Stitch's Great Escape! reviews

Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom
Reader rating Reader rating 3.6 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 3.6  
"Don't waste your time"
Reviewed on Jul 01, 2014 by Cheesecake
Rating: 2  
This ride was incredibly boring. They strap you in, so you think something exciting might just happen, but you really just sit there in the dark while Stitch eats a chili cheese dog and burps. That was ten minutes of my life I'll never get back.
"Terror to six year olds!"
Reviewed on May 07, 2013 by Random1324
Rating: 5  
I went on this ride when I was six. Shortly after being spit on and trapped in the dark, I had to be taken off the ride because I was bawling.
Reviewed on Mar 23, 2013 by Roadkill
Rating: 8  
A bit suprised to see all the distain for the attraction. The preshows are a bit bland. The second one should have probably been changed a little more as it seems to still set a tone better suited for the previous incarnation. Stitch behaves as he does the majority of his movie. The biggest problem i tend to see when getting on this attraction is people dont seem to understand the harness simply sits on your shoulders. Ive seen people force their arms through the headspace then complain to cast members over how the attraction isnt comfortable while I feel as though you must realize its being worn wrong. As a big fan of that franchise I am a bit biased as I adore seeing Stitch and his antics, but its by no means as harsh as many people seem.
"The only way of getting bored in Disney"
Reviewed on Feb 11, 2013 by Jess
Rating: 2  
It was the ONLY ride that didn't have a huge line, so my dad, my stepmom and I decided to go on it. Should had wasted my time on a REAL ride. When they pinned me down on this ride, I got scared that it would spin or do something crazy because I have just ate, well guess what? We just sat there while Stitch spit on me (yeah, i was the lucky one) then it got dark. They pin you down, so you won't leave, that's how bad it is. I loooooove Disney, and find Stitch adorable, but that ride has gotta go.
"What happend to ALIEN ENCOUNTER!!!???"
Reviewed on Jan 20, 2013 by John
Rating: 6  
I personaly thought this ride wasnt bad and was more family friendly then the previous ride at the spot but ehhhhh... Put back the extra TERRORestrial Alien encounter what an awsome scary ride that was...
"Worst Ride at WDW. Kiss this one Good Riddance!"
Reviewed on Dec 02, 2012 by Pianostar
Rating: 1  
God. This ride was bad. I was 4 and went to Disney World, and waited 1 HOUR for this because I watched Lilo and Stitch every morning. Never again. My head almost got crushed by the restraint, I screamed worse than on SWSA, I heard loud blasts of noises, disgusting smells, and saliva. Worst ride ever. I will never go on this again. If you are a Lilo and Stitch fan, it's so bad, YOU'LL even want to never go back. Avoid this at all costs.
Reviewed on Mar 18, 2012 by 
Rating: 10  
I really don't understand why this ride gets such a bad rap besides the fact that it replaced Alien Encounter. (I seriously don't get why AE was in Magic Kingdom in the first place). This show is hularious and a real thriller!
I really wasn't impressed with this part other than the fact that it prepared you for what was going to happen next. You hear Pleakley once or twice and the Grand Councilwoman is on a bunch of Tvs who thanks you for being "recruits". Gantu shows up, as well. Now, here's where the first complaint from people who hate this show comes in. "Why does Gantu say, 'At ease, recruits'?" This was released in 2004, Lilo and Stitch fans simply hate him by now. By saying, "At ease", the fans just aren't growling at him. Gantu makes a little remark and tells you to move to the next room, this is where the good stuff starts.
After not being so pleased with the first preshow, I didn't have much hope for what was coming until to my surprise, there was ANOTHER preshow. I saw S.I.R and Skippy from AE, so it was great to see them. Especially knowing that Skippy survived the 2nd preshow of AE (yay!). S.I.R is no longer red, but is simply a blue-violet color. And he is no longer S.I.R, he is 6584933018423489-90210. Well, pretty close to that. (First funny part of the show). 90210 is HULARIOUS! I'm telling you, I think I wouldn't even like the second preshow if it wasn't for him. Pretty soon, another prisioner is teleported into another "tube-y thing". He is the so-called "Donut Guy". The way they teleported him from animation to life was amazing! All the animatronics are animated very well! The second prisioner was supposed to be laid back, and that's how he was animated. Gantu soon comes up on the TV above 90210 and instructs everyone to move to the Level 3 Teleportation Chamber, as a level 3 prisioner is coming! 90210 faints during some very epic music, and we move on to the main show.
Okay, okay, even a guy who opens doors with his head knows who the "Level 3 Prisoner" is. Stitch. The preshows didn't look much different from Alien Encounter, so I was hoping for a change for the Main Show. But no such luck. It's the same circular theater, the same things that lock you into your chair, same teleporter, and same PAINT. After waiting for a minute and a half, you see two aliens who work for Gantu on the four Tvs around the theater. They do a little intro with Gantu, and lower your handlebars on your chair. Whup! Second complaint from this show's haters! "These handlebars hurt my shoulders!!!!" Okay, okay. That's the ONLY complaint I agree with. Even though the female alien suggests that when the handlebars touch your shoulders, they stop automatically. NO, THEY DON'T! In fact, when they touch your shoulders, they push down even MORE! Just do what I do. Sort of put your shoulders up a BIT higher, then, let the handlebars go down a little, then push up with your shoulders with everything you've got! Pretty soon, the handlebars will stop and even go up a little. Stitch is then teleported with the most epic intro ever made. Everyone, of course, lays one eye on Stitch and think of him as a cute puppy dog. Gantu wonders if this is a prank and goes to straighten everything out. Stitch plays around with cannons that switch themselves on. He then SPITS at the audience! The cannons shoot at the spit causing mayhem around the theater! He then shorts out the whole system, which gets rid of the power. Then with the most epic moment in HISTORY, Stitch exclaims, "Mega Nala CREESTA!!!" and everything goes black. Stitch is loose, and it is thrills from there. Wanna know what happens? Just go there yourself! I always catch myself sitting in the front row because I want to make sure Stitch spits on me! I would give this a 10, but the handlebars and another certain thing that Stitch does after swallowing a chili-dog puts it down one point, giving it a 9. Oh, what the heck. I love Stitch and this attraction so much, it's a perfect 10 for me!
This is easily one of the best attractions in Walt Disney World! If you love Stitch, see it now! Oh and people on this site, QUIT COMPLAINING THAT AE IS GONE!! Alien Encounter is gone, move on, people! It's not coming back! Stitch's Great Escape. See it. Now.
Reviewed on Feb 07, 2012 by sstile
Rating: 10  
I personally LOVE the ride! It's funny and just right for the Magic Kingdom setting! What's wrong with it being in tommorowland? I don't understand the "hate this" and hate that" At least try it people it's awesome in my opinion. Plus, it seems popular with tourists just not the disney fans! (because they're upset about alien encounter leaving yuck!)
"The absolute worst ride in all of WDW"
Reviewed on Dec 29, 2011 by wsmith1978
Rating: 1  
I don't like saying there is anything about WDW that I hate, but I gotta go there with this "ride". Not the least bit entertaining. Boring, annoying, and just plain stupid. What a waste of space... I really wish they'd put something worthwhile in that spot, it's a prime location in Fantasyland!
"Worst ride i've ever been on"
Reviewed on Dec 27, 2011 by Lights83
Rating: 1  
This ride sucks. It is HORRIBLE. You just wait in line to get to this ride where all you do is sit down in the dark with this horrible smell being sprayed around the room.
This NEEDS to go.
"What the heck did I just waste 10 min of my time on?"
Reviewed on Nov 10, 2011 by Dallasstars29
Rating: 1  
What was the purpose of this ride?!?!,!,!!?!?
Reviewed on Oct 15, 2011 by Kallik
Rating: 1  
It's so bad, they pin you to your seat so you can't leave.
"Not the best, not the worst."
Reviewed on Jul 28, 2011 by mrg1106
Rating: 6  
Stitchs Great Escape is an alright attraction despite all the hate. I would advise people to check it out at least once; if you hate it, just dont ride again, its that simple.
"Don't Waste Your Time!!!"
Reviewed on Jul 25, 2011 by HakunaMatata11
Rating: 1  
I am not one to say anything negative about Walt Disney World, but this attraction is the exception.

