Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith reviews

Sunset Blvd, Disney's Hollywood Studios
Reader rating Reader rating 9.3 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 9.3  
"The Rockin' Rollercoaster"
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2013 by Sarah (fairybuzz)
Rating: 8  
RNRC is a Vekoma LSM launch coaster with 3 inversions. Of course with a disney Twist! Alone this ride wouldn't be much. There is one just like it in europe called X-press (formerly superman when it was Six flags holland). However the ride adds some pluses that make it more unique. And Aerosmith of course one of my favorite bands and this is how I found out about them. You meet the band in their Sound studio after taking a "tour" of Geforce records (where you see props and memorabilia) The band is in a giving mood and invites everyone to the concert they will be heading out to in a few minutes. They need to get you to the concert as fast as possible, and therefore they order a "super Stretch" limo. the next room you see an ally in LA (uh oh) but its ok because It seems to be a rich neighborhood. the ride vehicles are nicely themed '58 or so Caddy convertibles, that pull in fast from around the bend. As you climb in look for the little logos on silver plaques lining the "doorways". they're cute, and also for Rollercoaster enthusiasts, look at the little word vekoma printed on each wheel. the unique aspect starts immediately as you hear the radio blaring to life (sometimes startlingly) while you turn left into the launching part of the alley. You can see a cute traffic sign with some corney traffic reports like "All Lanes jammed so jam it!" You hear the band warming up on the live broadcast and then a countdown (sometimes) and the car peals out with a tire squeal. The ride itself isn't as well themed as the rest of it, but the music can make up for that. Playing Aerosmith songs like Love in an elevator, Walk this way, 9 lives, F.I.N.E. (F*cked up insecure Neurotic and emotional, yeah lets not say that in the park), and sweet emotion. (all cleaned up of course). they mix it up and sometimes play multiple song fragments. One of them says Love in a roller coaster at the end. The scenery is mostly plywood cutouts of famous hollywood landmarks like the sign, that donut shop, and a couple of street signs showing corkscrews and the location of the civic center which I guess is where the concert is. Its not usual disney level but to be honest it goes by fast and no one really expects animatronics on a rollercoaster cept for everest and thunder mountain and the matterhorn (ok im gonna shut up). It's the only inverting coaster in WDW and the only coaster in DHS. They did a better job with it than California screamin' and It has more inversions. I've also noticed at times like on most Vekoma coasters, It's hard to keep your head from bouncing back and fourth on the shoulder restraint but hey it kinda works with the music anyway right? Vekoma for people who don't know is a rollercoaster company responsible for all thos boomerang coasters that lift you backwards then drop you through some loops then reverse. (Sidewinder at hershey etc) and those SLC coasters like serial Thriller, Mind Eraser, That one at moreys pier, etc.
"Not as good as other rides"
Reviewed on May 22, 2013 by John
Rating: 5  
While this ride is the best at Disney, it is just not very intense. I would it if love disney to build one of those 90-mph looping hypercoasters, but oh well.
"Awesome but too too short"
Reviewed on Apr 13, 2013 by Dave D
Rating: 8  
Ok, maybe I'm talking about things that nobody cares but: I understand that when you are dealing with a ride that has only one track system you must keep that ride relatively short to keep the lines moving. But Rock n Rollercoaster is ridiculously short. To the point that I'd NEVER wait more than 20-30 minutes for it in standard que and most always, when visiting in high seasons, use fast pass. I remember the first time I rode it and we popped up over that last little hump that leads you to the straightaway and unloading area; I remember thinking this must be part of the ride prepping us for the second half or even last one third? Nope. Ride over. I cannot believe that a single engineer or imagineer or designer didn't think to themselves "Wow that's a quick, short ride. Too short. Should I put my hand up? Gosh I want to. But after that parking spot incident I want to lay low for a while. I thought reserved meant me. Focus. That ride is soooooooo short. Eww, lunch is here". Even 20 seconds more. Another loop. A cork screw. The first verse of Adam's Apple. My wife and I rode it 11 times in a row. Off season. As fast as we could run back to the recording studio we'd be on the ride again. Parks were empty. Only that way could we even come close to feeling fulfilled.
