50's Prime Time Café reviews

Echo Lake, Disney's Hollywood Studios
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"Good times :)"
Reviewed on Jun 13, 2014 by Courtney
Rating: 9  
The food was fresh and warm and tasted great. We split the entree that comes with fried chicken, meat loaf, and pot roast. I loved the flavor of the fried chicken and the fact that the meat was nice and tender. The green beans that came as one of the sides had a good flavor to them without feeling like they were bathed in butter. We also had a peanut butter milkshake, which did not last long ;)

The only thing I would like to improve is the speed at which the food comes out. It wasn't gruellingly slow, but I did hear the server making comments to the table next to ours about how long their food was taking. Overall, still a great experience and we would love to go back.
"family favourite"
Reviewed on Feb 18, 2014 by cinders66
Rating: 10  
We can not complete our holidy without a visit to the 50's Prime Time Cafe. We are looking forward to our August holiday I have already prebooked our reservation, my daughter (17) would not forgive me if we didn't eat here, she loves the pot roast and the choc. brownie dessert. The staff are fantastic, reminding my son(20) to keep his elbows off the table. This always puts a smile on our faces. I cannot recommend this enough. However be aware you NEED a sense of humour to done. I have read reports where some individuals have complained about the 'rude' service, remember the era and enjoy the experience. A must for my family, this wil be our 3rd visit, wish we had tried on previous visits!. Give it a try you are sure to enjoy your exoperience.
"Pleasantly surprised"
Reviewed on Jul 12, 2013 by Rwillams
Rating: 7  
I dined at 50's Prime Time Cafe recently for the first time. I had always shied away from dining here due to the mixed reviews and the possibility of being embarrassed by our server. I had some friends who wanted to give it a try and invited me along so I thought why not! My experience was a very pleasant one despite my previous concerns. First- the service: Our server was funny. He had a dry wit and really picked on the others servers in our section more than us, which I fully appreciated. It was entertaining and the servers didi a great job playing off each other. I wasn't uncomfortable at all. Second- the food: I think if you go in expecting a gourmet meal you'll be disappointed. Maybe I went in with lower expectations than most but I thought the food was really quite tasty for what it was. Its very simple basic TV dinner type food but I really did enjoy it, as did the rest of my party. We were all members of the clean plate club! I had the pot roast and it was hot and tender- no complaints. The stand out of the meal though had to be the peanut butter and jelly milk shake. The BEST milkshake I've had anywhere on Disney property. It was creamy and delicious, I'm not sure I could detect any of the jelly flavor but I love peanut butter so it was perfect for me. Fantastic, I'd go back just for the milkshake alone. I felt the food portions were a good size, not too huge like in most restaurants these days. Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised with the 50's Prime Time and I'd go back.
"Another unique Disney dining experience"
Reviewed on May 21, 2013 by ptaylor
Rating: 7  
This is another one of those unique Disney dining experiences that everyone should try at least once. The interior decor is wonderful, like taking a step back in time to the 50s. The dining room is split into small rooms, full of all kinds of interesting 50s details. The restaurant is small, and on busy days it does feel rushed. The lobby check in area is very crowded and noisy, but fortunately the dining rooms are much calmer. The servers put on a show as they go about their serving, and in my experience had the right level of being entertaining, and not annoying. They added to the experience. Food was good, nothing spectacular, but more than acceptable. Portions were perfectly adequate, but on the smaller side compared to some restaurants. I do have to mention the milkshakes, as they are the best I have experienced at WDW. Very thick, lots of flavor, and generous in size. I would strongly recommend getting one! Pricing is on par with other WDW restaurants, and reservations are generally a must do. If you like the Sci Fi Drive In across the park, the 50s Prime Time should also be on your list. They are both similar in that they offer very unique experiences, and although not offering great food, are still well worth a visit.
"I really wanted to like it....."
Reviewed on Mar 27, 2013 by Austin
Rating: 1  
My wife and I (and 1 year old son) went to 50's Prime Time Cafe back in December 2011. We were super excited as we had heard so many crazy and fun things about this place. First off we had reservations (I always book at the 6 month mark). We got there and it took over 1 hour to seat us. I have never had this happen before ever in all the trips I've made to Disney. We got past it though as I didn't want anything to mess up the experience once we did get to finally sit down. Well it didn't get any better. Took for ever for the waitress to come over and get our drink order (20 mins). We didn't get our food until more than 1 hour after arriving and it was terrible. I got the meatloaf which was ice cold and my wife got the fried chicken which was dry and tough. I couldn't believe we were eating at a Disney restaurant and getting food and service this bad. We didn't get the typical experience from the waitress I was looking for too. I had heard a lot of positive things about this place and left very upset. I let the waitress know too. I did get 50 % off my meal. Should have gotten 100 % seeing I had to go get food a half our later to feed my wife and son.
