Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe reviews

Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom
Reader rating Reader rating 7.8 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 7.8  
"We love cosmic rays"
Reviewed on Feb 10, 2013 by Mrs Donald duck
Rating: 9  
The veggie burger is delicious! The kids love the Hot dogs and burgers! The fixing Bar is amazing !! Out door seating has views of the castle And indoor seating has great entertaining :) The bays can be confusing but work
"Crowded But Worth It"
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2013 by MacMom2
Rating: 9  
I am definitely going to give this one a 9 as it is a quick service restaurant and still managed to be one of our favorite places to eat. In fact, we ate there twice on our week long visit. While it is just a quick service restaurant it is really set apart from the others. There is an animatronic character called "Sonny Eclipse" who sings and plays piano in the main dining hall that tends to keep the kids entertained. The place is noisy but if you have kids this is a relief to you because you feel a little more free to let them be themselves. Another thing, make sure to check each of the ordering windows as each section sells different types of food many of which are not offered at other quick service restaurants (at least that we could find). For example, on the chicken side the actually sold 1/2 rotisserie chicken with potatoes! My husband said it was great! TIP: Plan to eat lunch aroun 1 or 2 to avoid the crowd or have one person in your party search for a table while the others grab food. The only downfall is the crowd.
"Pretty Good"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by ThinkTink721
Rating: 6  
As far as quick service locations go, this one is pretty good.
I would recommend it for a quick, filling meal.
Reviewed on Jul 19, 2011 by Mickeygirlie
Rating: 7  
This is the biggest & busiest fast food place on property. Be prepared to wait in line. The food & service is decent but can get loud & I hate waiting :)
"Surprised by the reviews."
Reviewed on Jul 03, 2011 by zacopeland18
Rating: 6  
I'm surprised by the reviews on here. I by no means hated, but I would never eat here again. It's run of the mill theme park food.
"Good Bang for your Buck"
Reviewed on Jun 14, 2011 by IRTSTARS
Rating: 7  
Good Fast Dining Option, especially for large groups b/c there are multiple styles of food to choose from and entertainment for the little ones.
"Good counter service at MK"
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2011 by elw316
Rating: 8  
This is a close winner as my favorite counter service place to eat at Magic Kingdom. The best thing about this is the options you have, 3 different sides to order from so you can find something you are in the mood to eat. It is sometimes hard to find a seat but if you keep going around the corner there always seems to be seats open. It is harder to find seats near the show. The toppings bar is great! Staff does a good job at keeping things clean considering how busy it stays. Like anywhere if you go at peak lunch or dinner times it is crowded a few times we have gotten food and then taken it outside and eaten by tomorrowland transit authority or by noodle station seats.
"Love it, hate it"
Reviewed on Aug 11, 2010 by ptaylor
Rating: 8  
I've had really mixed reviews on this place for the last 10 years. At times I've thought it was really good, and others it's been terrible. I visited this past weekend (August 2010) and it inspired me to write a quick review. I had the grilled chicken sandwich and it was really good! The bread was good, the chicken was moist and perfectly cooked, and the topping bar gave it a bit extra. It's not the best food you will have, but if you are looking for counter service at the MK, based on this last visit, I would recommend it!
"Best kept disney secret?"
Reviewed on Feb 18, 2010 by hibbsofep
Rating: 9  
Always a must-do for our stays at WDW. DH and I always go for the chicken/ribs meal, which has to be the best value for counter service when you're on the dining plan. Our 11 yr. old raved about his chicken sandwich and we loved the carrot cake, brownie, and especially the chocolate cake for dessert. Like any dining experience at WDW, you are wise to try to hit this place before the noon crowd gets in.
"Good food and entertainment!"
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2008 by BigB911
Rating: 9  
Great burgers! DD really loved Sunny Eclipse and ate just about all of her food while watching him. We really enjoyed ourselves here!
"Ordinary fast food, BUSY when busy."
Reviewed on Sep 27, 2008 by drizea
Rating: 4  
Ate here in May 2006 with my mother. All I can remember is how busy this place was. We were hungry and needed to eat, but it was a hassle waiting in long confusing lines (because every station does not serve the same food) for just overpriced hamburgers. We could not find a place to sit, either indoors, or outside, and had to sit at a bench around a nearby tree, for a few moments until a table opened up. When your hot and cranky and just want to eat, this probably isn't your best bet when it's busy.

I do recall having other meals or snacks on past trips with it not being so busy though, but it's very much changed since those days.
"Decent, but Kind of a Hassle"
Reviewed on Sep 05, 2008 by lebeau
Rating: 6  
This place was super busy when we were there. Sometimes that happens, but it made the layout a bit of a problem. Because there is different fod served at different "docks" I had to wait in long lines twice in order to satisfy my entire party.

The food itself was decent and right in line with Disney prices. I just wish all the places that served hot sandwiches also had french fries.
Reviewed on Jun 22, 2008 by tazbear
Rating: 4  
too crowded. Stood in long lines for the food. Hard time finding a table. Food was ok.
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
really good. its great place to cool off and relax to the musical stylings of sunny eclipse
also its really great place to wait for your party or to meet your party.
"Sonny Eclipse is the star of Cosmic Ray's "
Reviewed on May 06, 2008 by emba33
Rating: 7  
Sonny Eclipse is a simple animatronic who sings lounge songs and has a variety of songs and sappy jokes he tells between songs.

My 4-year old daughter felt the urge to get up an dance to the songs in front of the stage ... while we ate our dinner. Sonny could use a sidekick and maybe a few more physical gags to make him a legitimate attraction on his own. As it is ... he is a great diversion from dinner.

