Space Mountain reviews

Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom
Reader rating Reader rating 9.6 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 9.6  
"A Must"
Reviewed on Oct 11, 2013 by Gotta Ride This
Rating: 10  
As an icon of the Magic Kingdom, this ride packs twice the punch. You get two tracks that are the same, but mirrored (Alpha, right turns are left turns, Omega, left turns are right turns.). The bad thing is the wait. During peak times, wait times are over an hour, and Fast Passes are almost sold out. If you go first thing, wait times aren't that bad, only 15-25 minutes. After refurbishment (2009) made ride experiences better because you don't have to get squeezed, and getting squeezed stinks. This is a must.
"Space Mountain Is My Type of Ride"
Reviewed on Oct 01, 2012 by WDWMadMan
Rating: 10  
I absolutely love Space Mountain. You don't find these types of great roller coasters in almost any amusement park. I love the pace, the dark, and the queue line. They all make up what an awesome ride this really is.
"Super Cool"
Reviewed on Sep 28, 2012 by Espinwalker
Rating: 10  
This is a MUST RIDE, It´s super cool and awesome. I like it very much, a classic Disney Roller Coaster.
"all-time favorite!!"
Reviewed on Jan 07, 2012 by javy2004
Rating: 10  
when i walked throught the entrance i had no idea what i was in for. the queue (which is all inside unlike in DL) had so much to look at. i only rode it after the refurb and the audio was put into the ride, but i thought all of it was awesome. the mini games on the queue before you get into the loading room was pretty cool. the 'window' above you in the loading room looking into space and a space station looks soo good. the ride itself... wow! the way they do the audio on the ride (many speakers throughout the ride track) i think works better for a spacey effect than that in DL (in ride audio) feels much faster than the 30 some mph the ride actually goes. i loved the ride, my parents loved it, my 6 year old nephew loved it. this ride is the reason i won't ever stop going to MK
"Lots Of Fun"
Reviewed on Dec 27, 2011 by Lights83
Rating: 10  
This is a great ride. It's so fast and exciting!
"I love and Awesome Space Mountain!!!! "
Reviewed on Apr 29, 2010 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
Space Mountain is my favorite dark ride in WDW and I love it! I can't wait to ride it again! The new Space Mountain i can't wait!
Reviewed on Nov 19, 2009 by JENNYmouse1024
Rating: 10  
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ride!!
"missing u!"
Reviewed on Sep 13, 2009 by Mic E Mous
Rating: 10  
Patiently waiting to see how this ride could get better! Missed it in August but looking forward to my next trip in Dec to see it completed!
"Why for so long?!"
Reviewed on Jul 23, 2009 by M-O
Rating: 10  
Space Mountain is one of my favorite rides! I haven't been to Disney in forever and when I go in October it will be closed and that makes me very sad :'(
"I love space mountain!"
Reviewed on Apr 30, 2009 by magicmaya
Rating: 7  
I love to watch the rockets fly by in the queue! But that cannot be seen anymore.I'm going to miss the old sace mountain.Just like I miss the old disneyland space mountain.Space Mountain is my favorite ride!

Info:This is my rating before refurb
"Pre-refurbishment review"
Reviewed on Apr 19, 2009 by leafs fan
Rating: 9  
This is the first ride and went on at the Magic Kingdom and I absolutely loved it. Was expecting somewhat of a kids ride and it wasn't at all - a great thrill ride. Will be interesting what it'll be like after the refurbishment, probably better than ever.
"Classic attraction"
Reviewed on Oct 20, 2008 by BrownDerby07
Rating: 10  
Great ride, fun and thrilling. It's hard to believe it only goes about 27 mph! Nothing beats the music in the loading area with the clicking of the chain in the background.

