was brought out, all those feelings vanished! The food was so good! They brought out gluten free rolls for someone in our party and the chef had come out before the food arrived to go everything. Dessert was out of this world, the vanilla bean ice cream had so much flavor and the warm apple cake underneath made the perfect combo. Overall- great food, great atmosphere, would go back!
"Great Dinner"
Reviewed on Mar 27, 2013 by Austin
Rating: 8  
My wife and I have always been a big fan of Liberty Tree Tavern. We always book it at least twice for every trip we go on to Disney. I can only speak for the dinner as we have never had lunch, but the dinner is pretty good. Served family style you get turkey, chicken, and roast beef with dressing. I will agree with some of the other reviews there are some selections that I don't care for (more personal than taste). Make sure you get reservations as this place is always packed during the holidays!!!
"Dinner is Great/Lunch is Good"
Reviewed on Mar 10, 2013 by GroomerMinnie
Rating: 7  
I did like the lunch and the variety of choices. I loved the dinner and the family style serving. Not everyone in our party enjoyed it only because they did not like all the foods (personal preference not taste). The theming is very cool. One thing I liked and disliked was the small room you are seated in. It is themed great and authentic, if the other guest are having a good time and no one is screaming or having a fit its great to be in the small room. If someone is not happy the room becomes torture. Thank goodness my DH is great at making kids laugh :)
"great family dining"
Reviewed on Sep 19, 2012 by Lapp family
Rating: 9  
We make sure we eat here on almost every Disney trip. We love the family style meal. The food is great as is the service. A great eatery.
"Best in the Magic Kingdom"
Reviewed on Sep 07, 2012 by Deb
Rating: 10  
We really enjoy dining here. We were seated on time. Our server was great. He didn't rush us so we spent quite a bit of time. He made sure our drinks were always full. The food is great. The turkey is very moist, the pork with the apple chutney was delicious and the beef was very tender. All the sides were wonderful. The apple/cranberry cake is good but wish they would bring back the apple crisp.
"Family style American Fare"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2012 by bethymouse
Rating: 4  
Our experience was not the best, but certainly not the worst. There is a limited menu with chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls, and vegetable choices (not cooked completely). it was loud and crowded. Our waitress didn't seem too happy, so that ruined our experience a bit. The food is served to your table family style all you can eat. If you wanted more of something, it seemed to take a while to get it. You basically serve yourself, but I like it better than a buffet. I miss this restaurant as a character dining experience.
"Greasy, loud, disappointing"
Reviewed on May 01, 2012 by Hulacat
Rating: 1  
After reading sooo many glowing reviews, we booked an ADR for Liberty Tree & noted that it was our honeymoon on the ADR. The Hostess congratulated us, then sat us in a room with 2 screaming kids on one side and a very cranky toddler inches away from me.
We decided to try to make the best of it, but the rest of the experience was abysmal. I ordered the Colony salad (dressing on the side, please, and is it possible to add a little bacon pretty please?). My salad arrived drenched in oil, no bacon or server in sight to ask for a replacement salad. DH got the roast pork sandwich- the bread was shiny/dripping with oil & the meat was greasy as well. Our server took forever to ask us if all was ok, and asked us if we wanted to order dessert- bu this time we had headaches from the crying kids & upset stomachs from the grease. I'd skip this place if I were you, it's not the amazing place that the other reviews led me to believe.:(
"Great lunch!"
Reviewed on Apr 21, 2012 by 74heatherann
Rating: 9  
The food was amazing here and the portion sizes were huge!
"Good choice, for a great lunch"
Reviewed on Nov 09, 2011 by ShadowMan
Rating: 9  
My family & I had lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern on 10/24/11, and it was very good. I had a fish of the day special (Rainbow Trout), which was well-prepared, and tasty. My wife had the seafood pasta, which was not only good, but an enormous portion that she barely put a dent into!
The kids really enjoyed there food, and our server, Samira, was awesome. Really top notch service, even though it was so busy that it seemed like chaos -- she never made us feel rushed or unimportant -- it was actually quite the opposite.

Terrific experience, and would easily recommend for a good, hearty lunch!