I ride every ride in the park each time I go. I have been on It's A Small World multiple times in one week. Yet, I can't even go on this once. It is horrible.

If you are pressed for time I say DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.

If you have plenty of time I would still say DON' WASTE YOUR TIME.

It is by far one of the worst choices Disney has ever made.
"A terrible and obnoxious attraction."
Reviewed on Jun 15, 2011 by dangeorges
Rating: 1  
I'm not sure how anyone could actually like this attraction. And I'm pretty open to these types of fun rides.

It appears that this attraction was modified from an older "robot" attraction (I seem to remember it from my last trip).

First - you're herded very hurriedly through the initial "briefing" area by Disney staffers. It wasn't clear to me if this was part of the "experience," or if we really were being rushed through for a reason.

Next - everyone was again "rushed" to the next area: a large circular room with tiered seats - ours were wet; a bad sign.

We sat down to watch the "show". At one point, we were informed that we were going to be "secured" for something. At that point, the contraptions on our seats were lowered, essentially holding us in our seats (similar to the harnesses on fast rides).

Then Stitch proceeded to spit all around, which explains the wet chairs. I was hoping maybe the room would spin or move. But it appears we were strapped in to prevent us from getting out.

Please do yourself a favor and skip this attraction. The ONLY saving grace is that it didn't take an hour of waiting in line. I may have asked for my money back if that happened...

Too bad I can't give this a zero out of ten.
"It's not as bad as people think it is"
Reviewed on May 30, 2011 by guardboy21
Rating: 8  
It just so happened that i really like this ride/show. I honestly don't know why people give it negative reviews. I know it can be weird with Stitch talking behind you in a creepy way, but it's awesome
"Skip it!"
Reviewed on May 17, 2011 by 
Rating: 2  
Yes, this attraction is as terrible as people say - though some people are exaggerating as far as the "gross-out factor" goes, as well as the stress the shoulder restraints put on you. Unpleasant? Absolutely. Not a huge deal though (unless you have health/physical problems of some sort.) Either way, not an attraction I'd recommend - even though the wait will ALWAYS be as short as they come in WDW. They really need to scrap this one ASAP.
"why does this ride still exist?"
Reviewed on Feb 16, 2011 by 
Rating: 1  
This ride isn't just content with being bad, it also has to pin you in an uncomfortable position and burp in your face.

That's all been said, but what I think is important to emphasize is that all of the non-smelly effects just plain don't work. You can hear the speakers next to everyone else's heads as well as yours, it sounds like there are a dozen little Stitches running around. If you're sitting in the back, it sounds like he's supposed to be behind you, but there's a wall there (and not enough room above you for him to be up there either). You can HEAR the Stitch anamatronic moving around like a robot, as well as the "burp" smell loudly being pumped into the room like they're not even trying to disguise it (hissssss). As soon as the lights went out I tensed up, waiting for something cool/scary to happen, and man, was I disappointed. It's never clear WHERE Stitch is supposed to be, or how he's moving around, or what's going on. He's a huge stumpy blue thing in a small crowded room! The logistics make no sense. Could they seriously have been more lazy?

I can't say much about Alien Encounter since I never went on it. But this ride, since it doesn't move, completely relies on some level of immersion, on it "feeling" real, and it never does for a second.
Honey I Shrunk The Audience feels (or, sadly, felt) 10X more real, and when was that designed again? So anyone over the age of seven won't be scared (or amused) because it's so painfully fake. Any tender kids under the age of seven would probably be scared out of their minds since all they know is it's really really dark, and there are loud noises. The humor doesn't cut the fear since it isn't funny. So there isn't any target age, NOBODY will enjoy this ride. Most will hate it, since it literally assaults the senses. It straps you down and blows stinky air in your face. What were they thinking?