"Rock'N'Ride Again!"
Reviewed on Apr 05, 2013 by Imogen
Rating: 9  
WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! We were straight back on! The launch just takes your breath away, and for the remainder of the ride, you are in such a whirl, but for once in your life, you don't care! RIDE IT!!!
"Rockin Awesome!"
Reviewed on Nov 15, 2012 by Andrew V******
Rating: 9  
In my list, This and California Screamin' are tied, but rocking roller coaster has more speed, and turns, also the music is WAY louder than on screamin' , But for screaming its a little more fun, but i have a feeling some one you are gonna not like me for saying i like screamin' more, but rockin roller coaster had an awesome soundtrack and 3 inversions!, its an awesome ride id have to say! 9.5/10 (scale won't get the 9.5, so it'll show up as nine, but the actual is 9.5)
"Best Ride at WDW"
Reviewed on Jan 17, 2012 by LisaGrahn
Rating: 10  
I love this ride! From the opening preshow to waiting in the alley and riding the ride, it's awesome. I hope they add more rides like this in the future. No cons to this one!
"One of my favorite rides"
Reviewed on Dec 27, 2011 by Lights83
Rating: 10  
I love this ride.
Even though the line to it always seems to be kind of long it is worth the wait 100%. It was one of the best roller coasters i've been on.
Reviewed on May 07, 2011 by
Rating: 9  
The music is great and it's one of the most thrilling attractions at Disney being the only ride that goes upside down and one of the fastest in all of the four parks.
"Best Ride EVER"
Reviewed on Feb 22, 2011 by VDisneyFan18
Rating: 10  
i love this ride it is the first thing i do every time i arrive at DHS each time i pass through the donut my brother and i scream DONUTS, its a tridition :)
"better than space mountain"
Reviewed on May 27, 2010 by Batphobic
Rating: 10  
There are a lot of space mountain fans out there - 'fraid I'm not one of them. This coaster is waaay better. Some loops, and more to see in the dark than the nothingness of space mountain. And of course, the fact that you're rocking out to Aerosmith all the while doesn't hurt. I think the queue for this ride is one of the best, too. The idea of going to a parking garage to head to a rock concert - the atmosphere is very cool. Stepping out onto the red carpet at the end is a nice touch too.
"good ride but..."
Reviewed on Jan 24, 2010 by mastercat999
Rating: 7  
im short so on this ride every time i get a head ache!
Reviewed on Jan 23, 2010 by TheAmazingJoe
Rating: 10  
This is by far the most fun you can have at disney world. The initial launch is amazing. The visuals inside are great. There is definately nothing else like this on earth. unless you count the one in euro disney
Reviewed on Dec 01, 2009 by LilLadey27
Rating: 10  
My youngest daughter (who is 7) was FINALLY tall enough to ride it this year. This is her first REAL roller coaster. I was a lil worried about her at first.. but after we got off the ride, I asked her.."So did you like it?" She looked up at me and asked.. "Can we do it again?" And yes we did.. and yes I bought the picture!
"A great coaster"
Reviewed on Nov 29, 2009 by Studios Fan
Rating: 8  
Rock n' Roller coaster is a great attraction with a decent pre-show. The only problem with the ride is that it is too short.
"Not all its cracked up to be"
Reviewed on May 22, 2009 by marsrunner
Rating: 6  
A relatively boring rollercoaster highlighted by all of five seconds of excitement. Once the launch is over so is the fun. Not themed well enough inside the ride to make up for the very light thrills, the saving grace for this attraction is the themeing in lobby and queue areas. The only problem is Aerosmith really doesn't fit in Disney.
"Great Ride"
Reviewed on Apr 30, 2009 by DisneyEverest
Rating: 10  
This is an amazing ride. The scenery is great as well as the story. It actually feels like your speeding through the city of Los Angeles. AMAZING RIDE!!!!!
"You have not lived if you haven't ridden this ride!"
Reviewed on Apr 28, 2009 by norastar
Rating: 10  
And believe me, I hate roller coasters. Would not go on Tower of Terror for my life, and am debating going on Everest. I went with my cheerleading squad and let me tell you, I was FREAKING OUT. Hyperventilating, sweating, shaking, stomach flipping, the whole enchilada. I watched the ride take off a few times when we were in line and I was like WHOA why am I doing this? I seriously considered saying "STOP THE RIDE!!!!!!!!" before we took off.

