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Future World, Epcot
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"The Greatest Ride Ever Built"
Reviewed on Oct 14, 2014 by Brent
Rating: 10  
Horizons was without a doubt the greatest single theme park attraction ever constructed. Even by today's standards, it holds up with its bold promises of the future to come. Many of Horizons's forcasts for the future have already come to pass. Truly a classic that is missed dearly every single day by many of those who were forunate enough to experience it while it was still with us. A masterpiece.
Reviewed on Jun 09, 2014 by Luke ANthony
Rating: 10  
Horizons, One of the masterpieces that was trashed in the idea that epcot wasn't good enough, was a great attraction and makes any other attraction look bland in comparison. My all time favorite
"The Greatest Ride There Isn't"
Reviewed on Jul 17, 2013 by Sarah
Rating: 10  
HORIZONS COME BACK TO US! A perfect ride for epcot! Its ok Disney, you can bring it back! I won't judge you for making a mistake! This ride wasn't just in Epcot it WAS Epcot! What could be a more perfect introduction to every pavilion? Mesa Verde with your Loranges in the desert fields. You are the LAND! Sea Castle with your deep ocean bases and living among the fish dining in your undersea restaurant. You are THE LIVING SEAS! Nova Cite could be the very city at the end of World Of Motion! Not to mention our hover cars! The holo-communications? Spaceship Earth! The begining of the ride, the past visions of the future our sci fi movies and the grand ending which you could choose. Thats Imagination! The swirling DNA strand like the one in the (horribly) removed Wonders Of Life! They Crystals of Brava Centauri, the alternate energy spoke of in Universe of Energy! All throughout you see people of different nations like in World showcase (which could represent world peace in the future if you think about it!) And finally Brava Centauri Itself, which is the HORIZONS of tomorrow. Were in the threshold now! And they wanted to give it up!? Heck this shoulda been the ride in Spaceship Earth! The perfect intro to the park! Why why why? did they get rid of it? Why not put Space in its own Pavillion. A space pavillion (of which Brava could have represented!) I couldn't bear to see the video of the ride coming down, I cried. That was right after I stopped going for a few years. It was a dark time. New Imagination, No Horizons. sadly epcot is still in its dark ages. They really should rebuild it possibly between the land and the seas (there is room as there was for (sniff sniff) Wonders of life ( :'( ) on the other side.
"Can We Please Have It Back?"
Reviewed on Feb 26, 2013 by AimYourBrent
Rating: 10  
Horizons was the greatest theme park experience ever created. That is actual fact. I wish Disney would just reconstruct it where Wonders Of Life currently sits empty. Everyone from kids to adults from timid riders to thrill seekers loved this attraction. It was everything that was great about EPCOT Center. I would do anything to be able to ride it again.
"Better than Mission Space!"
Reviewed on Nov 02, 2011 by figmentsfan1982
Rating: 10  
I have no idea why Disney had intentions for demolishing this attraction. It was a truly magical experience since you first walked into sliding doors. Sure it's a little corny, but the nostalgia factor on this ride was gigantic! I was so surprised that Disney removed this ride! It's like the Pirates of the Caribbean of Epcot. Seriously disney what were you thinking? I loved the orange smell on the ride, very similar to the smell in Soarin'. The least Disney could do is release some commemorative merchandise of the ride.
"LOVED it!"
Reviewed on Feb 03, 2011 by derelicte19
Rating: 10  
Horizons was one of my absolutely favorite in all of WDW. I loved smelling the oranges as you traveled past the orange grove. The length of the ride was great.. Everything about it was awesome!
"Horizons is nice ride!"
Reviewed on Aug 15, 2010 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
I miss that ride because it's awesome! I hope I remember this ride!
"The only real FUTURE attraction in Future World"
Reviewed on Aug 12, 2010 by Spike-in-Berlin
Rating: 10  
Despite the name the pavilions in Future World are barely or even not entirely about the future. This one was different and it was the most elaborate ride in EPCOT and one of the best designed Disney rides EVER. Bringing an interesting twist to the omnimover technology it featured very different settings, an omnimax movie screen and even a minor interactive element, actually more interactive than the fake interaction in Mission:Space.
It will be missed by most you experienced it and belongs in the Disney Hall of Fame.
"Horizons - The very soul of Epcot"
Reviewed on Mar 16, 2010 by cpeterstx
Rating: 10  
I miss Horizons something terrible. It was the very soul of Epcot. When it "died", the optimism and spirit left the park.
"Miss it allot"
Reviewed on Mar 15, 2010 by themeparkpioner
Rating: 10  
I know I say I can live without it because I got spaceship Earth to cheer me up along with the possible Hope for the future Journey into Your Imagination but I really hope they bring it back with a new story and adventure as good as the old one.
"Everyone wants it back why torture us"
Reviewed on Jul 30, 2009 by vintageepcot
Rating: 10  
I havent been on that ride or seen video since the hast time i was on it and I remembered everything so clearly. I cant believe its gon such a waste I wish it would come back or at least put the farm, the sea cuty and the space city into spaceship earth and I will be happy. But if they were tp put horizons where wonders of life is even use that building I would be more than happy.
"Come back!!!"
Reviewed on Jul 12, 2009 by jaques21
Rating: 10  
I thought I was the only person that misses this ride. When I was a kid and my parents gave me a choice, always I would choose Epcot over Magic Kingdom because of this ride. The ride was fantastic and I can still remember when it passed you by the orange groves how you could actually smell the groves. The other great part of the ride was the interactive part at the end of it. Wow, i have to agree what was Disney thinking. Good to know I'm not alone.
"The greatest loss in WDW-history EVER"
Reviewed on Jul 12, 2008 by Spike-in-Berlin
Rating: 10  
Horizons was the, by far, most elaborate attraction EPCOT had to offer and is until today the one that is most missed. The combination of different elements, the omnimax screens, the ride into space. Breathtaking. Disney management is actually insane, that they demolished it instead of updating it. If you didn't see Horizons you really missed something no Disney-ride has to offer. Period.
"The centerpiece attraction of Classic EPCOT Center"
Reviewed on Jun 25, 2008 by GatorGambit
Rating: 10  
In my opinion, this was the attraction that made EPCOT what it was. Spaceship Earth may be the largest, but this was easily the best.

