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Reader rating Reader rating 8.7 / 10
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"Boma for Breakfast"
Reviewed on Sep 09, 2014 by M.Poppins
Rating: 10  
We are big fans of breakfast buffets. The very idea of unlimited amounts of bacon is enough to awaken anyone's taste buds! Pair that with exceptional service and fabulous atmosphere and you've got the Boma breakfast buffet. All the traditional favorites plus many unique African inspired dishes. Their signature "jungle juice" is an absolutely delicious combo of orange and guava juices and your glass is never half full. Refills are complimentary. The servers are super friendly and the vibe is fun and festive. Great way to start a magical day. Afterward, you can take a stroll out past the pool and catch a glimpse of some of the animals. Wether you're a local or traveling from far off lands, make a point to dine at Boma's breakfast buffet. You will not be disappointed! Jambo!
"Everyone Left happy and stuffed"
Reviewed on Jul 07, 2014 by Unique fun atmosphere
Rating: 10  
We loved the breakfast buffet. I admittedly hate buffets and we only ate here due to convenience. I'm so glad we did. The kids loved the upbeat atmosphere and everyone loved the unique flavors. There are plenty of staples for simpler taste buds, but the African spices and different combos of foreign food had me going back for more. So glad we ventured in, we will definitely be back.
"Not for picky eaters (children and adults alike)"
Reviewed on Jun 11, 2014 by ADavis
Rating: 5  
I'm generally not a fan of buffets, especially in crowded places. I really wanted to try Boma since it was different, so I convinced my picky husband to eat there on our last trip. All things considered, I wouldn't write home about it.

There ARE options for picky eaters, but they're pretty limited. All of the "adventurous" food I wanted to try just seemed forced and an Americanized version of something that could have been great. I understand that Disney has to feed the masses, but I didn't find Boma to be special and adventurous at all.

Zebra Domes, on the other hand... Yes, please! :)
" Our Favorite Restaurant"
Reviewed on Apr 01, 2014 by Julia
Rating: 10  
We ate at Boma our last trip to Disney. My husband, son (16), and I. We love great food not processed crap. We go out to eat a lot at home. We absolutely LOVED Boma.