I give this ride another, like, three years at the most. Sooner or later they'll have to wise up. I look forward to it being replaced with something much cooler (and less stinky).
"not my fave"
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2011 by homebody
Rating: 3  
I have been avoiding this ride for some time due to bad reviews, but finally decided to give it a go and decide for myself. Save yourself the time and use your precious Disney minutes waiting in a line for one of Disney's AWESOME rides! You are strapped down in a chair and an alien spits and breathes his bad chili breath on you. Not fun. My son hated it!
"Gets a bad rap, but nothing special"
Reviewed on Nov 02, 2010 by CrescentLake
Rating: 6  
Okay, would I ride this again? Yeah, maybe once a vacation. The poor thing gets a bad rap just because people are upset Alien Encounter closed. While its nothing special or amazing, its also not bad. I do even like it a little bit, I suppose.
"Get rid of it!"
Reviewed on Oct 29, 2010 by joshusmaximus
Rating: 3  
I think Disney should turn it into a Tron experience. Put us inside a video game. Tomorrowland would be a perfect spot for such an attraction.
Reviewed on Aug 16, 2010 by lgal
Rating: 1  
Speaking as someone who never participated in the previous attraction, Alien Encounters, and thus seeing Stitch's Great Escape as new and not comparing it to its previous attraction-I was still incredibly disappointed. And I adored Stitch before this ride. Nothing really happened, and the few things that did were unpleasant. I recall being uncomfortable with the scents and ridiculous, gross jokes.

I understand people complained about the previous ride being too scary, but this ride is too gross. If I had children, I wouldn't want them exposed to this sort of humor and think it acceptable.

Overall, the ride was beyond simply boring, it was a negative experience. There's a reason there's never a line, and they simply shut down the fast pass distribution. People have figured out it sucks. And really, if there's a ride that isn't a fast loader that has a wait time consistently below 10 minutes at freaking Disneyworld....that's a bad sign.
Reviewed on Aug 05, 2010 by HM Spectre
Rating: 1  
Any ride that you come out of having been "spit" on is bad enough. To come out of it with sore shoulders from the mechanism's pounding and the smell of rancid chili dog in your nostrils as well seals the deal. If the story were interesting enough, I might tolerate another go at Stitch's Great Escape but it was disappointingly bland. I can't wait until this ride bites the dust because as of right now, it's one of the few rides I absolutely know to skip in the MK.
"It's dark in here..."
Reviewed on May 18, 2010 by MBAlwaysDisney
Rating: 9  
This ride is not as bad as people say, but it's not the greatest either. If your kids are afraid of the dark, this is not the ride for them.

On this ride, you go into a round room with Stiches holding tank in the middle of the room. You sit down and you get strapped in, this is where I messed up. I slouched down in my seat and when I tried to sit up I couldn't! The shoulder bars move down until they are right on top of your shoulders then they lock into place. So, for the whole ride, I was being squished down into my seat! lol

Stich jumps on your shoulders, spits at you, and burps in your face... In complete darkness. It's a pretty good ride for the older crowd, but I wouldn't make the little ones ride. Oh, and just remember to sit up when the straps go down!
Reviewed on Jan 24, 2010 by mastercat999
Rating: 5  
i love stitch but this ride is boring they need a better stitch ride
Reviewed on Nov 19, 2009 by JENNYmouse1024
Rating: 1  
My child was TERRIFIED of this ride..never again
Reviewed on Sep 15, 2009 by Pookie14
Rating: 1  
Absolutely awful. Boring, stupid and claustraphobic! If you want to sit in a pitch dark room, pinned to a seat from which you cannot escape, breathing smoke and getting spit on then this is the ride for you! Somebody needs to be fired for this one!!
"Better Review...Better Ride..!..!"
Reviewed on Aug 26, 2009 by stitch_lover
Rating: 10  
I think that my other review was TOO SHORT, but it was TRUE!!! So I'm going to review it again!
Stitch's Great Escape haters: 0_o.
Now just because this awesome ride replaced another awesome ride (AE) but that doesn't mean that you should start stinking it, people!!! They didn't completely makeover it!! Now some of you might be thinking: "It's not Disney!" You're wrong.... Alien Encounter was not disney! Ever heard of the movies and series: "Lilo & Stich" and "Lilo and Stitch 2 Stich has a glitch" and "Stitch! The Movie!" and Lilo & Stitch: The Series (which aired on Disney Channel) and "Leroy and Stich"!??!?!?!?!?!? Others might be thinking "Hey, that's your opinion!" Well yeah, it is my opinion, that some awesome sit around row features stich and some stuff, but like I said, it was not COMPLETELY madeover! Remember the alien? I forgot his name but it was in the preshow, I think his name was Snooty, (I'm mixxed up with the series of L&S and AE..) and the robot! You may call him 90210, he was madeover from red to blue, but it's the same robot.
Stitch's Great Escape Haters: 0__________________________0
Yeah you are right, the teleportation stuff has not been madeover ethier hasen't it????? Just a few or alot of reprogramming! Now the only thing I couldn't agree more from you haters, is the chilidog burp, yikes, I'm just glad we didn't smell that smell outta the level 2, but seriously!! Don't hate the ride because it replaced your favortite ride!! Just hate the Parents that took those poor little kids in Alien Encounter (for more details see my review of AE) As a toon in Toontown would say: "But seriously folks!" I would say as an conclution to a very long review 0_______________________0 This ride is kid-friendly, (but I don't blame you guys on the burp!)^______________________________________^.
Reviewed on Jun 16, 2009 by jetsmom
Rating: 1  
this is one to skip. too bad disney is wasting a great location for this attraction. it is awful. stitch burps a stinky corndog smell in your face & nobody likes someone burping in their face. i didn't think it was fun or funny. my 6 year old son was also not impressed.
"If there was a list of mistakes by Disney.... This would be #1"
Reviewed on May 16, 2009 by jtizzle1023
Rating: 1  
The title says it all. The ride is horrible the wait time is a waist of time and the ride lasts like 7 mins and he just spits burps and makes stupid movements throughout the show. Would never recommend it to anyone and lets face it. Disney needs to stop making stitch/nemo rides...Its getting out of hand
Reviewed on May 14, 2009 by Random Vids Inc
Rating: 8  
Let's face it, the only reason this attraction has a bad rep is because it replaced Alien Encounter. People, it's time to move on. Alien Encounter is gone and I don't see it coming back. As far as this attraction goes, I don't think it's bad. It's not my favorite, but I still visit it everytime I'm at the Magic Kingdom.

