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World Showcase, Epcot
Reader rating Reader rating 9.3 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 9.3  
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
really great shops and tea. great pub. really fun to people watch
for the usa great tribute to the history of our country
Reviewed on Oct 23, 2007 by MEEE
Rating: 8  
The U.K. has a few performance groups that are worth looking at such as the British Invasion. There are a lot of shops in the "country." I've never had the food though. They could make a great ride or show for England...
Reviewed on May 10, 2007 by KevGuy
Rating: 10  
We had a fabulous time there!! Met Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins and took pictures and Alice wouldn't let me and the mrs go without taking pics with her alone either, she was great! had a couple of pints in the pub and the barkeeps there were fantastic, played all sorts of little trick games with my kids. Despite not having a big attraction this was probably our favorite pavillion, can't wait to go back!!
"Brit for a Brit"
Reviewed on Mar 05, 2006 by jamierobins
Rating: Not rated  
My God! When I got to the UK in World Showcase, I was knackered having walked clockwise (how British of me!) and the UK is one of the last stops. But it was great. Seeing everyone having their photos in our wee red telephone boxes, or having fish and chips, or sitting on the lawn with a pint of beer or watching a street entertainer...all stereotypical (yes folks, it does exist though), all charming, all...well, home I guess. The pub is so English too, I just had to have me a pint! Oh, and it was SUNNY and HOT!!! Now that, my friends, was a miracle!!
Reviewed on Jun 20, 2004 by Redsilas
Rating: Not rated  
This place turned me on to all things UK. I love the stores, the fish and chips, the tea...and the beer!
"jolly good!"
Reviewed on Jan 15, 2004 by fanofdinsey1981
Rating: Not rated  
this is my second favorite pavilion, and I love the jolly good time you can have here. the shopping is pretty cool, with the toys shop and a place where you can have a coat of arms made. the entertainment is fun, with the british invasion playing in the courtyard. I get to see alice and mary poppins here, two of my aboslute favs. the fish and chips are good, and I love getting a pint of guiness at the rose and crown. which by the way, they also have delicious food. a very cool place to visit! bob's your uncle! (it is a british thing.)
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"Jolly Good"
Reviewed on Aug 31, 2002 by meeko_33785
Rating: Not rated  
This is probably my favorite World Showcase Pavillion without an attraction. The archatecture is amazing recreating different locations from the Brittish Isles. There's also a variety of pleasant garden spots and cozy shops, as well as great entertainment (my favorite's the World Showcase Players, the comedic street show). This is also one of the most kid friendy pavillions complete with child-sized hedge maze, toy store, and appearences from Brittish-themed characters like Mary Poppins or Pooh.
United Kingdom (Pavilion)
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