I don't remember the exact start of the ride. I remember blacking out for about half a second, but that's just my imagination. My stomach did flip a little during the takeoff, but that was just from fear. We went through the two loops and I slowly opened my eyes.

And let me tell you, I did not--for one SECOND--regret the decision to ride. After the two loops at the beginning (which I swear you can't feel). Someone had told me the ride made you feel like flying over a city, and that could not be a more accurate description. It doesn't feel like a coaster, your stomach doesn't drop--I would even compare it to Soarin'. It feels like a coaster to the extent that young children, people who've never gone on an upside down ride, and coaster enthusiasts alike, would enjoy very much.

I got off the ride and I was screaming and hugging everybody on my squad, and that was a very proud moment for me. I was so glad I had faced my fear and ridden the most intense roller coaster in Disney World.

If you've never been on a loop ride before, then I advise this one for your first. It's hard to describe the loops--you feel them but you don't feel upside down, like your head is lower than your feet. It feels kinda like you're going waaaaay to the side, about to flip over. I promise you the takeoff is very smooth, and the whole rest of the ride is a total soar.

I guarantee that you will absolutely love the best ride in Disney.
"Nothing Like It"
Reviewed on Feb 27, 2009 by jtizzle1023
Rating: 10  
First time i rode was at disneyland paris, first looping coaster! Ever since it has been one of my top rides in all of disney world!
"Nothing Like It"
Reviewed on Feb 27, 2009 by jtizzle1023
Rating: 10  
First time i rode was at disneyland paris, first looping coaster! Ever since it has been one of my top rides in all of disney world!
"Amazing Ride"
Reviewed on Nov 03, 2008 by BrownDerby07
Rating: 10  
This is one of my favorite rides on Disney property. The launch is really thrilling and the ride is great and smooth. Themed very well. The only negative is the outdoor part of the line is very boring and can get very hot.
"Aerosmith Rocks!"
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2008 by BigB911
Rating: 9  
From the que to the coaster itself, this ride lives up to it's name and it ROCKS! DW enjoyed more than I, as I don't like loops too much. But it was a thrill!
"Prepare to merge like you've never merged before"
Reviewed on Jul 18, 2008 by monorail_silver
Rating: 10  
From queue entrance till the gift shop exit this is an amazing attraction. The preshow is well done preparing us for whats to come. After you step out into the alleyway you'll catch your first glimpse of the beast, be sure to watch but remember to keep moving with the line, no stopping! The ride itself is great, however the launch is what I keep coming for. The music is loud and rocking the whole trip through Hollywood, with 3 inversions for good measure. My only complaint, it's a bit to short for me but we don't always get what we want. Great roller coaster, disney did a great job bringing this beast in.
Reviewed on May 16, 2008 by pinkferret
Rating: 10  
i was absolutely petrified of roller coasters til i went on this! its seriously cool! i could ride this all day!!! its cos of this ride that my fave park is mgm (sorry, hollywood studios!)would recommend this ride 4 those a bit scared of the whole upside down thing cos theres so much 2 look at as u go round that u dont really notice which way up you are!
"fun....great for for aerosmith fans"
Reviewed on Feb 27, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
This is a not to be missed attraction: make sure you get a souvinear photo of you on the ride :) great for aerosmith fans, music fantabulous
great ride
Reviewed on Feb 01, 2008 by xela9
Rating: 10  
WOW! This ride had so many loops it made me scream and lagh it's actually a scream 'n' cry rollercoaster lol Great!
"best ride in the world"
Reviewed on Sep 09, 2007 by iHEARTdisney07
Rating: 10  
this is the best ride in the whole entire world! thinking of this ride was genius! it's an awsome thrill ride if your lookin for one! i highly recomend this ride to everyone who goes to walt disney world. its a must-do! its better than a 10!!!
"Love it"
Reviewed on Jul 12, 2007 by WDW1993
Rating: 10  
I remember my first time i was on i was 6 and i loved it! but the next time we went there they would not let me on. I CRYED LIKE A BABY FOR AN HOUR!! my fave seat is the front row. its cool to see the catapult go under the car!
"Top notch !!!!"
Reviewed on May 10, 2007 by KevGuy
Rating: 10  
You better make sure you put your head back at the red light at the start or you'll get whiplash as you go 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and immediately go into a loop. I loved doing a corkscrew through the O in the Hollywood hills sign. Too quick though. But definately a 10!!
"One of the best rides EVER!!"
Reviewed on May 08, 2007 by louise900star
Rating: 10  
I love this ride so much!

I was always so scared to go on it when it was younger but now i never miss it on every trip to MGM Studios.

I loved Aerosmith before i started going on this ride, but now i love them even more. The ride is so well themed and i love the little pre-show they have on it with Steve Tyler and the rest of the band.

It's always fun to stand in the queue and look out for people who look like they've never ridden before. The look on their faces is classic, reminds me of my first time on the ride.

Me and my sister sing the songs all the way round the ride and have learnt when to pose for the picture.

I love the shop at the end too!

All in all, this is one of the best rides in the whole of Disney World! It's a must ride!!
Reviewed on Mar 05, 2007 by MEEE
Rating: 10  
Easliy in the top 2 best rides in all of wdw. Amazing. I'm almost speechless.
Reviewed on Sep 04, 2006 by ChesireKitty73
Rating: Not rated  
Man I telling you man you got ride this thing HATE THAT TAKEOFF in fact i love aerosmith now
"Rock On!"
Reviewed on Jan 29, 2006 by jamierobins
Rating: Not rated  
When you approach this ride, it's hard to believe there's a rollercoaster inside! It looks tiny, tucked away in a corner. A then there's the line. Chains, chains and more chains. Up and down, up and down, up and down.

And finally you enter the recording studio, home to the Smith and a limo that will be taking passengers across town at high speeds in order to make their concert. You STILL can't imagine that tucked away is a rollercoaster.

