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Blizzard Beach
Reader rating Reader rating 6.0 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 6.0  
"Good for kids"
Reviewed on Dec 04, 2011 by DisneyloverJMH
Rating: 10  
The wave pool at TyphoonLagoon is more popular but not as safe for kids with the large waves. Here the water is shallow and kids have a blast
"Not a good wave pool"
Reviewed on May 28, 2009 by ptaylor
Rating: 4  
As some of the other reviews say, this wave pool just isn't quite right. The bobbing waves are more annoying than anything. It's too small and therefore overly crowded. If a wave pool interests you, head to Typhoon Lagoon instead, where they have the king of all wave pools.
"Design Blunder"
Reviewed on Jul 14, 2008 by MouseWorshipper
Rating: 2  
Hate this! All this wimp turns out are bobbing waves that disturb people relaxing in tubes, but offer no challenge to body surfers. It's dull, freezing cold, badly-located, and has cottage cheese floor that gave me several deep cuts when I fell down.
Reviewed on Jun 22, 2008 by tazbear
Rating: 9  
Loved the wave pool. The waves were gentle enough for the kids. Did not have to worry about harsh waves knocking them over.
Pool big enough that we did not feel it was crowded
"Something not quite right"
Reviewed on Feb 19, 2007 by wdwmagic
Rating: 5  
For some reason I just dont find this wave pool to be fun. It's always very crowded, noisy, the waves arent relaxing, and it just doesnt do it for me. I much prefer the giant wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon.
Melt-Away Bay
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