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Typhoon Lagoon
Reader rating Reader rating 7.5 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 7.5  
"Very nice, but not as good as Blizzard Beach"
Reviewed on Nov 10, 2012 by StarWarsGirl95
Rating: 7  
It took me 41 trips to get around to going to this park. Very sad, I know. When I eventually did get to go to this park, I was happy to do so. And it is a very nice water park. But it isn't Blizzard Beach, nor will it ever be. It has some great rides. Crush n' Gusher, the water coaster, is a fast, thrilling, unique water slide that is worth the trip. The wave pool is another great feature (even though everyone knows that the wave is coming, they still scream every time). I think I spent about 2 hours in there just swimming and jumping waves. Humunga Calibunga is a toned-down version of Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach for those of us who want something a little less intense (and less wedgie-producing). There just seems to be something lacking in the park compared to the newer Blizzard Beach. The attention to detail is missing. At Blizzard Beach, you are always looking at something that features some sort of corny joke (Snowman's land, keep out! And the snowmaking machines). Here, it's just very bland like some of the story is missing. Also, forget Shark Reef unless you get there early. The line is long, the attraction is short, and the snorkels taste like antiseptic (though you can use your own if you have them). While there are a few great attractions here, the rides overall are better at Blizzard Beach. There are more slides, the Family Raft ride is way better, and you are likely to get wetter on the lazy river (which can be fun or not-so-much, depending on your point of view). This is a very nice park. But given the choice, I'll take Blizzard Beach any day.
Reviewed on Dec 19, 2011 by sstile
Rating: 10  
Ambiance is AMAZING! Rides are all clean and really fun!
"Don't Seem Interested in Providing a "Magical" Experience..."
Reviewed on Mar 10, 2011 by bmhs823
Rating: 3  
Been to the park several times before and enjoyed it despite ungodly crowds (as other members have noted: come early, leave early). However, if there is even the slightest chance of "inclement weather" don't plan on visiting the park. As usual Disney tries hard to make it near impossible to find reliable information. The park was scheduled to open for 10 A.M. Despite several phone calls to guest services, resort front-desk, information, etc... they waited till noon to tell us that the park would be closed for the day (despite the fact that the weather cleared-up around 11:30 A.M.). What's more, don't bother trying the direct line posted on most sites. Disney changes these #'s on a frequent basis.
Reviewed on May 31, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
great, clean water park. awesome rides. i love how they have the surf thing so i can bring my board and attend a clinic. but stake out your spot early as it gets crowded
"It\'s a blast!"
Reviewed on May 22, 2006 by Lucretia
Rating: Not rated  
We went in October of 2004, and it was great! Waves were a bit strong for wimpy mom, but lots of fun. You really need a whole day to see this whole place. We were only there for 3.5 hours, and we saw MAYBE 1/10 of the whole park! Great fun, but on our next trip (only 5 days long) we won\'t be dropping in!
"New fab watercoasters!"
Reviewed on Jan 29, 2006 by jamierobins
Rating: Not rated  
Do not be fooled! This park is as good as Blizzard Beach...just for different reasons. Do NOT miss out!

Since the new watercoasters have been built, the thrills here are heavy. The watercoasters are incredible fun: scary, fast, wet wet wet, and unique. Going down hills is a norm on water slides...but up and down and up and down again? That's amazing. Truly inspired fun.

Other slides are fun, especially tube slides....imaginatively themed and massive fun.

I love the lazy river too... extremely beautiful and relaxing...lovely theming...if I wasn't at all worried about burning, I'd stay on this for hours.

And the Lagoon...WOW! The wave is the biggest man-made in the world and everytime you hear to jets explode, pushing the wall of water forward, so starts the screaming.

My other favourite is Shark Reef. I loved swimming with the fish and sharks and rays. Ok, so it's not Discovery Cove, and it's not like snorkelling in the Maldives, BUT it's great fun, you are guaranteed to see loads, and it's such a good starting point if you are nervous of snorkelling. My niece loved it so much (well, the 2nd time around) that we went to Discovery Cove too.

Food isn't all that, lacking in variety, but it won't spoil the day. Just accept that you will be eating burgers, pizzas or ribs and you'll be fine.

Tip: during your stay, crowds are slight when it is cooler. Now, cooler by Florida standards is still warm to hot. I went on a day where the temps reached 73F. Most people shuddered at the thought, but not us...and there were no lines, no hassles...just lovely warm sunshine, warm water and lots of fun.