I love looking up and seeing the trains zooming by and the stars on the ceiling.
"Space Mountain is still a WDW Classic"
Reviewed on Oct 08, 2008 by wdwron2008
Rating: 10  
I am a HUGE Space Mountain fan since 1981. Side B is the best because of the steepest Bunny Hop towards the end of the ride. I seen what the inside of Space Mountain looked like with the lights on back in 2000 & 2004. I was amaized at how Disney can take a Roller Coaster and put it inside a Building 183 feet high 300 feet in Diameter. I love Space Mountain a True WDW Classic
"Space Mountain is still a WDW Classic"
Reviewed on Oct 08, 2008 by wdwron2008
Rating: 10  
I am a HUGE Space Mountain fan since 1981. Side B is the best because of the steepest Bunny Hop towards the end of the ride. I seen what the inside of Space Mountain looked like with the lights on back in 2000 & 2004. I was amaized at how Disney can take a Roller Coaster and put it inside a Building 183 feet high 300 feet in Diameter. I loce Space Mountain a True WDW Classic
"Classic and Timeless Disney"
Reviewed on Aug 15, 2008 by cdr point luvr
Rating: 10  
Who would think this attraction is as old as it is... I am a huge coaster junkie and I really love Space Mountain, right from the entrance queue (where you can "look into space"), to the launch area, to the coaster itself, to the exit along the airport-style moving walkway.

If I had to live at Disney, I'd make Space Mountain my home (either that or in the castle, but I'd have to think about that one).

The classic tubular steel Arrow-Dynamics-designed coaster is actually quite similar to Disneyland's Matterhorn Mountain attraction. Most of the action is gentle winding rather than giant drops (although there is a "bunny hop" as you approach the lifts midway through the ride which is GREAT!), and of course it doesn't break 28 MPH. But who cares! You're out of the Florida sun, hurtling through the cool darkness with nothing but eerie sounds and the occasional shooting star in space to distract you.

This attraction is of course one of the Magic Kingdom's most popular, and fast passing it is a great way to experience it. For the first time rider, standing in line gives you plenty of chances to "take it all in" before riding, which can be just as fun as the ride itself.

Great work. Don't change it!
Reviewed on Feb 27, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
Amazing, classic attraction. great thrill, a must ride
Reviewed on Sep 06, 2007 by MEEE
Rating: 10  
Space mountain has been around a while and has a sort of feel to it. The star pictures and nebulas in the waiting line are pretty cool. The ride itself wouldn't be much of a thrill at all if not for the length. Unlike most coasters at WDW, this one has decent length. It keeps going and dropping, at night, sometimes you can see the tracks which spiderweb around themselves quite a bit. Space Mountain is MK's best thrill ride.
"This is definately the best ride in disneyland and Walt disney world"
Reviewed on Apr 18, 2007 by boulshock
Rating: 10  
I love the music as your waiting in line. The pictures and the music gotogether well.And I thought the seats were really cofortable. If this ride is closed. Go on the tta(tommorowland transit authority) you can see the lights on.
"this ride hurts!!!"
Reviewed on Apr 15, 2007 by leakyshunt
Rating: 5  
i got on this ride two times and experienced two different rides like disney suggested...the ride is thrilling and cool to view while you're dashing through but....the seating was so uncomfortable it actually hurt me and made me feel like i was going to fly outta my seat trying to hold on...I'm a small thin person so i can imagine a large and (oh my)heavy person squeezing into those way to small seats-oouch! disney should do something about this but i don't hear lots of complaining...if it hurt you say so-maybe disney will take note...
"Space Mountain WOOOOOOOOO YAAAAAAAaaaaa"
Reviewed on Apr 07, 2007 by epcot12
Rating: 10  
space mountain wow what a great ride and im not a roller coaster type person its a classic if ive ever seen or ridden one

the sheer simplisity of the ride makes it more enjoyable the best of the 3 mountains =)
"So fun!!!"
Reviewed on May 06, 2006 by ilovepluto23
Rating: Not rated  
I love Space Mountain!!! I love the space \"windows\" in the line/waiting area. They\'re really great for being old. The music is fun too. I just love everything about this ride! It\'s a classic, and a Must-see!!!
"Spaced Out"
Reviewed on Jan 29, 2006 by jamierobins
Rating: Not rated  
I have to say, I had already been on Space Mountain at Disney in Paris before this one. Paris has a totally different Space Mountain with launched hills, loops and belting music. It's truly excellent.

Florida's version was a little disappointing in comparison. So I rode at least twice to make sure I wasn't missing something. And you know? I did miss something.

