Coral Reef Restaurant reviews

Future World, Epcot
Reader rating Reader rating 5.8 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 5.8  
"Typical fare, decent atmosphere"
Reviewed on Sep 17, 2014 by disneyparkfreak
Rating: 6  
This used to be a go to ADR for us when visiting, however as time went on its not so important anymore. If it is your first time or you have never ate there it is worth your time. I would highly suggest requesting a table near the tank especially if you have small children. Just remember they are incredibly difficult to get in the dinner hours. This is always a restaurant where we ate early either lunch or an early dinner.
"I guess I'm a "seafood snob""
Reviewed on Jun 11, 2014 by ADavis
Rating: 4  
I'm from Florida (originally south Florida, now residing in the panhandle), I've been to every major city in Florida. I really wouldn't consider myself a "seafood snob" - I sometimes can't tell the difference between fresh and frozen.

I don't think Coral Reef provides a very good sampling of dishes for being a seafood-prominent restaurant. I'd like to see more than a seafood/pasta dish, Mahi Mahi, and Trout on the menu for entrees. Additionally, I don't think the accompaniments or preparation of the dishes are at all memorable.

We were thinking about giving it a try again (the ambiance is certainly something to write home about) on our upcoming trip but with the reviews I continue to see on various sites that it's still only half decent, we'll be skipping it.

ADRs are better spent elsewhere in EPCOT, in my opinion.
"Best themed restaurant in WDW"
Reviewed on Oct 14, 2013 by UPbeekeeper
Rating: 8  
We were very hesitant to try Coral Reef due to the inconsistent reviews we read, but decided to give it a try to judge for ourselves. Glad to decided to not listen to others, as this was mine & my husband's favorite meal of our entire trip. We requested a table near the tank and we were so excited when we actually got one! Others have complained about getting a table near the tank and having kids hanging around their table to look at the fish, but we did not encounter any of that. There seemed to be few small children there at all. The decor was breathtaking...every detail was perfect. The food was delicious and everything was done exactly the way we requested. My small complaint is about my drink...seemed to have no hint of alcohol whatsoever. For the price I paid, I'd at least like to have known it had something in it. My big complaint was with our server. She was EXTREMELY pushy with trying to make us get drinks, appetizers, add ons to our meal, etc. We encountered this nowhere else on Disney property. She wasn't just suggesting...she was aggressively pushing. We were on the DDP, so I knew we would have to pay for our 2 drinks, and a tip. I had it calculated in my head what my approximate OOP would be and when our bill came, it was $20+ more but we were celebrating a birthday, and had somewhere else to be, so we didn't quibble about it and just paid it. Come to find out, on our last meal of our trip at another restaurant, we didn't have enough table credits. After investigating this at our resort later that night, it turns out that the server at Coral Reef billed us for 6 dinners instead of the 4 that we actually used. Our resort took care of the issue, but obviously couldn't reimburse us for the OOP expense we paid to our server at Coral Reef. Wish I had her name, but I didn't keep track of it. Despite that experience Coral Reef is most definitely on our list to visit again. I refuse to allow the poor service of one in particular server sour our memory of this meal, because it was truly a wonderful one. Give this place a will not regret it.
"Loved it!"
Reviewed on Jul 18, 2013 by Pooh'sbuddy
Rating: 9  
We had lunch at Coral Reef at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, June 7th. Hearing mixed reviews, we were not sure how confident our lunch would be, but we were very pleased with our selections, seating and service. I say that, but (and I wish I would have written down his name to speak to someone about him) the CM (male, curly dark hair and glasses) at the entry was very rude. We came in a little early, and instead of acknowledging my presence, he completely ignored me. He could have at least said hello and that he’d be right with me. We were promptly seated at a table by the aquarium. It was far left, so we didn’t have a great view of the whole tank, but it was good. We were soon visited by many different kinds of fish, including a shark.