"Fun Must Do!"
Reviewed on Mar 10, 2013 by GroomerMinnie
Rating: 9  
This restaurant is fun! The theming is very nostalgic. The food is pretty good, it is home cooking like grandma made it. Our last visit to 50's was just DH and I and our waitress was less dramatic than most which we liked. We have gone and had true "actors" for servers and that is fun. If you are looking for something you won't experience anywhere else...go to 50's. DH loves Dad's Sundae and I enjoy the roast!
"Sweeping the floor"
Reviewed on Mar 04, 2013 by Chicshegirl
Rating: 8  
I had the fried chicken. Cleaned my plate. Got the clean plate club sticker. But I put my elbows on the table too many times. The waiter made me sweep the floor. My family got a kick out of it. Great food . Fun atmosphere. Next time I will keep my elbows off the table. ...or maybe not!!!
"Very fun experience"
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2013 by aw14
Rating: 9  
We had booked this in advance as we had not been since 1998. It was well worth it. The ambiance, service and food really lent itself to a pleasant experience. I will tell you....the fried chicken is amazing and a must have if you enjoy comfort foods. I had convinced my daughter about mom's rules, but when we joked with our waiter about it, he advised us that they are limited in what they can do anymore. So sad...just a little good fun. I would not say that this is an essential stop, but for a nice change of pace, it is recommended.
"Choose Your Time Wisely"
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2013 by MacMom2
Rating: 7  
I booked a reservation at Prime Time Cafe based on all the wonderful reviews I had read throughout several Disney related sites. I read about the "clean plate club", funny stories about parents getting scolded for not eating their vegetables, many things that needless to say set my expectations pretty high. My family and I had originally booked for 6pm however, we were part of the American Idol Experience that night so we were rescheduled to 830. When we got there the restaurant was fairly empty so we expected fantastic service. Unfortunately, that was not the case. While we did hear one waitress playing the "mom" role most others were much like ours, average. Just being a typical server. Kind of dissapointing but that being said I have to admit the food was fabulous! Especially "Dad's Brownie Sundae" on the dessert menu! I think next time I may go in simply for a late night snack as it was HUGE!! The environment was also neat. Truly like stepping into an old TV show or traveling back in time. My grandmother really seemed to enjoy it. Overall, I would say it's worth a shot, just maybe choose an earlier time. Enjoy!
"Clean Plate Club"
Reviewed on Dec 29, 2012 by DisneyLemons
Rating: 8  
We just had a fun lunch here December 14. There were 5 of us - got seated quickly - had ADR's of course! The reason I booked here was "fried chicken" on the menu - my husband LOVES it and I won't cook it..:) So of course thats what he and my son in law ordered and to their delight it was wonderful! Crispy and moist just like "moms"..and I don't mean me! My son had the meatloaf and was pleased as well. My daughter had the special of the day which was talapia with a sauce (can't remember), and white sweet potatoes. All of them received stickers for the "Clean Plate Club" if that tells you anything about the food that day! I on the other hand did not but it was only because I just couldn't eat it all! I had the fried chicken and it was great but I just couldn't eat that much! Everyone at our table would recommend dining here for sure. We had a good waitress too - she was fun - not as much as some I've seen but nothing to complain about either. Good time was had by all!
"great experience this time!"
Reviewed on Dec 10, 2012 by JMagicFink
Rating: 10  
Sometimes we eat here and get a table near the front with a waiter that just doesn't give us the whole experience. This time we got a table in the back of the dining room, and boy did it make a difference. Not only did our waiter have the full character down, the waitress next door came over and interacted as well! I normally get the meat loaf, but this time I tried the sampler with fried chicken, pot roast and meatloaf. I highly recommend! This dish also came with all the veggies that normally come with the individual dishes so it is a win win! It's like getting all three dishes on one plate! Delicious! All of the guests at the tables around us were having so much fun. This may have been our best experience at this restaurant yet. I just wish I could remember the cast member's name that waited our table. He was extremely nice and even fed my wife her peas when she didn't want to eat them! Hilarious!
"Our favorite at DHS!"
Reviewed on Sep 10, 2012 by Megan
Rating: 9  
We always have a blast at 50's Prime Time. The food is good, its the only meatloaf I eat besides my own, their choices are different than many of the other restaurants on property and of course the atmosphere is great. We have always had excellent servers and I think that's what makes this a great place to eat. Try the peanut butter and jelly milkshake, its to die for!!!
Reviewed on Sep 09, 2012 by Monkee Girl
Rating: 10  
"MUST do for me."
Reviewed on Aug 25, 2012 by John (blackthidot)
Rating: 9  
50's is a place I always have to stop at. The fried chicken meal is awesome. LOVE the mashed potatoes and gravy. The green with bacon are really good. The "Dads Brownie" dessert is simply great as well.

