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Reader rating Reader rating 9.8 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 9.8  
"This is Disney magic."
Reviewed on Aug 11, 2011 by jjharvpro
Rating: 10  
Wishes is simply incredible. Not only are the fireworks epic, but the narration/story/music/etc. bring all that Disney magic is into one phenomenal, powerful spectacle. A must-do.
"Best Fireworks Show"
Reviewed on Jun 14, 2009 by Jasonflz
Rating: 10  
One of the Magic Kingdom's top shows is Wishes, a nightly firework show. To start off the music is incredible. The songs are heart warming and the show itself is magical. The fireworks are also well done. A great way to end your day at the Magic Kingdom.
"so beautiful and magical"
Reviewed on Aug 24, 2008 by welovdisney
Rating: 10  
We loved the Wishes fireworks display. It gave me chills. The fireworks are so beautiful especially the ones towards the end. The get so big they look like they are going to take up the entire sky. I have told everyone I know that any other fireworks show we go to will never compare. I video taped them and my kids and I watch it all the time.
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
omg, beautiful, the music, the fireworks, and the message will leave tears in your eyes. def. must see. great way to end a day at the park
the mesage is def. something that everychild needs, if you believe in your dreams, and try your best, they will come true and you should never give up!!!!!
Reviewed on Oct 08, 2007 by MEEE
Rating: 10  
Magin Kingdom's firework show is very fitting to the park. Wishes is pretty emotional because of the soundtrack, music, and theme of wishing upon a star. It is a perfect way to end a day at MK and uses a beautiful display of fireworks.
"A must see"
Reviewed on Jul 29, 2007 by wdwmomof3
Rating: 10  
I had never seen Wishes before our last trip. I guess I never thought it would be as good as it is. I tried to watch it early in our trip but was forced to wait. No one but me really wanted to stay. I made them watch it later that week. Now, when we talk about Disney, Wishes always comes up. We loved it. The music it so perfect and magical. It's more than fireworks, it is a magical moment that you can only have at Disney.
"So good it will make you cry!"
Reviewed on May 13, 2007 by piratetreasure
Rating: 10  
I just got out of mickey's philarmagic on my first day in july 2005. My aunt asked when the fireworks were starting. A nice man said 2 minutes. Then I heard little girls singing " Star light, star bright first star I see tonight" Then jiminy cricket came on the speakers. The best part was the finale> I left crying tears of joy. This is a must see!
"A little long"
Reviewed on May 09, 2007 by Deadmanwalking
Rating: 8  
Being one that loves fireworks and would set a couple of hours just to get a good view... This one is a little tired. Note enough assortment in the shells they use and not enough of the wow factor. And I'm sorry but there are times when I actually wished it would either go faster or end sooner. A little on the boring side.
"Best moment of my life!"
Reviewed on Apr 10, 2007 by louleahbut
Rating: 10  
On January 9th, 2006 my boyfriend asked me to marry him during wishes. Of course I dont really remember much of the show from that night but I got to see it 3 days later. It was awesome. I cried whole time!!!
Reviewed on Nov 28, 2006 by adevereaux
Rating: Not rated  
This is a DO NOT MISS show in MK. I like Wishes better than any other fireworks (even Fantasmic!)
Reviewed on Mar 05, 2006 by jamierobins
Rating: Not rated  
Great show....beautilful fireworks exloding in time with the music, great effects, I love watching this with a view of the castle in front of me while scoffing a hot chocolate fudge brownie with lashings of vanilla ice-cream melting down the sides of my cup...pure class!!! HE HE!
"Wishes! Dream a dream!"
Reviewed on Apr 02, 2005 by Wannabe Walt
Rating: Not rated  
Wonderful fireworks and choreography! I love it...I bought the soundtrack, video taped it, and took 60 something pictures of it! Absolutly amazing! I highly recommend. this show! It is definatly my favorite! (IllumiNations: ROE is my 2nd favorite)
"My wish is come true!"
Reviewed on Jan 25, 2005 by mild089
Rating: Not rated  
This's one of the greatest show I've ever seen.
You'll feel like every wishes will come true!
"Awsome show!"
Reviewed on May 11, 2004 by miamimickey72
Rating: Not rated  
GREAT show....but Illuminations still has me blown away!
"Wishes a must see"
Reviewed on Apr 24, 2004 by sunya
Rating: Not rated  
This should be on everyone's list of things to see. I bought the CD so that I could bring the music home. I have seen it 3 times so far and can't wait until I go in December to see it again!
"Very moving"
Reviewed on Mar 13, 2004 by HMFan
Rating: Not rated  
What an amazing show! Usually I'm not a big fan of the Disney night-time shows, besides Illuminations, but this one took my breath away and I'm glad that I saw it.
"Wish upon the right star"
Reviewed on Mar 02, 2004 by TrendyMagic
Rating: Not rated  
They claim this to be the largest of the firsworks shows yet, but I still think Illuminations is bigger. Personal recommendation for viewing is just past Main Street but before the Partners Statue (near the Tip Board). This show is much better than Fantasy in the Sky. The music blends very well witht he show and the new launch locations around the Caslte are incredible. Total running time is about 12mins.
Reviewed on Feb 21, 2004 by stitch131313
Rating: Not rated  
Disney has always done great eireworks, but this just blew my mind. It was wonderful. The best fireworks show i have ever seen. It was pure Disney Magic. I just WHISH it where longer.
"Best Fireworks Show EVER!"
Reviewed on Jan 24, 2004 by Tahu
Rating: Not rated  
The musical selections are excellent, it's about time they did something like this. I haven't seen it in person, but I saw it online. This show beats Illuminations as best fireworks on property. Go see it ASAP.
"Great Way to End the Day"
Reviewed on Jan 22, 2004 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
I really enjoyed this show. It's wonderfully choreographed and visually stunning. I particularly liked watching the fireworks come in from the left and right sides of my field of vision in perfect unison. An improvement over Fantasy in the Sky and a great way to end the day at the MK.
"Wish it was better"
Reviewed on Dec 19, 2003 by Michael M Crave
Rating: Not rated  
"Wishes" is pretty mediocore, but its about as good as mediocore can get. Once again, a new Disney production is stinking of b-movie quality: the voices are raunchily insincere, the music is sometimes laughable in all the ways it doesn't intend to be laughable (a big explosion of white fireworks and a bunch of female sopranos singing a synchronized "Wishes!"), and the storyline is a shameless mangling of regurgitated "Fantasmic!" plot points - does Disney just not think anymore? Have they actually managed to plagiarize their own previous work without realizing it, or is this yet another pathetic cloning which takes something good (Fantasmic) and inflates it until it has lost all of its magic? I probably don't want the honest answer to that question. Still, though, the fireworks are bright, the explosions loud, and tinkerbell/blue ferry (I never figured out which one it was this time around, and audibly neither did anyone around me) still flys from the castle to Tomorrowland. If you muted the audio, you'd have a better show than what was here before (which isn't saying all that much), but the ten cent soundtrack makes you wish you were at "Fantasmic!" or on a time machine that would take you back to right before Disney had stooped so low as to even sell the soul of the magic taking place right smack above Cinderella's own castle.
Reviewed on Dec 14, 2003 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
Reviewed on Oct 18, 2003 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
This is probably the best fireworks show I've seen out of Disney. It's a timeless show of technology and awe - nostalgic and inspiring. Do NOT miss it!
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