My husband was very unsure about trying an African restaurant. He didn't think he would like it. He hasn't stopped talking about it since. I had a salmon that had a nut crust which was amazing. My son had some type of beef he couldn't stop raving about. My husband ate so much he could barely walk when we left. The salads were also amazing. The food was not strange, it was simply delicious. I can tell you, we will eat there every time we go now!
"How many times can I go in one trip?"
Reviewed on Apr 21, 2013 by Hisgirl
Rating: 10  
I think I've been to WDS about 18 times. I'm a foodie. Love to eat, love to cook, eat out multiple times a week at nice restaurants. Not a fan of golden corral type buffets. But this buffet....Lordy. We ate there once and made plans to go back the next night. There were just too many options to choose from and everyone could get what they wanted. In fact...we had eaten at the more expensive Jiko the night before and while it was excellent, we could have been just as happy at this place. The coconut curry chicken soup was one I fantasized about for weeks. I'm pretty sure I saw more than one person lick the bowl (kidding but not by much). The watermelon rind salad, with ribbon thin slices of watermelon tossed in an herby vinegarette sauce, oh my! There were so many interesting delicious choices, I hardly know where to begin. We were so pleased with this place, we're going back next week. You won't be disappointed!
Reviewed on Mar 10, 2013 by GroomerMinnie
Rating: 10  
If I could give a rating higher than 10 I would! This restaurant is beautiful and the service is great! The food is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! You have to make a trip here for this buffet style breakfast. Everything on the buffet is soooo good. I can't really say much more. Just make sure to go and try a little of everything! Seriously, GO! :)
"Wonderful Breakfast!"
Reviewed on Dec 01, 2012 by DisneyDebNJ
Rating: 9  
We dined at Boma for Breakfast this past October and wondered why we waited so long! It was wonderful! From the frunch (yummmm) to omelettes made to order, this was very good!!! I know alot say this is difficult to get to, but we took a cab from the Polynesian (cost $20 with tip) We were seated within 5 mins of our ADR time, and our server was at our table, very quickly, very attentive and friendly. Wonderful experience, highly recommended!
"Most unique buffet in Disney"
Reviewed on Sep 10, 2012 by Megan
Rating: 10  
We LOVED Boma in March, can't wait to go again in October!!! We went for breakfast and the range of food they had was amazing. I enjoyed trying the different African dishes, it was a nice change of pace after eating Mickey Mouse shaped waffles and scrambled eggs all week. The jungle juice they have is delicious, you must try it, its actually better than the juice they serve at 'Ohana, and I didn't think that was possible. We had a great table near the windows and I was surprised that it wasn't more noisy. This is a must do if you are not a fussy eater, however they still offer American dishes for those who prefer sticking to what they know.
"I just don't get it????"
Reviewed on Apr 12, 2012 by disneygirl123
Rating: 4  
We are planning our third trip back to disney and have tried different rest. each time.. I just don't get Boma or like. Disney has outstanding dining but this is just not it for us.
Then our brother wanted to try it on another trip and felt the same way as us. Not our cup of tea at all!
"Not worth the time or money."
Reviewed on Apr 02, 2012 by tarjaybuff
Rating: 4  
What a disappointment. Our server was awful, and you had to wait in a line about 20 deep just to get any carved meats. All food was average at best, and nothing seemed really authentic. This is definitely on our list for "Never again restaurants".
"Breakfast at Boma"
Reviewed on Mar 03, 2012 by wdwfan317
Rating: 10  
We had a fabulous experience from the time we arrived til the time we left. had ADR's. Waited maybe 5 min, drinks on table quickly. Fabulous service. EXCELLENT food, friendly staff- the carved meats were wonderful. the cinnamon raisin french toast, breakfast casseroles, etc., quinoa, so much to choose from. The Kenyan coffee press (?) was so cool. Loved having my own pot of coffee and my 2 boys ate PLENTY and both said they would want to come back. The AKL is majestic and beautiful and everything about our experience was exceptional. Looking forward to going back to Boma again.
"very good breakfast, fantastic dinner"
Reviewed on Feb 26, 2012 by safaribob
Rating: 9  
This is another buffet meal that you should make a point of trying at least once (especially if you happen to be staying at AKL). This is one of my favorite places at WDW to have dinner. I can't think of anything that I put on my plate that wasn't full of flavor and wonderfully cooked. I'm not a big breakfast person but I even enjoyed that....with my favorite part being the unique juice that they serve.
"Boma- Best Original Meal of Africa"
Reviewed on Feb 06, 2012 by wdwfan317
Rating: 10  
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Boma. I sampled every single item on the buffet. Everything was delicious, fresh, the atmosphere/ambiance is very nice, the service was great and this was the ONLY meal we ate(11:00 breakfast) all day and we were not hungry again. My two boys, ages 3 and 7 ate and ate and ate. My favorite part of the buffet was probably the hand-carved ham and turkey and the sauces that were offered with it. The service was great and it is our family's favorite restaurant IN disney world. We have not been for dinner, but plan to try it on our next visit.
"Great Buffet"
Reviewed on Dec 04, 2011 by DisneyloverJMH
Rating: 8  
Boma is a unique resort in Walt Disney World because it has African themed cuisine. The buffet has many different types of food. And even if you don't think you will like African food just take little sample sized portions of food you have not tried and see if you like it. Remember it's a buffet so you can go and get food as many times as you want. There is also traditional american food for picky eaters
"Let down"
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2011 by bow0303
Rating: 5  
We visited on the last day of our recent vacation. Looked forward to it all week. Honestly, we were let down. Food was not bad, but wasn't great either. Food was somewhat bland or not something that we enjoyed. Our waitress was not very personable nor attentive. All around disappointment for us. Not sure we'll be back.
"Had the breakfast buffet."
Reviewed on Jul 03, 2011 by zacopeland18
Rating: 8  
The food was very good. However if you're a picky eater I would suggest eating somewhere else. I made four trips through the buffet. I was very impressed.
"Our first time at Boma, but not our last!"
Reviewed on Apr 08, 2011 by MrsHarvie08
Rating: 10  
We ate breakfast here on 3/23/11 for my son's 13th birthday. This was our first visit to Boma, and we were not disappointed. We had an ADR for 9 AM; we checked in at the hostess station at 8:45 AM and got a table immediately.