What really sets 50's apart though is the atmosphere. I LOVE the old TV's playing re-runs of old classics especially Dennis The Menace.

The servers used to be REALLY in character. I guess from complaints from people not knowing what they are getting into have really calmed that down though which is sad. Now we start poking jabs at the server and "tattling" on each other and that will for sure get them into character.
"Always a great meal at '50s!"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by Derelicte19
Rating: 9  
We have dined here many times and always have a great time!!

PROS: The food is DELICIOUS!! I always order the pot roast and it is fork tender and full of flavor. The mashed potatoes are yummy as well. The decor is perfect and fits the theming to a tee! They call your party by saying things like "Johson kids, it's time to eat!!" and "Brown family, your supper is getting cold!" We love the antics of the place and always seem to have a wait person who is fully in character. You even get Clean Plate Club stickers if you finish your whole meal!

CONS: It can be a little loud at times and some of the tables are close together. Also some waitstaff go way over the top with their antics. I'd avoid this place if you're not into that stuff.

OVERALL: This is a must do for us at DHS and our favorite table service location there by far. Can't wait to dine there next month!
"Blast from the Past"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by DisneyDebNJ
Rating: 8  
What a hoot!!! We always enjoy meals here. The Cast member antics and food are always enjoyable. If you're shy and don't like to be the center of attention, you may want to chose another restaurant, but you will miss out on some great food. *A Sampling of Mom's favorite recipes* was fabulous. The milkshakes are to die for!
"Favorite Dining Spot at DHS"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by Cris P.
Rating: 8  
This has always been our favorite spot and DHS. I think this is Disney dining at it's best - good food, amazing theme, and wonderful cast members. It's a completely immersive experience. I love all the attention to detail in the restaurant. I remember seeing some of those same items in my house when I was growing up. The cast members here always make you feel right at home - even if they are making you set the table or telling you to eat your vegetables.

The food here has always been consistently good. It's not gourmet fare by any standard, but it's well done comfort food. The fried chicken and the chicken pot pie are my two favorite menu items. The milkshakes and desserts are also great, and I love that I can get a cherry or vanilla coke.
"Not worth the $, rushed and overworked server, whining/screaming/arguing room"
Reviewed on May 01, 2012 by Hulacat
Rating: 5  
We made the ADR and noted that it was our honeymoon. We ate there during the week of 4/22-4/28, it was either Tuesday or Wednesday The senior man who seated us was very sweet, but we were disappointed that we were squeezed into a tight spot next to a table with 3 kids who were REALLY whining and crying & a French couple with a hyper toddler who cried, Plus a family of about 8 who argued loudly near us. With the TV's being loud & all the whining/screaming/arguing,it was not very easy to have a decent conversation. The chef came out to advise us (since I have a peanut allergy), and our food arrived quickly. Our server was too slammed to be doing the usual playful banter (except for when he passed birthday cards out for the crying twins- and noted that "I know all of you forgot the twin's birthday, but I got them a card"- we all signed their birthday cards). The other server in an adjacent room seemed to be having a lot more fun with his diners.DH liked his fied chicken a lot- it was very tasty. My chicken pot pie was ok, the sauce was alot more cheese flavored than the traditional pot pie flavor, and the crust was light & flaky. The apple cobbler desert was ok, not really anything to write home about. This isn't the place to find diet food or have a good conversation, but the comfort food is ok.
"50's style American Food"
Reviewed on Apr 03, 2012 by jpittore1
Rating: 9  
Our children love this place. The food is how American's ate in the 50's "Meat and Potatoes"....we've never had a bad waiter/waitress...they always make us laugh. The children love how you get to view the dessert menu!

Look at the menus on the board before you go and eat...this is not a "health food" restaurant...many of the low reviews are because they didn't like the food selection...rule #1 plan your WDW trip.

Great food and great atmosphere. We will go to the 50's Cafe every trip
"Food ok atmosphere great"
Reviewed on Mar 24, 2012 by luvmydisneyrt
Rating: 8  
The food is ok. Needs more food choices. The entertainment from the staff makes this a must do!! Definately should be a Disney experience
"Great service, made up for ok food."
Reviewed on Mar 11, 2012 by wdwfan317
Rating: 7  
Our server at 50's was great. SO CUTE, and flirted a little with my father in law, made jokes with my two boys, and had us laughing half the time we were there. I ate probably 3 bites of my chicken pot pie as it just wasn't what I wanted. My husband said his pot roast was very tender and delicious and my mother in law enjoyed her fried chicken. the dessert- a fudge brownie sundae, was nothing spectacular- a basic brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce. My husband had the apple pie/cobbler and enjoyed it. The milk shakes we ordered with lunch were SO RICH- way too sweet and may be part of the reason I didn't enjoy my lunch as much. We may try to go there again sometime, but between 50's Prime Time and Sci-fi, we enjoyed the Sci-Fi Dine in a bit more.
"Great food "
Reviewed on Jan 17, 2012 by dsdmbU2
Rating: 8  
I agree with most of the reviews thus far. The food is great and you get plenty of it. The fried chicked and mashed potatoes are awesome!! The first time we went we had a young waitress so kind of hard for her to act like a "mother" but she was still very good. On our second visit we did get the "motherly" type who told me to take my hat off and my wife to get her elbows off the table. The kids got a kick out of it. We did have to wait for a bit once even with reservations but it wasn't a ridiculous amount of time. If you want to wait to sit in one of the "kitchens" in front of the televisions you have to let the hostess know because it's not automatic.
"Good fun,and good food."
Reviewed on Oct 26, 2011 by real mad hatter
Rating: 8  
Yeh,I know,keep your elbows off the table,and eat your greens,so what does that tell you,its great for familys,good food,good choice,great atmosphere,a must if its your first visit to WDW.I wont go thro the dishes we had(been twice)but cant complain,everything was really nice and our server was even more nuttier than iam,and thats saying something.
"Greasy and Nerve Racking"
Reviewed on Jun 14, 2011 by 
Rating: 4  
I gotta say, we were so excited to eat here... but never again.

Food portions are huge, so you are definitely getting what you paid for, but the food is very fried and very greasy.

The atmosphere is chaotic, at best. And it was a long wait (even with a reservation) to be seated and then to be served.