My husband ordered the mahi mahi, and I ordered the chicken caesar salad. They were fantastic – so moist and flavorful. Our boys ordered the cheese pizza, which they liked. They loved the coral reef brownies, too. We ordered the Wave for dessert. Oh, Heaven on Earth. The raspberry and chocolate together were amazing. I wanted to order another just for myself.

Our waiter was great. He didn’t rush us and wasn’t MIA – perfect timing.

Everything about our dining experience at Coral Reef was wonderful – the atmosphere, food and wait staff. We would recommend it to anyone.
"Much Improved"
Reviewed on May 09, 2013 by drumbum67
Rating: 8  
One of the most-improved restaurant at WDW over the years, Coral Reef is now worth its title of "upscale dining." It's one of the few places at WDW where children aren't allowed to run rampant, so it's a great place to relax if you've been seeing too many screaming mommies. The food is great - very fresh seafood prepared very well (especially for Florida). Service is about the same as at any Disney restaurant, with the exception of overworked hosts/hostesses. The showstopper of the restaurant is the atmosphere. Dining inside one of the largest aquariums in the world is definitely worth the trip, even if the decor is starting to look a little (Saved by the Bell-style) dated. Overall, a great restaurant with great food and fabulous atmosphere.
"Nice Break on A Sunny Day!"
Reviewed on Mar 26, 2013 by PrincessNelly_NJ
Rating: 4  
This restaurant is a great way to escape from the busy parks, especially on those hot and humid days. The food was... okay. I'd give it a 7/10. The starters were not good at all.. but our entrees was really good. My fiance is still talking about it!
"Great Surroundings...OK food."
Reviewed on Mar 10, 2013 by GroomerMinnie
Rating: 6  
The Aquarium around you is worth the visit. The food is OK, I found it to be under flavored. It isn't bad food but you can get better in the World. The restaurant is very busy and the best place to be is close to the front row in front of the aquarium.
"Amazing atmosphere, decent seafood"
Reviewed on Feb 16, 2013 by ThirtySomething
Rating: 8  
This restaurant is better than it gets credit for, and that's because there is so many better dining options in EPCOT. The atmosphere is awesome if you like aquariums, and the seafood is pretty decent. Because there are so many better options, I recommend this for lunch if you're looking for a table service, but for dinner you should explore the options in World Showcase!
"Wonderful dining experience"
Reviewed on Sep 10, 2012 by Megan
Rating: 8  
We have eaten at Coral Reef 3 times in the past 4 years, it was always one of our favorites. The restaurant is beautiful and each table has a great view of the tank. We love sitting there watching turtles, fish and sharks swim by as we relax after a long day in the park. The food is pretty good, I usually get the salmon which is delicious, and my husband usually gets some type of beef. The desserts are absolutely amazing, I can never pick just one.
"Nice atmosphere"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2012 by bethymouse
Rating: 5  
We enjoyed the seafood at this restaurant. Although we had reservations, we still had to wait a while before being seated. We had a wonderful waiter who was very knowledgeable of the menu choices, always refilled our drinks, and was attentive to our needs. It was difficult to get a seat close to the fish "tank". We were far away from it, even though we had requested a seat closest to the "tank". Overall, it was a nice experience.
"Nice Surprise"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by Cris P.
Rating: 7  
We enjoyed our meal here. We did have a bit of a wait even with an ADR. We were seated toward the back of the restaurant so the view of the aquarium was good, not great. The service we had was excellent, and we did like the food. We shared an appetizer of fried shrimp. I had the Grilled MahiMahi and DH had the catch of the day. We both enjoyed our entree although I liked DH's better than mine. My girls each had a cup of lobster bisque and the grilled fish. My four year old ate more here than any other restaurant all week. She loved the fish and the rolls that were served with dinner.

I had the Chocolate Wave for dessert, and it totally lived up to my expectations Really, really good!