"Great waterpark!"
Reviewed on Dec 31, 2005 by WDWFantasmic
Rating: Not rated  
This park is better than Blizzard Beach IMO because it's more suitable for the whole family and you can spend more time there than Blizzard Beach. If you can only pick one, pick Typhoon Lagoon!
"not as good as Blizzard"
Reviewed on Sep 19, 2005 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: Not rated  
Though I prefer the theming here than at the newer Blizzard Beach, Blizzard's slides are better (though I have yet to try the new blaster). Shark Reef is fun, but too short and not as many fish as I would have liked.
"Waves o' Fun"
Reviewed on Aug 20, 2004 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
The Wave Pool is worth the price of admission. Beautifully landscaped and themed. Ketchikiddee Creek area is great fun for the younger kids. Highly recommended!
"love it@"
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2004 by fanofdinsey1981
Rating: Not rated  
the lazy river alone keeps daddy happy, and the intertube rides keeps sister happy. mom loves the sandy 'beaches' and I cant get enough of that great wave pool. husband loves any kind of thrill, and he was like a kid in a candy store. shopping is decent, and the food it as well. I love being the first few people there, getting a place in the sand, and hitting the waves before anyone else. the surfing lessons are well worth it, and you get in before anyone else!
"Great for younger kids"
Reviewed on Jun 09, 2003 by hershdog
Rating: Not rated  
Our 6 and 9 year old loved it..especially the wave pool. I thought it was a bit too crowded ( 1st week in June) but all in all it was a good time.
Reviewed on May 25, 2003 by bigtinkfun
Rating: Not rated  
Of the two Disney waterparks, Typhoon Lagoon is my favorite. I'm not big on waterslides, but I really lover the wave pool and I *especially* love Castaway Creek. There is nothing more relaxing than floating around the park on an inner tube in the warm sun after a busy morning at the theme parks. There is also a great shark reef attraction here, for people who would like to try their hand at snorkling. Sometimes I think I like the waterparks even more than the theme parks.
"A great water park!"
Reviewed on Mar 26, 2003 by rokcandy
Rating: Not rated  
This place is perfect for the thrill-seeker and relaxer alike. Check out the wave pool, innner tube rides, and the Humunga Cowabunga water slides!
"Overall: Best Water park"
Reviewed on Mar 25, 2003 by trendymagic
Rating: Not rated  
My choice for the best water park in Orlando. Overall it has plenty to do, unlike Blizzard Beach which does not have as many attractions in my opinion. The wave pool is great and the snorkleing just tops the experience. The theme is great and a good amount of shade to rest in.
Reviewed on Feb 10, 2003 by chernabog
Rating: Not rated  
Swim with the sharks, surf the world's largest outdoor wave pool, or relax in the creek. Unlike Blizzard Beach, which is more for the thrill seeker, Typhoon Lagoon is a layed back environment that lets you unwind and be at ease. Beautiful scenery and crystal clear water, it's like a manufactured paradise!
"Catch a wave..."
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2002 by chris
Rating: Not rated  
Swim with the sharks or learn to surf. Huge wave in wave pool. good rides. Overall not as good as BB but still a lot of fun.
"Great Waterpark"
Reviewed on Oct 04, 2002 by Sean23
Rating: Not rated  
This is my favorite waterpark. I love the wave pool and the shark reef.
"Two Thumbs Up!"
Reviewed on Sep 10, 2002 by orangefan15
Rating: Not rated  
I love Typhoon Lagoon! The theming is excellent (especially when you consider it opened years before the theming masterpiece known as Blizzard Beach). The wave pool is a favorite with everyone I know (although it can be a bit dangerous if you don't pay enough attention!... those waves get quite large). The lazy river around the park is nice and relaxing (especially good for adults). However, my favorite attraction is the snorkel pool (beware!! the water in this pool is much cooler than that at the other attractions). Imagine my surprise at hearing there are baby sharks in that water? My only gripe with it is that you really don't get very long to look around at all the different fish. Overall, I give Typhoon Lagoon an enthusiastic two thumbs up. Although it may not have the high, fast slides like Blizzard Beach, it offers up a lot of fun and thrills for people of all ages.
"Tropical Wonderland"
Reviewed on Sep 04, 2002 by christopher
Rating: Not rated  
This is the best waterpark in the world. Blizzard Beach is cool, but I live in Chicago and the last thing that I want to see when I am on summer vacation is snow!
"Surf's Up"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by Buzz Lightyear
Rating: Not rated  
Love the Wave Pool, could spend all day here. Slides are ok.
"Great Water Park!"
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2002 by Genius7777
Rating: Not rated  
Typhoon Lagoon is one of my favorite water parks at disney world! The wave pool is a big favorite among all the guests, you can even take a surfing course in that pool if you ask!One of the greatest parts of typhoon lagoon is the ice cream! you can get a pail and shovel full of ice CREAM! Its a great dessert for the money, i love it and cant get enough. The rides at typhoon lagoon are very nice too, and it makes a great day trip on a hot day.
"Best WDW Water Park"
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2002 by YankeeFan
Rating: Not rated  
Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park may not be the newest, but it is the best. Between it's awesome wave pool, it's fast and slippery waterslides, its long and relaxing lazy river, and its ship/reef where you can swim with sharks and other underwater criiters...it really is the best. I always have a great time riding out the monstrous waves as they come crashing in. The anticipation for the next one makes everyone almost giddy. It's the best water park in WDW.
"I enjoyed the park"
Reviewed on Aug 31, 2002 by meanmice
Rating: Not rated  
The worlds largest wave pool is the key piece to this theme park. The small tank where you swim with the fish is interesting, but somewhat lacking. If you don't want to get too close to the fish and you don't mind seeing much then this is the spot for you. I especially enjoyed the rafting aroung the entire park. It brought me closer to the park. Overall I enjoyed my stay at Typhoon Lagoon.
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"not the best"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by blink148
Rating: Not rated  
good park for older adults and little kids, but no thrilling slides.
"Wave pool!"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2002 by wdwcrazy
Rating: Not rated  
This is a beautifully themed water park. With the palm trees and feel of the park you really think you're on some island in the Carribean somwhere. The best part of this water park is the wave pool. 6ft waves come every minute or so, and they are perfect for riding in. The water slides aren't as good at this park as other water parks. They do have a number of slides but there are better slides at other parks. The lazy river is very relaxing and scenic. If you want thrills go to another water park. If you want a scenic, relaxing waterpark come here.
"Pretty Fun"
Reviewed on Aug 22, 2002 by MKCustodial
Rating: Not rated  
Since Blizzard Beach is the newest, the crowds ten to go there. But Typhoon has its loyal followers. It has the largest wave pool in the US (you can even surf in it!) and you can also go swimming around fisehs and sharks.
Typhoon Lagoon
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