8 on the food
9 on the value
10 on the service (which of course varies)
Would ideally give an 8.5 overall, if I could
"Good, classic, must try at least once"
Reviewed on Nov 08, 2011 by GlenAngl
Rating: 8  
We had a lunch ADR for here on Friday 10/28/11. The colony salad was very good and fresh, with a nice mix of greens, chicken, nuts, craisins, apples, and cheddar. My fiance had the Tri-corner sandwich which he said he liked.
"Always a classic! "
Reviewed on Aug 27, 2011 by MaleficentManda
Rating: 10  
On my first trip to Disney World in 2003 my family ate here and loved it. We go to Disney World every 2 years and we always try to make it here. This year we had the free dining so we decided to eat here, we were sat at our table almost as soon as we walked in. Our server was nice and friendly. The food was amazing as expected. I had the turkey dinner, my parents had the pot roast, and my vegetarian sister had the veggie pot pie. The dessert was just as good as the entree, my sister talked about how amazing her cherry crisp was the whole vacation. The service was quick but we never felt rushed. Overall this resturant is a great place to eat good food in a well decorated environment.
"Good food at a reasonable cost"
Reviewed on Jun 15, 2011 by dangeorges
Rating: 9  
The Liberty Tree Tavern has good food at a reasonable cost.
There is quite a wait if you don't have a reservation, but there are coloring crafts for the little ones if they need to pass the time.

Service wasn't slow, but it wasn't snappy either.

Both my wife and I had a "modified" Reuben (The Tri-Corner Sandwich) - instead of sauerkraut, the Liberty uses cole slaw and some horseradish. We both loved this meat-packed sandwich.

The kids had good meals too, although not as inventive as the "tri-corner."
"Good but lack of characters hurt"
Reviewed on Jan 13, 2011 by elw316
Rating: 5  
The food is like a thanksgiving dinner except with a pork option. My wife was not a big fan and the kids were not very excited or disapointed with it. We went there when the characters were there and it was much more fun. They did a good job with games for the kids while we waited for a table all 3 of my kids won a prize. Without the characters the place lost some luster. I think we will skip this in the future, and when you can hop on the monorail and eat a the Poly. and get great food or hop on the boat and eat at Wilderness Lodge (Whispering Canyon) it is hard to justify using a table service meal here.
Reviewed on Jun 24, 2010 by kit0214
Rating: 10  
In the past we always stuck to what was inexpensive and quick! This past June we decided to get advice about Disney being it was our first time travelling with a toddler. According to one of the travel guides for Disney, Liberty was one of the best places to eat. It was fantastic!!! We were a group of 6 and we all were satisfied with our food! I do admit however service takes awhile. They get really busy. However after days of eating Junk we relished in the food. Just make sure when you order you order everything you need right away! This way the kids are not waiting around!

Here's the thing.... when travelling with kids you just have to be flexible. I finished my food and ended up having to leave the table because my 2 year old was getting fussy. I left the rest of our group and took a walk while they finished. No problem here....its how life goes when you have kids.

oh, yeah there is a bathroom in the restaurant but don't bother, just walk outside. There is a bathroom around the corner! piece of cake! we are even lucky there is a bathroom in the restaurant.
Reviewed on Jun 24, 2010 by kit0214
Rating: 10  
In the past we always stuck to what was inexpensive and quick! This past June we decided to get advice about Disney being it was our first time travelling with a toddler. According to one of the travel guides for Disney, Liberty was one of the best places to eat. It was fantastic!!! We were a group of 6 and we all were satisfied with our food! I do admit however service takes awhile. They get really busy. However after days of eating Junk we relished in the food. Just make sure when you order you order everything you need right away! This way the kids are not waiting around!

Here's the thing.... when travelling with kids you just have to be flexible. I finished my food and ended up having to leave the table because my 2 year old was getting fussy. I left the rest of our group and took a walk while they finished. No problem here....its how life goes when you have kids.
"not impressed"
Reviewed on Apr 08, 2010 by nclawdog
Rating: 5  
the food was ok but our sorry waiter only came once to bring food and never returned except to bring the bill.....he turned us off i doubt we will return
"Best of the Trip!"
Reviewed on Nov 15, 2009 by fauna
Rating: 9  
My family and I had lunch here on November 6. It was our first visit to this restaurant, and when we walked in it really reminded us of the taverns in Colonial Williamsburg.