This is a pretty dark restaurant which I think would be great if you have a good view of the aquarium, but since we didn't, it was just dark. All in all this was a good restaurant, but not a stellar one.
"We Enjoyed Our Meal"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by Harveyt0206
Rating: 7  
My husband and I tried Coral Reef for the first time during our last trip to the World? I had read many negative reviews regarding this restaurant so I had concerns going in to the meal. In the end, we loved our dining experience.

We arrived for our reservation approximately ten minutes early. We were seated about five minutes after our arrival. We were seated directly in front of the water tank. At first I was thrilled with this location, but by the end of the meal I found myself wishing for a seat a little further bac so that I could take in more of scenery. This isn't a complaint , just merely an observation.

Our Server was attentive and brought our drinks quickly as well as our bread basket.

I ordered the Lobster Bisque as an appetizer. I thought the soup was good, but there really was very little lobster.

For our entrees I ordered the Lobster ravioli and my husband ordered the salmon over risotto. My lobster ravioli was phenomeonal!! Huge chunks of lobster in a delicious and creamy sauce.

I did not try my husbands salmon, but he said it was very good.

My only complaint was the dessert choices. I am not a huge fan of chocolate desserts. I prefer fruit desserts. I ended up choosing the key lime mousse with roasted pineapple and mango sauce. It was odd. I took a few bites then decided it just wasn't for me. My husband chose the sugar free cheesecake, which he didn't realize was sugar free at the time he ordered it. He actually said it tasted great.

In the end, we really enjoyed our experience at Coral Reef. In fact, we plan on going back during our next trip.
"Food ok "
Reviewed on Mar 24, 2012 by luvmydisneyrt
Rating: 5  
This is an ok restaurant as far as the food if that's the only thing you are going for you may be disappointed. The atmosphere is good but better if there is a scuba diving tour going on or if you see a diver feeding. When making reservations by phone ask for feeding times.
"Worst seafood around"
Reviewed on Feb 28, 2012 by oft013
Rating: 1  
My wife and I went to the Coral Reef in December as our meal to reserve tickets to the Candlelight Procession. We hadn't been to the CR in 20 years and it will be at least another 20 before we go again. The fish was over done, the sides were undercooked. Service was slow and snobby. The fish tank lacked live fish. Over all a bad experience.
"neat atmosphere.....pretty good food"
Reviewed on Feb 26, 2012 by safaribob
Rating: 7  
We ate here back in 2008 and thought that it was pretty good but nothing to write home about. Sitting next to the aquarium is really the highlight of this place. The food is not bad but we've had much better seafood elsewhere at WDW. My biggest complaint is that even though we showed up 15 minutes early for our reservation, we were seated 30 minutes late....and this was during the slow season.
"Many better options at EPCOT"
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2011 by elw316
Rating: 4  
Our family decided to try this after several visits to Disney and our friends told us we should have tried it a few years ago when it was good. I have to agree with them. Lets get to obvious out of the way, the view is very cool and makes the restaurant different and neat. It is a seafood place (our kids joked that dinner was the fishes that didn't do what they were told) and children who are too old for the kids menu had a hard time finding something to eat. The service is not good, very slow and distracted. The food was o.k. and after the meal I was happy I was on the meal plan and didn't have to pay for it right after the meal. It was average at best. There are just so many choices at Epcot or go out the side door and eat at the boardwalk that Coral Reef can be missed without a problem.
"beautiful atmosphere"
Reviewed on Oct 19, 2010 by soarin829
Rating: 7  
I loved the decor and the serenity of this restaurant. There really doesn't seem to be a bad seat in the restaurant, as they way it is set up lends to everyone having a view of the aquarium. I'm not a huge seafood fan, but the chicken was good! As was my creme brulee for dessert!
"one of the best.."
Reviewed on Jul 26, 2010 by Birdflu
Rating: 10  
Coral Reef is awesome... I really can't imagine how people give it bad ratings or how its overall rating is so low.. If you read what people complain about (not to mention their terrible spelling) I think you can get a pretty good idea of what ridiculous stuff people seem to complain about... Anyway, my wife and I are even vegetarians and we love it. Last visit we had (our honeymoon) it was our favorite dinner of the entire trip (the mushroom lasagna paired with some amazing wine).. the food is great and you really can't find a better atmosphere anywhere.
"one of the best.."
Reviewed on Jul 26, 2010 by Birdflu
Rating: 10  
Coral Reef is awesome... I really can't imagine how people give it bad ratings or how its overall rating is so low.. My wife and I are even vegetarians and we love it. Last vising we had (our honeymoon) it was our favorite dinner of the entire trip (the mushroom lasagna paired with some amazing wine).. the food is great and you really can't find a better atmosphere anywhere.
Reviewed on Apr 08, 2010 by nclawdog
Rating: 1  
we just returned from our march 2010 trip. my wife has always wanted to try the coral reef and we "lucked" up and got a reservation. the food was aweful, very bland and the fish was not fresh. our waitress was hard to find most of the time so, we left soon after eatting the main course. disney has improved their chefs and this place either needs a decent chef or have their doors closed.
Reviewed on Mar 07, 2010 by Tink90
Rating: 10  
This was one of the best resturants I went to. The food was amazing, as was the service. The waiter we had was so nice and gave us a huge talk about the turtle WHICH WAS AT THE FRONT OF THE TANK!!!
"Different and good food"
Reviewed on Feb 23, 2010 by jjthx1138
Rating: 7  
Food and atmosphere were great. I know it is a seafood joint but the steak was very good. The wave desert was great. It is much better than looking at a wall at dinner.
"Extremely disappointing "
Reviewed on Feb 18, 2010 by tiggerific418
Rating: 2  
Despite all the bad reviews this place gets the rest of my family was determined to try eating at Coral Reef for the first time in about 5 years. The restaurant has gone way down hill since the last time we were there. Our server seemed extremely stressed out and it took us at least 10 minutes to even get to place our drink orders. It was at least another 5 minutes before the drinks hit the table despite watching our server walk around the restaurant empty handed for a while. He was very disorganized and clearly not observing the first rule of waiting tables....never go anywhere empty handed!