Stitch is a great character for this ride because you never really know what to expect from Stitch. He's just that versitile. I would like to see this attraction redone a little so Stitch has more interaction with the audience and less time getting chased around by the guns.

Still this attraction is fine. It's great for large groups and familes and just fun overall.
"1000 better than SuperSuckish Celebration."
Reviewed on May 13, 2009 by stitch_lover
Rating: 10  
This is better than that peice of vomit "Stitch's SuperSuckish Celebration" Stitch's "Great Escape? No, it's Stitch's Awesome Escape!
"Stay away"
Reviewed on Apr 12, 2009 by leafs fan
Rating: 1  
This was the only attraction at Disney World that I hated. Pointless and uninteresting. Alot of it takes place in the dark where all that happens is a bar going up and down on your shoulders. They should get rid of this ride.
"wanted to make my own great escape...."
Reviewed on Mar 03, 2009 by Penguinmom
Rating: 1  
Scary for young children (including one the last time I rode who had to be removed from the ride by a cast member), boring and annoying for adults. I could taste that chili dog for the rest of the day--so nasty.

AE was a great, innovative attraction. This just seems like a hokey, weird, and somewhat baffling rip off of the original.
"Stitch's Great Failure"
Reviewed on Feb 16, 2009 by Jasonflz
Rating: 2  
Unlike many people out there I have never rode Alien Encounter so I will give the attraction a fair review based on my opinion.

It's Awful!

That is the best summary that I can really come up with for this ride. What was Disney thinking?!? Stitch's Great Escape can easily be compared to a popcorn movie, it has great visuals but that's about it.

Loading Area- The show's story starts out easily explained, you are recruited to watch prisoners at a jail like teleportation factory. You have to make sure none of them escape from their holding cells while they are getting processed. It's really that simple. The pre-show video you watch literally looks like it came from a C-grade animated television show and is extremely corny.
3.5/10 stars

Pre-show- After the video you are sent into the demonstration chamber where your robot host shows you how the prisoners are teleported and explains what levels are used to categorize them. Aside from a couple of inside jokes and an appearance by Skippy,(who probably wished he stayed fried after Alien Encounter) there is really nothing interesting that happens.
6/10 stars

Main Show- You are finally seated inside of a large cylindrical theater with a large teleportation tube in the middle. A level three prisoner is teleported in and guess who, it's Stitch. The stitch animatronic is quite impressive for what it is worth and the giant laser targeting guns are very fluid and realistic. That is the only praise I have for this attraction. Throughout the rest of the ride you are in the dark getting assaulted with the disgusting smell of a chili dog that Stitch burps on you or getting tickled by Stitch himself. The effects are either disgusting or extremely poor in their execution and the script the actors read from could have been written better by a couple of Kindergartners who have been held back three years in a row. The finale is also very lackluster and anti-climactic.
2.5/10 stars

Overall Stitch's Great Escape is an uninteresting attraction that is corny for all the wrong reasons. Hopefully next time Disney will learn from their mistakes and make a GOOD attraction or even bring back Alien Encounter.

Overall: 2/10 stars
"Terribly boring and dissapointing"
Reviewed on Aug 12, 2008 by testtracker
Rating: 1  
Basically this ride is a complete waste of time. Basically a bunch of lights moving around with some sounds. In summary, this ride stinks.
"Loved this ride! "
Reviewed on Jul 12, 2008 by nuttyskadork
Rating: 9  
It wasn't my favorite, it was actually the very first Disney ride I rode this holiday. I rode Buzz Lightyear riht after and was dissapointed.

Stitch is my favorite Disney character, and though I agree they could have done more with the character. Look how huge he is these days! IMO Stitch is the biggest original Disney character created going way back probably to like Dumbo or something haha. At the very latest Lion King. Anyways, the ride had a few plot glitches, but I really enjoyed it. I didnt get to experience Alien Encounter but still thought it was a great ride.
"Like riding The Haunted Mansion with the lights on "
Reviewed on Jun 05, 2008 by Ayumi-chan
Rating: 1  
I had the opportunity to ride this ride one week before it was open to the public, and all I have to say is that I was severely disappointed in the fact that Alien Encounter was replaced with this horrible excuse for an attraction. Now don't get me wrong, the audio-animatronics were amazing, but the attraction itself left much to be desired. Stitch's Great Escape just can't compare to Alien Encounter; a ride that was always my favorite WDW attraction. Alien Encounter was a great experience for the older WDW fans who could handle the thrills of the attraction. The warnings were put there for a reason, so the ones(especially the young children) who complained about the attraction being too scary have no excuses. Alien Encounter had a creative story; Stitch did not. The pacing was horribly done and the storyline was just way off. I know they were aiming for an attraction to appeal to younger kids, but even so, I heard kids crying about how scared they were in Stitch's Great Escape. Heck, I wanted to cry over how horrible the experience was. My only hopes now is that someday Alien Encounter will be revived and returned to one of the WDW parks, so all of us AE fans can once again enjoy such an incredible, out of the ordinary, thrilling attraction.
Reviewed on Jan 10, 2008 by Mybails
Rating: 1  
Our family of four went in July 2007 and all of us complained of paim on our shoulders from the restraints which must be the only way that they can keep people in the ride. We are returning to WDW this July but will avoid this sad attempt at recreating a very enjoyable movie.

