L'Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante reviews

World Showcase, Epcot
Reader rating Reader rating 7.6 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 7.6  
Reviewed on May 31, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
i miss it. it had the best italian food in the world, and was a staple on our trip. i use to love watching them make the pasta, and how they had music. i have to go to nyc to experince it again. i also like the rest. that replaced it
Reviewed on Jun 26, 2007 by nile6000
Rating: 10  
I have been to Alfredos many times over the years and this was by far the best. (not that the others were bad)

Appetizers we had calamari and salad both were wonderful.
The waiter was friendly gave us the incredible service. I never had to ask for anything, I would just look down and glasses were refilled, bread etc.
For dinner we had fettuccin alredo which awesome. Hubby had gnocci which he loved. Dessert chocolate Mousse to die for!

My son who is 6 had spaghetti and meatballs and italian ice cream for dessert. he loved it all.

Alfredos is a busy place and rather loud but if you like real italian food give it a try.
It is rather $$$ but worth every penny. We will definitely be visiting again.
Reviewed on May 22, 2007 by Madhatter06
Rating: 8  
I'm surprised to see this go. My family and i ate there in Jan 07 since it's so famous. The pasta fagoli was good, but not the greatest and the fetticinni was good but don't expect the usual taste. It's very rich. The cannolis were some of the best though!

If you don't like the smell of fish then don't dine here, it did smell rather fishy in some areas closer to the kitchen.

Our waiter was friendly, we asked him about his hometown in Italy and found out he's from where my grandfather was born. It was very busy in there though and not all the waitstaff was as friendly.

I wonder if they're replacing it with something lower priced?
"I will miss that place!"
Reviewed on Apr 23, 2007 by epcotrocks2007
Rating: 10  
I ate there with my family on Easter Sunday '07. Their lasagna tastes so good!
"Thanks, but no thanks."
Reviewed on Mar 15, 2007 by Blizz
Rating: 5  
My friends all love Alfredo's, but since I am from Jersey I must say that I have had the real deal and sadly this is not it. The wait staff is rude 75% of the time, they rush you, the place always had a funny smell, the tables are way too close to each other. The food is alright at best. I don't hate the place, I just know I can go elsewhere at Epcot and get a better meal. Sad to see the history of the place go... but excited to see what they replace it with.
"Goodbye Alfredo, We Hardly Knew ya"
Reviewed on Mar 15, 2007 by WEDisney
Rating: 4  
Although the food was OK (I live in NY and many Italian restaurants outside of NY aren’t very good) I am still glad to be seeing this restaurant going. It needs a change and although the setting was great the food wasn’t anything to get whacked over. I know they boast about inventing the famous fettuccine Alfredo but they certainly did not perfect it. I give them a pass on this because many American palettes are used to bland food that many EPCOT restaurants have to tone down the spices. The wait staff seemed rushed at times and not very attentive. A waiter actually put a wine cooler right behind my chair at one sitting and when I got up it was ice galore all over the floor (man I wish the video camera was running that night). Hopefully when Disney revamps this restaurant and puts in something else it has more of an Italian flair from all over the country. If someone had only a couple days in EPCOT to eat and asked me about Alfredo’s I would have to reply FORGEDDABOUTIT.
"Honeymoon Special"
Reviewed on Jan 27, 2007 by Computer Magic
Rating: 6  
WE went there in 1995 for our Honeymoon. Love the place
"really good"
Reviewed on May 04, 2006 by tracyandalex
Rating: Not rated  
we really enjoyed this place. the food was great, the entertainment was great and the service was great. i had the chicken and alex had the lasagna. alex said it was probably the best lasagna he has had (except for mine of course). the singer/accoridan player was great and the servers (especially the men) were more than happy to help him with the performances. the only thing we did not like was that the tables are so close together. the people on our left side were very nosey and kept sticking their heads in our dinner.
"Very Italian"
Reviewed on Sep 21, 2005 by julieh
Rating: Not rated  
My family loves fettucini alfredo so they were excited to dine here. While the adults enjoyed the pasta, my 2 girls did not think the alfredo sauce tasted like it was supposed to. It is delicious, but it does not taste like an Olive Garden type sauce that my kids are used to. They had more than enough to eat though since I shared lasagna off of my huge platter of food with them.