You make it to the parking lot and BAM. A car screeches past you in a second...lights flashing, hair swept back, terrified faces, not enough time to scream.

Yes, this is a real coaster. The launch is fast. Not only is it fast, it's in a dark tunnel which then suddenly turns into a huge loop.

It may not be the longest of coasters but with such a thrilling beginning and music pumping into your's a huge thrill.

Watch out for the picture opportunity on the launch...I have never composed myself well and the fear on my face is real.

Get past the chain line and you will love it.
"Good ride."
Reviewed on Dec 22, 2005 by WDWFantasmic
Rating: Not rated  
This ride is very smooth and packs quite a thrill. Not as good as TOT but one of the best rides at MGM Studios!
"Rock On!"
Reviewed on Dec 19, 2005 by bondq
Rating: Not rated  
The best part about this ride is the audio. Aerosmith music playing outside and in the ride cars during the ride is awesome! The fact that there is great variety and little to no repitition in the music tracks is probably the best aspect to it all.

The Preshow story is a cool addition, that plays off well.

The ride itself has a great launch (hydraulic sled propulsion), good overall ride speed, great cars (very comfortable) and nice theming on the cars and the loading area.

The ride is very smooth and enjoyable, you hardly notice you're inverted at all. The ride signs and set pieces are rather boring, but the great sound track and smooth ride make up for any lacking visuals.

Regarding the ride launch, the hydraulic sled is fun to watch if you are sitting in the front of the first car. As your train moves in to place, you will sit a second, then hear a slidding sound coming towards you out of the dark tunnel, this is the launch sled coming to attach to the train. It is resetting from the last train launch.

Seeing it come and attach is a cool mechanical element that is essential to the ride's functions. Anyone not sitting in the front row will miss this, and they will not be able to see over the people in the front row. Also, the track and tunnel are dark, so it's hard to see to begin with.

I do wish the ride was twice as long, but I believe it is short due to lack of chain driven propulsion and to maintain the smoothness of the ride. This is one of the smoothest roller coasters you can find. Since there is no chain drive to jerk you up a hill, and no apparent brake points during the ride, everything is momentum driven after the initial launch. So, you are floating and gliding on the track for the rest of the ride. This is very enjoyable.

A second vertical lift via chain drive would be needed to make the ride longer, or a second hydraulic or magneto launcher would be needed, which would greatly increase the ride's costs and add a greater percentage of service issues, due to greater ride complexity.

Overall, this ride is excellent!

Great job Disney and Aerosmith-->Keep up the good work.

