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Reader rating Reader rating 8.8 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 8.8  
"Better than Lights, Motors Action!"
Reviewed on Oct 20, 2013 by CHOCOCLATE
Rating: 10  
This show was full of stunts and had that Indy feel. You know a shows heavy-duty when they have three stages in one show! A great rest from walking all day, and incorporated a lot of fun stunts. it was better than Lights, Motors, Action, because of the variety of stunts. It had car stunts, physical stunts ( punching ,kicking, acrobats), fire ( how can you do a stunt show without fire), and good use of interesting sets. A must see!
"Great for first-timers and Indy fans!"
Reviewed on Jun 01, 2011 by Spinlock
Rating: 10  
This is one of the original attractions at the former MGM Studios, so if you've seen it, you've pretty much seen it. If you are an Indiana Jones fan, like me, you'll probably still enjoy it every time.
All of the setups are from the 'Raiders' film, not the series, but are all classic scenes to be sure. As far as theme park stunt shows compare, this has to still be one of the best and most interesting. The sets look great, it isn't cheesy like say, the Batman stunt show was at Six Flags. The choreography is fun to watch, and with a John Williams score how can it get more exciting?
Don't go on a rainy day however, as the show is cut very short and you don't get the full effect. This is also a show where I'd personally say: try to sit close to the front wall, and on the right side. You really feel close to some great action!!
"i wonder......"
Reviewed on Jul 24, 2009 by rustysgirl
Rating: 8  
so i saw this show in 2003 and from what i remember it was great. we went in jan. 2009 and they must close it down pretty early because it wasnt even dark yet and it was closed. then we went to the lights motors action and that was closed too. so i wonder if they close these shows down early? if so i suggest getting there early in the day instead of around dinnertime. we didnt know & my husband didnt get to see it. but from what i rememeber of it was decent. bottom line, dont wait! =)
"exciting and informative"
Reviewed on Apr 12, 2009 by leafs fan
Rating: 9  
This was alot of fun. I was expecting non-stop stunts, but it's more of an explanation of how stunts are executed in films. Very informative, which was nice touch. Add the fact that the performed stunts are really exciting, and you have a winner.
Reviewed on Sep 23, 2007 by MEEE
Rating: 7  
As one of MGM's oringinal attraction's Indiana Jones is a classic show. The stunts are entertaining and they show you how some are done. It is a good experience.
"Old fun"
Reviewed on Jan 29, 2006 by jamierobins
Rating: Not rated  
Whereas first timers will enjoy this spectacle (especially fans of the very first Indie outing), it tends to drag the 2nd and 3rd time. It can't be long before Disney think about an up-date. The problem is, what? Few adventure films live up to Indie, although Pirates of the Carribean....? Maybe?

You will enjoy the show, but it's not spectacular.

"bad performances"
Reviewed on Sep 27, 2005 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: Not rated  
I've only seen this show once. I must've gone on a bad day -- the stuntman performing Indy was terrible. He jogged through each stunt as if he were tired of doing it, no enthusiasm for the part. I realized he probably performed the same thing several times a day, but come on. The storyline itself was fun.
"Epic Stunt Spectacular!"
Reviewed on Jul 28, 2004 by Tara Mae
Rating: Not rated  
Indiana Jones, Epic Stunt Spectacular: One of the greatest stunt shows I have ever seen. I especially love the pre-show entertainment...the picking of random audience members and making them do stupid things...hilarious. I love the stunts...I love the flips, the kicks, the punches...I love the beginning sequence, with Indie falling out of the "ceiling" and then running through the spikes, getting caught with those statues, and then finally the "Big Ball". Love that part. The next few scenes aren't seen unless there isn't a cloud in the sky...if it is raining, you're cut short. *they really need to find a way to cover the WHOLE are so you don't get cut short.* But as for the town scenes, the revealing of the cast member in pink, or as I call him, the dude always in sunglasses acting as an audience member...I love that. I also love the fire sequences and fight scenes, they are a 10 in my book!
Reviewed on Jan 21, 2004 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
This is a fun show with three separate "scenes" demonstrating different stunts. During the pre-show, the Casting Director chooses several people from the audience to act as extras in the scenes. This process, as well as the between scene banter between various crew members, is pretty funny. The scenes and stunts themselves are impressive; the performers' timing is precise.
"good action-filled show"
Reviewed on May 26, 2003 by figment1988
Rating: Not rated  
all i can say is that even if you haven't seen any of the indiana jones movies, but you just like anything that's full of pulse-pounding action, then this show's for you
"See it at night"
Reviewed on Oct 10, 2002 by chris
Rating: Not rated  
Try to see this show at night. The fire effects are much more dramatic. Nice stunt work and basic explosions. Doesn't take itself too seriously.
"Great Action"
Reviewed on Sep 28, 2002 by Buzz Lightyear
Rating: Not rated  
Great show. The young kids love it. Not too intense, but alot of action.
"Look out Indy!"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by meeko_33785
Rating: Not rated  
This stunt show isn't the type of attraction that becomes a must-see on every visit, but it's pretty fun. Scenes from Indiana Jones films are recreated live in front of you to show how the stunts are really pulled off. Comedy is inserted to the presentation, but is fairly predictable. Also, extras for the show are picked oit of the audience which makes each show at least a little different
"Has Indy lost his touch?"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by Genius7777
Rating: Not rated  
Indiana Jones has been around for a long time, and still they havent updated the show at disney world. The attraction features indy going through several stunt sequences, they also pick volunteers out of the audience to participate. As a first time viewer you would love it! but after countless visits to disney we wonder if Indy has lost his touch?
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"Hi...The 80's called &..."
Reviewed on Aug 25, 2002 by DMC-12
Rating: Not rated  
Hi...The 80's called &... they want there show back. A very dated movie and show. The first Indy came out when? In the early 80's.....dont get me wrong...I liked the movies... and the show was...well ok... two words: "UPDATE IT!". If you have never seen this show... go see it...once. Great FX, and action... they pick some people out of the audience to participate as well..which adds a nice touch. But this show is really dated...Hmmmm...maybe when the "Indiana Jones 4" script is done...they will update this 80's flashback.
"Tired stunt show"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2002 by wdwcrazy
Rating: Not rated  
Indiana Jones Stunt show has been there pretty much since the park has opened. It also hasn't changed much since. You are put into a few Indiana Jones stunt scenes, then shown how they work and are put together. The scenes are action-packed and keeps your attention all throughout the show. This is a great show if you've never seen it before. After you've seen it a few times it gets very old fast. Overall this is somting to see if you haven't before.
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!
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