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Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom
Reader rating Reader rating 8.7 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 8.7  
"Good food"
Reviewed on May 12, 2013 by Big G.
Rating: 10  
The food here is very good plain and simple. The theme and detail of the place can only add to the awesome food that is here. This is probably my new favorite place in the Magic Kingdom! I love the pork shank and I love to get the brew with it. This is a must do for anyone going to the Magic Kingdom!
Reviewed on Apr 25, 2013 by Simba27
Rating: 9  
We just returned from our vacation a couple weeks back and finally got to see the new area. We were waiting for our Little Mermaid fasspasses so we decided to grab a snack from the tavern. (There was no chance of getting into Be Our Guest!) When we went in we were amazed at the detail. This looked like a real tavern that Gaston would have deigned. There was not alot of food choices but what they had was good. We did not get the pork shank but we did try the Lefou brew and the cinnimon roles. Both were very good and I LOVED the brew. It was sweet and tangy but also had this toasted taste to it. There was not alot of seating but we found a spot right under this giant antler light fixture! It was real good and we will be back to eat there next time. We are hoping we can try the pork shank next time we go, and I mgiht just have to get the brew again!
"I get to review first!"
Reviewed on Oct 20, 2012 by Luv
Rating: 7  
The theming in the tavern is awesome. It is nice and darkish, even on a sunny day, as a tavern should be. Antlers are used in all of the decorating (my, what a guy, that Gaston.) Off of the main seating area (which includes a faux fireplace), is a little alcove with an impressively large antler chandelier. It's a weird mix of stuff available to eat. My choices were quickly narrowed down to chocolate thing, cinnamon roll or pork shank. I can get a bun on Main St. and a chocolate treat any old place. I chose the pork shank because it seemed apropos to do so...and I wanted to know how it tasted. The pork shank was really good. I worried that it would be too dry and tasteless, but it wasn't. I've had better pork, but it had a good flavor. We had to wait forever for a table. There is so little room to eat in there! Maybe once the thrill of newness wears off, it will be better...but we had to stand there with our pork shanks, brew and water and wait. Finally, we grabbed a seat and ate our pretty yummy pork shanks. I felt a bit like I'd entered the movie, which made me happy. If it hadn't been so crowded, it would have been an ideal, relaxing place to take a load off. But it was still pleasant, even after the waiting and jockeying for a table. This was my second attempt to like LeFou's Brew, but I did not. Interestingly enough, it smelled like alcohol when i brought it to my lips. Sis agreed, but only after I mentioned it and she re-smelled. "You're right! It does! What did they use?" The staff said many people have said there is an alcohol smell to it, but confirmed that it is a non-alcoholic drink. I don't like citrus, so maybe that was my problem with the foam...but it had a tangy kick to it that I kind of liked. My sis did like the foam a lot. Neither of us liked the frozen apple stuff. We both pitched it before finishing, so I don't know how the dark stuff on the bottom tastes...and I never will. Twice was enough for me. I'm not paying $5 for a treat I don't like again. I actually like Gaston's Tavern quite a bit and wish they'd made it larger, with more seating and more menu selections. Sis agreed. She liked the place even more than BOG (just going on atmosphere.) Two thumbs up! :)
Gaston's Tavern
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