I don't think I would eat here again.
"Great food and atmosphere"
Reviewed on Mar 21, 2011 by joyfuldisney
Rating: 10  
We ate there in sept. 2010. This was our 2nd time eating there and we were not disappointed. Our waiter was fantastic. He asked did I need a refill on my tea and I told him yes. He came back with 3 glasses of tea and called me a camel....which all I could do was laugh. He then brought me a map with all the restrooms circled, this was my bedwetters guide. The kids loved it. We all had a great time!!! Going there again in Dec. 2011!!!
"Good not great "
Reviewed on Jan 10, 2011 by elw316
Rating: 6  
Table dining at Hollywood studios does not have a ton of options. The atmosphere is why you go here and that depends on who your waitress is. We have been there two times and had two very different experences. The drinks are very good but the food is not my personal favoritae. I would eat at Mama Melrose if given the choice or even take the boat to the boardwalk and eat there. It is fun if you have older family or friends with you or if you have never been there it is worth a visit.
"~One of my absolute favorites~"
Reviewed on Jan 02, 2011 by WDW FTW
Rating: 9  
If you are visiting MGM studios (or hollywood studios for those who have shifted to the new name) then i would advise you to eat at this restaurant. Lunch or dinner, it doesn't matter. The food is great whatever you order will be enjoyable, but the theming and all around atmosphere puts a + on the whole experience. All the cast members are involved in your meal, not just your server. It's great fun, great food, great theming, and a great location. What more could you ask for. Only negative, sometimes a long wait, make reservations.
"Pretty good ... not great"
Reviewed on Oct 19, 2010 by soarin829
Rating: 6  
I enjoy the atmosphere at this restaurant more so than the food itself. My mom and I came once and just got 2 appetizers to split (we weren't on the dining plan on this trip) and that experience was better than our full meal experience, based on the food.
"Good Food - Atmosphere Lacking"
Reviewed on Jul 18, 2010 by jaime_1234
Rating: 8  
You hear a lot about the atmosphere of this restaurant and all of the fun things the waiters do to enhance your meal, but I found that during our trip none of these things happened. We did see a waitress across the room from us playing around with a family - telling them to eat their vegetable, putting a napkin in a man's shirt so he wouldn't spill anything on himself, etc. Our waiter did none of these things. However, I can't really say it detracted from us enjoying our meal. I got the fried chicken, which was delicious and plentiful. My mom got the chicken sandwich, which she also loved. We also got the onion ring appetizer, and although it said it was "for 2" it could easily have been for 4 or even 6 people.

Overall I would go here again for the food, but if you're really looking for that "home kitchen" atmosphere, don't be disappointed if you don't get it.
"a family staple"
Reviewed on May 30, 2010 by Tomi-Rocket
Rating: 8  
We ate here in Sept. '09. It was our second time visiting. As a matter of fact, on each trip each person in the family gets to pick one restaurant to go back to and this was the choice of my DS#2! We went for dinner and I asked the CM if it was possible for me and my DS#1 to order something off the lunch menu. She said she would check with the chef but we would have to wait to see what we would actually get. (We ordered something from the dinner menu as a back-up.) We were pleasantly surprised to get the Chicken Pot Pies we asked for especially since they were packed. DH ordered the Top Sirloin Steak and said it was good. My DS#2 was on the kids menu and got the Chicken Nuggets, which he liked. The appetizers were all good, the Chicken Pot Pies were simply delicious! DH got the Angel Food Cake w/ Berries, DS#1 got the Dad's Brownie Sundae, DS#2 got the Kid's Sundae and I got the Apple Cobbler. All were wonderful, I actually have yet to have a bad dessert anywhere in WDW! We love 50's for the comfort food they serve. In our visits the food has always been good and our experiences a lot of fun.
"One bad experience out of many good ones....was it just what I ordered?"
Reviewed on May 26, 2010 by 
Rating: 7  
My last trip to the 50's was last summer (July 2009) I had never missed eating here on my many WDW trips over a 20 year period. This was the only time I was dissatisfied and honestly it was the food.

But I will not bash the wonderful things about the 50's Cafe due to one rogue meal.

The atmosphere is always the same. I have gone with many people but as far as decor and atmosphere I defer to my parents and some of my knowledge with a career in history as well as being just a plain old enthusiast.

My parents say that is hands down what their homes/apartments looked like with my grandparents.

To me, I feel like I am walking into someone's actual living room/kitchens during the 50's. The smells both food and fixtures, the colors and aesthetics of the furniture, the patterns on the tables, curtains, etc.

Just don't look up...the spotlights and ceiling may ruin the effect.

I can't describe the smell to you. It's comfort food, a musty smell when you first walk into a home you've never visited, and another time, but very American.

I think your server will the set the tone for your experience as well. Some are excellent and some...I will just say that the heat generated from packed in bodies, the kitchen bustle, and just how busy the place is may be a factor. Also, customer enthusiasm or lack of it may be a factor for the feint of heart server.

If you are looking for a quiet, romantic dinner and don't want to be around people because you are having a bad hair day or chipped polish, leave it for another lunch or dinner.

I love the bar the Tune-In Lounge. I can almost have a drink and expect Don Draper of Mad Men to walk in. However, I am off about five years or so.

The old tv shows set the tone as well. Nothing beats my parents's smiles and shouts of recognition when the shows of their childhood came on.

The menu has changed since opening, but I think it is like an any restaurant. Some dishes are their best and some...not so much.

And let's not forget. Nobody is there for filet mignon and a lobster tail. We are there for kitsch. Well, I am.

Did they lose my ADR this time? Yes. I didn't mind. Just gave me and my fiance a chance to sit longer at the Tune-In Lounge after a two hour wait on Toy Story. But I totally understand that if you have children, your 3-year-old may not be so understanding.

The onion ring appetizer was to die for! Crispy, crunchy, a nice, never greasy batter. Very little seasoning required and quite a helping also.

The house white wine was just that---a house white wine.

The fiance had a Budweiser.

The problem started when we both ordered the steak. We are polar opposites regarding steak. I love medium rare, even rare, if done properly. He likes medium well to well.