I give it a 1 because there is no zero
"Lame Squared"
Reviewed on Nov 26, 2007 by BONDQ
Rating: 1  
Stitch is huge was of imagineering time and money. The thing is a big waste of time. The story is boring, the effects are dumb, the show is not interesting in any way. You will leave this attraction wondering why you spent the time to consider going, and you will not return. This should be closed to prevent further imbarassment to Disney and be replaced with something actually worth standing in line for. When you see the wait is 10-15 minutes, there's a reason folks. It's boring and no one wants to go.
"Should have been a ride"
Reviewed on Sep 23, 2007 by MEEE
Rating: 6  
With all of the Stich marketing and hype, I expected a lot more out of this attraction. First of all, I thought it was a ride, but instead it's a walk through show type of experience. Really, it isn't too bad of a show and the end has some nice effects, but this show could be so much better as a type of ride. With all the hype it had, Stich is kindof a let down, but if it there hadn't been so much anticipation, it would have a better rating... 5.5 really
"I love it Highly Recomended"
Reviewed on Aug 14, 2007 by guy8
Rating: 10  
My family and I were on it in April of 2006 and just loved it.
"not bias"
Reviewed on May 29, 2007 by Madhatter06
Rating: 5  
When I went on this in January I had no idea what it was. In fact I had in confused with the buzz lightyear ride. I didn't know the dislike behind this ride, so I was able to form my own opinion.

I didn't like it either though...sorry. The ride broke down 3 times, then when it finally started I didn't like it. Disney did really try. The effects were pretty good. That is if you like to be belched at. And have a metal bar slammed down on your shoulders as stitch "bounces" on you. Stitch did have a lot of spit to give off too.

In the end, if you want to go on this ride to form your own opinion, and the lines not long or you can fastpass it, then do it. Otherwise go check out another space ride.
"WHY ??"
Reviewed on Apr 25, 2007 by lexi197
Rating: 4  
I personally have never been to alien encounter; the show that Stitch's Great Escape replaced. I was always too scared because everyone raved about how real and terrifing it was. I see this as a good thing- Disney is supposed to be the best and I a agree with this 100%. But even though alien encounter wasn't the ride for me (I was only about 11 when they closed down the ride), it was still a ride that everyone I knew enjoyed. I would have probably enjoyed it.

It always said in the "caution" notices in the ride that it was frightning and small kids are advised against viewing the show. It even explained that it would get dark, scary, and personal (with the breathing down you neck ect.). So WHY? why change it?

Stitch's Great Escape was awful compared to what Disney has to offer and how amazing it does with it's rides. I didn't like any part of it- accept that the littler kids were excited to see Stitch. But, its not even the Stitch they know and love! It is, instead, the bad, gross, overraded Stitch. How is this at all entertaining?

The audience that enjoys this show is the 2-5 year olds if at all. That's not a very big veriety of people. It just could have been a better story.

"Could be a lot better, but not as bad as everyone says"
Reviewed on Apr 21, 2007 by Skip
Rating: 7  
Stitch's Great Escape! has been stated to be the worst attraction in all of WDW. In my opinion this is not true (not even close), and if you're with a family the attraction can be very fun. The AA's throughout the show are amazing (especially Stitch & the plasma cannons) and the story was well-paced. I just felt like there could've been more done in terms of sensory effects within the actual theater. Stitch spends way too much time whispering, which half the time you can't even here. The only clever effects were the chili dog smell and the messing with your hair bit. Maybe Stitch could've breathed on you, like in AE? Stitch isn't as good as its predecessor, but it's still a fun little attraction (especially with no wait!).
"bring back alien encounter!!!"
Reviewed on Mar 26, 2007 by mariemcc1
Rating: 1  
I first experienced alien counter back in 2000, my partners son was 12 at the time and he was a little afraid and simply opted out of doing it again when me, my partner and his daughrter went on it a couple more times.He also gave it a miss when we went back in 2002.We thought it was a fantastic attraction and agree that parents with young children should heed the warnings and not take them in.But why oh why should the 'grown ups' who pay to take their kids to disney or the people who visit without kids have to be punished for the stupid parents who take young kids in and then complain how terryfying it was. I went back to disney in 2006, no kids in tow, thought we would give the new Stitches great escape a go. I was sooo dissapointed, it was so dumbed down and actually boring, i could not wait to get out. I didn't even experience the smell of the beltch everyone goes on about. I was so dissapointed at how bad it was I felt quite irritated for a while after. Surely Disney provide enough attractions for the younger kids dont the big kids deserve a little fun and excitement too? Maybe we could bombard Disney with complaints or run a petition to do what a fellow member suggested and bring it back to one of the other parks.Well that's my ten cence worth, let me know if you agree.


Derbyshire, UK
"Stitch's Great Mistake"
Reviewed on Mar 25, 2007 by SpaceMountain
Rating: 5  
This past January, my Unlce Mike (Cheshire Figment) and I went to the Magic Kingdom, and I wanted to do Stitch first. Being my last visit, I went in The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, and it broke down while I was in it, and the evacuated it, so I never got to encounter the alien. So, I was excited about Stitch's Great Escape.

Well, I was very disapointed. One thing, the room was alot smaller than I thought. We got the 2nd row. As the "Scanning Units" came down I sat up so once it locked, and I sat back, my head was right in the head rest (Birnbaum's tip). I got spat on by Stitch so I felt honored . Then the lights went out and....nothing. Nothing happened. We just sat there while Stitch was running around and making noise in the dark.