20 minutes into the experience we finally placed our food order. Our appetizers took forever to come out. We only had about 5 minutes to eat our salads because our entrees showed up right away. My brother in laws fish was overcooked and tasteless. My sister and I both ordered the steak cooked medium well. Mine was shoe leather and hers was still mooing.

The ONLY plus side to this meal was dessert. No complaints about any of the desserts other than the length of time it took for it to arrive. Apparently in this restaurant you either get your food all at once or 30 minutes between courses. There is no happy medium. By the time our bill arrived we were extremely happy to have gotten the Disney Dining Plan for free. If we had to pay out of pocket for the meal we would have been livid. Outside of my food poisoning incident at Cantina de San Angel this was my worst dining experience on Disney property.
"Great Lunch"
Reviewed on Dec 20, 2009 by stefan74
Rating: 9  
Despite all of the criticism this restaurant seems to get, the four of us had a great time. We were seated very quickly on the last row. We could still see the tanks. Our server was good as was the food. Mom did not like her Lobster Ravioli too much. Everyone else had good food. I would eat hear again.
"Great Lunch"
Reviewed on Dec 20, 2009 by stefan74
Rating: 8  
Despite all of the criticism this restaurant seems to get, the four of us had a great time. We were seated very quickly on the last row. We could still see the tanks. Our server was good as was the food. Mom did not like her Lobster Ravioli too much. Everyone else had good food. I would eat hear again.
Reviewed on Nov 29, 2009 by TDF
Rating: 1  
It was just terrible, I don't know honestly how else to put it. The fish was small and burnt, the fish taken was disgusting, we where placed in the last row where you can see nothing but complaining people. It was just honestly terrible. SKIP IT PLEASE and go to the world showcase.
Reviewed on Nov 28, 2009 by 
Rating: 1  
We had been to this restaurant on various past visits so we always reserve way in advance. There are certain spots we have truely enjoyed setting near. It was one of the dining experience that in the past I have enjoyed.