A trip through the future - both classic visions of the future and real possibilities of the future - were presented in a unique style with a ride system we had not seen before and have not seen again. Gorgeous presentation in portions of the ride, such as the OmniMax Theater, added to the depth of the attraction.

What really MADE Horizons was that it was a truly innovative attraction. It led the way for other effects in other rides, including the environmental smells at Soarin', The interactive "choose your own adventure" ending that was duplicated (poorly) for Spaceship Earth, and attraction audio and video syncing used throughout many attractions today.

I still can't figure out exactly why this attraction was finally torn down. It was so innovative that it was rumored that Horizons would even make an appearance at other Disney theme parks across the world. The pavilion that replaced it is fun, but it doesn't offer the same depth in an experience. The recent Spaceship Earth refurbishment attempted to fold in elements of Horizons, but in my opinion they are mediocre at best.

Long live Horizons - I've got a lot of great memories. If you can dream it, you can do it!
"I too miss this ride greatly"
Reviewed on Mar 23, 2008 by pelham304
Rating: 10  
I am 30 years old and visited Disney every year with my family since I was a toddler.

Horizons was and will always be my personal favorite! The smell of the orange grove coudn't be beat!

I wish the imagineers could have updated Horizons, or simply had it stay and called it retro futuristic like the Contemporary! I think lovers of Disney would have gone for it!