One thing really bothered me (actually a few things), Stitch kept refering to himself as Stitch. He wasn't named Stitch at that point! You would of think the Imagineers would of noticed that? Also, I heard him sniffing around but really didn't feel much. I felt some, but not really noticable. When he burps after eating the Chili Dog, I nearly vomited. It was so gross. I never smelled anything so bad before, and I've eaten Nato.

Also, I didn't expect the water to squirt from the headrest. As the lights came back to find Stitch, my harness went down two clicks, when I wasn't even pulling it. The cannons looking for him were pretty cool. They got me wet. When the lights went out and Stitch jumps on you, the harness pushes down on you, which kind of hurt. But it wasn't in synch. And then it did it repetidly jamming down. Then, he burped agian. This ride was stupid by this point.

So it ends by him hot wiring the system and teleporting out of the room. During the ride, this little boy behind me was freaking out. Actually, all over the room little kids were freaking out. I asked the boy if he was allright while we were walking out and he said, "I was scared at first, but I knew it was fake, and I'm good now." I thought it was cute, I gave him a smile and said, "That's great!"

After that I looked at my uncle and asked him if I missed something. It was pretty bad. It was a bitter sweet. I liked it, but at the same time I didn't. I actually went back to ride it, and sat back as the "Scanning Units" came down, and I felt less effects. I just guess it was that bad. Also, every kid I talked to, did not like it. Not a single one did. This is bad. Disney really messed up on this attraction, and I don't see it lasting much longer. I really hope they bring back AE.

I will admit a few things. It was kind of bitter sweet, I loved the Tracking Cannons, they were really well done, and the Pre-Show was pretty funny. How the Sarge is taking on the phone with his wife, how he reffers to a girl and her cute outfit while he's picking up a prisnor. I did like the room, becuase it still gave you that un easy feeling like AE did, and I like being locked in and having an alien running around.

"A little, blue and overated alien"
Reviewed on Mar 19, 2007 by yeti
Rating: 3  
I loved the film Lilo and Stitch. It was a very simple and cute film. At the time I thought of Stitch as nothing less than adorable.

My opinions changed drastically when the stupid, pointless version of Stitch appeared on a television show. The show was nothing less than despicable, possibly one of the worst shows on tv at the time.

When I heard that Stitch would be taking over Alien Encounter, I had no clue that he would be taking over every aspect of Disney media at the same time. Now they're treating him as if Walt Disney himself created the little beast. What's next, a Pal Stitch doll?

When I first went on SGE, I was thinking that this ride better be good to replace the great experience that took place there before. When I first left SGE, I relized that I was waiting three years to see a copy of Alien Encounter, but two times worse.

I loved AE because of the fact that it was scary. It also had great theming as well. SGE was just a scam to advertise Stitch's control over Disney media, making guests sit through a poor experience in very uncomfortable seats as a stupid alien supposedly ran around burping hot dogs and spitting at you.

The three points, however are for the awesome, somewhat realistic Stitch Audio-Animatronic that is briefly seen during the show. But a good AA alone isn't enough to keep a show entertaining.

In my opinion, Stitch should take another great escape out of the Magic Kingdom, or better yet out of this world.
Reviewed on Feb 05, 2007 by Madam Leota
Rating: 2  
Sorry Folks, yelling out "somebody get Lilo" just doesn't have the same effect in the dark as "SOMEONE GET RIPLEY"
Reviewed on Jul 22, 2006 by xx_lilo_xx
Rating: Not rated  
OK STITCH!! well you are all put in to a big room, where Pleakley, tells you some information then Gantu come out and you all go it to a large room, where you straped in to you seat, and the stitch appers, and cousre loses of mischife before he escapes. that it really but it so much fun
"If it wasnt Stitch...."
Reviewed on Jun 09, 2006 by foxguy
Rating: Not rated  
Over all its not very good. Its barely funny, the effects from the original (alien on your back, breathing, sounds) all seem off, and it feels like it was thrown together on a weekend....

I go on it every time I go.

Why? Its Stitch. The character is the only thing the attraction has going for it, but frankly its enough. The biggest (and ONLY) thing that was improved here is the cannons and the Stitch that apears in the middle ring. They are two of the best AAs in the park. The cannons move increadibly fast and smooth and Stitch moves very realisticly (for something stuck in a small ring). It is worth everything else that doest work in the ride, which is almost all of the \"dark\" elements and effects\" to see the Stitch and cannons.

I took a group of kids on the ride who had alot more fun then me (10, 9, 6 and 4).
Reviewed on Nov 13, 2005 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"More money wasted"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2005 by tmp
Rating: Not rated  
This ranks right up there with journey into your imagination as the worst rehab every. I personally liked Alien encounter, even though i knew it was not for everyone. This piece of garbage is scary, but is probably still too scary for children. So it is too scary for children, but not thrilling enough for adults. It uses only one new effect and has not one original idea in it. Thismight be the biggest piece of garbage I have seen in a long time.
"some nice points"
Reviewed on Mar 18, 2005 by iggyboo
Rating: Not rated  
Would ride it again if not a long wait had some interesting effects like Stitch
"Very Underrated"
Reviewed on Dec 08, 2004 by Stitchfan712
Rating: Not rated  
This new attraction seems to be the favourite for everyone to bash, but not me. I went on this attraction about 5 times during my last WDW visit, and my impression at first was good, but the more times I saw it, the more I enjoyed it.

My single biggest piece of advice is to not form an opinion on the attraction until you have actuallyy experienced it for yourself. Don't jump on the "hate SGE" bandwagon just because you think it's popular to do so. The attraction is really quite good and highly underrated. Experience it for yourself before judging.

As for the show itself, I found that, most of the time, the line moves quickly and the theming makes standing in line very tolerable. The preshow I found to be hillarious and very enjoyable, not at all foreboding (which AE fans miss, but I view as a welcome change.)