This year the hotel we were staying at called and left a message if it were possible to seat us next to the turtle which my son adored.

We went early on Thanksgiving Day prior to 11:30 and the place was busy. After at least three families who came in after us were seated prior to us I thought that we were going to get a table near that area.

I was in shock when they set us at the back of the restuarant on the last row, when there still was table seating by the tank. Being Thanksgiving I didn't want to cause any waves. And I was in SHOCK!

The waiter was the worst we have ever had at any of WDW restaurants, he couldn't even remember to completely tell us the daily specials, and barely remembered to bring out the rolls and butter prior to the meal arriving.

The experience ruined my meal - we usually have appretizers, drinks and desserts, but I couldn't even finish the entree I ordered.

The noise level in the place was louded than we ever experienced. It had always been a quiet calming place.

My regret was that I didn't walk out of the place and go eat at the service counter in the Land. Which has the some of the best desserts and a great Cesar Salad.

When we left there wasn't anyone waiting in the lobby, which really surprised me, usually the place has been packed.

I really felt extremely snubbed by the management.

We won't be back!

If I could have rated this a "0" or a minus number I would have.
"nice dinner"
Reviewed on Oct 18, 2009 by PrincessJen
Rating: 8  
Yes, it is expensive, but so are many restaurants in Disney. I thought that the Caesar salad was wonderful. I got really great Salmon too. The atmosphere was beautiful. I guess other people had a bad experience here, but I didn't.
Reviewed on Apr 11, 2009 by kathkwilts
Rating: 8  
I have been to the Coral Reef for lunch on several occasions. I felt that the portions sizes were normal for lunch. I also thought that the food looked and tasted very good. My only complaint is the long wait, despite having reservations/priority seating.
"We will not be returning!"
Reviewed on Apr 06, 2009 by 
Rating: 1  
Despite all of the bad reviews of this restaurant, we wanted to try it out because we all thought it would be great to eat while viewing the aquarium. Boy were we wrong!

Our server, Dawn, was hands down the most unpleasant cast member we encountered in all of WDW. We ate right as the place opened, so a days worth of unhappy guests could not have contributed to her very poor performance.

We ordered an appetizer called the "Appetizer For Two" which cost $16.99. This "appetizer" consisted of two (2) shrimp, two (2) scallops, two (2) tiny pieces of beef and two (2) itsy-bitsy portions of lobster soup. When I told our server we were not pleased with the portion size for $16.99, she acted as if I was from mars and was not looking at the same tiny plate of food that she saw.

I always thought Disney wanted guests in and out of their restaraunts as quickly as possible, but not the Coral Reef! We were there for almost two (2) hours! When the server finally brought our deserts I had to strongly suggested she take my card so our payment could be processed. We almost felt held against our will as we waited for our card to return.