Our server was Albert, and he quickly brought hot coffee and jungle juice (which was delicious!!) while we helped ourselves to the buffet. I was worried that my husband wouldn't be pleased with it, as he tends to have a more sophisticated palate, but he had nothing but good things to say about the food. The African breakfast offerings were very tasty, while the traditional pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs satisfied my son, who is a little less adventurous when it comes to food. The scrambled eggs with goat cheese & chives were my personal favorite...I think I went back for a 3rd helping of these. ;)

After the three of us had visited the buffet a couple of times, Albert brought over a special birthday dessert for my son. He sang happy birthday to him, then the two of them struck several funny poses, which made for some great pictures! The cost of our meal (before tip) was a little over $60, but it was well worth it in my opinion. I highly recommend Boma. We had a wonderful meal here.
"Food was fair -- Service was very poor"
Reviewed on Apr 04, 2011 by gandalfmjb
Rating: 6  

First time we have ever ate here. For the most part the food was good. Very good varitey. The one exception was what they were carving for sirloin. It had to be aged water buffalo. It was very rare and very tough. I witness one person asking for them to cook him a piece longer and while they did, they weren't very happy about it. Our waitress was rude and acted like she didn't even want us there. For the money there are better places.
"Excellent as usual!!!"
Reviewed on Mar 13, 2011 by RussJT
Rating: 10  
Made it back to Boma on 3/1/11 with a party of 10. We were seated promptly and our server was great. The food as usual was spectacular. This one one of my favorite restaurants on property. As always there was a wide variety of selections that could please someone with exotic tastes (like myself) or those who are less adventurous in what they are willing to eat.

"Just great "
Reviewed on Feb 25, 2011 by jrogerbeck
Rating: 10  
We ate there in January and while $35+ for a buffett is expensive it was very, very good. Second only to Ohana in my opinion.
"great options for vegetarians"
Reviewed on Jul 26, 2010 by Birdflu
Rating: 9  
Boma is one of mine and my wife's favorite restaurants probably in the world.. visiting WDW as vegetarians you dont find a million options at all restaurants, but Boma is always pretty awesome. The atmosphere is, obviously, also amazing.
"Breakfast = Yummy!"
Reviewed on Jul 18, 2010 by harveyt0206
Rating: 10  
My husband and I had breakfast at Boma during our trip in September 2009. We loved it. We had a lovely table with a great view out the large window, which is centrally located in the restaurant.

I tried several items on the buffet, but my favorite was the scrambled eggs with goat cheese and I believe scallions. They were so moist and quite delicious.

The other stand out of the meal was the "Frunch". This is the juice served at Boma. It apparently contains the fruit of four different juices and I think I drank my weight in this stuff.

Our server was very nice, and she kept our juice glasses full.

Great meal. Highly recommended.
"*Jaw dropping..."
Reviewed on May 11, 2010 by audiotinker
Rating: 10  
This place is... amazing. The sights, the smells, the food. I can't say enough about this place. Every time I go its so exciting. It really is a culinary treat. By the time I get done trying one of everything, I'm pretty much full. lol. Then I end up going back up and getting a few things I can't live without have one more of before I leave. The cuisine is special I think in that that flavors are unlike anything else at DW. Fast forward to dessert and you will, I guarantee, never ever want to leave. If you try one of everything you'll pass out from a sugar coma. There are so many little desserts to try and they are all delicious. The service is outstanding and you cannot beat the atmosphere. If you could bottle that smell, you would make a million. If all that isn't enough, after or before your meal you can go out on the savannah and look at giraffe's and other african animals mere feet from you. Amazing and a true gem.
"Fine dining, but kid friendly."
Reviewed on Mar 14, 2010 by NattyBumppo
Rating: 9  
The food was good, and the service was outstanding. Our waitress did an outstanding job with our children (2 and 4 years old).
Reviewed on Mar 07, 2010 by Tink90
Rating: 10  
We were staying at AK lodge and this was the first resturant we went to. I was a little worried at first as I had never tried African food before, but it was so nice. We all went up for seconds! There is so much to choose from and all of it tasted amazing!

We also went here for breakfast most mornings, and it is defenatly worth the money! Jambo juice was amazing. And as we were celebrating a birthday, they came out with Afrian cakes/ chocolates for us.

Every time we went there the service was amazing, and each waiter/tress were all happy to tell us more about Africa, where they come from in Africa and traditions etc...

Will go there every time i vist DW!!!
"A Culinary Treat "
Reviewed on Feb 19, 2010 by WDW Insider
Rating: 10  
It's difficult to call Boma a buffet. The food here is delicious, the prime rib terrific, and the varied selections a real delight for the adventurous eater. While some may not enjoy trying new foods, there are still the staple chicken nuggets and fries, and the zebra domes shouldn't be missed by anyone. Some of the tastier foods not to be missed here are the salmon, prime rib, coconut curry seafood soup, bobotie, zebra domes, and coffee desserts. Also, try the Jenga Juice - it's a non-alcoholic drink that is very good with unlimited refills (just switch to something else if you don't like it).
"Different, but good!"
Reviewed on Jan 02, 2010 by DizneyPryncess
Rating: 9  
I had heard amazing things about Boma, so I couldn't wait to try this on my anniversary trip in 2009. My husband and I went, and really had a good time here.