This is what people want!
"Ready to Rock n Roll!"
Reviewed on Nov 06, 2005 by kacki
Rating: Not rated  
Depending on what time you are there, or what the weather is like, RnRC has a average line. If you getg a fastpass, however, expect to get in the building in around 5-10 minutes. When you walk up the ramp, and you get into the first room, take a sec, and look at all of the cool stuff! One of my favorite parts of the "ride" is the preshow- It rocks! All of the decoration is superb. The storyline is good- you are trying to get to Aerosmith's concert. After the amazing, thrilling, hair raising ride with inversions and such, you are whisked into a giftshop with amazing stuff (although a tad expensive). The only drawbacks are that it is a bit short, and it might frighten little children.
"favorite theme park ride"
Reviewed on Sep 27, 2005 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: Not rated  
My favorite ride anywhere. The preshow where you meet Aerosmith is actually kinda cute. I did think the coaster's soundstage could have benefitted from more than cardboard cutouts, then again you're going so fast it's a relatively minor annoyance. Experiencing the launch 1st hand for the 1st time is shocking even though you've already watched it several x's before your turn. I love that you could see Steven Tyler's attraction photo on display in the store at the exit, although we couldn't find it last time we went.
"Ride template for future"
Reviewed on Aug 22, 2005 by WDWBro
Rating: Not rated  
Rock n' Roller Coaster is a shining example of what the future of Disney thrill rides is. Test Track, Mission: Space, Tower of Terror, Dinosaur, and this ride provide great templates for how the Imagineers put Disney Magic and Themeing into their rides, while still appealing to a new generation of riders. Rock n' Roller Coaster is a very short ride, but I dare you to only ride it once. 5/5
"Fun, Fast, and Energetic"
Reviewed on Feb 03, 2005 by sorcerermickey1
Rating: Not rated  
The Rock n'Roller Coaster is a very fast and fun roller coaster, right now, it is the only one of it's kind in the WDW Theme Parks, it goes 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. It is a very cool ride, if you like fast and energetic roller coasters, than this is definatly the ride for you.
"Good Ride"
Reviewed on Dec 14, 2004 by PhilharMagician
Rating: Not rated  
I really liked the themeing. The detail was typical Disney (awesome). The initial launch was intense, but I felt that the coaster started to slow down to much especially towards the end and into the last inversion.
Reviewed on Dec 11, 2004 by flyersmv
Rating: Not rated  
i love it every time i go on....this ride ties a great story in with a great ride and is a must for anyone of all ages to try out at least once on your next Disney trip
Reviewed on Dec 04, 2004 by TJ229ER
Rating: Not rated  
This is a great rollercoaster and features an awesome experince in the dark.
"So much fun!!!!"
Reviewed on Dec 03, 2004 by DDuckFan130
Rating: Not rated  
One of my must-dos at MGM. If you're a roller coaster fan, this is the ride for you! Not only is the coaster fun, but the fact that it's synchronized to Aerosmith music makes it 10 times better!!! My only complaint is the fact that the ride is too short, but I can deal with it. Also, this ride is obviously not for everyone. You can get a headache on this ride easily, and a lot of people can get intimidated when they see the take off of the cars in the alley (I was one of them lol). If you feel brave enough to tackle this coaster, just put your hands up, enjoy the trip, and sing along to the songs if you know them =)!
"I Heart Aerosmith"
Reviewed on Jul 29, 2004 by comeoneileen999
Rating: Not rated  
I LOVE Aerosmith and when i first went to disney i loved the ride soooooo much... it is one of my favorite rides
"great try"
Reviewed on Jun 20, 2004 by optjay
Rating: Not rated  
Great try, but not imaginerings work of the past. The preshow/que is done very well, but the clearly off the shelf coaster could have been themed alot better! The black light card board cut outs do the trick but should have been much better.
Reviewed on Jan 15, 2004 by fanofdinsey1981
Rating: Not rated  
This ride is so well done, I find little fault in it. The only thing I find average is the kid friendly portion, yet even then, depending on the kid, they may love it. It is some of the more subtle things I find intersting in the pre-show/que line, such as the 'g-force record' label, and the old radio equiptment. unfortuantly, the que line no longer gives you time to stop and check these things out. However, the beginning of the ride is so amazing and breathtaking, that the need for thrill overtakes the need for themeing. I am a huge Aerosmith fan, and now that i have been on the ride several billion times, I cannot picture (or hear) another band in their place. Their songs complement the ride quite well, and many generations of music lovers know their work. an excellent choice by dinsey!
"Why did I do this?!"
Reviewed on Dec 13, 2003 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
Wow. Even when you see the limos take off, the feeling from zero to 58 on a 200 ft incline makes you think to yourself, right at the start, "WHY DID I DO THIS?!" Or at least it did for me. Thrill rides are fun - and this one was, after the intial launch. The attraction is very clever and well-themed. But I think I'll back off on this one next time. Although it's a joyride, I don't want to experience that giant shoot-off ever again.
"Like a fast car"
Reviewed on Nov 14, 2003 by Michael M Crave
Rating: Not rated  