Needless to say, we will not be returning! If an aquarium view is what you are after, get it without the meal inside of the Seas pavillion!
"Extremely small portions, expensive prices. once is enough :-("
Reviewed on Nov 12, 2008 by mlittig
Rating: 2  
My daughter and I had been so looking forward to eating at the Coral Reef but were very disappointed in the food selection, quality and especially the extremely small portions.
The atmosphere with the large fish tank is nice but seemed quite noisy. We had a great table just two in from the tank. But that did not off set our experience with the meals.
I had read about the not-to-be-missed lobster soup and could not wait to try it. So I ordered if even though it was not included in the Disney Dining Plan. I was very let down with the flavor and the small size of the cup, for $8.00 no less!
I ordered the Grilled NY Strip Steak which was again, small and nothing special. It was served with the smallest amount of potatoes au gratin I have ever had. Certainly not what I would expect for a $33.00 meal!
My daughter ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast which was tiny and dry. She also had the same potatoes, again with a small portion.
The desserts were also disappointing in size and nothing special.
All in all, we did have the experience of eating at the Coral Reef once but with the food and prices, we will not be back again. Once was plenty.
"Never again"
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2008 by bears163
Rating: 2  
Horrible service...never asked us for a refill...came back twice during our entire meal..once to ask how it was & the other for our dessert. food was not that great either. the aquarium was nice. but that was it. Oh & we sat down 30 minutes after our reservation & that was at lunch time.
"LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!"
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2008 by BigB911
Rating: 10  
Eat here! Eat here! Eat here!

We loved our food, we loved the service, and we loved the atmosphere. DW and I both ordered NY Strips and they were devine! The best steak ever!!! Well worth it!
Reviewed on Jun 26, 2008 by Eeyore
Rating: 5  
I was not at all impressed with the Coral Reef.

Seating time:
The day we ate at the Coral Reef we had to wait more than 30 minutes past our adr time. They were having some computer issues and all the seatings had to be done manually and caused a large backlog. I'm assuming this was a one time error and wouldn't be a problem for others.

The atmosphere:

Once we were seated I thought we were very lucky to have a table right by the aquarium. I was wrong! During our whole meal unaccompanied children and the occasional adult kept returning to the end of our table (about 6 inches from my lunch!) to take flash pictures of the sharks in the aquarium. So if you're lucky to get a close table be prepared because people will be hanging over your dinner taking pictures that won't turn out of the same fish they can see from the observation area inside the living seas.

The restaurant is also very loud. The decor is nice though and the seating is tiered so you should be able to see some of the aquarium from other tables.

The service:

The service was friendly but not particularly fast or good. Just ok. Our main meal was brought out before we had finished our salads. The food (for 4 people) was brought out by one server so he wasn't able to clear the table of our salad plates and leave us our entrees. So, he had to take our entrees back to the kitchen until we were finished with our salads and the plates were cleared.

The food:

The food really wasn't very good. I had the NY strip steak with au gratin potatoes and brocollini. The steak was alright but it was unevenly cooked. Some areas were done to my liking and others were underdone. It was a bit chewy as well. The au gratin potatoes tasted like they came out of a box and the brocollini was soggy. The presentation of the food was bad as well. The plate came out looking a mess, not at all appetizing. The dessert however was the most disappointing. I had the chocolate wave which I had heard so many good things about. It was mushy and bland and had 3 tiny little cherries on top in brandy. The brandy was much too strong. Yuck! I love chocolate, cherries, and desserts but the chocolate wave just doesn't measure up. I think the food is very overpriced for its quality or lack there of.

Overall, I'm glad I experienced the Coral Reef for myself- but it is very unlikely I will ever bother to go back.
Reviewed on Jun 22, 2008 by tazbear
Rating: 1  
we were seated in the very back corner where you could not see anything. Service extremely slow. Food was not good. The only meal in Disney that my 12yr old thought was horrible and she left crying she was hungry. Had to take her to get something to eat once we left.
"Dissapointing for the price."
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by Bellagio
Rating: 3  

The good bits:

Creamy lobster soup was a good selection, very nice.

Salad, i am told, was also good quality.

The view - Excellent view of the aquarium. We got lucky on seats, right at the front.

The bad bits:

When you walk into this place, you know its pricey, so you expect the food to match the price. In my opinion it falls well below the mark.

The NewYork Strip Steak was as tough as a leather shoe, inconsistently cooked through out the steak. I asked for mine to be medium rate, but the majority of it was uncooked.

The desserts looked like they came directly out of the supermarket.

We had an irish coffee at the end of the meal in order to try and salvage the experience, unfortunately this was very poor also. It was made with whipped cream with a green peppermint sauce on the top.