"Muy Bien"
Reviewed on Mar 23, 2007 by MEEE
Rating: 10  
It was my favorite ride. I only rode it 6 or 7 times.
"One of the greatest ever made"
Reviewed on Feb 13, 2007 by DonnieDarko
Rating: 10  
Horizons is my absolute favorite theme park attraction of all time. Although not an Epcot Center original as most assume, it represented everything that was great about Epcot the concept and the park. Unfortunately most if not all of that is gone now, but that doesn't change the fact that the show scenes, the story, the humor, the music, the first Disney use of IMAX, the smell of the oranges, and the beauty of it's infectiousness are unsurpassed since.
"\\\"...we really can do it!\\\""
Reviewed on Jun 11, 2006 by crxbrett
Rating: Not rated  
Queue Time-GOOD-I remember waiting for an hour for this ride in \\\'89, but every time I visited WDW after that, it was a literal straight walk onto the ride with no wait.

Audio/Music-EXCELLENT-The score for this attraction had to be one of Disney\\\'s all-time best. The narration was not that serious and also was very informative and light-hearted as well. The sound was awesome for it\\\'s time.

PreShow/Queue Area-GOOD-The queue was a room with multi-leveled ramps that wrapped around a giant mural that was behind a kaleidoscopic window. The theme song would play as you waited in line. I guess it might have been slightly boring.

Storyline-GOOD-You basically started on a journey with an older couple from the future narrating your ride. First, you got to see the future\\\'s from other older eras. Eventually you caught up to present day and then fast forwarded into the future to see how life is like in Space, the sea and on Earth.

Theming-EXCELLENT-The theming was very detailed and well done. Every scene was a great example of Disney\\\'s imaginative and thorough dedication to the guest\\\'s enjoyment.

Post Show/Merchandise-VERY POOR-Okay, I really dislike this category, because I don\\\'t think a good attraction needs a post show or merchandise trap. But, Horizons really didn\\\'t offer anything after you got off the ride. A nice futuristic tunnel with a giant G.E. symbol inside an electrical crystal ball was all that was there before you went back out into the walkways of Future World again.

Thrills-POOR-Not much was thrilling other than the cool Omnimax theatre and the dated-but-still-cool simulation-style ending. The scene with the spacestation was actually exhilirating, too. The vehicles\\\' track was above you, so that you were suspended in the air which made some of the scenes more dramatic breathtaking. Thrillseekers would have hated this attraction.

Duration-EXCELLENT-The best thing about the old EPCOT was that all of the shows and attractions were at least 14 minutes. Horizons was a great way to get out of the elements and relax. Too much of today\'s Epcot is made up of short, less than 5 minute thrill rides......a shame.

Kid Friendly-EXCELLENT-Horizons was great for kids as well as adults. Nothing was loud or scary really. And since there was so much to look at, even toddlers could enjoy it.

Overall-EXCELLENT-It is a sad shame EPCOT lost the gem of an attraction that was known as Horizons. It was a perfect example of the old EPCOT\\\'s purpose to teach and explore and at the same time entertain the whole family. The old EPCOT was one of promise and hope for the future and Horizons exemplified that beautifully.