It's such an old coaster, slow in mph but feeling fast due to its clever design with some stomach churning moments. It really is a thrilling ride....was just hoping for a loop or two!
"Old, but good!"
Reviewed on Dec 22, 2005 by WDWFantasmic
Rating: Not rated  
This ride is one of my favorites at MK next to Splash Mountain. Like Splash, this ride attracts some of the longest lines ever. I recommend you use Fastpass unless you want to wait for 2+ hours! The actual ride itself is only average and if you're riding for thrills, you would be better off on Rock n' Rollercoaster
"Good but needs makeover"
Reviewed on Oct 15, 2005 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: Not rated  
This is a pretty good "mad mouse" style roller coaster that uses similar technology to the Matterhorn. It doesn't feel quite as smooth as the Anaheim Space Mountain, but it's track layout is better. I hope it gets the same makeover that the Anaheim version recently got for the 50th anniversary.
"Fun Fun Fun!"
Reviewed on Jan 08, 2005 by DDuckFan130
Rating: Not rated  
This and BTMRR are tied in second place, because Splash is my favorite. Now, I do indeed love long as I can get a fastpass for it. Right before closing, the lines are empty as well, and sometimes we take advantage. It's hilarious watching a herd of people hauling patootie to the empty lines lol. Anyway, even though this ride isn't really fast, it does FEEL fast. It's very jerky, but somehow that makes the ride feel more exciting right? What my incessant rambling is trying to say is that you should definitely check this out. A lot of little kids who meet the height requirement get freaked out. But if they decide to ride, it'll quickly become a favorite!
Reviewed on Jun 07, 2004 by chape19714
Rating: Not rated  
There is always a long line so get a Fastpass. The only reasion i marked down the queing area is because i become incredabally chlostrophobic in it. (that's why i only do FP) Kid friendly is only good due to the Hieght requirement. The best coaster at the Magic Kingdom to Date!
"Great - for a kid!"
Reviewed on Apr 10, 2004 by tmp
Rating: Not rated  
This is the ride that I always looked forward to when I was a kid. It is still a must ride, but the ride itself has lost a lot of luster. It all about the darkness because without the darkness it is Primeval Whirl. The themeing is still real good. This ride is more about nostalgia to me then the actually thrill of the ride.
Reviewed on Jan 26, 2004 by Kramjam33
Rating: Not rated  
Space Mountain captures your imagination and spirit as you are rocketed through space. The theming of the ride cannot be beat and the ride itself is a great thrill. The music sends a chill of excitment to your bones. Space Mountain, fantastic and fun, is a ride that cannot be missed.
Reviewed on Jan 15, 2004 by fanofdinsey1981
Rating: Not rated  
like wine, with age this ride gets better. a rollercoaster in the dark is brilliant, adding another level of anxiety to a rider who does not know where the track in front of them is going. it always takes me by surprise, and it will never get old. a true classic.
"Gotta love it"
Reviewed on Nov 15, 2003 by DVCMommy
Rating: Not rated  
I still love this ride. I remember when you'd have two people sit in the car like a toboggan, the seated version is better. If you can sit in the very front, it's pretty cool. There's one spot where I swear I'm going to get my head taken off though.
"My Favorite Ride at MK!"
Reviewed on Jul 15, 2003 by mraw
Rating: Not rated  
I LOVE Space Mountain! My personal best is riding it 30 times in one day without getting sick!
"Is this a Roller Coaster?"
Reviewed on Feb 06, 2003 by Lores
Rating: Not rated  
"A Mickey Mouse Ride" someone called this ride... Overrated, I read... It's only exciting because is dark. Is not that is a very small, not thrilling roller coaster, nor that it is dark what gave Space Mountain its popularity. The popularity and fame of this ride is given by his THEMEING... Why is it dark? Because your travelling through space... You turn from a simple amusement park guest into a space traveller, an astronaut of the future. Jus seeing Space Mountain from the outside gaves you the sensation of greatness... What the hell if the coaster inside is not as big as Hulk? A small roller coaster in the dark... Yes. But what a hell of a story it tells. The Queue is great, a walk inside a Space Station, as I see it. Then you can hear the noise created by the coaster, and the yellings and emotions. You can see the lights on the cars travelling fast, up and down... And the sky... Oh boy, that's the best, you can see lasers, and metheors... Once in the single-person-lined rocket, you blast off and the emotion grows as you advance trough your space adventure. At the end, you succed in your mission, and this just lets you with a single thought: I want to ride again!!! Once, in 1992, I ride Space Mountain 10 times one after the other, almost at closing time. I would do that again. I can say for sure that this ride is one of the small group of rides I really miss being here in México. Ride it, you wont be dissapointed at all.
Reviewed on Oct 19, 2002 by spongebob
Rating: Not rated  