The desserts were gorgeous although we were to full from the huge portions to try any.

The beautiful restaurant and cozy atmosphere made for an interesting place to rest for a meal. It was loud, and the server had a hard time reaching or hearing everyone since it was a very long table with its end pushed against the wall and squeezed between a wall partition and another long table of people.

I think it is worth eating here once, but I will try all the other restaurants in Epcot before coming back here again.
"Good food & Atmosphere"
Reviewed on Sep 20, 2005 by kellydisney
Rating: Not rated  
Well this menu is limited IMHO. And there wasn’t much on it that wasn’t “weird” except for the Polletto Ruspante all’Uva or as what us Americans know as Chicken on the bone hehe. My fiance doesn’t like skin and he doesn’t really like chicken on the bone or chicken with any juice in it, or Italian food in general. So I was afraid we were definitely stopping after this meal for a burger…
Appetizer – I ordered the Caesar Salad and asked JD to order the Calamari as his appetizer. Hey, it was free and he was going to choose nothing, so I freely stuffed my face. SOOOOOOO good. Both of them. Just amazing. I didn’t eat too much because we had more to come! But the Caesar salad was great, the dressing was like none I’d ever tasted before. The girl in the couple sitting next to us commented that it was “the first salad she may actually finish”. I think that speaks for itself.
Dinner – We all know what JD ordered. I ordered the Fettuchini Alfredo of course. They said it was their “famous” dish. I had to try it. It was good. Not the best fettuccini ever. But very good. I added a lot of pepper though to taste. It was a little bland. And what of the chicken? JD devoured the entire thing. If bones were edible, those would have been gone too. He said it was amazing and he’d never had chicken like that before. He also ate the rolls they give you with the dipping oil. The dipping oil was a bit plain as well, but the rolls were excellent. We also ordered a carafe of Sangiovese. It gave us 3 glasses of wine each and we were on top of the world by the time the meal was though! LOL
Dessert – We ordered the dessert special for 2 which gave you miniature pieces of all the desserts. JD liked them all. There was tiramisu, yogurt covered strawberry, canoli and some type of pudding thing. I only liked the canoli but the other desserts to me were just ok so I didn’t want to stuff myself with them.
Overall Rating – We were literally sitting on top of the other couple next to us and they didn’t speak to each other the entire meal except for the salad comment and we were blabbing to each other getting louder and louder I’m sure with ever sip of wine for our whole meal. No doubt they were either fighting or annoyed with us So it was a bit awkward in that respect. Would we pay for the meal? Yes. Though I think we’d both give this restaurant different scores. So I’ll have to average it out. Ambience: A+ Seating Arrangement: C- Food: A
"Rushed, but still good"
Reviewed on Jun 20, 2004 by Redsilas
Rating: Not rated  
I couldn't complain about the service I received, but I was seating in the solo diner section and made great conversation with the person next to me. I watched as I received excellent service (probably because I ordered an expensive wine) while the girl next to me rushed out of there. I found out later that she was a Disney employee at another park and was not happy at all with her service.