Well, they came out with the same doneness. Gray and charcoalish. Not sure that's a word but I could think of no better. And I could even let that go, however, that was not the problem.

The problem was what the experts on the boards had warned us about.

The quality of beef purchased. It didn't matter who prepared this steak, it never had a chance coming out of the gate, er, the kitchen. Jean-Georges couldn't have revived it.

Also, the potatoes au gratin were frozen, made in bulk, and not the best I ever had but who am I to compare it to the finest NY steakhouses? I never expected them to be that tasty.

Will I go back? Yes! What would I do differently? Order the pasta or the fried chicken. Especially, the fried chicken. Order what they do best. What any restaurant does best. And this is the best website to find that out. Although some have had some bad experiences with the chicken, overall, I see mostly positive chicken reviews.

Let me know if my review was helpful. I am toying with the possibility of a food blog. I am picky, descriptive, but also impartial. And I am obsessed with Disney dining.

My rating: 7

"Screaming with joy! "
Reviewed on May 11, 2010 by audiotinker
Rating: 10  
I L.O.V.E. this place! Right now I'm dreaming of the crispy homemade chicken with mashed potato's and gravy and smore's for dessert. Not only that but a big root beer float with whipped cream and a cherry... mmm. This place has it all, especially atmosphere. There are several rooms all decorated like they were straight out of the 50's and the wait staff is no different. They are even more authentic, if you don't believe me just try eating with your mouth open or your elbows on the table and you'll plain get yelled at! lol. Most of the staff are really good at the job and are just the right amount of sassy and "mom-like" without coming on too strong and turing you off to the place. There are a couple that over-do, but even then the experience is fun. At least you have something to talk about later. We have never had a bad waiter or a bad experience at this place though. Its always different, and you can bet, always one of the very best meals you've had on your DW trip!
"A must do"
Reviewed on May 03, 2010 by lebeau
Rating: 10  
We go to 50s every trip. We love the atmophere and the food. We've never had anything but exceptional service. And as Disney sit-down meals go, the price is also right.

Word to the wise: You can't go wrong with the pot roast!
"great place"
Reviewed on Apr 08, 2010 by nclawdog
Rating: 10  
the food esp the chicken is to die for....the veggies taste fresh and the deserts are awesome.....the service is quick and fun in this themed place ..... take the kids here a 4 star place!!!
Reviewed on Mar 17, 2010 by leckert78
Rating: 9  
My family ate here in December of 2009 and had a great time. The food was what is should be for the type of restaurant, family cooking. It was good and everyone loved what they ordered. The waitress was playful and humerous. Will definately be going back for many trips to come!
"Been there wont do it again "
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2010 by luvlifeinfl
Rating: 4  
We ate at the 50's Prime time during our stay Nov.2009. The food was good nothing over the top. The customer service though was not. My family was seated our waitress did not seem excited at all to be serving. Once our meal came we never saw our waitress till it was time for the bill, we had to ask another waitress to refill our drinks. Then when our bill arrived we left a cash tip, when we received our express checkout bill on our door at time of departure to leave WDW we saw a $30.00 gratuity charge from 50's prime time, we took it to the front desk & they only refunded us $10.00, so needless to say this waitress got a $40.00 from a 98.00 bill. That is the only thing that upset me.
"Good Food, but overpriced and crowded"
Reviewed on May 21, 2009 by sgrabin
Rating: 7  
The 50's Prime Time Cafe is the kind of restaurant that's good to go to once so you can say "yes, I was there". It's a nice experience the first time. As you know, it's strictly comfort food, chicken pot pies, pot roast, mashed potatoes, etc. The food is well prepared and presented well, it's just not enough for what you pay for it. $18 for a medium size chicken pot pie??? Plus drinks, tip, etc. Our group of 6 was pretty much shoe horned into a corner booth and when the server was near the table it was quite crowded. So to summarize, I recommend you go for a lunch for the experience, enjoy yourself, then move on the next time your in MGM (oops, Hollywood Studios!)
"pretty good"
Reviewed on Apr 13, 2009 by leafs fan
Rating: 7  
I really liked the theme and the restaurant itself with all the TVs around. I had the fried chicken - it was alright. Our server was very friendly.
"Stay away!!!"
Reviewed on Feb 16, 2009 by jsnichols
Rating: 1  
My family went to the 50's cafe last week for our first trip to disney, they service was horrible and the food wasnt that great, this was the worst food experience we had all week. There are much better places to eat.
"Lunch 1/4/09"
Reviewed on Jan 08, 2009 by awalkinthepark
Rating: 10  
Good food, great service loved it... will come again.
"great time had by all"
Reviewed on Oct 30, 2008 by imprttuner88
Rating: 10  
We went back in April 08', Uncle Dave was our server. The kids enjoyed the atmosphere and the waitstaff. Food was excellent. The pot roast is absolutely to die for. We will definately eat here again on our April 09' trip. A must see!
"Not Like It Used to Be"
Reviewed on Oct 24, 2008 by Jaytrod
Rating: 3  
I have visited the 50's Prime Time Cafe a handful of times from about when the studios opened to this year. Most recently I was very disappointed in the food quality. The atmosphere was great as always but the food actually made me sick. I ate some of the onion rings as an appetizer and they were so oily I couldn't touch my meal. I took a very nauseating bus ride back to my hotel. My girlfriend was picking up a souviner she had delivered to the hotel. While waiting for her to do that I had to run full speed to the nearest restroom and lost my lunch. I really dont know how I made it to the toilet in time. Thank goodness for that. But I doubt if I will ever go there again. Ill stick to the Sci-Fi Dine In and Brown Derby from now on.
"A Must-Do"
Reviewed on Sep 05, 2008 by lebeau
Rating: 8  
We always go to Prime Time when we go to Disney. The food is always good. On our last visit I had the pot roast which was spectacular. The atmosphere is fun. We've yet to be disappointed.
"Just like Grandma's House"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2008 by cdr point luvr
Rating: 9  
What a cute, adorable restaurant - just like Grandma's house. We opted for dinner at the 50's Prime Time Cafe after having lunch at the Sci-Fi Drive-In, which was probably a mistake since we were not ravenously hungry after our lunch.