I like unusual foods, so this place was great to me. I thought the buffet was really extensive and had some very unique choices. I especially like the soup bar, and tried nearly all of them. There was no shortage of finding things I liked, and I was very full by the end. My husband, who is more of a "meat and potatoes" eater, wasn't as big of a fan here. He really sticks to American cuisine, and had a harder time finding things to eat. Just keep that in mind when deciding to eat here. The food is African style - but is excellent if you like that kind of food.

We were surprised with an anniversary dessert, which was unexpected and very nice. Our waitress was phenomenal, we really loved here. Service & theming I thought were top notch here, and I was not let down at all. I wish they'd included a few more basic food options for picky eaters like my husband - but that's really my only suggestion. Great place!
"Great Food"
Reviewed on Dec 20, 2009 by stefan74
Rating: 9  
Me, my Mom, Sister and 14-year old nephew had dinner here. The decor of the dining room is fabulous! Our waiter was great as well.

The food stood out to all four of us. I am an adventurous eater, so I was surprised to hear from my other family members how much they enjoyed the food off of the buffet. My favorite - Zebra delicious!
"Too Expensive"
Reviewed on Nov 17, 2009 by WDW 3
Rating: 5  
Over $100 for three of us to go to a buffet!!
I know, I was aware of the cost per person ahead
of time, but after all was said and done, not one
of us got our moneys worth.

The desserts were the best.
"great service"
Reviewed on Jul 26, 2009 by firenice13035
Rating: 10  
very nice breakfast buffet, they evenmade my son special french toast since he dont like rasins in it.
i cant say enough about the staff. ask for rosa ana as a server... she and her manager patricia were excellent. just the way disney should be
Reviewed on Jun 10, 2009 by Ariel484
Rating: 4  
We were so excited to eat at Boma after reading all of the great reviews, but what a letdown! We both thought that the food was bland and the dining room was so crowded that it was overwhelming...we understand it's a highly-rated buffet that appeals to families, but people were really packed in. We used TS credits from the DDP and are so glad we didn't have to pay out-of-pocket for such an expensive, boring meal. We won't be back.
"LARGE BUFFET and TONS of choices"
Reviewed on Dec 31, 2008 by shopn24seven
Rating: 10  
and I just LOVE that JUNGLE JUICE.Best juice on WDW.
Breakfast buffet is AWESOME. I was surprised at how MANY choices there were to choose from.
Put on your MUST DO LIST.
Reviewed on Nov 03, 2008 by BrownDerby07
Rating: 10  
I love this place! You get all you can eat and it's a chance to eat some foods that you wouldn't normally eat. Not everything on the buffet is my personal favorite, but it's worth it to get to try something new! They even have a buffet with food for kids so if you don't like the African food you could always eat that. It's not as expensive as Jiko but you still get a fun experience.
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2008 by cdr point luvr
Rating: 10  
OMG - what can I say about this awesome restaurant? First, let me say that I am not a fan of "all you can eat" smorgasboards, but Boma, recommended by a friendly Disney cast member at Magic Kingdom, will be on my itinerary each and every time I go to WDW.

Boma, located inside Disney's beautiful Animal Kingom Lodge, offers traditional African-themed food. I was a bit apprehensive at first, since my partner is a picky eater and not a fan of some more exotic flavors. We arrived before the restaurant opening, and were greeted by a friendly hostess who led us to a table adjacent to a window overlooking a waterfall. The restaurant was huge, but didn't seem so because there were trees inside to simulate outdoor dining. Our first look at the buffet blew us away - so many colorful, interesting foods boggled the mind. Each selection tasted as good as it looked, from authentic, tender barbecued meats, to sweet and spicy side dishes, to wonderful soups (our personal favorite was the carrot ginger), to mouth-watering desserts.

We chose to use our dining plan, which charged us each one table service for the experience. What a steal. I would have paid $50 per person to eat this buffet. We each purchased two martinis to enjoy with our meal.

I enjoyed the soup so much I was inclined to ask the waiter for the recipe, thinking "fat chance" of ever getting one. Instead, he went to get a note card, had me write down my name and address, and two weeks later I received a typed letter from the chef with the recipe for carrot ginger soup. The letter opened by saying "we are thrilled you enjoyed your food and we are pleased to share the recipe with our customers." WOW. Just... wow.