I observed that the restaurant was very kid friendly and I can't complain about the menu...
"Food Good/waiters Pushy"
Reviewed on May 04, 2004 by naviator
Rating: Not rated  
My wife and I are frequent EPCOT visitors and try to eat at least one lunch here when we are there. The last few times we have eaten, the waiters have pushed the higher priced wines on us rather than the house wines which we enjoy. Their Caesar Salad is the best we have ever tried with large baked parmasean(sp?) crouton. We usually split a portion of Alfredo which is just enough for two people. This typical lunch holds the bill to a managable total. Overall a good lunch spot especially if you can eat on the patio in a sunny day. Just stand frim with the waiters and the learn quick.
"it has been a while"
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2004 by fanofdinsey1981
Rating: Not rated  
IT has been a while, but I did find this kind of out of the way place delicious. I can't get enough of their calamari and pasta dishes, and it is expensive yet delicious. we sat there for nearly 2 hours, so the service is by no means fast, but it is efficient.
"Melts in your mouth"
Reviewed on May 07, 2003 by trendymagic
Rating: Not rated  
The food is great and the pasta is made in front of you. If you don't have priorty seating just snag a seat on the patio. I wasn't sure what looked best so I just ordered the smapler platter. It was great! Just melted in my mouth. If you are on a diet, stay away from here. If you are out to enjoy food you have found the right place.
Reviewed on Nov 26, 2002 by jodigrl328
Rating: Not rated  
I really enjoyed this restaurant. The fetucinni alfredo was delicious. They bring over the desert tray after dinner (which I think should be illegal because it is to hard to say no once you see these things). The tables are very close together like in traditional Italian restaurants. I highly recomment this place. (It is a bit pricey at dinner.)
"IIn My Opinion"
Reviewed on Sep 22, 2002 by wdwfanatic17
Rating: Not rated  
In my opinion this is the best sit down restuarant in the Whole Walt Dianey World. The food is GREAT and the themeing is right out of an Italian movie. If you eat there you Must try anything with Alfredo suace they make it the one true way
Reviewed on Sep 08, 2002 by meeko_33785
Rating: Not rated  
This restaurant is probably the best Italian restaurant in all of Walt Disney World. The theming is pleasant and the food was wonderful. The Fetticini Alfrado is a must-try. You havn't really had Fetticini Alfrado until you've tried it here.
"A personal favorite"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by Wilson
Rating: Not rated  
This is a personal favorite for me, since I love italian food. Also, my wife speaks italian and delights in conversing with the CM's there. This is a bonus for us, which obviously is probably not a factor for most people. Otherwise, this is a pretty good place to eat. It's fairly expensive and a little bit loud. The food is very good. There are strolling musicians and singers. Tends to be crowded.
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by aligrip
Rating: Not rated  
Personally, the four or five times I have eaten at this restaurant, I've been very impressed. The last time we were there (on our honeymoon) this past April, our waiter Claudio bent over backwards to make sure we got the most out of our 'Deluxe plan'. The food in my opinion has always been delicious and is much better than the 'chain' Italian places. It can be a bit pricey, but other than that I have nothing negative to say.
"Forget It!!"
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2002 by omahadisneyfan
Rating: Not rated  
Mediocre food at extremely high prices. I would not recommend unless you absolutely have to have Italian food and there's nowhere else to go. We've tried it twice now and after our $130 bill (for 3 of us and 1 bottle of red wine) from the last visit we will never go again. The service was terrible and the food poorly prepared. I had the Alfredo and unless you like heavy, heavy Alfredo sauce and heavy, heavy cheese, then I would recommend something differnt. My wife had spaghetti, and it too was poorly prepared with heavy a heavy garlic flavor. Now I know it's an Italian restaurant, but they could go a little lighter on the garlic. The one good food was the bread and olive oil.
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"Not Worth A Wait"
Reviewed on Aug 20, 2002 by disneyprep50321
Rating: Not rated  
The food was alright. I would try it, it's one of the better Italian eateries in Disney World. A Disney-fied Olive Garden!
"enjoy the setting"
Reviewed on Aug 20, 2002 by disneycp2000
Rating: Not rated  
The decor of this restaurant is very nice. As for the food I would have to say it's okay. I've tried the food here and it wasn't as flavorful as I though it would be. I do know that they make thier own fresh pasta, so that's always a plus. As for service, I wasn't too happy with our waiter. He seemed very pushy and insisted that we get a certain dish he recommended-which turned out to be mediocre. Hopefully others didn't have this happen to them.
L'Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante
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