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Reviewed on Jul 31, 2010 by DisneyKnowItAll
Rating: 10  
This is A Great Place And is THe COMPLETE Opposite Of The 1st Review
"Disappointed in the service!!!"
Reviewed on Jul 28, 2010 by rickarenu91
Rating: 1  
Love staying at the Beach Club, however the Marketplace is a very unorganized place. We were on the quick service dining plan with 2 adults and 3 teenagers. My husband and I ordered 2 sandwiches which came with a side and dessert and drink of our choice, our kids ordered pizza, but because there were two choices of pizzas they were told that because of the pizzas they chose that they could only get a bag of grapes or carrots and a small cookie and small drink (ex: small carton of milk). The cm behind the counter asked them which pizza do you want and they chose what they chose only to be told at the counter that it was considered a kids meal and not an adult...the difference in pizzas? the pizza on the adult menu was a thin crust and the kids was a thicker crust and the cm at the counter pretty much said "Oh well" we were not told there was a difference between the two and it doesn't say it on the menu either. So it is hard to feed 3 teens on a child size menu. The next day my husband and son went to the marketplace again and this time made sure they ordered adult meals.....only to be told this time that they can only have their sandwich, dessert and side? But as they pointed out to us the quick meal plan ONLY offers and entre, drink and dessert and they are not obligated to offer a they did the day before by mistake. Also, their hot chocolate machine NEVER worked and they finally put up a sign that said out of order, the day before they offered packets of hot chocolate to make with hot water, the next day....they had no idea what I was talking about. Very disappointing when you don't have many choices at your favorite location. Every place we went we ALWAYS had an entre, side, dessert and drink....all of which were extremely filling....not the Marketplace.

I'm not one to ever complain and this was the first time we have tried the quick service dining, in the past we have done the other dining plan, and although choices are very limited we were prepared to be eating a lot of the same foods in all the parks, but again, I feel they made the mistake and should have offered the sides and larger teenagers are clearly NOT little children, as the cutoff for the child menu is 9.

Rest of the trip....PERFECT!! We learned to stay away from the Marketplace after the second day.
Beach Club Marketplace
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