Snow White's Scary Adventures reviews

Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom
Reader rating Reader rating 5.4 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 5.4  
Reviewed on Dec 27, 2011 by Lights83
Rating: 1  
The ride is just....boring. Nothing fun in it at all.
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2011 by homebody
Rating: 3  
Can we liven this up a little more? If you didn't already know the story line, I think you might be a bit confused on this one. Disney has a lot of money and I think they should spend some of it on this attraction.
Reviewed on Aug 05, 2010 by HM Spectre
Rating: 7  
I'm probably giving it more credit than is due as a classic ride because it really is a bit outdated in comparison to other dark rides. The story is fine but it goes by very quickly.
"its a shame"
Reviewed on Jul 25, 2009 by rustysgirl
Rating: 3  
because this ride is all about snow white! a classic! they really didnt do her justice. the ride is short, boring, the way the seats move are basically dumb compared to the other rides. its really outdated. i dont remember any animatronics or anything, i could be wrong but the only thing that sticks out is cheap, painted on characters. they could have done way better with this one. snow white deserves better!
"Not the greatest..."
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2008 by BigB911
Rating: 6  
...But cute for the kids, nonetheless. It is mildly scary, but DD wasn't scared of it. We might skip it on our next visit.
"classic, boreing"
Reviewed on Feb 27, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
boreing....ride scares some children.classic. some girls like the ride because snowwhite is involved
"It dos'nt pretend its perfect"
Reviewed on Oct 16, 2007 by Nemofan852
Rating: 5  
I really have nothhin to say
Reviewed on Aug 28, 2007 by MEEE
Rating: 8  
A good but painfully short ride. It must be 3-4 minutes long and condenses the story line into the very small time. The wait lines aren't ever long which is nice if you want to ride it multiple times. It may be a bit "scary" for very young kids however. Still, it complements Fantasyland's other rides nicely
"Hooray Prince Charming!"
Reviewed on Oct 15, 2005 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: Not rated  
Count your blessings, this ride is far better than the one we have out in Anaheim. Better for one reason only -- the ending. In Anaheim, the ride ends with the scene of the 7 Dwarves trying to get to the Witch who is standing above the ride vehicle trying to knock a large rock onto you. There's a flash of light, and then BOOM you're outside looking at the exit and riding past a sign that reads "And they lived happily ever after." Huh? There is absolutely no conclusion here. In Orlando, the addition of the scene with Prince Charming kissing Snow White gives you what is sorely lacking from the original.
"Cute for what it is"
Reviewed on Jan 08, 2005 by DDuckFan130
Rating: Not rated  
Ok, so it doesn't have the same technology as Winnie the Pooh or Philarmagic. It's still cute. Well, it used to be less cute because of the witch popping out so much. The witch still pops out, but it shouldn't be too bad for kids. Every kid is different though, so be cautious. I especially love Dopey waving good-bye to everyone in the end. I'm very biased to Dopey (who isn't?!) and that is why I love seeing him in the ride =). If you have time and are a Seven Dwarfs fan (Snow White doesn't appear as much ::shrugs::), definitely check it out. Otherwise, there are cuter attractions out there...sorry lol.
"very cute!"
Reviewed on Oct 17, 2004 by Beastluvgrl99
Rating: Not rated  
Though it's low-tech for it's time and not that cool to the ultra tech person/thrills person I really enjoy this one! it's soo cute and when you need a break from Space Mountain or Splash Mountain it's the best and it's the best for the little ones and little ones at heart like me...hehe! and also at times the seven dwarfs will go on with you on the ride and sit with ya! Bashful sat with me!! it was so cute and I talked to him cuz I wanted to see what his reactions would be when I was that young hehhe!! so overall this rides a classic!!
Reviewed on Oct 05, 2002 by Brooke
Rating: Not rated  
Hello? This ride is BAD. This needs to be replaced. There is never a line so go ahead and go on it but it is NOTHING special. The animatronics just sit there, they don't even move and it just seems more like a carnival ride than a theme park ride. Outdated! They need to redo the ride or put something better in.
"Fantasyland's 2nd Best"
Reviewed on Sep 26, 2002 by YankeeFan
Rating: Not rated  
Snow White's Scary Adventure is second only to Peter Pan's Flight as the best rides in Fantasyland. It includes great theming, appropriately spooky scenery, and the typical happy ending. I just wish that they had the old scenery to look at while on line where you can look at the window on the side of the castle and each time the drapes open you see the queen and then the witch. But the witch is seen enough in the ride so that's good. Small children may be frightened, but not too bad.
Reviewed on Sep 06, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"Great Improvement"
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2002 by WDW-Imagineer
Rating: Not rated  
Snow White's Adventures is a vast improvement over the older Snow White ride which was pretty scary for children, and even some adults with the witch popping out every second. The new Snow White has some much better scenes and is by far a better attraction.
"Great for kids and adults"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by Genius7777
Rating: Not rated  
Snow White is a great ride for little kids, but then again everyone seems to be riding it. When i was a little kid i used to ride it, so its good to bring back those memories. The ride depicts the story of the Walt Disney classic film Snow White. The characters and storyline is great in the ride, and its perfect for your little children. Make sure to bring your kids (if you have any)to snow white, dont miss it!
"Mirror Mirror on the wall"
Reviewed on Aug 31, 2002 by meeko_33785
Rating: Not rated  
Low-tech fun can be found at this classic Fantasyland dark ride though Walt Disney's classic film. Guests travel through scenes of the film ranging from the Queen's spooky castle to the Dwarf's cottage. The Queen makes many appearences during the ride setting somewhat of a dark feel, but Snow White and the Dwarfs are here as well, including the finale with the Snow White being rescued by her Prince to live happily ever after. This is not the most techinacally advanced attraction in the park, but there's just something fun about finding yourself in the enchanting worldof the fairest one of all.
"Walt's first"
Reviewed on Aug 24, 2002 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
This is one of my favorite Fantasyland attractions. While the Animatronics may not be the best, or the sets, it's still a beloved classic. However, we must note the name is "Snow White's SCARY Adventures"...and some people may be startled to see the Wicked Queen pop out of several areas...however, a few have been tamed down.
Snow White's Scary Adventures
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