I had the Colony Salad - and I have to say, it was the best meal I had on the whole trip. Just really fresh and delicious. My husband had the Pilgrim's Feast, and was not disappointed. He did request some extra gravy - if you are a real gravy lover you'll probably want extra, too.

Our server was Will and could not have been more pleasant or efficient.

As mentioned on several other reviews, the bathroom was inadequate. My husband waited a good 10-15 minutes just to get in. He did let a small child or two in ahead of him because they looked like they couldn't do a long wait.

This is now a "must-do" restaurant for us!
"Good classic american food"
Reviewed on Nov 12, 2009 by bolitho
Rating: 7  
Like all the restaurants, there is a limited menu. But everything on it was very good. Pot roast etc.

Just good food, service was good, nothing really to complain about keeping in mind it's not fine dining, reminds me a bit of the better diners in the NYC area, without the selection.

Only 1 bathroom with room for only 1 person for the entire place, as many people as they have in there, that's not a good thing. Having to leave the eatery to use the facilities, just not good.

This I think is the only place I ate where I didn't feel the food was overpriced.

Extremely crowded, plan on listening to at least one other table's conversation whether you want to or not.
"Best meal I had at WDW"
Reviewed on Apr 13, 2009 by leafs fan
Rating: 10  
I was a little disappointed when I heard the characters were gone, but that changed after I finished my meal. It was delicious!!!! There wasn't a menu, it was a meal with ham, beef, turkey, potatoes, mac & cheese, stuffing, salad - a little bit of everything!!! Yummy.
"The best dining experience of our week."
Reviewed on Feb 16, 2009 by jsnichols
Rating: 10  
Not much words can say.. this was the best food and service we had all week. we ate lunch and the buffet dinner, both were awesome. will go back again and again.
"great Food!"
Reviewed on Jan 15, 2009 by Disneylover1302
Rating: 9  
This is a fun place to eat especially with the characters! the only sad part is that my mom said when she talked to our travel agent that on jan 1st 09 the character part will be discontinued. I liked having the characters because u don't have to wait in the long lines to meet them! all THEY DO WAS COME AROUND TO YOU!. The food is great it is just one big thing which is great!
"Always a fun time with the characters!"
Reviewed on Sep 27, 2008 by drizea
Rating: 9  
First time here was in '98 when on a special Christmas trip with entire family. My parents, grandparents and I, along with 5 other family members dined during the dinner character meal. We had a blast! The food was great, served family style, general enough choices for anyone to find something. Good old fashioned comfort food, with sasparilla as the special soft drink, I recall. The characters were so fun, you could tell they enjoyed their job, and made each and every one of us smile and laugh! And isn't that what Disney World is for?! My cousin, who is 18 now, even still recalls Goofy pushing her around on her chair! We still talk about it and laugh. We ALL enjoyed this time, ages 4 - 70...

Visited again in 2006 while on a trip with my mother. Once again, a great time. Service was good, food was good, and as before the characters did not disappoint! We got some great shots with them, and you can tell we were just having a great time!

I would recommend the Liberty Tree for an easy care-free character dining experience. Sit, relax, pig out, laugh, and take some smiling pics with your favorite characters!
"Great Hearty Food"
Reviewed on Jun 11, 2008 by brucie
Rating: 8  
We ate here on our last trip and were pleasantly surprised it was nice to get a home cooked meal very very good! Would go back for sure!
"Unexpected Treat!"
Reviewed on Apr 27, 2008 by MADIZFAN
Rating: 10  
Our family of 5 ate here 4/17 and were pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it was! DH ate all of the flank steak and asked for more, DS(10) loved the turkey and ham, DD(3) ate most of the macaroni and cheese and DS(7) pretty much ate it all. Mom was very happy with the salad, rolls, and delicious honey butter! Characters were playful and accomodating. We will definitley eat here again!
"Good Character Dinner"
Reviewed on Apr 23, 2008 by DisneyEG
Rating: 9  
We eaten there several times, always like to dine there when we visit. Food is good family style. Cheesey man & cheese and the apple cobbler is fantastic, almost makes it worth the whole dinner.
"Loved it"
Reviewed on Nov 26, 2007 by tiggerzgirl83
Rating: 10  
Just got back Nov.11-17. This dinner was awsome and very filling. Its homestyle and all the characters came to our table for pictures. The food was great, the atmosphere was fun and made u feel at home. I would def. go back again. I loved every bit of it!
"Great service and food!"
Reviewed on Jun 04, 2007 by DDuckFan130
Rating: 9  
Ate at LTT for lunch on May 26, 2007. I ordered the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger and could barely finish the burger and fries but they were very good! Everyone ordered something different and everyone enjoyed their food. I told the girl at check-in that it was my brother and sister's birthdays and they gave them cupcakes (after saying "no" to a $10.50 cake). They also sang a unique happy birthday which was cute. The service was great and I highly recommend this restaurant for lunch. If you're lucky like we were, you can get a good seat by a window or even the entrance and see the afternoon parade go by lol.
"Liberty Tree Tavern dinner is a character meal served family style."
Reviewed on Feb 12, 2007 by Dagger
Rating: 9  
Liberty Tree Tavern was a good, hearty meal that stuffed us to the core!