We were greeted by an older woman as our hostess (was that my Grandmother?)who led us to our table. We walked through what looked like a mock-up of the inside of someone's actual house - living room, the parlor, the kitchen, the dining room.... each room sat three or four tables of 4-6 people, and each table had an old-fashioned TV at one end which played classic TV shows. Our wait staff (who introduced himself as "cousin Jimmy") was attentive and treated us like we were one of the family (I was reminded, for instance, that putting my elbows on the table wasn't polite, and that I wouldn't get dessert unless I finished all of my meal). I didn't eat all my meal but I still got the dessert anyway, so there, Cousin Jimmy!! Even waiters/waitresses from other tables stopped by to say hi. We were blown away, and thought, "only at Disney!" So much fun.

The food was typical meat-and-potatoes fare. My partner got meatloaf, which he didn't like (surprise - his mom makes the best), and my meal consisted of fried chicken with the typical sides. Not the best food but good quality, with great portions. We dined on the meal plan and got an appetizer and huge dessert with our meal. I think we left the restaurant 10 pounds heavier than when we walked in.

Would I do it again: Yes
High Points: Like you were dining at your grandmother's, great role playing by the wait staff
Low Point: A bit noisy inside restaurant
Reviewed on May 31, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
one of the best at disney. brought back alot of memories for parents and grandparetns, fun for my friends and i and cousins. i love the pb& j shake.
i love how the mom is and the brother. many happy memories we continue to have. a must on all our trips
"Why did it change?"
Reviewed on Nov 01, 2007 by Beja
Rating: 4  
I read through the previous reviews and found several that echoed my sentiments about the Prime Time Cafe. When I first dined at PT in 1999, I had a very enjoyable experience, that was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. The wait staff were really into their roles and played it up. "Mom" would really come down on you hard for minor etiquette infractions, but that's what made it a blast. After all, I can find plenty of local restaurants with 50's decor at home. I like a little bit of a show and something different when I'm in the World.

Then during a visit in 2003, I witnessed a manger explaining to an irate foreign customer that no offense was intended by his waiter, and that scolding was part of the restaurant's theme. I visited again in 2005 and brought some friends and was sadly disappointed because now PT seemed to be just another 50's themed restaurant. Our waiter made a few mentions about "dad" falling in front of the TV, etc. But gone were the days of "mom" barking orders and scolding the "kids" for not eating their veggies. I couldn't help but think that perhaps with the world-wide appeal of Disney World that there was more than one incident of cultural miscommunication, and as a result the wait staff must play it safe and avoid any type of criticism or teasing.

I don't see myself visiting PT again anytime soon.

"Great atmosphere"
Reviewed on Oct 16, 2007 by figment3258
Rating: 9  
We love the 50's prime time cafe. We visit every trip. I love the 50's atmosphere. The wait staff is wonderful. It just brings you back to another time. The food is ok. We enjoy the food but it's not over the top great. I do make the smores at home. Overall its a great experience.
Reviewed on Sep 28, 2007 by soccermike
Rating: 6  
The atmosphere is fun and the food is just "ok".... definitely over-rated.
"Loved 50's Prime Time"
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2007 by ask!
Rating: 10  
We loved it! Kids couldn't believe that they actually had to set the table and keep their elbows off of it. Much happening around you....great theme and the waiters are very interactive. But the best was the Fried Chicken...yummo! We finished the meal off with the Brownie Sundae with craker-Jack topping....exceeded my expectations for an in -the- park meal.
"Why not?"
Reviewed on Aug 28, 2007 by carebearsrgr8
Rating: 9  
This was one of my favorite places. We went here when I was a child. And I must say I abosoultly loved it. However its not for the anti-social crowd. This is an interactive event for the whole family...and then some. I will be returning there in a week and plan on once again eating at 50's Prime Time. It will be interesting to see if it has stood the test of time or has become laxed. Updated profile will be available soon!!!
Reviewed on Aug 17, 2007 by Princess Ariel
Rating: 7  
Food was good and atmosphere was nice, but I think it was over rated. Would have liked to see a little more 50's acting. Waitstaff was great and very nice to my 3 yr old.
"Wonderful and Fun Experience"
Reviewed on Jun 12, 2007 by DroPZ0nE25
Rating: 9  
This place isn't for people who enjoy a quiet sit down dinner experience. The atmosphere reminds you of back in the day when elbows werent alout on the tables and you have to finish all your vegetables before desert. It's a very fun environment once you get used to the waiters picking on you for not doing the irght thing at the dinenr table. Food is basic and simple basically home cooking like meatloaf and what not. Reccomended for familys and people looking to have a little fun at dinner. Not for those who want romantic style dinner.
"My opinion, only!"
Reviewed on May 01, 2007 by tsmith61
Rating: 9  
This is one of our favorite resturants in WDW! Not necessarily for the food, but the atmosphere. My 11 year old daughter LOVES hearing the waiters and waitresses harass us about things we have told her!! We enjoy it for the entertainment value. We do not go to WDW for the food...Not to sound like a snob, but we are from South Louisiana, and honestly, I think we have some of the best food in the world...at HOME. So, when we travel, we try to make the most of our time seeing as many things as possible and maximizing our time doing things other than eating. The resturants are just not that impressive to us. We have been to quite a few in WDW, as we have made 8 trips. We have traveled many places in the US, in addition to over-seas...and we still feel the same way about eating in many other countries. It just can't compare to New Orleans/Louisiana cuisine! (One exception...Switzerland...The meringue with cream...is unbelievable!!!)