Although the dining area is massive, it will still fill up during peak times (lunch and dinner).

A unique Disney experience.

/\/\/\/\ Emba 33 /\/\/\/\
"Very Good!"
Reviewed on Mar 08, 2008 by disney21
Rating: 8  
My family loves it here! It's a great place for a large family or group because their are so many options to choose from!
Reviewed on Mar 05, 2008 by Sharon88
Rating: 9  
We probably chose a bad time to eat at Cosmic Rays since we couldn't find an inside table and had to grab an available, TINY outside table for the four of us. The food was amazing! We got the chicken and ribs with mashed potatoes and green beans plus a brownie for dessert and our drink. On the DDP you just cannot beat it!!!! Not only was it not your typical counter service menu, but it was GREAT. It was so packed we could only get to the chicken/ribs counter so I don't know about anything else but I definitely plan to eat there next January when we go again!!!
"Cosmic Ray's"
Reviewed on Feb 11, 2008 by Baylordad
Rating: 7  
Typical WDW counter service. Good enough, usually crowded.
"Love those fries"
Reviewed on Jan 06, 2008 by jben24
Rating: 10  
The cosmic cafe is the first place I eat when I get to Disney. BEST FRIES IN DISNEY, and Sonny is the favorite of my daughter.
"Great CS!!"
Reviewed on Sep 13, 2007 by amber87
Rating: 10  
We ate here for the first time last year and it was wonderful. We were on the dining plan and it was definitley to much food. The prices are very reasonable considering everything you get and it can very easily be shared betweet 2/3 people. It is one of the best CS restaurants around just for the fact there are so many choices. We will definitely eat there again.
"Excellent Food!"
Reviewed on Mar 18, 2007 by disneyfanatic05
Rating: 10  
They have excellent food.
Reviewed on Mar 12, 2007 by moriah
Rating: 6  
you have to stand in seperate lines for different varietys of food. They used to have the world's best ceaser salad, now, since they switched the dressing to an oily italian/ceaser, it is horrible. I had always thought the food was not so great, but now that the ceaser salad is no more, the only thing good at this place is the pulled pork sandwich.
"Cant get enough"
Reviewed on Mar 09, 2007 by Kerby626
Rating: 10  
Ever since my first trip in 2000, I've eaten at least one meal per trip here. My wife and I love it. From Sonny to the layout to the menu. You cant go wrong!!!
"Forget the food..."
Reviewed on Nov 09, 2002 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
Forget the food... Give my Sonny!! I love the entertainment Mr. Eclipse provides at Cosmic Rays. However, I must warn you that this area is crowded! The food is O.K. as far as I am concerned, but visit at least once to see Sonny Eclipse perform his show.
"Best galactic food!!!"
Reviewed on Nov 05, 2002 by animegirllover
Rating: Not rated  
This restaurant at Tomorrowland is cool!!! I love everything like Tomorrowland Terrace at Disneyland & Tokyo Disneyland. Yeah, I love the design like Tomorrowland Terrace because has everything here!!!
Reviewed on Oct 25, 2002 by Minnie85
Rating: Not rated  
We always come here to get some air conditioning and yummy food, everybody's gotta love Sonny Eclipe!
"Great Place!!"
Reviewed on Oct 20, 2002 by HumanOddity
Rating: Not rated  
Seldom at WDW will you find a place where you can get whatever food you're looking for (Counter service-wise) AND feel you got you moneys-worth. This is is such a great place, if for nothing else the Chicken Caesar Salad. It's a rare thing to get full from a salad, but in all of the countless times I've eaten at Cosmic Rays, I can count on one hand the amount of times I've finished my entire salad. The prices are phenomenal (for a park restaurant), and theming is terrific. Highly recommended by me.
"Typical Disney Fare"
Reviewed on Oct 08, 2002 by chris
Rating: Not rated  
This is about what you should expect for counter service at WDW. limited menu but quick. Kids love the very basic audio anamatronics that out on a show while you eat.
"Good Food, Good Laughs"
Reviewed on Aug 29, 2002 by YankeeFan
Rating: Not rated  
Cosmic Ray's is for those picky eaters among us because they have a little of everything. Burgers, fries, chicken, pizza, etc..etc.. The food is pretty good, they give you a decent sized portion and you get to enjoy it while being treated to a show by the lively, yet animatronic, Sunny Eclipse. Sunny provides songs, jokes, and a way to keep the kiddies entertained. Cosmic Ray's is the best place to eat in Tomorrowland.
"Fun in the Future"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2002 by MKCustodial
Rating: Not rated  
They have a great selection, a little bit of everything, but this is best known for its shows. If there's not someone playing live, you'll be entertained by a show that is out of this galaxy!
"Best fast food in MK"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2002 by wdwcrazy
Rating: Not rated  
This is one of the best fast food places in MK. The selection of food is huge! They have three different counters with many different types of fast food you can get. The place is also very big inside, so you usually don't have a problem finding a seat. Cosmic Ray is somting to watch while you eat, if you really listen to what he says he can be pretty funny sometimes.
"The Best Selection!"
Reviewed on Aug 19, 2002 by disneyprep50321
Rating: Not rated  
If your family is picky about what they eat, I would suggest trying Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. Their selection is great! Everyone can get what they want. The portion size is good also. You might even try splitting some of the meals. Very good! If you're like me, and can't stand eating turkey legs, this is where to go in Tomorrowland! A+
Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe
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