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DinoLand U.S.A., Disney's Animal Kingdom
Reader rating Reader rating 8.5 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 8.5  
"Don't miss it, kids love it"
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2011 by fastpass99
Rating: 9  
We were 8 people - two families of four - visiting AK together. We stopped here after a hefty lunch at Flame Tree BBQ and the kids (ages 8-12) hit it out for about 30 minutes and they probably would have stayed here all day. Parents monitor the single entrance/exit! When there's a lot of kids, you can spend several minutes locating your own kids, this attraction is huge :-)
"Good break"
Reviewed on Oct 25, 2007 by MEEE
Rating: 8  
A great attraction for kids. They have a blast digging up bones and the playground is pretty good sized as well.
Reviewed on Jun 07, 2004 by chape19714
Rating: Not rated  
Great even for Teenagers waiting for a Fastpass for Dinosaur or Primeval Whirl. Went with my friends and had a wonderful time (we are all 14!!!)
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"Kids Love This Playground"
Reviewed on Aug 31, 2002 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
Little kids adore playgrounds and are intrigued by dinosaurs. This area combines those two interests into one fun area for kids to climb, slide, and dig. Parents are happy to discover there is only one exit, as it would be exhausting (and near impossible) to follow kids around every step of the way. One word of caution: this playground gets VERY warm in the summer - drink a lot of water before, during, and after a visit here.
The Boneyard
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