Would I do it again: In a heartbeat
High Points: Nearly everything
Low Point: Tables a bit close, chidren sitting nearby
"good but crowded"
Reviewed on May 31, 2008 by Scott75
Rating: 8  
The food here is excellent. The service is excellent. The atmosphere is excellent. ...However, this place fills up fast and can become very crowded in a very short time. This would not be as much of a problem if this was a table service restaurant, but for a buffet style restaurant it causes problems. The line for the buffet here can get very long. At one point I must have waited in line at least 20 minutes just to get up to the buffet. The food goes so quickly that by the time I would get to the buffet some of the items would be unavailable or well picked over. The cooking staff seemed to be having a hard time keeping everything on the buffet stocked.
I do recommend eating here, but just be prepared to stand in line. The food here is outstanding, and apparently it's no well kept secret. :)
Reviewed on May 27, 2008 by disneydiva72
Rating: 10  
Wonderful mix of American and African foods! They had salmon to die for! The zebra domes are fantastic, and the coconut teramisu was incredible! I can not wait to go back!
"Recent Visit to Boma"
Reviewed on Apr 05, 2008 by msendek
Rating: 10  
I recently visited Boma, and my husband asked about Vegetarian dishes on the buffet. The chef came to my table and took me through the buffet to tell me exactly which dishes contained no meat products. He was really nice. Later, he came up to me while I was at the buffet tables and said to go and look at my table. He made me my very own vegetarian dinner. He went so far above and beyond what any other restaurant has ever done for me. It was really special!:)
"Our favorite Disney restaurant!"
Reviewed on Jan 05, 2008 by Spaceship_Rob
Rating: 10  
We last visited Boma on our August 2007 vacation. We brought my wife's Dad who was born and raised in Africa. He thought it was great! He said that the food was a bit Americanized, not quite as spicy and/or sweeter than he remembers it being back in Africa.

The check-in process was fine. Once the Cast Members found out that my father-in-law was from Africa, they spent lots of extra time with him asking about his memories of Africa. Way too soon, our table was ready.

The theming was great and our server was friendly. We ate our fill of great ethnic food from the appitizers to the desert. All the food was well prepared and tasty. We had a bottle of wine with dinner and liked it so much that we ordered a case of it when we got home.

It was a great experience, hearing my father-in-law tell stories about Africa with the Cast Members. We'd absolutely go back again!
"Great Breakfast!"
Reviewed on Dec 13, 2007 by drc304
Rating: 10  
My girlfriend and I decided to try Boma for the breakfast buffet. The price is around $17 a person and it is well worth it. There is a wide variety of the usual breakfast items with 2 African items as well. I do not recall what the two African items were named so I am no help there. However the regular breakfast was excellent. They have a variety of pasteries (cheese danish, cinnamon bun, etc...), breads, bagels, and cereals to choose from. They also make omlets for you, have scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, french toast and pancakes. The carving station consists of corned beef and ham with a very tasty Boma mustard sauce on the side. I also enjoyed what my waiter called jungle juice which was a mix of a few different fresh juices. I am probably missing some items but all in all it was well worth it.
"Nice change of pace, but expensive"
Reviewed on Nov 26, 2007 by BONDQ
Rating: 8  
Boma features a buffet presentation, so you do all of the work.
On the down side, after a hard day at the parks; it's nice to be served dinner, rather than having to stand in line to get your meal. As with most brunch-style eateries, you do have a server who brings your drinks, clears your plates and gives you your bill, but the rest is all you.
On the up side, you generally control how and what you eat, so you get to make all the selections.
The variety of food is impressive and is a nice change from the typical burgers, steaks, chicken strips at most of the food locations throughout the park.
You'll be treated to a variety of vegetables, meats, soups, desserts. Some of these will be completely foreign to you and there in lies the positive to Boma; it forces you to try new things, and see what interests you. If you are in for adventure or are just plain bored with other menus in the park, give Boma a try.
One comment about price, although there's a nice variety, I believe the restaurant is far too expensive for what you get. For 2 adults and 2 children it was $140, and IMO, there was nothing that great at the buffet to substaniate the pricing. Obviously, it's all you can eat, but if you're not planning on 5 or 6 trips per person, you'll likely find Boma to not be the best value. The fanciest meat items that I saw were prime rib (they carve it for you and give you a medium to small piece) and small nut-encrusted salmon. They also had ribs and chicken, but these are not typically expensive. The prime rib was good and you can go back as much as you like, but it felt like filler for more picky eaters that were shying away from the standard Africa fair. Eating it, felt like I was cheating the experience.