We were expecting a lot from LTT, as we had heard it was like a Thanksgiving feast, and indeed there was a lot of very delicious food. The pork was the best! Definitely go hungry. The theming was excellent and the characters were non-stop. Our reservations were for 5PM and I would recommend going later if possible.

Our service was OK, but what proceeded throughout the night overshadowed the positives. He was not very enthusiastic and it was pretty slow coming out, although not sure if it was based on him firing our order or the kitchen. Also, at the end of the meal when he brought the dessert, he took it upon himself to bring a 3rd plate for our 1 year old daughter, and when we used it, removed another of our table service credits from our que. I called the front back at our resort and inquired about it, but of course it was our fault for letting her eat off the plate, etc. Anyway, I would go back again but it isn't a "must see" for every trip.
"Never skip it"
Reviewed on Jan 27, 2007 by Laura22
Rating: 10  
This is one restaurant I cannot pass by. I MUST eat there every trip, and it's never a disappointment. I love the food and the atmosphere. I've been for both lunch (no characters) and dinner (characters) and each was nice.
"Not Great! :("
Reviewed on Jun 09, 2006 by ciciwoowoo
Rating: Not rated  
We had a terrible waitress who dampened our whole experience. She was very unfriendly, and never did bother to offer us refills on our drinks, much less our dinner.

We noticed the table next to us had a very attentive waiter and we were jealous!

Food was good, but not great. Stuff was TERRIBLE!!! I like garlic, but garlic stuffing? I still want to gag when I think about it.