What a great ride! An excellent queue, and a great rollercoaster by any standards. Ride it first thing in the morning!
Reviewed on Oct 05, 2002 by Brooke
Rating: Not rated  
Come gotta love Space Mountain! It's fun and scary but not TOO scary for the little ones. The line is fun and interesting also so it is really worth the wait.
"A Disney classic"
Reviewed on Sep 24, 2002 by ron777
Rating: Not rated  
Space mountain has been my all time favorite disney atraction even if it goes only 30mph, But the thrill factor is still the reason i come to disney world to ride Space mountain. 2 years ago i got to see the interior of space mountain with the lights turned on., the track looks like a mass of steel webbing. overall space mountain is a great rush for disney fans young and old.
Reviewed on Sep 13, 2002 by christopher
Rating: Not rated  
I love Space Mountain and you will to. It is one of the best rides at WDW!
Reviewed on Sep 06, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"Best of the Mountains"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by WDW-Imagineer
Rating: Not rated  
Space Mountain is easily the best of all the MK mountains. In my opinion, Space Mountain is easily more thrilling than any other "upside-down" roller coaster.
"Prepare for Blast-off"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by meeko_33785
Rating: Not rated  
This is definatly the most thrilling attraction in the Magic Kingdom. The thrilling roller coaster ride through the dark in rocket-shapped cars is both imaginative and thrilling. While the attraction is good it doesn't seem to have the same "magic" of the other mountains in the park, making it my least favorite of the three. Definatly worth at least one ride on.
"Ready For Launch!"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by Genius7777
Rating: Not rated  
Are you ready to blast off?Space Moutain is arguably one of the best rides at the MK. Starting you off in a wonderfly themed queue line,and ending so quick you wish you could go and ride again. The themes in the queue line are great so when your waiting on a lengthy line which you will find at Space mountain its not that hard to stand. The ride is great you can just sit back, throw your hands up and get ready to scream!For a great way to start off your visit at MK go to Space Moutain!
"THE Best Mountain!"
Reviewed on Aug 31, 2002 by wolf359
Rating: Not rated  
I love this ride! The most thrilling attraction at MK and a whole lot of fun! I hope that the (possibly) extensive rehab planned doesn't add any more corny elements like the video monitors. I wonder why Disney seems to try to "improve" the rides that are already popular but leaves others to languish. I hope Space Mountain remains the way it is for quite some time!
"An Enduring Classic"
Reviewed on Aug 31, 2002 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
This is as much fun as you can possibly have on a roller coaster that neither inverts nor has large drops. The queue sets the tone and the atmosphere, then you're in your rocket in near total darkness "flying" through space. I appreciate this attraction just as much now as I did when I was a kid. My 7 year old son prefers this attraction to any other at WDW.
"Best WDW Mountain Ride"
Reviewed on Aug 24, 2002 by YankeeFan
Rating: Not rated  
Space Mountain is, by far, one of the best rides in all of Walt Disney World. This in-the-dark, 28 mph roller coaster takes you on a wild ride through space, though it makes you feel like you're going much faster. The entire theme of the building from the wait queue to the ride cars themselves are still based from the 60's vision of the future, but who cares? A safe bet for riding this attraction is to get a FastPass for it. Usually there's a good sized line ahead of you. It's one of my personal must-see attractions and after riding it, may become one of yours.
Reviewed on Aug 24, 2002 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
I'm not too much of a Space Mountain fan, but it's one of the most intense Magic Kingdom thrill rides - even though it only goes max 25 mph! But believe me, it doesn't seem that way!!
"The Best Mountain"
Reviewed on Aug 20, 2002 by Lance
Rating: Not rated  
Space Mountain is always a must-see when I'm in the Magic Kingdom. I also think it's the only attraction that I've always been on at least once during every trip to the MK. The Queue is awesome, I love walking down the long and dark walkway, while listening to the star music. I always enjoy seeing the pictures on the walls, like the horsehead nebula. The Space Mountain TV thing was good when it first appeared, but it kind of get's old nowadays. For the ride portion, what can I say, I still enjoy every time, I did realize, I like the left as you go in or right side in line side better. I think the left side has the bigger drop in the end. Also, if you ride in the very last seat, it's like an added feature, you get a better ride! I always love exiting the attraction, as soon as I get out of the train, I always get that Old Tomorrowland/Epcot feel, because of the cool blue walls and the FedEx posters. And of course, you get to experience the goodyear people mover all the way to the Arcade!
Space Mountain
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