Note, if you are using the DDP, that Boma counts for 1 point, so for those people, it is a good value; if you're paying out-right, however, you may want to think more about it.

"What's Not to Like"
Reviewed on Oct 01, 2007 by GenerationX
Rating: 10  
The food is incredible and plentiful. There is a wide variety of African foods here, and they are all wonderful. The theming is great, and the service is outstanding. This is a restaurant we will visit on every subsequent trip to WDW.
"Best place to eat on property"
Reviewed on Sep 22, 2007 by marcngin
Rating: 10  
For anyone who craves something a bit more involved than a turkey leg or churro, Boma is the place to go. The buffet is unlike any other on property, with just enough fun comfort food for the kids (or that picky adult) to keep him or her satisfied. For the rest of us, the choices are vast, the quality superior to most of what you will usually find at WDW, and the wait staff and chefs are always willing to walk the intimidated through the buffet and discuss what the foods actually will taste like. Believe it or not, the highlights of the buffet are the SOUPS!! Butternut Squash, Pepperpot, Pumpkin, Carrot, I mean, any buffet that makes me look forward to the soups, you know it has to be good. Add the fresh salads (at least three to choose from) a hummus bar, freshly cut meat (with a side of the incredible Boma mustard or tamarind BBQ sauce.) and you can easily see why this is a must-visit every time we visit the resort. If adventure you crave in your eating, there is no place better. Period.
Can't wait to go again!!
"Top spot"
Reviewed on Jul 08, 2007 by BSikor
Rating: 9  
This is one of the restaurants that when my wife and I want to go out to eat but are tired of the same old, same old. Its always good and a must try for the adventurous. If you are a picky eater, try somewhere else. I'm not being mean I'm just trying to save you some money. If you're picky and everyone else in your party wants to eat there then stick to the Prime Ribs, Chicken and kids selections.
"You MUST try the French Toast!!"
Reviewed on Jun 28, 2007 by MaXXimus
Rating: 9  
OMG this was so good I couldnt resist going back 3 times!!! And I dont usually like the larger breakfast sausage because it tends to not be as tasty as the smaller links but my goodness they were good! The only thing that wasnt liked was the coffee... my wife and kids are huge coffee drinkers and they said it was very strong and had a funny taste. I cant wait for my next trip to try lunch and dinner here.
"Good food, Great service!"
Reviewed on Jun 05, 2007 by NickM08
Rating: 7  
Maybe the best service of the entire trip (May 12-19). The African flavor made the meal unique, but not too over the top. Still plenty to eat for picky eaters. Nice selection of interesting beers--try the spicy, wheat beer.
"Very nice restaurant"
Reviewed on Mar 15, 2007 by WEDisney
Rating: 7  
Having eaten and Jiko many times I decided to give Boma a try. I am not a fan of buffet restaurants (I have to get my own food at home I want to be served on vacation?). We had 7PM ADRs and it took almost 20 minutes to be seated (table of four). That was the worst part of our experience. The food was GREAT. There was not one thing that I put on my plate that I did not finish and I tried it all. The atmosphere, although very crowded, was jubilant and light and the severs there were very attentive. We had some African beers to start the meal and they tasted great and went down easy. If you haven’t tried this restaurant give it a try and don’t let the lack of familiar foods scare you, it’s all great and there is something for everyone (chicken fingers and French fries). Be sure to get ADRs here because it is a huge restaurant that gets filled up for most of the night.
"Great Buffet"
Reviewed on Jan 25, 2007 by wdwmagic
Rating: 9  
This is a great buffet style restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It's very popular, so reservations are recommended. The food is totally different from the normal, but not so different that you will have problems finding things you like. being a buffet, there is lots of choice, mainly african inspired dishes. For the unadventurous, there is also a regular American selection of food.

Besides the great food, you also get to dine in a truly unique setting of the lodge. The decor and theme is immersive and impressive. If you havnt been to the lodge before, arrive early for you reservation, and take a look around the resort.

I highly recommend you visit this restaurant on your next trip!
"Different, variety = good"
Reviewed on Nov 06, 2006 by davinakb
Rating: Not rated  
Boma is a nice buffet with a wide variety of selections. All the items (soups, salads, veggies, meats) are prepared in an African style. There are also more traditional items on the kids section, for the less adventurous.

It\'s a large open room, so it can get a little loud and crowded at times.

