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Reader rating Reader rating 9.8 / 10
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"Do Not Miss!"
Reviewed on Feb 26, 2013 by AimYourBrent
Rating: 10  
This experience is not to be missed! It tells the story of a guy named Walt Disney and his creative genius. The film portion of the experience is a tearjerker. Hopefully, all guests will come out of this experience with an even greater appreciation for Walt and his dream.
Reviewed on Jan 26, 2012 by Silver Figment
Rating: 10  
I feel like this attraction is one of, if not the most important attraction on property. It's important that we all remember it's called Walt Disney World and remember the man who started it all. The exhibits are wonderfull and the movie was nice and will teach you a bit about Walt if you haven't really learned too much already.
"Don't miss."
Reviewed on Jul 17, 2008 by monorail_silver
Rating: 10  
Amazing, where do I begin. The walking tour takes you along a journey of Walt's life, it is themed like you are walking a timeline. There are displays with what is being said from that year. Such as a replica of Walt's office in the 50's, the EPCOT Center planning center, and model replicas of some of Disney's best attractions. At the end of the walking tour is a 15 minute film of Walt's life, narrated by the man himself. It's a must see.
"Must see"
Reviewed on Nov 07, 2007 by MEEE
Rating: 9  
Packed with information on Walt Disney and the begining of the Disney company and parks this is a great attraction. There is a lot of Disney exhibits and artifacts as well as historical things on Walt Disney. The whole place is very well put together and educational. It is quite interesting as well even with all the other things to do at MGM.
"just wonderful"
Reviewed on Sep 27, 2005 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: Not rated  
I love reading anything about the man himself, Walt Disney, so this exhibit was a dream come true. Granted, I'd seen a lot of these displays at the Reagan Library a couple years ago, but it was great to finally see them somewhere on Disney property. I did wish it could have been a little more interactive, but this exhibit was one of the highlights of of our last WDW trip.
Reviewed on Dec 03, 2004 by DDuckFan130
Rating: Not rated  
I am so glad this attraction was kept after the 100 years celebration. It is a wonderful tribute to Walt Disney and his contributions to the entertainment industry. If you haven't seen this, do so!
"Walt Disney Mini-Museum"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2003 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
This attraction is really a mini-museum dedicated to Walt Disney. If you like museums or are a Disney freak (especially if both are true), you will enjoy this attraction and go through it at a rate much slower than your kids would prefer.
"More History Then Ride"
Reviewed on Mar 08, 2003 by MickeyMoose15
Rating: Not rated  
Obviously this ride is more for those that are interested in Walt Disney himself then any thrill ride out there but this certainly should be watched at least once on anybody's visit. For those who escaped where ever they came from just so they wouldn't get another history lesson then this definitely is not for you. And for those can't stand the sight of Eisner then it is definitely not for you either since he does narrate and appear in most of the actual film of the attraction.
Reviewed on Oct 28, 2002 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
I recently the Disney-MGM Studios just to visit this attraction; I am glad I did. I find One Man's Dream the greatest tribute to Walt Disney since the Carousel of Progress. The museum-like atmosphere is very entertaining; and VERY well done. I am in love with the decor, and even the area music. This attraction is a must-see for any person at the park. And please, don't skip the film. It's really wonderful. It's a pity, though, that the Wonderful World of Color is off the air and that the Carousel of Progress is closed; Ironically, their musical scores are very prominent in this attraction.
"It's about Time !!!"
Reviewed on Oct 28, 2002 by DMC-12
Rating: Not rated  
A tribute to the man himself... Walt Disney! I wonder what took them so long to put together something like this... and I hope it stays around after the 100YoM Celebration. Walk thru a timeline of Walt Disney's history... see a model of his office, actual animation equipment that was used by the man himself, and models of Disney Land and WDW. At the end is a short film with your host Mike Eisner. Very Neat...go check it out...before they decide to kill it.
"A great tribute"
Reviewed on Oct 03, 2002 by tmp
Rating: Not rated  
The first time I went through this I was a little hesitant. I was really looking forward to it, but I thought it could not hold up to my expectations. I was wrong. The attraction is wonderful, the whole family loved it. The kids even found the movie to be entertaining. This attraction was long overdue.
"Very well done"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by Wilson
Rating: Not rated  
A terrific exhibit on the life and career of Walt Disney, including many authentic artifacts. This attraction combines a walk-through exhibit and a movie on Walt's life. The exhibit is outstanding; it includes Walt's 2nd grade desk, an animation desk used for early cartoons, various models of Disney attractions, a full-sized replica of Walt's office and video explaining different stages of his life. The movie is basically Walt's story, and is hosted by Michael Eisner. It is partially narrated by Walt himself, and is also well done. Make a point to see this attraction. It is something that I feel needs to be in the parks permanently.
"Walt Disney Maniacs!"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by Genius7777
Rating: Not rated  
This ride is a Walt Disney maniacs paradise! It has all the story behind disney and how he made mickey mouse a star. The attraction is a walk through of most of walts life, and has very cool things about him. At the end they show you a film they made dedicated to Walt himself, its a great film. Since i went there it made me appreciate Walt a lot more then i previously did. Dont pass one mans dream by, go in and take a look!
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"A Disney Fans Dream"
Reviewed on Aug 25, 2002 by meeko_33785
Rating: Not rated  
This attraction is one of the best attractions to come out of the 100 Years of Magic Celebration. A walk-through exhibit and film based on Walt Disney's life completes the attraction. While the film is interesting, it's the exhibit which is the highlight, chocked full of Disney treasures that make it a must see for all Disney fans.
One Man's Dream
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