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"Bongo's - Best opener for our vacation!"
Reviewed on May 27, 2013 by Jazzinator
Rating: 8  
We began our family vacation at Bongo's in 2012 and it was great! My parents, wife, and two children arrived to a restaurant that was packed due to Valentine's Day. With our Disney Dining reservation, though, we avoided the line that went out the door and the hour wait, and were immediately ushered to a table in the back. The restaurant was lively and later had a band playing. Our waitress was friendly and knowledgeable. My wife and mother had the seafood platter which was tremendous and highly recommended! My father and I ordered the beef platter which was not as great. Overall, it was a great experience with great food and atmosphere! Strongly recommended!
"Ugh... Disappointed"
Reviewed on Mar 26, 2013 by PrincessNelly_NJ
Rating: 4  
I wanted to love this place, as a spanish food lover, however, from the moment we walked in, we were rushed. I had not even taken off my jacket before being asked what starters I wanted... We asked for a few minutes, only to have our waiter return within seconds. Really? I was so annoyed that I just picked something from the menu, didn't even know what it was. It was so bland... I was not happy. However, the very large specialty drink eased my feelings :) I will maybe give Bongo's another shot in a few years but their Service sucks!
"love the food"
Reviewed on Jun 02, 2010 by WeLComeHomE OKW
Rating: 10  
the waiters might not always be the best.

But, I think the food is fantastic. It always hits the spot.
Reviewed on Apr 08, 2010 by nclawdog
Rating: 1  
terrible mixed will fair better running your tongue on the pavement outside.....gloria would spin if she only knew
Reviewed on Mar 03, 2008 by pescador1f
Rating: 4  
food okay, the attitude of some employees....well, never again.
"rush, rush, rush"
Reviewed on Mar 30, 2007 by BVGENT
Rating: 4  
This is definintely not the place to go if you are looking for a refined, relaxed dining experience. The food is only okay. You have to wonder when you place your order and in two minutes or less, it is sitting in front of you. In the future I'll skip this one.
"Very Disappointing"
Reviewed on Mar 15, 2007 by WEDisney
Rating: 4  
My rating may be a bit harsh but that is only because of the high standards that I hold Disney on site restaurants to have. From the moment we were seated the experience was a let down. Although the restaurant is cozy looking the feelings you get are that of being an intruder in a strange land. The wait staff constantly talked to each other in Spanish (not that it is bad but it can be rude to people who cannot understand what you are saying right in front of you), and even carried on a conversation right in front of us when I asked about something our waitress couldn’t answer. This was not something that was meant to increase the experience of the restaurant it was more being rude to the people that they thought couldn’t speak Spanish. The funny thing was that when I answered her, in English, to what she spoke in Spanish, to the other waitress, she looked at me like I betrayed her. I merely wanted her to know that I clearly heard her talking about another table to her waitress friend and that it was unacceptable. The food was OK but nothing spectacular. The appetizer was the highlight of the meal but it was so small it only lasted a second or two. All in all I would not recommend this restaurant mainly because for my experience, but for this to have happened means that management has dropped the ball and that is unacceptable.
"Bongo Brilliant"
Reviewed on Feb 13, 2006 by jamierobins
Rating: Not rated  
I just love this place! And you will too, if you like your dinners lively, sometimes with loud live music being played. The food is top notch and varied, the Margaritas are excellent and kids love it here because it is so animated. The theming is wonderful and the salsa dancing is a great touch. It gets very busy so book in advance. The black bean soup is great as are any of the chicken dinners.
"Very Different!"
Reviewed on Sep 07, 2004 by Main Street USA
Rating: Not rated  
We actually have only been here once, and it was for our Disney Wedding Rehearsal Dinner. We had the balcony upstairs, so it wasn't your normal visit.

The food was VERY different, but if you're up for trying new things, then this place is for you. I'd say 80% of the food I tried was really tasty.

Try it once. You never know, Cuban cuisine may become your favorite!
Bongo's Cuban Cafe
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