Ironically, this high-speed coaster attraction's strength and weakness comes from the very effectiveness of the job it did on simulating a high speed car ride: You start out fast, flooring it, feeling the rush; and then you cruise around, the wind in your hair, the rock music blasting; but then, ultimately, that faint feel of freedom must end, and usually too soon, as you are forced to slam on the brakes and go back to following the strict rules of the road. We want this ride to be longer, and faster. We want it to break out of the building and tear down the streets, but it can't. You would get pulled over eventually... You know, come to think of it, this ride is equally successful at simulating the quick blast rock stars have through pop culture fame in all the same ways! Wow, I wonder if that was intended... For better or worse, Disney has succeeded in creating the ultimate simulation of a high speed car cruising down the city streets. The surrounding theming is fine, but you just need a little bit more by the time it ends just a few seconds too soon. Add 30 seconds to the ride, and you've got a masterpiece. As it stands, though, this coaster still rocks quite bodaciously, and nothing can prepare you for the LIM-launch if its your first time onboard.
"Very Thrilling Start!"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2003 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
The beginning of the ride part of this attraction is incredibly thrilling. Your limo shoots into a tunnel at a furious speed, and you can no longer see where the track goes. Great adrenaline rush. The pre-show with Aerosmith is fun and sets up the ride part nicely.
Reviewed on Jun 12, 2003 by bigtinkfun
Rating: Not rated  
This was great fun! It's basically an indoor roller coaster ride in the dark ala Space Mountain. But with music by Aerosmith. Not for the faint of heart, but if you like fast rides and loud music, with lots of swoops and drops and thrills, then don't miss this!
Reviewed on Apr 25, 2003 by DogsRule!
Rating: Not rated  
Excellent ride! While the theming may not be the most expensive in the world while you are actually on the ride, I still think the queue and post show make up for that! Such a rush!
"Rock-n-Roller Coaster"
Reviewed on Apr 05, 2003 by TinkRBell82
Rating: Not rated  
I wish the ride was longer so that I can sing more Aerosmith songs, but I know it's not possible. So I just get back in line and do it all over again!
"really exciting"
Reviewed on Mar 30, 2003 by huthut53
Rating: Not rated  
First time ever on a roller coaster! Most fun ever! It is great themed!!
"One Kickin' Coaster"
Reviewed on Mar 25, 2003 by trendymagic
Rating: Not rated  
This is one coaster ALL should try. A good friend of mine does not ride coasters at all. He heard how good this ride was through others and just had to try it. It is the only coaster he will ride and he loves it! The wait may be long if you do not have a FastPass but it is worth it! Great ride overall.
"This Coaster is the Best"
Reviewed on Mar 17, 2003 by ospring87
Rating: Not rated  
This is the best roller coaster that I ever have road. It is a concert and and great thrill attraction all in one. You atually feel like you are staring face to face with Aerosmith when you walk in and first time riders will not expect anything that is to come on this great thrill ride at Disney Studios.
"The Best Disney Ride"
Reviewed on Mar 08, 2003 by MickeyMoose15
Rating: Not rated  
The Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is the best Disney ride ever created!! And I mean that literally. Try showing me another ride that gets you more pumped then this ride here. Can't argue with a looping roller coaster while listening to Aerosmith songs like "Walk This Way" and "Dude Looks Like a Lady" blasting on the speakers. Wish it could be a little long though but not that big of a complaint. This ride is definitely not for the little kiddies or those with weak constitutions.
"0-60! less then 3 secs!"
Reviewed on Jan 30, 2003 by Resortpro
Rating: Not rated  
3, 2 , 1 Here we go 0-60 in 2.9 secs feels faster then that. This is my favorite ride in all of WDW. The ride is great but has some things that needs to be done 1. When you are outside the wait is so boring they need to enclose this. 2. The ride is so short feels like 1 min. total. besides this ride rocks. The location is great because its close to the entrance and its right next to the second best ride in the park TOT.
Reviewed on Jan 01, 2003 by Snapper Bean
Rating: Not rated  
An excellent thrill attraction. Putting a roller coaster indoors just seems to make it that much faster. Good and consistent theming. A great thrill ride in a small amount of space. I wish the ride was about 30 seconds longer but you can't have everything. That initial surge is probably the most intense thrill in any Disney park anywhere.
"Fast: The way I like it!"
Reviewed on Nov 10, 2002 by TheOneVader
Rating: Not rated  
This may not be the fastest in WDW but it's definately the most thilling! The ride's theming is brilliant. Also, the storyline is "How'd they think of that?" Overall this is a must-do at WDW!
"Good coaster"
Reviewed on Oct 08, 2002 by tmp
Rating: Not rated  
This is a really good coaster. It starts off fantastic, but it ends rather quickly. By far it improves Disney, but there are better coasters out there
"Great Ride"
Reviewed on Oct 08, 2002 by crazydaveh
Rating: Not rated  
This is a good ride! Thank god Disney started turning people upside down! The acceleration at the begining is the best! It would be a GREAT ride if it was longer. The music helps the ride a lot!
"is there anything better"
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2002 by Mickeyman819
Rating: Not rated  
I dont think thier is a better ride than this in walt disney world. This was my first ever looping coaster and i dont think I will regret it. I loved it. The theming of the builking is awesome and I dont think it matches up to any other rides. Going from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds was just the begining of it. Disney defintly needs more rides like this and it would be incredibly awesome if they did it. I was speachless of how smooth this ride was and how great it was.