While it may seem a little pricey, it is all you can eat including prime rib (the nights we went) so you can get your money\'s worth. I\'d start with small samples at first, so you can try almost everything before getting full. But save room for dessert because there\'s lots of yummy there.
"Different and fun!"
Reviewed on Sep 20, 2005 by kellydisney
Rating: Not rated  
This buffet is extensive and very different. I will say that it does have some favorites like chicken fingers on there for the JDs of the world. So you can bring a picky eater and they will be satisfied. We were seated about 5 minutes after we arrived. We both headed straight for dinner and skipped salads and breads, though I did go back and try a few salads and the only one that stood out was the kool slaai (cole slaw) which they give you a little hard bread to put on. Very good! There is so much here so I will just post the things we really liked and some that I personally really disliked.
Liked: Potatoes with Afritude (JD’s favorite of the meal), Malabu Pepper Steak, Curried Coconut Seafood Stew, Falafel, Chicken Tenders , Fufu and Pap. The falafel was my favorite. I think it tasted really great.
Disliked: All of the other soups.
For desserts the Zebra Domes were a bit disappointing to me only because I’m not a fan of Mocha. Had they been vanilla/chocolate I would have loved them. However the best dessert was a fudge brownie I had. Unbelievable! I didn’t see any Simba Paws?? Maybe they are either not at this restaurant or not available anymore?
Overall, you really can’t go wrong. This buffet is really good and has many things that are tasty. It’s worth the money. Overall Rating: A

