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World Showcase, Epcot
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"A Nice Suprise"
Reviewed on Nov 17, 2013 by DisneyDebNJ
Rating: 8  
We dined here for the first time, November, 2013 and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. We were a family of 5 on this particular night, and were sat near a window to watch Illuminations. Service was very good! For dinner, we shared a couple of taquiza platters and for entrees shared two parillada La Hacienda platters. Wonderful!! The chicken was not dry at all, beef cooked perfectly and the chorizo, delicious! The sides that accompanied this platter were fabulous!! Definately would recommend this restaurant!!
"Upscale Mexican ......"
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2013 by John
Rating: 8  
.....and definitely not Tex-Mex. We just had our second dinner-time visit (first being 2012) ...and the food continues to be amazing. From the appetizers to the desserts, the chefs have been able to 'turn up the volume' on flavor and food prep style. The menu choices are items that I would describe as being found in a Mexico City upscale restaurant. The presentation / plating of the food also lends itself to that description. My wife had the Ensalada de la Hacienda (which is a spinach salad with crumbled queso fresco, chopped tomatoes, pomegranate , toasted pignoli (pine nuts) and avocado with mustard based vinaigrette dressing). It's the ONLY salad my wife has ever ordered where she doesn't ask for the salad dressing to be served "on the side". It fits SO well with the dish, and is THAT good, that it belongs ON the salad and makes it something she waited to have again. If there was only one reason for us to go back there would be for her to have that salad. The menu seems to evolve with time, and may continue to do so in the future. I say this because when dining there last year ...the waiter offered an "off the menu" entree item because the chef is trying to "mix things up". It was a grilled pork rib-eye ..with a spicy pineapple salsa ...topped with tempura battered shreds of red cabbage. It was off the charts delicious ...and perhaps the most tender piece of pork I've ever had. I had hoped that it would make the "final cut" of standards on the menu (keep in mind that when we ate there last year ...La Hacienda was still fairly new). This year there is a similar dish on the menu (which I ordered) ...and it's very tasty ....although I suppose my sentimental side wishes they had kept the dish I had the opportunity to test-taste. The service was very good, .....both times we've dined there the servers have been wonderful. It can be a bit noisy inside due to the tile floors and the high ceilings, and it is a "family" restaurant there will always be the 'child factor'. Drinks are good. Had a flight of tequila with my appetizer ...and was pleased that the waitress was able to give a bit of info on each of the three selections. My wife had a one of their classic margarita's and it was perfectly made, as usual. Prices are a bit higher than last year (2012) ...but I've noticed a $2 increase in mostly all entrees at all the table services restaurants we've just visited Definitely on my list of "do again"
"Good but"
Reviewed on Jan 28, 2013 by AW14
Rating: 5  
Been here several times, however the last time the service was terrible. The food is always enjoyable, and the ambiance is amazing. Was fortunate enough to eat on the water. It truly is subjective at times, depending on who your waiter/waitress is. We waited an hour for our check to come back after we gave our DDP card. Was a little disconcerting to be honest.
"Not worth it, but lovely"
Reviewed on May 01, 2012 by Hulacat
Rating: 2  
I made an ADR for dinner on 4/22. The hostess congratulated us and then tried to seat us (2 forty somethings, honeymoon, no kids) next to a toddler in full tilt screaming melt-down. She seemed to resent re-seating us. The waiter was initially friendly (but we waited a long while to get any attention from him). The chips & salsa were nasty- the green salsa verde was rather tasteless, and the red salsa had the consistency and taste of lousy spaghetti sauce- bitter and devoid of any tomato or onion chunks.
We ordered the taco trio appetizer and DH had another "sampler" appetizer- both were second rate food, served with a dash of "oh, you aren't going to get the FULL meal" attitude from the server. It's a beautiful space, but the local mexican place around the corner from us can whip up 110% better food than this place.Save your time & money, this place is not worth it.
"Very enjoyable, would recommend"
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2011 by ptaylor
Rating: 8  
This was my first time dining in the new La Hacienda, and I have to say it impressed me. I had the La Hacienda mixed grill, and everything on the plate was delicious. The portion size was just right, the food came out in a reasonable time, and all the flavors were great.

The dining room was very nice, with a casual feel that felt perfect for the food being served. Service was extremely friendly, but our server could have been a bit more generous on the drink refills.

The cost was inline with all the other World Showcase restaurants, so does not offer particularly good value for money.

I would certainly go back, and I recommend you give it a try.
"don't make reservations"
Reviewed on Jul 02, 2011 by disney3419
Rating: 5  
Made reservations 2 months in advance only to be seated at table right next to the entrance. We had to request to be reseated.
"Save your Money"
Reviewed on Feb 25, 2011 by jrogerbeck
Rating: 2  
This place while lovely, was not very good, and massively overpriced.The menu is limited and pretentious. The flank steak was overcooked.
"Recommended and delicious, but not quite what I was expecting."
Reviewed on Sep 18, 2010 by rct247
Rating: 6  
Here's a quick review from La Hacienda de San Angel. [1 = Worst, 10 = Best]

Service: 10
Atmosphere: 8
Food Selection: 6
Food Taste: 5
Food Presentation: 7
Price Value: 5


Very friendly, fast service from cast members. Extensive use of minor Spanish sayings/words to build on theme of being in Mexico. Atmosphere felt classy, but still casual.

Menu offers somewhat of a variety, but features more seafood in my opinion. Being used to authentic Tex-Mex from Texas, I have come to expect certain flavors and offerings. While, I understand this is authentic Mexican food, geared toward a coastal flavor, I did expect some similarities.

We were first served with typical restaurant tortilla chips. They were multicolored and a tad salty, but I like them that way. It was served with two salsas: a mild light salsa that had a hint of lime and a spicy traditional red salsa that was heavier. I ordered the Tilapia which is served with a variety of veggies on top such as sweet corn, green peppers, and such. There was also some spices to add to the flavor which didn't overpower or make it too spicy.

The rest of my party ordered a fajita-type steak entree, a sampler appetizer, and salad appetizer. The beef dish was very tasty and reminded me more of the kind of flavor I am familiar with in Tex-Mex. The sampler from what I gathered was a nice variety of flavors from pork and chicken. The sampler featured 3 sample dishes that were prepared very nicely, but were on the small side. For an appetizer, it only serves 1 person if that person wants to try each item. The salad appetizer was disappointing to me. There wasn't much too it. It had some nuts in it and that flavor overpowered the salad. I guess I was expecting a fresh salad with some Mexican spices that also featured use of fresh fruit such as mango or pineapple.

We did our best to taste each others' dishes. Everyone agreed that my tilapia was the best, although, again, I guess I expected something more. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious, but not what I thought to be traditional Mexican in flavor. My dish was also served with rice, beans, and flour tortillas. The rice was bland in my opinion. The beans were good. The flour tortillas also tasted fresh and were probably made in house, however, I have had MUCH better fresh flour tortillas. These had the texture of animal hide/skin and tasted too floury, not as light and fluffy as others. There were also not served very warm.

Overall, I would eat there again and would recommend to others as a nice choice in World Showcase to have a table service meal, however, I didn't feel like it was anything special compared to authentic Tex-Mex restaurants in Texas which have similar atmospheres and very delicious food.
La Hacienda de San Angel
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