Not a great experience. Would not visit LTT again. Very disappointed because of all the great reviews.
"Great Family Fun!!"
Reviewed on Apr 27, 2006 by jrsyfuncpl
Rating: Not rated  
We love eating here. The family style serving makes it very easy for everyone to sit at once and eat. With the character buffets, we are always getting up with the kids to get food. Here at the Liberty Tree Tavern, you ask for more and you get plenty. The turkey by far was the show stopper. Great colonial setting and friendly atmosphere.
Reviewed on Sep 06, 2005 by WDWKat26
Rating: Not rated  
This is a great resturaunt to eat at if you're looking for a filling meal and a good time. Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale compliment the whole atmostphere nicely with their outfits, and the Turkey and Mashed Potatoes are just to die for! I keep going back, this is one of my fav. character Dinners!
"Nice dinner spot"
Reviewed on Mar 28, 2005 by vettenut
Rating: Not rated  
We went here on our last Disney trip. The food was good, but being a family-style meal there weren't alot of choices. I liked everything so it wasn't a big deal for me. The characters looked pretty neat in the period costumes. The service was excellent as expected. I'd recomend it to anybody!
"Best meal and value"
Reviewed on Sep 27, 2004 by colliera
Rating: Not rated  
I ate at sit downs at resorts and other parks, (California Grill, Brown Derby, Boma, Resturant Marrakesh), this trip and LTT was consistenly the best across all catagories. The menu choices are a little limited but what is there is very good. I paid twice the price at other locations but it was the only resturant that was able to pull it off on all three stages of the meal - appetizer, entree, and dessert. I did the lunch which was w/o characters so I can't say how the interaction would be.
"Best Dinner in the MK"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2004 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
The Liberty Tree Tavern features great roast beef (and good food, in general) served family style. The character interaction is fun, and the colonial theming (from the costumes to the decor) is impressive and interesting. Also, my wife and I got a kick out of how the names are called when tables are ready. It's a nice touch.
"Thanksgiving in June??"
Reviewed on Jul 11, 2004 by Atta83
Rating: Not rated  
WOW what a meal. I did not eat alot before coming to this resturant and boy am I glad I didnt! I left there so stuffed! Everything was great the rolls were great. The salad is yum. Everything was so good. I enjoyed it very much and seeing all the characters while eating dinner is always such a joy!
"My fav"
Reviewed on Aug 10, 2003 by mandib
Rating: Not rated  
For lunch this place is great. The turkey would be my favorite. I also love the chocolate shakes there. They're so rich! We ate their for dinner on my 13th birthday last year and it was great. I got a card from the characters and had everyone sing to me. I know most of the restuarants at WDW do this but this one made it really special. I love having the characters come around. They're all dressed up for the themeing. This is probably my favorite restuarant in all of WDW.
"Great Place!!"
Reviewed on Apr 30, 2003 by galacticgobbler
Rating: Not rated  
First, lunch here is the best at the Magic Kingdom. The potroast and all the other items are great. Try the grilled poundcake for desert. Dinner has a great all you can eat family style serving. We even liked the flank steak. Turkey and all the trimmings as well. Liberty tree is definately worth the stop.
Reviewed on Nov 09, 2002 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
Not by far, this restaurant is my absolute favorite for lunch. The meals are phenominal. Heck, they even give out recipies! Even the bread and butter - or apple butter (it's hard!) - is excellent. You can always judge a restaurant by its bread, I suppose! I've never visited with characters (I don't see them fitting for some reason), but the rooms are decorative...and once again, the meals are great!! Pricey, sure. But this one is worth it. Excellent kid meals, too, I've been told!!
"All you can eat!!!"
Reviewed on Oct 08, 2002 by chris
Rating: Not rated  
This is a fun place to eat and the food is really good. We aways try to eat there. Limited array of characters but I really go for the food.
"Very Neat Experience"
Reviewed on Oct 05, 2002 by Poohfan29
Rating: Not rated  
We ate so much of the rolls. We love the dressing with Strawberries in it. The turkey and steak were perfect. We also had dessert. My mother-in-law and I a sundae and my husband had a pecan sauce with pound cake. Yes, the characters were great. Minnie dressed in colonial style dress. We also had the perfect spot right outside to watch SpectoMagic Parade. :-)
"Very Nice setting..."
Reviewed on Sep 28, 2002 by DMC-12
Rating: Not rated  
I ate in the George Washington room....loved it... the red carpeting and dark wood paneling made this a very nice setting... The pot roast was tender and fell apart at the touch of the fork....excellent... The CM are great here as well....oh...and if someone in your dinning part is having there birthday....make sure you let your server know.
Reviewed on Sep 22, 2002 by wdwfanatic17
Rating: Not rated  
This place is cool. It is so neat to see the characters dressed up in the period customs. Just about all the main characters are there. The food is served buffet style, you sit down and they bring you family sized portions of everything one you table, so you can help yourself and when the food gets low they bring more, dessert not included. The food is great and has a huge variety. You can also purchase aotugraph books and pens and cameras for your server, witch is very cool in case you forgot yours in a locker or something
Reviewed on Sep 10, 2002 by orangefan15
Rating: Not rated  
The LTT is great. The characters are dressed up in revolutionary-war era costumes (Mickey, Goofy, etc.) The menu at dinner is a typical thanksgiving-type meal: turkey, mashed potatos, mac and cheese, etc. This all-you-can eat meal differs from a bunch of the others in that it is not self-serve buffet, but instead served family style (a nice break for families who are tired of eating fast food and would like a sit-down meal that appeals to kids). The theming in the restaurant is good. I would say the food is simply average, but definitely a step up from eating fast-food hamburgers and fries.
"Great Food and Experience"
Reviewed on Aug 29, 2002 by turkey leg boy
Rating: Not rated  
Dinner is great. Not much else that I can say. I can't believe I waited so long to eat there. It's one of my favorites.
Liberty Tree Tavern
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