Don't mean to offend...That is just how my family feels about WDW food/resturants.
"I Miss the Old Prime Time"
Reviewed on Mar 15, 2007 by WEDisney
Rating: 6  
Every trip I make ADR at the Prime time. For the last few trips the place has really seemed to have gone down hill. I am not sure if it’s the cast members or the patrons. “Gone” are the days of everyone getting involved and enjoying themselves and “In” are the days of people just wanting a quiet meal. My advice to people who sit there and do not interact is to go eat somewhere else. Nothing is more upsetting to a cast member here then people not reacting to what they say. Because of this I feel that the cast members have become less bold then they used to be. The restaurant needs some updating and training to the cast members and maybe a few more menu choices. The food however is quite good and they have the BEST milkshakes on the planet. My favorite server was Aunt Elaine and she will continue to have a huge place in my heart.
"Ok but not for me."
Reviewed on Feb 06, 2007 by Astro_Digital
Rating: 5  
I know some people like having cast members annoy them at lunch or dinner but not me and I am sure many people feel the same way. The people serving are not relatives of mine, my MOM does not work in this place. I pay money for a nice meal and relaxation not to have somebody half my age give me a hard time for not finishing my plate.

Not being around in the 50s I can not comment on the theming but to me it looks phoney like a huge 50s sterotype.

The food itself I find bland and overpriced.

Good milkshake though or I would of scored the place lower.
"Get your elbows off the table!!!"
Reviewed on Jan 26, 2007 by Dubman
Rating: 8  
Mom cooks up a variety of home cooked dishes! Make sure you bring enough money with you, because unlike home, Mom charges you for your food, or else you go to the kitchen and do dishes!! ;)
"great time"
Reviewed on May 04, 2006 by tracyandalex
Rating: Not rated  
we ate here for dinner and had aunt janice as our server. she was great - she stayed in character and \"yelled\" at alex several times. alex had never been there before and had a blast. i had the pot roast and alex had the meatloaf. for dessert i had the smores and alex had the cheesecake. everything was really really good.
"loves it"
Reviewed on Sep 19, 2005 by mstinkherbell01
Rating: Not rated  
I loved this restaurant. Our "mom" was the bomb! I have to admit that I havent hid my veggies since I was a little girl. It was so much fun! I put my veggies on my partners plate and she ended up sitting in the corner for not finishing her meal!!!!! I didnt like the meatloaf as it was dry and untasty to me. I then switched to the fried chicken and it was AWSOME and HUGE! I will never forget my experiance dining here and I told all my friends who now LOVE this place. Dine here...you won't regret it...Just keep your elbows off the table!
"I Love this place"
Reviewed on Aug 22, 2004 by comeoneileen999
Rating: Not rated  
ive only ate there once but when i went the food was awesome and the place was the most awesome restaraunt id ever been to