"Far out ride!!!"
Reviewed on Oct 01, 2002 by animegirllover
Rating: Not rated  
Cool ride!!! A best ride I could ever have in MGM!!! Being on the ride wasn't the music because it isn't the best, so I've got to go to the lockers for places to store loose articles so they'll be no loose article places for me!!!
Reviewed on Sep 24, 2002 by ron777
Rating: Not rated  
This coaster has got to be the wildest attraction Disney has ever put in any of the disney parks I rode this ride in 2000 It was intense. the launch was fast 0-60mph in 3 seconds then going through 3 inversion while rocking to Aerosmith music the best coaster i have ever rode on. This ride is more smoother than the Flight of fear coaster at Paramount's Kings island in Ohio, That coaster hurt my head to the point i did not ride it anymore but Rock 'n' roller coaster is very smoother, the theming is the best part of this coaster, going through the O of the hollywood sign was wild, But the best part about RNR The cars, LOVE THOSE LIMOS!!!!
Reviewed on Sep 06, 2002 by jabas
Rating: Not rated  
The first time I was ever on this ride (or at MGM for that matter), I power-walked to it at opening. I was not the first one in the building, but by the chance split of the pre-show audience, I got to be in the first car of the first ride of the day. Why? Because I rule.
"Rockin' Ride"
Reviewed on Sep 04, 2002 by Buzz Lightyear
Rating: Not rated  
Next to TOT, best themeing and queue area. Great coaster esp the take off.
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by goofyman922
Rating: Not rated  
One of the best rises anywhere
"Best Disney Has To Offer"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by wdwfanatic17
Rating: Not rated  
Disney finally out-did itself
"Highway Clogged..not!"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by genius7777
Rating: Not rated  
"Were gonna need a limo 1...2...3..4... make it a stretch, a super-stretch" The Rockin Roller Coaster is a great new attraction at MGM, with the addition of aerosmith playing during the ride its wonderful!The preshow includes all member of aerosmith who get you bastage passes to their concert. But HOLD ON! this limo goes 0-60 in 3 seconds!!!!!!!!It also has 3 inversions so its definetly not for the weak at heart, coaster fans=ride it, non-coaster fans=ride it anyway!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by SJTSmith
Rating: Not rated  
This is a great ride if you like roller coasters. The music makes the ride.
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"We Love It"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by disneyfamily
Rating: Not rated  
My whole family loved it. From the 50+ grandmother to the 11 year daughter. The stand by wait is very do-able and fast pass is a breeze.
"Nothing beats the launch"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by tweetypez1
Rating: Not rated  
This ride is perfectly themed and full of fun. But the best part is when the car takes off. For me, it defines "thrill". Only wish it were a longer coaster.
"My favorite coaster"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by captainhook1974
Rating: Not rated  
Love this coaster...I think it's the music going with the coaster...If you didn't have Love in a Roller Coaster blasting might not be that great..but they do..and I love it...very smooth the black lighting theming...
"Great Coaster!"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by Nightwing
Rating: Not rated  
I love this Coaster! It would be alot better if it was a longer ride and better theming. The cardboard looking props look very bad. Neon sign would have been great!
"great ride"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by blink148
Rating: Not rated  
great ride, just not long enough!
Reviewed on Aug 29, 2002 by robvandam
Rating: Not rated  
ONE WORD .... WOW .. this has got to be one of the greatest disney attractions ever..
"Rock n' Rollin' Good Time"
Reviewed on Aug 25, 2002 by YankeeFan
Rating: Not rated  
Rock n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith is a great thrill ride and an awesome attraction in its own right. Located next to one of the other best rides in all WDW, the basic story takes you on a limo ride across L.A. to make it to the latest Aerosmith concert. The best part of this ride is the beginning which launches you from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. There are tons of twists, turns, and loops to make even the most die-hard coaster fan happy. Along with the pumping Aerosmith music (each car plays a different song), and your racing adrenaline....this is a great ride through and through. My only wish was that it was a bit longer, other than that....don't pass this up!
"2FAST4U or not"
Reviewed on Aug 24, 2002 by disney2b
Rating: Not rated  
Suprising enough i found i got there the day after it had opened. Imagine the ride had no lines, 5 or 10 minutes. After that i was hooked. The funny thing you see is the parents faces, and you can see them saying what did you kids get me on, then when they get done, they run around to go back on. The launch is like no other roller coaster. It takes your breath away the first time. A nice part they added was having multiple audio tracks, it took me about 20 rides before i heard them all. If your an Aerosmith fan you should not miss this ride.
"Make it a Super Stretch"
Reviewed on Aug 19, 2002 by disneyprep50321
Rating: Not rated  
If you like rollercoasters, but want a little more than Space Mountain, Rock 'N' Rollercoaster is for you! I love this ride! My favorite line from the pre-show..."Make that a super stretch!". I would suggest using FastPass, if the line extends outside of the covered queuing line. A very great ride!
"Awesome Disney Eride!"
Reviewed on Aug 18, 2002 by wdwmagic
Rating: 9  