For a menu which matches food selections to wine pairings, i was very dissapointed to see no wine glasses, just the usual water glasses.

Service was average, nothing to comment about.

In my opinion i wish i had saved our money and went to the brown derby. We unfortunately left the restaurant feeling a little ill with stomach ache, lighter in the pocket, and a feeling that we could have cooked a better meal at home, all in the time it took waiting for our reservation to be honoured, for a fraction of the cost.

"it was ok"
Reviewed on Jun 04, 2008 by jensan
Rating: 5  
We ate here in July 08. I was expecting a bit more selections on the menu. The food was ok and since we were on the dining plan the prices didn't matter. The aquarium was nice but we were not seated close so we didn't get to enjoy it. If I went back I would have to request a closer seat.
Reviewed on Jun 02, 2008 by raiden
Rating: 9  
Great view. Seated us quickly with no reservations. Get the grilled catfish with peperjack grits, its my favorite. Deserts were excellent.I love the seclusion. Service was also very good. Portions seem to be a problem for this bunch but I thought they served plenty.
Reviewed on May 31, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 5  
not the best seafood or food in general, we just go for the view
Reviewed on Mar 08, 2008 by disney21
Rating: 2  
VERY Small Portions, Extremely overpriced, and not the best service... We used to love the Coral Reef but not after our last visit!
"wonderful trip"
Reviewed on Nov 27, 2007 by marine1
Rating: 10  
best time of my life food was awesome. i made reservations and i made sure we got seated near the glass window. everything was perfect get their very early and dont be afraid to ask.

Prepare to dine "under the sea" when selecting the Coral Reef Restaurant . There's an aquarium wall with 8 foot high windows with incredible views of the Living Seas. Seating is tiered which assures everyone is able to see this aquatic display.

Lighting is subdued. The interior is decorated in soothing shades of blue and green which enhance the underwater effect.

In addition to freshly prepared seafood, meat, chicken and vegetarian selections are offered.

our lunches consisted of this

drinks me a sprite and my mom got a diet coke.


Creamy Lobster Soup - Made with Chervil and Brandy. - $6.99


Grilled New York Strip Steak - Served with Potatoes Au Gratin and Beef Demi-glace. - $21.99