The show itself is highly entertaining and cute, with stitch toying with you and generally causing mischief. You do get a little wet. In my experience most guests were laughing and screaming (in a good way) on this attraction. I only saw a few people who had a beef with this ride in person, though they were certainly more vocal in their protests than people who like the ride in their approval.

The script is cute and funny, with a few one liners that will stick with you all day. The chili-dog scent will also stay with you, in your nose, so watch out!

I came away from this one grinning every time. Take it from me, it's not as bad as they say. A lot of these folks just have sour grapes because they liked AE and are upset that SGE replaced it. So take that into account, and enjoy the show for YOURSELF!
"What a waste!"
Reviewed on Nov 28, 2004 by NeverEnufDisney
Rating: Not rated  
Very little I can add as its all been said by this attraction's other detractors. It's was a lot of good technical work spoiled by bad writing, bad staging, and shoddy planning. What makes a Disney attraction memorable is the storytelling. This has next to none. As for this being kid friendly, during the performance, I heard several kids crying and talking in a frightened way to their parents. This festering boil on Tomorrowland should be lanced quick and sent back to the drawing board. This is so beneath Disney standards that Walt's spirit should send the 999 Happy Haunts to Eisner and his cronies' bedrooms for a good old fashioned haunting!
"Stitch's Great Mistake?"
Reviewed on Nov 25, 2004 by General Grizz
Rating: Not rated  
So Disney attempted to make the Alien Encounter child friendly. Yet, they designed the show for children who, in turn, have been reported as scared by the experience. Children interviewed in the Sentinel say they'd never sit through the show again.

It's entertaining, but the storyline is extensively weak. The animatronics are wonderful, but this by no means lives up to its hype.

"If it can't be done with XS, then it shouldn't be done at all." ;)
"Worst WDW "attraction.""
Reviewed on Nov 22, 2004 by Walter
Rating: Not rated  
Absolutely nothing about this show was positive. Even if I hadn't hated "Lilo & Stitch," and hadn't loved AE, which I did, this still would have been abysmal. The animatronics looked okay, but not nearly as much so as I had heard. You can see better in most modern attractions. Trust me, don't waste your time on this heaping pile of cow dung.
Reviewed on Nov 20, 2004 by jeanylaser031
Rating: Not rated  
stitch's greatest escape is the best in disney world i will go to see this attraction.
"Terrible attraction...."
Reviewed on Nov 16, 2004 by NemoRocks78
Rating: Not rated  
Alright, alright, I know what you are all thinking. "This guy was a huge Alien Encounter fan, of course he's gonna bash it."

My friends, that is NOT the case. As a matter of fact, I am a huge Stitch fan. He's my second favorite character, behind Goofy of course. I also loved the film Lilo and Stitch, and I watch the animated series all the time. I really, REALLY wanted to enjoy this new attraction, but I have to say that it was uncalled for. Being able to experience it ruined my entire day, mainly because it was SO BAD. And I mean bad. I could not believe what I had just experienced when those "analysis modules" rose up and it was time to exit. The entire attraction DID NOT stay true to the film. Since when does Stitch end up in MK? I surely thought it was Hawaii. The preshows were not done well, and then there's the main show....the only plus to come out of it were the animatronic cannons that follow Stitch around....those were fantastic.

Overall, this is not a good attraction at all and I do feel that Walt Disney Imagineering has let us down. I hope in the near future they will take the time to fix what needs to be to make this a quality family attraction.
Reviewed on Nov 12, 2004 by chape19714
Rating: Not rated  
Being very Critical here, but i still think it was an amazing show. A HUGE breakthrough for Audio-Animontronics, as Stitch was incredebly lifelike in his movements. Also, the Guns were absolutely fantastic, the movements mimicked that of the film, and made for a very life-like situation. The Story could have had more, and the Animation Movies, could have been better, but as far as special effects and audio-animontonics are consirned, this ride broke some records! Line was normal, and the show was on the shorter side, which does help keep the line moving, especially with 2 theatres. The Theaming was EXCELLENT! I Throughly enjoyed this attraction, and even though i marked it Average for Kid Friendly, that was only because of the Darkness, loud noises, and hieght requirment. MUCH better than AE was for kids. Can't wait for it to open for good soon!
"This time, with no MILK!"
Reviewed on Nov 10, 2004 by DonnieDarko
Rating: Not rated  
First of all, I am a huge Alien Encounter fanatic. I own every piece of merchandise associated with the attraction and it is one the things I miss most in life, such as Horizons and Dreamflight. I was saddened greatly by it's passing and went to one of the last shows where I gave a standing ovation. Having said that, myself and Djali999, of this same forum, attended previews for the first time 3 days ago. We both were very skeptical and afraid about what we would soon witness. We chanted, "Please don't let it suck" as we waited to go into the building.

The first preshow video did not help much as it contained some of the most ridiculous dialogue ever uttered in a Disney attraction. The animation also wasn't too impressive. We entered the second preshow and got our first look at Skippy and Sergeant Richard Kind. The whole preshow served no purpose and we were soon warned of the arrival of Stitch and herded into the main show room. At this point we had already had several moments where we turned to each other in utter disbelief of what was unfolding.

The main show was just as baffling, albeit eventful. However, the special effects immediately impressed both of us. The main show incorporated several effects that were attempted in AE but never worked until now. It is clear that the main show had a lot of money and thought put into it. When we exited, all we could agree on was that we just went on one of the most amazingly random attractions ever. Joining the ranks of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in DL and Buzz Lightyear's AstroBlasters in TDL. We both immediately called friends and family to discuss the attraction and spent all of lunch, Mansion, and Pirates discussing it. It soon became apparent that we didn't know what to make of it but one thing was clear, we had to go on it again.

