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Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom
Reader rating Reader rating 6.0 / 10
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"One of the most unique experiences at WDW"
Reviewed on Dec 22, 2011 by neoshinok
Rating: 10  
This show is a true icon of the Magic Kingdom. The waiting area alone has a remarkable collection of real artifacts owned by US Presidents. The waiting room also usually has knowledgeable cast members. Look for James, he has an endless knowledge of presidential trivia. The current show, narrated by Morgan Freeman is very emotional. Highlighting the most influential and important presidents of years past, the video/photo montage is beautifully done. Last but not least, the animatronics are remarkable. The ones with primary speaking roles include Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Barack Obama. Unfortunately for many families, kids may not have the patience to enjoy this 25 minutes show. For those who have the opportunity, don't miss this treasure of an attraction.
Reviewed on Jul 03, 2011 by zacopeland18
Rating: 2  
My wife and I went in think it would be interesting and fun. Boy were we wrong. I thought I was in a college lecture with a really boring professor.
"Not that great-"
Reviewed on Mar 04, 2011 by Nacho Libre
Rating: 4  
I find a LOT of what is being conveyed here as propagandized half-truths and activist satiating drivel- It's somewhat offensive. It's a FAR cry from the original intent.
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2010 by mastercat999
Rating: 2  
this ride is boring
"Hall Of Presidents Starring Obama is a great show"
Reviewed on Jul 07, 2009 by Jasonflz
Rating: 8  
I had never ridden Hall of Presidents before so I didn't know what to expect. The new show is amazing, to say the least. The entrance area features many great presidential portraits and gowns that will have any history buff drooling. The show itself is a unique example of Disney imagineering at it's finest. The new films with Morgan Freeman are great and the animatronics are well done.

8.7/10 stars
Reviewed on Jan 22, 2009 by mixbunny
Rating: 9  
I loved how realistic the presidents were. When one was speaking, all the others would turn their head to watch. They would also figit like real people!
"It's Okay"
Reviewed on Jul 16, 2008 by tinkerblonde11
Rating: 5  
Like I said, it's okay. If you enjoy learning some on your Disney trip, definitely go in. This is a good ride to do if it is raning because it will kill about 15-20 minutes. For me, I'm not a big fan.
"Check out the Presidental Artifacts"
Reviewed on Feb 05, 2007 by Madam Leota
Rating: 8  
Whither your a fan of the Hall or not, definatly go in and look around in the large waiting room/area. All around the room are portraits of the presidents. Also they have various items displayed like Clinton's saxaphone!
"Disney's America"
Reviewed on Oct 15, 2005 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: Not rated  
This is one of those shows for the die hard Disney fan. The animatronics and detailing are a sight to behold. As an actual show, it may not be something you necessarily need to see with every trip to the Magic Kingdom, but this show deserves to be seen at least once. This is Disney's America at it's patriotic best.
"The pre-show is better"
Reviewed on Dec 31, 2004 by DDuckFan130
Rating: Not rated  
I remember liking the pre-show and queuing area better than the actual show. I liked seeing the presidential portraits and getting "quizzed" on American history. I remember shouting out the answers the CM was dishing out and getting them right hehe. The show, while inspirational and very well done, is nowhere near as outstanding as American Adventure. I saw AA way after HoP and found it more entertaining. I will give HoP the same credit though for having such lifelike animatronics =).
"American Ideals"
Reviewed on Jan 22, 2004 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
This attraction features an interesting pre-show display area that political junkies and history buffs will love. I enjoyed reading President Nixon's 8th grade autobiographical essay ending with him saying he wants to go into politics where he can do some good. I also enjoyed seeing the presidential portraits.

As for the show itself, the emphasis is on American ideals. While not a great history lesson or an exciting presentation, it is upbeat and patriotic. One big beef: during the presidential roll call, the spotlight on each audio-animatronic president isn't obvious enough. It's a large stage and hard to scan quickly when the visual cues are so subtle.
"Pretty Good"
Reviewed on Jun 24, 2003 by Wilson
Rating: Not rated  
Saw this show for the first time in many years on my most recent trip. Patriotic, nostalgic, a little heavier on the slavery angle than I remember, but overall a good show. The highlight is of course the roll call of presidents. Take note of the differences in height, dress, hairstyle, and the various movement, fidgeting, head shaking, high fives, dancing, etc. from the boys throughout the performance. My personal experience was enhanced by the group of girls sitting behind me, commenting throughout the show on "how real the wax people look" *slaps head*, followed by one of them noting during our current president's speech that "it even sounds like Bush!" *slaps head again*
Reviewed on Sep 09, 2002 by nineinchnailsmk
Rating: Not rated  
Excellent show. It is wonderful to see all of the presidents "interact" with each other. Next time you visit, look around and you will see presidents leaning over to talk to one another. Some of them even shake their heads when the current president speaks. This is a wonderful attracting, expecially for people interested in history.
Reviewed on Sep 08, 2002 by meeko_33785
Rating: Not rated  
This attraction isn't the most exciting in the park. There's a film about the founding of America, a roll call of all presidents, and speaches by Lincon and Bush. See once, but not after you see EPCOT's American Adventure or you won't be quite as impressed.
Reviewed on Sep 04, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
Reviewed on Aug 29, 2002 by robvandam
Rating: Not rated  
Awesome attraction ... very accurate history ... fun to go if u like history
"Patriotic and Inspiring!"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2002 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
Especially cruical in these times, the Hall of Presidents gives guests a taste of inspiration and celebration of our nation! This Magic Kingdom original puts us face to face with every US President, currently featuring a speech by President Bush himself.
Reviewed on Aug 19, 2002 by Lance
Rating: Not rated  
Hall of President's is the most recent WDW attraction I've experienced, so it's fresh in my memory. The last time I was in the Hall had to be six or seven years ago, so it was time to check them out again. PLUS, I had to see what they did with current President George W. Bush. It was such a long time since I had been, so it seemed like a whole new attraction. Well, you get in and they show this 15 minute movie about American History, it really seemed like they were never going to get into the American Presidents. They finally do and it's worth the wait, you see all 43 Presidents. Washington, Lincoln and Bush speak, I think that's all of them. Anyway, it was surprisingly better than I remember it being!
Hall of Presidents
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