"Not all that"
Reviewed on Sep 19, 2005 by mstinkherbell01
Rating: Not rated  
After hearing such wild reviews my partner and I dined here and honestly it wasnt to our liking. The food temp. wasnt hot and I didnt find it all that seasoned. I understand that the menu encompasses African foods and being African American with family from Africa I honestly wasnt impressed w/ the selections. I did enjoy the zebra domes and my partner enjoyed the other desserts. We both agree that the ambiance is beautiful. Everyones experiance is different..for us, we wouldnt dine here again. It just wasnt what we expected considering the reviews.
"Excellent choice"
Reviewed on Oct 13, 2004 by Mom's the Word
Rating: Not rated  
Our family loved this restaurant. There is an excellent selection of moderately adventurous foods and the setup of the buffet allows guests to wander at will from the meats to the desserts. Limited choices for small kids may make parents hesitate, especially with a $10 price tag. For any adult who likes to eat something a little different this is a wonderful choice. The wines were on the pricey side so we stuck to pop and water. Plenty of salads, soups and fresh fruit allowed for lots of taste testing and the waiter took time to explain some of the items we didn't recognize and encourage us to give them a try. There were an excellent variety of tasty desserts like banana bread pudding and coconut tiramisu. We were extremely happy with our meal here.
"this is a test"
Reviewed on Jun 17, 2004 by wdwmagic
Rating: Not rated  
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Reviewed on Jun 16, 2004 by disnychk
Rating: Not rated  
We (626 and I) LOVE the Boma! Its my favorite restaurant at WDW! We go every time. One time when we were at the park for only 3 hours (we visited family in Florida for Thanksgiving and flew out of Orlando just so we could stop by WDW for a few hours to see the Osborn Family Christmas lights at MGM) we still ate at the Boma. I would never miss it. Its a Gourmet Buffet! I am not a fan of Buffets either. But this one is great because you can try all these weird things you might never oder. (my husband and I are very picky eaters) If you do not like it try something else! We do not have kids but there is something for everyone at the Boma. And if you love something just ask for the Recipe, they will give it to you! Last year we tried Breakfast which is Great as well. 10 Stars for BOMA!!
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2004 by fanofdinsey1981
Rating: Not rated  
I love the idea of african and american cuisine coming together at Bomas. we had dinner, and the next day, breakfast at Boma's, and mom is still talking about it! the price is a bit high, but it is buffet, and fabulous at it too. The desserts alone are to die for (I love the zebra thingys) and if you don't like the african fare, there is always the fallback of the american food. I would choose dinner over breakfast, only because I am not really a breakfast person. Highly recommended.
"Very unique food!"
Reviewed on Jul 17, 2003 by shannay236
Rating: Not rated  
With a pretty hefty price for the dinner buffet I was hoping for some great food---my expectations were exceded! The food was one word- unique! If you want to get the real flavors of Africa you can get no closer! If you have a sensitive stomach I would not recommend this buffet but if your out to try anything definately do it! The desserts were to die for! Definately worth the money! Also like all Disney restaurants they definately catered to the kids with peanut butter and jelly sandwitches, macaroni & cheese, and fried chicken. Definately worth a try!
Reviewed on May 20, 2003 by bigtinkfun
Rating: Not rated  
Easily one of the top restaurants in WDW, Boma is an experience not to be missed. Featuring the flavorful foods of Africa (don't miss the bobotie, a traditional South African dish with a sweet and tangy quality), Boma is more than a mere buffet. My favorite dishes were the peanut butter rice (yes, you read that right), the bobotie, and, ohhh yeah, the zebra domes. If you aren't staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boma is worth making the trek out there. It's a meal you won't forget.
Reviewed on May 04, 2003 by WDWFred
Rating: Not rated  
A great place to finish a tour of animal kingdom lodge. don't be afraid to try the new and different food. The chefs are very helpful.
"yummy for the tummy"
Reviewed on Apr 07, 2003 by
Rating: Not rated  
mmmm zebra domes are worth the trip alone and the soups are to die for
"Best Breakfest in WDW"
Reviewed on Jan 08, 2003 by secretsquirrel
Rating: Not rated  
All you can eat, with cook to order omlettes. Worth the wait. Enjoy breakfast then enjoy a walk around the resort where you can see some of the animals of Animal Kingdome.
"Great Place to Eat"
Reviewed on Jan 06, 2003 by turkey leg boy
Rating: Not rated  
I recently ate breakfast at Boma. It was great. I love the house juice. Carlos the omelet guy is awsome and is extremely quick. One thing that I missed was that there weren't traditional biscuits. The selection of the rest of the food was great. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone staying in the lodge and would try and schedule a trip even if you aren't.
"Top Quality Tukka"
Reviewed on Dec 02, 2002 by happy snapper
Rating: Not rated  
I visited Boma because of the good things I had heard from people on these pages, and I wasnt dissapointed. The setting was excellent the CMs warm and freindly so even the wait to be seated was a pleasant experience. They had what appeared to be a good choice of wine, if a little expensive. The food was plentiful well presented and tasty. It was good to get the chance to try new dishes and the chefs were all very keen to offer their opinion and advice. An excelent dining experience and I for one will be back on my next visit.
"Absolutely Excellent!!"
Reviewed on Oct 30, 2002 by my2sweetums
Rating: Not rated  
Loved this place! The food was incredible and there were so many choices! I loved the ribs they had especially. Mmmm good! Also, well worth noting is the desert selection. It is all included with the buffet and the choices are numerous and sooo delicious! My mouth water's when I think of the Zebra dome and the fruit pizza!
"Pleasnt Surprise"
Reviewed on Sep 19, 2002 by giadzi
Rating: Not rated  
What a find! The variety and new taste sensations were worth the trip. The stews and zebra-domes are to die for.
"great value"
Reviewed on Aug 31, 2002 by MaryJo
Rating: Not rated  
We ate here on our last trip and have already made our P.S. for our visit this October. Even the fussiest of eaters will find plenty to enjoy on this buffet.
"Very good and interesting"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by Daannzzz
Rating: Not rated  
This buffet is fun and interesting. There are so many new combinations of food to try. Some were not to my liking but others in the party loved. I found things I liked alot that others did not. There is a meat carving station and I passed that up for all the other new things to try. Don't be afraid!!!!
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"Best in WDW"
Reviewed on Aug 25, 2002 by FigmentDream
Rating: Not rated  
Quite possibly the best in all of WDW. It has an awsome menue ranging from the exoctic to mac and chesse and everything inbetween.
"Come hungry"
Reviewed on Aug 20, 2002 by Eeyore
Rating: Not rated  
Boma is a buffet restaurant offering food from different regions of Africa, as well as standard American fare. I would not recomend Boma if you are not an adventerous eater. I think it would be difficult to feel you got your moneys worth ($21.99 for adults) if all you had was mac and cheese and chicken fingers. They serve Brekfast and dinner only. I have only been to dinner and loved it. They offer a different menu each night with certain staples offered every night (zebra domes for dessert mmmmm). They have a variety of smoked and grilled meats. From my experiences (only 2 visits) they have had chicken, prime rib, beef, and fish. There are soups, salads, breads and spreads, and many side dishes from Africa. The one thing that I tried that I didn't like at all was the cous cous Marakesh. The desserts are incredible, in my opinion they alone are worth the $21.99! The zebra domes are the best- they are a kahluah mousse concoction- just wonderful! Also the passion fruit tarts and pineapple upside down cheescake were very good! The dinner price of $21.99 for adults includes soft drinks but not specialty drinks or gratuity. They offer a variety of specialty drinks and a list of African wines as well. Advanced priority seating is required for dinner at Boma.
Boma - Flavors of Africa
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