"We will always remember."
Reviewed on Mar 07, 2005 by disneydata
Rating: Not rated  
I really do miss this attraction. Unfortunately, I was only able to ride it a few times. I have been on Mission: Space and comparing would be like apples to oranges. The technology of M:S is great, but nothing can beat this ORIGINAL attraction.
"Horizons: Badly Missed."
Reviewed on Jul 28, 2004 by Tara Mae
Rating: Not rated  
Horizons. What can I say about Horizons except that it was and is still one of my favorite rides. My favorite scene in the ride was the orange grove; I especially loved the smell of the oranges, and I dearly miss that. I liked the choosing of the ends...that allowed for variety, and each ending was a whole new experience. I am very upset that this was taken away...I loved it as a child, and as a young adult, honestly think I would love it more, now that I fully understand what this ride was about: Technology, advancing technology. I am a fan of this ride for many reasons, and I wish there were some way of getting it back. To smell those oranges again, to see the talking robot, to ride in the sideways cars....I strive for that.
"Badly Missed"
Reviewed on Feb 10, 2004 by HyperKC
Rating: Not rated  
This was one of my favorite things at Epcot. I miss it greatly. It was a very interesting attraction. I was young when I first went on it and I still loved it. I have been on Mission Space, and it is in no way better, I miss Horisons and wish it would come back.
"gone but not forgotten"
Reviewed on Jan 15, 2004 by fanofdinsey1981
Rating: Not rated  
I do miss this ride, though I have to go on memory for this, it has been a long time since i last went on this ride. I loved walking up to the building and seeing the spiral staricase like movement of the cars, and going up was just as thrilling. the coolest part was the choosing of air,desert,space etc. I love the ocean one myself. enjoyable, but did need a few updates by the end.
"Original and well-done."
Reviewed on Dec 03, 2003 by matt88mph
Rating: Not rated  
Come back Horizons! The 21st Century isn't done yet, we still need you! An Epcot best. It summed up everything in Future World.
"RIP Horizons"
Reviewed on Mar 10, 2003 by Tigger Boing
Rating: Not rated  
This attraction will be missed...it was a classic Epcot original. Those people who found it boring and napped through it are people who couldn't see classic Disney Imagineering if it bit them on the nose...if they'd stayed awake they would have seen it. It had classic audioanimatronics...a great theme...and you got to pick your ending...how does it get better than that? A good ride is more than a thrill ride.
"Bring on Mission: Space!!"
Reviewed on Mar 09, 2003 by MickeyMoose15
Rating: Not rated  
I am so glad Horizons is gone. The only reason I am a little upset it is gone is because I lost a good napping spot. Horizons is one of the most boring attractions Disney has ever built. Thank goodness Mission: Space will be replacing this tired attraction. Looking very forward to an actual ride here in Epcot.
"It will be sorely missed."
Reviewed on Mar 09, 2003 by Walter
Rating: Not rated  
Wow, this was the best attraction ever made by Disney. It's really too bad that it was taken down. It's a real shame. I've been on Mission:Space, and, believe me, it just can't compare. Nothing can hold a candle to good ol' Horizons. Now, sadly, it's gone, but not forgotten.
"Cool Epcot Ride!!!"
Reviewed on Oct 29, 2002 by animegirllover
Rating: Not rated  
I missed it so much & I loved this ride!!! It was replaced by Mission: Space because they're having a new attraction at Epcot. I loved this ride all the time because they had great effects like Space Mountain & Captain EO.
Reviewed on Sep 25, 2002 by mitros
Rating: Not rated  
We really miss this ride. It was the most entertaining ride in epcot. There was rarely a line {which is probably why they closed it,} but it was an entertaining show that gave us a lot of joy over the years.It was not a "thrill ride", it was not horribly loud, and all family members could enjoy it.
"I miss it"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by Wilson
Rating: Not rated  
My favorite ride. I understand why it had to go, but I still miss it. Seems like it really spoke to some people, while others wonder what all the fuss is about. I'm one of the ones it spoke to, and I'd try to explain it, but I can't. I don't know, it just did. I loved going on Horizons and I'll probably always miss it. I am looking forward to M:S, though
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2002 by WDW-Imagineer
Rating: Not rated  
Horizons was a very good attraction. There are some sections of the ride that I became quite fond of and still miss to this day. Although Horizons was old and showing signs of age. Unfortunately it had to be replaced, but I feel its replacement (Mission: Space) is going to leave Horizons in the dust. Horizons was great, but I don't lose sleep over it being gone.
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
Reviewed on Aug 25, 2002 by the_ceo_at_wdw
Rating: Not rated  
I always enjoyed riding this unique ride. Walking inside and smelling the scent of fresh " oranges ". Looking into the future. Looking back.. It was a MUST SEE.. I will miss you.
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2002 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
This attraction was beyond words. Like the Carousel of Progress, this was a "Walt" attraction - looking on the past to the future of what's to come...and what we thought was fun! It was great to look back and foward to tomorrow in this beloved attraction. It will truly be missed! If we can dream it, we can do it, and that's the most exciting part!
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