the person i went to Disney with said that the waitress served us wasnt as good as some of the other waiters and waitresses but i thought she was very good...
"Travel back in time"
Reviewed on Jul 11, 2004 by Atta83
Rating: Not rated  
Great all around I absolutly love this place!!! The theming is great, I feel like I am at my grandmothers. The food is great! I love the meat loaf and dad's electric lemonaid.
Reviewed on Jun 13, 2004 by WDWFred
Rating: Not rated  
If you are seated where the staff draws you into their family it is great. if on your second trip you take friends to it and are seated away from THE SHOW you end up with overpricd meatloaf!!!!!
"my fave!"
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2004 by fanofdinsey1981
Rating: Not rated  
going home to mom's kitchen is the best. the good ol' american food of the 1950's is great, everything from dad's mixed drinks to the chocolate shakes to the tv dinners to the smores dessert. you will literally feel right at home here, with your cousin or mom or aunt serving you dinner!
"Best. Themed. Restaurant."
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2003 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
The food is really secondary to the theming of this restaurant. This is a FUN place to have a meal. The TVs showing old black and white classics, the tables made to look like 50's kitchens, and the waitresses performing as much as serving. Wow. If you happen to get Auntie Claire for your waitress, under no circumstances should you put your elbows on the table. You know how much Mom doesn't like that!
"One of my favorites!"
Reviewed on Jun 05, 2003 by bigtinkfun
Rating: Not rated  
Everytime I visit MGM I always make it a point to eat here, because it's so much fun! The CMs really get into their roles as Mom or Auntie or Uncle, and that makes for an entertaining meal. One caveat: this is not the place for you if you have a hard time dealing with this sort of roleplaying. But if you get into the spirit of it, you'll have a good time. The theming is very retro 50s, with televisions running clips from old B&W tv shows. The food is pretty average, ranging from fair to good, I've always enjoyed my meals there. The portions are fairly large, so bring your appetite along with your sense of humor and you'll have a unique dining experience! It's a fun place!
"No Tower for one hour!"
Reviewed on May 07, 2003 by trendymagic
Rating: Not rated  
You will learn the meaning of: "A clean plate is happy plate" and "No Tower for one hour". This is now one of my favorite places to eat now at WDW. We had the very nice 'Aunt Linda' serving us, but grumpy 'Uncle Tim' was nearby causing trouble. Be sure to eat ALL of your food. I had the shrimp pasta and didn't eat two pieces of cabbage. Note: that was a very bad move on my part! Aunt Linda started feeding me the last two pieces. I had to finish them or 'mom' wasn't going to allow me to have desert. This is a great place to eat where many of the cast get well into the role. Go in with an open mind and enjoy the show.
"Disney does it again"
Reviewed on Mar 24, 2003 by rokcandy
Rating: Not rated  
I've eaten here twice, the first time being the definite better of the two. The waitress was a scream w/ the whole 'I'm your mother' routine - telling my dad to get his elbows off the table and the guy eating nearby had a 'I pick my nose' note put on his back was great! The background w/ the tv's, the viewmaster for desserts, and the main courses were all top-notch - give this place a spin!
"Home cooking, yum"
Reviewed on Mar 12, 2003 by stephsim
Rating: Not rated  
Really good atmosphere! I had a chicken sandwich and my husband had the meatloaf and we really liked it. Our waiter didn't make our experiance there as fun as it should have been. Another waiter serving tables near us was really good so we enjoyed laughing at other people getting picked on. ;) I am shy so maybe that was a goog thing!
Reviewed on Nov 26, 2002 by jodigrl328
Rating: Not rated  
We had a wonderful time when we ate at this restaurant. It was my first ever Disney dining experience back in Dec 2000. I ordered the meat loaf for some strange reason. I don't even like meatloaf, and I wasn't crazy about their meatloaf, but the other items on the menu sounded very good. I had a delicious milkshake and the waitress MADE me eat my green beans after I tried to hide them on my friends plate. It was a lot of fun.
"Eat all of your veggies!"
Reviewed on Nov 14, 2002 by tmp
Rating: Not rated  
Even though the menu is not what I would consider the best the atmosphere is great. It feels like your actually in your parents or grandparents kitchen. The service is what sets it apart from the others. The staff really makes it fell like your in a move set. It has the fell of the movie "Pleasantville."
"Stop in and have some fun"
Reviewed on Oct 09, 2002 by chris
Rating: Not rated  
This place is fun. When you go in, be prepared to be scolded, hugged and treated like family. I have seen several people that just don't know how to take this place. The wait staff may make you stand in the corner if you keep your elbows on the table and will not serve you desert unless you clean your plate. My only negative comment is that they took the buffalo Chicken Tenders off the menu!
"PB&J shake = Great"
Reviewed on Oct 05, 2002 by DMC-12
Rating: Not rated  
Lunch at the Prime Time Cafe...Nice...loved the meatloaf....REALLY LOVED the PB&J Shake! Its like they took some ice cream and and a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and put it in a blender. I know it might sound a little icky, but its great! ....Our server on the other had....had a really thick accent...he was from Morocco..and we were his "cousins" (everyone...servers..play as if they are a memeber of the family..and you are eating in moms kitchen) ...and I thought I was the only one having a hard time understanding him.... turns out I was not....cause the folks at the next table...asked if I understood him...I said "I am trying to" ...none the less...great food...great CM....just a really bad/thick accent....
"Good eatin anf FUN!"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by goofyman922
Rating: Not rated  
One of my fav. Just plain old fashion FUN!
"Sit-Com World"
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2002 by meeko_33785
Rating: Not rated  
This isn't my favorite. While I like the theming (the TVs playing classic shows at the table are a great touch) and the food is OK, I don't care for the service all that much. I know it's supose to fit with the restaurant's theme to have the waitresses and waiters act like family, but it just makes me feel uncomfortable. While some may enjoy this, I usually try to avoid this restaurant at MGM.
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"Really Keen!"
Reviewed on Aug 26, 2002 by Dr. Dom
Rating: Not rated  
After hearing about the 50s Prime Time Cafe for years, my wife and I finally ate there this past June. Even knowing some of the bits and skits that occur during a meal there did not detract from the enjoyment of the atmosphere or the food. If you don't leave with a smile on your face and a full tummy, you've really had a bad day!
"Fun times and Good food!"
Reviewed on Aug 25, 2002 by AliciaLuvzDizne
Rating: Not rated  
The theming of this restaurant is absolutely excellent. The waiting area it just like a 50's living room complete with a black and white tv playing re-runs of your favorites! The food is fabulous, if you like that home cooking! Be ready to be stuffed!! The plates are FULL and you have to eat everything off your plate (its polite!)
"flashback to the 50s"
Reviewed on Aug 19, 2002 by disneycp2000
Rating: Not rated  
Remember all those family values from the 50s? Sitting in the proper manner, saying please, excusing oneself, and not putting your arms on the table... Well they're alive and well in the 50's Prime Time Cafe. The servers live by these rules and if you don't listen you'll get in trouble LOL. With servers like that and an atmosphere of tvs and 50's style dining room, you'll feel like you've stepped back in time. As for the food, it is pretty good but I wouldn't consider it a high quality meal. I've had a meatloaf dinner and it was pretty simple and not too heavy. In my opinion, 75% of the dining experience would be for the atmosphere and 25% for dining. If you're interested in giving this place a try by all means do so, you'll have the time of you're life. But if you don't want to be bothered or just want a filling meal I'd suggest going next door (Holly & Vine).
50's Prime Time Café
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