This second time through we found the first preshow hysterically entertaining. It is very brisk, easy for a two year old to understand, and accomplishes nothing except spouting dialogue and gags that produce a varied reaction in the audience. It is not entirely successful but it effectively lays the groundwork for the main show in a very short time period. It also establishes the silly and irreverent tone to follow.

Preshow number 2 is entirely different from its AE counterpart, tonally and technically. The Sarge is not merely S.I.R. with a new hat and pillow on his stomach. He far outpaces the (still impressive) S.I.R. animatronic in many respects. Skippy is mainly decoration, however even that figure has been spruced up and his noises are a pleasing reminder of AE. It's also nice to be able to admire him without afterward having to witness his murder. The other felon alien that occupies the second tube is amazingly expressive and fluid even in the short duration of his role.

Djali and myself believe that those who dislike the attraction came to that conclusion during this preshow, which is understandable, as it serves no apparent purpose. Many children who begin screaming on this attraction begin to do so at the conclusion of the preshow. There is a lot of panic, flashing lights, and loud shouting in the last few minutes of the preshow. Up to this point there has been absolutely no mention of Stitch other than the fact that a "level 3" prisoner is on the way. This worries many young children as they have no way of knowing that this "level 3" is in fact Stitch. Unlike AE, everything up to Stitch being teleported in is on a "timer" and the feel of being rushed is very effective. This is why children are frightened of this attraction going into the main show.

The main show is a textbook example of what imagineering can do given free reign and proper funding. It’s practically impossible for you to remember that you are watching an animatronic figure on the podium. Stitch is the BEST figure that imagineering has ever done, including Lucky the Dinosaur, Wicked Witch ala GMR, and Hopper from DCA. He moves every bit as fluidly as the figures in Sinbad at TDS. He is the pinnacle of imagineering art as it stands today. So are the plasma cannons. So are the lighting effects. So are the tactile effects. We would go as far to say that the main chamber of this attraction is as visually detailed, technically inventive, and genuinely delightful as the crown jewels of the imagineering enterprise; Pirates, Mansion, Indy, Tower, Splash. In fact it is so rich in visual effects that many fly by so quickly, they barely register the first several times. Djali and I agree that the attraction is so dense that there is no way that anyone can form a concrete opinion based one viewing alone.

It is understandable that people are reacting badly to this attraction. We reacted badly to it the first time as well. In fact several of these posts bring up valid points about the attraction. No, it does not go anywhere. Yes, it has no ending. Yes, it is difficult to latch on to the tone the first go through (something that imagineering usually excels at). But, the attraction deserves more serious consideration than many are going to give it. We cannot stop talking about this attraction. We also can’t stop riding it either. Collectively, we have ridden it 10 times in 2 days. We will frantically phone one another with any and all updates regarding its preview schedule in hopes of more rides.

We believe that the attraction is not centered around a main “forward thrust” but that its many delightful charms are in small moments and gags. The Sarge is so bored with his job that he talks to his wife on the phone and impatiently mimics the computer countdown to teleportation on his fingers. When notified of the incoming “level 3”, all three figures in the preshow momentarily flail about in panic. During a power failure, the plasma cannons droop limply, swinging back and forth (remember- these are huge and dangerous animated props that in several moments are only a few feet above guest’s heads. The view from below them is heart stopping).

Stitch cheerily waves good-bye as he is teleported away. His announcement of “Meega Na La Kreesta” early in the show is intentionally hilariously over the top, complete with flashing lights and rising smoke. We find that to be one of the highlights of the attraction. After Gantu leaves the guests alone with Stitch, you are witness to among the most beautiful three-dimensional character animation ever attempted as he taunts the plasma cannons.

We have other favorite moments as well but it would be frankly too exhaustive to list them all here. Stitch’s Great Escape, for the two of us, generates more genuine delight than many of the other attractions on property. Its re-watchability eclipses that of Mission Space.

It is true that you may not share our unique sense of humor and it is true that in many areas the attraction can be a bit rocky. The bouncing restraint effect is not as effectively used as it was in AE and the effect is somewhat botched as a result. The on screen animation can be awkward and it was foolish of Disney to not take this attraction into consideration when they dissolved the traditional animation department, but we are not going to open that can of worms. But, the attraction is wise in that it does not attempt to do what AE did so effectively. It’s a whole different bird. Or alien. Pun. It succeeds at what it set out to do, which is utter chaos. And it grows on you in kind of a funny way.

It is disconcerting that many people are calling this attraction out without having given it a fair chance. It is certainly not Alien Encounter and it is certainly not what many people probably expect, casual tourists and aficionados alike. It is a bold attraction in that it has enough faith in itself and it’s creators to not stop for a second as it rockets you through its illogical and insane universe. This can be viewed as a handicap but we view it as an unexpected but welcome surprise. At least in that way it is remarkably similar to Chris Sanders film on which it was based.

It does not dumb down nor take away the edge of what the space was designed to be used for. Neither does it go to the extreme of cuteness or “zaniness”. It’s just about right. As much as imagineering was touting a more friendly take on the attraction the simple fact remains that Disney attractions DO frighten children, HAVE frightened children, and will CONTINUE to frighten children. Everyone reacts to things differently, children included. Imagineering was in a no win situation short of gutting the building. Those children that react badly appear to be in the minority. We heard one young boy say “Stitch….” in total amazement when the figure appeared. Reactions like that remind us what Disney magic actually means. It must be noted that every time we went through the attraction the crowd reacted increasingly well suggesting repeat visitors.

It is way too early to close the book on this attraction. It deserves consideration and is not going anywhere anytime soon. With all the opinions being expressed on this board, Djali and I feel that, considering ourselves two hard won fans, we would simply like to make the other opinion known. You do not have to agree with us but we have been writing this thing for 90 minutes now so it’s evident that we feel strongly about this attraction. J And that my friends, is our defense!

Back and to the left. Back and to the left. Back and to the left. Back and to the left. Back and to the left.
Stitch's Great Escape!
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