One of the great things about RnR is that it does not intrude into Sunset Blvd. and more importantly, does not affect Tower of Terror at all. You cannot even see the ride until you pass through the gates. The actual coaster building looks just like the other soundstages - great job WDI! Even the line audio cannot be heard outside the RnR footprint. My early fears were that it would pollute ToT and the whole area - not so.

There is a real cool car hanging upside down from the gate - giving you an idea that things has inversions! It also has an onboard sound system which contributes to the RnR area music that is heard in line. It also has working headlights etc.

From the gate area you get a great, never seen before view of Tower of Terror straight on. Cool.


This line could be HUGE! The largest wait we had was 45 mins, and that wait occupied about 1 third of the area! The line outside is mainly to the side of the building, and cannot be seen from the entrance gate. If the whole line was used, some of it would be infront of the building.

The outside line is typical roped area, rock music playing (good stuff - nice volume), with overhead fans. This line then moves to the side of the building (here there is outside AC - nice). The line moves into the G Force Records Recording Studio Lobby. This is cool. There is a great room with current music posters (all Hollywood Records artists) - Jennifer Paige was the only one I recognized?? Cool lighting in here to. Pass through some marble doors (you will remember these when you go thru!!! They are a whole new musical instrument of annoyance!) From this room the line moves into the
main G Force reception area. This area is surrounded with cool music recording gear from the past to present. Old guitars, recording kit, speakers etc........ They also have some great records on display with cool labels, with references to the ride.

by The 3 Second Flats

I will have the full list on the Tech Details page.

In the lobby area there are 2 studios A and B. You can hear the faint sounds of bands playing inside each room - cool effect.

The next step is into a holding area for the pre show. Maybe 50 people in this area. You hear "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith blasting from the Studio C Doors as they fling open. On entry you find yourself in the Studio C recording studio - where you see Aerosmith mixing some tracks behind a mixing desk. See the web site video. This show is cool, good story, well executed.



From the studio, you move into the alley. If you time this right, as you exit the studio you see one of the cars launch - and it is breath taking if you haven't seen it before! Many people at this point start screaming and legging it back through the line to the exit!!! :-)

The line progresses to the load area. The whole area is very well done - Disney detail all the way!!! The area is themed after a parking garage for the studio, called Lock and Roll Parking. The line extends under some scaffolding, supporting an old building. There is nice neon lighting for a club across the alley.

At this point the line breaks into traditional coaster loading gates - one for each row - with a separate line for the front of the car.


The car looks cool. Its a blue caddi, complete with engine sound as it approaches the load area. Seating is 2 across - 24 riders per train. 4 per car - 6 cars. Each car has a cool license plate - 2 FAST 4 U etc

The seats in the car are real nice - very much like Space Mountain DL Paris. Great headrest - good back support - could sit in them all day long! :-)

Once in the car, the soundtrack begins as a live broadcast from the Aerosmith concert. The car leaves load and turns 90 degrees to the freeway tunnel entrance. The car stops and waits for a light to turn from red to green. There is a cool overhead LED sign giving launch instructions. Like Pedal to the Metal - Rock n Roll - Your Late - Lets Go etc....

Depending on the car, 1 of 5 soundtracks begins to play - usually involves Steven Tyler counting down 5 4 3 2 1. The light goes green then all hell breaks loose! This launch is fast! Imagine Tower of Terror straight along the floor!

0-56 in 2.8seconds. You reach the top speed before the end of the straight. You then go straight into the first element - a double rollover - amazingly smooth! You hardly know you are upside down! Great views on the way down. The music is kicking, the air is rushing - GREAT! Turns and dips later, you hit the corkscrew - nice again - smooth, no head banging here. Some nice audio synch at this point too. As you pass through the coaster - signs of Hollywood light up as you go buy - nice touch. They also create some nice head chopper moments! After more turns, small drops you hit the break run into the tunnel. Look up at this point, and you can see another car on track just exiting the first inversion - great view!

The music comes to a halt and you pull into the concert - red carpet waiting, you climb out and into the concert. Here you see Aerosmith on a BIG screen. From here you move into a cool gift shop. Loads of great stuff to buy, and of course the on board photo!

The ride is great. Definitely in the top 3 rides in Orlando. It is a coaster that anyone can enjoy. It is not intense like Hulk or Montu, but FUN! LOADS OF FUN! It would be a great first looping coaster for someone to try, and at the same time is great for experienced coaster riders. The launch is fantastic, and the onboard audio makes so much difference. BUT the main point of this ride is that there is a POINT to the ride. Unlike most coasters , there is some reason to get on it to support a story. Disney did a great job carrying the story through, and it doesn't get lost the second the ride begins.

We had some interesting rides where things were not quite right - no audio at all - audio restarting half way thru - but on the whole, the ride has been VERY reliable - nothing major wrong at all. Good news. We rode every day, and clocked up 38 rides. I also tried every single seat, and found each to give a different ride experience.


FRONT - Great for the launch - it feels faster and does not level off in speed through the tunnel. Not so good in the actual ride, runs slower and hangs slightly on inversions.

MIDDLE - Good compromise position.

REAR - Not so good in the launch as the speed levels off, but faster and smoother during the ride.

VERY BACK ROW - as above REAR, but rougher.

My favorite spot was car 5 - one from back.

Left and right seats vary the view and what you can see.

On board audio is cool. I have the audio track lists on the site. All good - have 2 -3 favs though. Sound quality is great - but has been turned down since the CM previews - TURN IT BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait times

Mornings - 10ish - line time around 10 mins.
Night Time - 9 -11pm - line time was max 45 mins.

The line moves fast - and they are getting faster as they get more efficient at load/unload.

Guest reaction seems great - haven't seen people as excited since ToT opened. There is a real buzz in the line, and the same people ride over and over. Seems Disney have a real winner here!
Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
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