"Loved it"
Reviewed on Nov 26, 2007 by tiggerzgirl83
Rating: 10  
This place was one of my favorites. The food was GREAT! I had the penne with shrimp and it was awsome. The atmosphere was very nice. We went Nov.13, 2007 at 5:45pm ressy and got right in on time. I loved this place. The server was very nice. We had a good veiw of the fish tank. I would def. go back here....I loved it
"coral reef"
Reviewed on Oct 11, 2007 by dizzyworld
Rating: 8  
just returned from our trip had a lunch time reservation at the coral reef and found it to be a great place the food was very good service was excellent and the atmosphere was a plus. was on free dining so i cant really say about being over priced. i would still put this on my return restraunt list with or without the free dining package. I had the steak and it was done to perfection my dh had the fish and he loved it as well.I had heard bad reviews but decieded to give it a try anyway and am now glad i did. I give it a rating of8 out of 10.
"Not Much to Recommend"
Reviewed on Oct 01, 2007 by GenerationX
Rating: 2  
We tried the steak, chicken, and salmon. All were terrible. We didn't sit in a table next to the aquarium, which means our views were no better than in the Living Seas pavilion itself. Service was okay, and the theming was good. The prices, however, were OUTRAGEOUS.
"ok, but could be better"
Reviewed on Aug 17, 2007 by Princess Ariel
Rating: 6  
I was disappointed in this resturant. We ahd a really long wait even with ressies. It was extremely loud. Food was ok, it was better in 1995. Aquarium was cool, but my kids were tired and hungry so we did not have that much fun. Portions were small. If I was not on DDP we would have not gone. This used to be my favorite resturant.
"Great experience"
Reviewed on Jun 05, 2007 by NickM08
Rating: 8  
Last trip was my first meal at CR. I was a little nervous because before the trip about this reservation because many of the reviews I had read were poor. But I have to say, we had a great meal and a great expereince. I had the blackened catfish over grits, and it was one of my favorite dishes of the entire trip. Service was good, and they were more than happy to sit us up front when we requested.
"Where to begin"
Reviewed on Mar 15, 2007 by WEDisney
Rating: 3  
All I can say is WHAT HAPPENED? This place used to be my favorite but now it is on my “do not eat at” list. I was so upset at the changes that I tried it five more times after my first bad experience looking for some glimmer of hope that the old Coral was returning. In a word Overpriced would best suit the title of this restaurant. The dwindling number of fish in the aquarium makes this even more of a let down for children. This place used to be one of the premier restaurants on property and now it is going down in a ball of flames. The portions are so small for the money it borders on the absurd. The wait staff was not knowledgably about any of the entrees except the chicken and even then wasn’t sure if it was boneless. The drinks were potent but lacked originality. The desserts are so so but nothing to make someone go there. The only thing this place has going for it now is the setting. By far one of the coolest restaurants around but with the die off of the fish population in The Seas this places is taking on water. It won’t be long before this place sinks to the bottom of Davey Jones Locker (where it currently belongs).
"Disappointed over the years"
Reviewed on Jan 27, 2007 by Computer Magic
Rating: 5  
This place use to be one of the best, but the quality has gone down hill.
"for the fish tank"
Reviewed on Sep 19, 2005 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: Not rated  
My salmon was pretty decent. Service was very friendly and fast. What you're really paying for is to eat by that gigantic fish tank. That makes it worth at least an initial visit in my opinion.
Reviewed on Feb 09, 2003 by number1wdwfan
Rating: Not rated  
Our family really enjoys the Coral Reef... it's so much fun to watch all the fish and sea animals while you're eating! It's fairly good food... but the atmosphere is what makes it one of the best restaurants in Disney World.
Reviewed on Nov 26, 2002 by jodigrl328
Rating: Not rated  
If I were to use 2 words to describe this place it would be "fancy schmancy". It was expensive and the food portions were small, but good. It was one of those places I had to try at least once. The atmosphere is beautiful. I thought it would be more romantic, but there are A LOT of children here and it is VERY loud. I would go back in the future but not until I have tried a lot more of the other dining experiences.
"Not the best"
Reviewed on Sep 14, 2002 by meeko_33785
Rating: Not rated  
This restaurant is not one of my favorites. The only thing it has going for it is the window on the fish tank. Other than that, the food is not too great, overpriced, and theming is nothing spectacular. I would recogmend eating in World Showcase or go to one of the Boardwalk insteed.
"Completely Original"
Reviewed on Sep 13, 2002 by christopher
Rating: Not rated  
This place is one of the coolest looking restaurants at WDW. It is expensive, but go ahead and treat yourself. I had some really great shrimp. If you are not a fan of seafood you may not be a big enjoy it. But if you are, you will love this place.
"Great View"
Reviewed on Sep 06, 2002 by SJTSmith
Rating: Not rated  
This is a great restaurant due to the view. The portion size is good and the food is great but it is alittle over priced. You are mainly paying for the view.
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"Can't recommend"
Reviewed on Aug 29, 2002 by AkiraRaptor
Rating: Not rated  
The theming was wonderful, but the food average, or below average on our visit. We had a table right up against the glass, and it was a wonderful experiance to eat next to the fishes. But the food was not that good. I've had better meals in national seafood chain resturants that what we got here. And the cost was very high, at over $100 for two people, this was to be our "special" meal on our vacation. Oh it was special alright, but not in a good way. Do The Flying Fish or Narcoossee's before this place.
Coral Reef Restaurant
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