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Reader rating Reader rating 7.4 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 7.4  
"My personal favorite"
Reviewed on Mar 05, 2014 by Mark
Rating: 10  
Ellen's Energy Adventure at the Universe of Energy is always a must ride for me. Between the air conditioned 40 minutes inside, the laughs, and the dinosaurs, it just never gets old for me! This is my favorite ride at Walt Disney World, and it is highly recommended.
"A trip through time and space"
Reviewed on Aug 08, 2013 by Sarah
Rating: 6  
The universe of Energy with Ellen is a ride that will take you far back into the past. All the way....to 1996!! Ellen, 90s jeopardy, and bill nye were current in the mid 90s but today they just seem really out of place. There is also no mention of current enviro trends, electric cars, the current practice of lining cities with solar panels on streetlights etc., and our modern search for alternatives, the questions over fracking, what were doing to prevent oil spills since our mistakes etc. (the last one was kina a joke lol) Dinosaur at AK kinda makes the dino scene, formerly a crowd pleaser, a bit underwhelming. It looks old. Its filled with inaccuracies anachronisms and slow movement. Another issues is that its so dark and disturbing at times. It kinda seems like a mighty cave with massive doorways and lots of darkness all over. For a ride based on energy talking about solar, It sure doesn't let any sunshine in. I wish they had made the sunshine opening like they originally planned. But still I guess It works for the dinos. However, I still love the ride system. At the end its somewhat hard to tell what room you're actually in. The vehicles are really unique the moving theater effect is very nice.
"Almost fell asleep"
Reviewed on Jul 19, 2013 by Jimmy
Rating: 2  
I gave it a 2 star for 1 reason. It got me out of the sun and into an air conditioned theatre. The problem with this, is it is too long winded, takes up almost an hour of your day, and you come out of it feeling totally dissatisfied that you have taken up a lot of the day on something that wasn't worth it. Ellen is the main pull for most people as she is big in the USA, but in the UK, she is virtually unknown. So maybe I just didn't get it. Very informative and educational, but unfortunately that isn't really something that appeals to me. Almost fell asleep once we got into the 'ride' section. Overall it was a waste of an hour and extremely boring.
"Could use a major update."
Reviewed on Jul 16, 2012 by WondersOfLife
Rating: 6  
This attraction, last time I rode it (July 13, 2012) was VERY outdated. It is very, very, very old and need a major refurb. Although, it is still quite entertainable and there's still some funny moments. The dino-rama scene is pretty old as well.

Overall, I think it was a very great well themed ride. Honestly, who else could put Jeapordy, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Ellen into a ride? I can give it some props for being very awesome for it's time, but I think we need something new here. Still, I would recommened seeing it on your trip.
"A must see!"
Reviewed on Oct 20, 2011 by GoBeavs
Rating: 10  
Education and fun all in one!
"Funny, yet educating!"
Reviewed on Sep 08, 2011 by WondersOfLife
Rating: 10  
You won't even know that you're being educated on this ride. Featuring three things that you would never expect to see in a theme park ride: Jeapordy, Ellen, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. You have to like Ellen (or have a sense of humor) to actually like this. Otherwise, you just won't. You shouldn't take the people who say that it's "boring" or "what it used to be was awesome" when it's the opposite. What it replaced was actually more boring than the current, and the old one was boring. Truly funny, could be updated a tad tho.
Reviewed on Jul 03, 2011 by zacopeland18
Rating: 1  
I was so bored. Ellen came off as super annoying. Please Disney, please make this ride into something else!
"Great, Classic, Funny, and of course....Informative"
Reviewed on Mar 29, 2010 by WDW FTW
Rating: 9  
This 45 minute ride begins with the preshow, like most disney rides. The only downside is this one is pretty long and sometimes itll be a while before it even starts, which usually means sitting on the floor which i dont mind but you know it can get annoying. Besides that the whole entire storyline of the ride is fantastic and the iMax style of the ride with the whole room surrounded in TV screens is excellent. I'll admit some of the animatronics are outdated but its still a classic.
"Stupid Judy!!!!"
Reviewed on Feb 12, 2009 by 
Rating: 10  
Having been to Epcot countless times there is one ride I never miss. Ellen's Energy Adventure! This ride is an instant classic and is immediately one my top favorite list for any theme park ride. The show, located in the Universe Of Energy pavilion, is one of the craftiest, most unique and clever show/ride on the market. Ellen's Energy Adventure has a fairly simple storyline, a woman named Ellen is trapped in a nightmare "dream sequence" in which she has compete on the T.V. show Jeopardy with former college roommate Judy Peterson and none other than Albert Einstein himself. The story takes an even more unique twist as Ellen, with the help of friend Bill Nye The Science Guy, journeys through time to help learn about energy. Ellen and Bill travel to the Big Bang,(it is very loud for those of you with tikes), the dinosaur age, various energy resource plants, underwater, atom splitting, and finally back to the game show. Ellen's Energy Adventure is a 45 minute show that is great for taking a break from the hot Florida sun and walking around the park all day. A portion of the ride also travels through a gigantic dinosaur diorama with life sized dinosaurs, insects, volcanoes and geysers, water effects, and more! This ride is an amazing addition to EPCOT and really shows that learning can be fun and hilarious.

Ellen's Energy Adventure

Produced By: Antoine Compin

Ellen Degeneres
Bill Nye
Jamie Lee Curtis
Alex Trebek
Willard Scott
Corey Burton
Chris Berman
Johnny Gilbert
Michael Richards
Benny Wasserman

Original Music By: Bruce Broughton

Second Unit Director: Rusty Mahmood

Sound Department:
Greg Krueger .... sound re-recording mixer
Gary Summers .... sound re-recording mixer

Visual Effects By:
Tex Kadonaga .... visual effects art director: Rhythm & Hues
Rob Ostir .... digital effects artist
Sherril Schlesinger .... visual effects editor
Ron Simonson .... digital colorist
David J. Witters .... visual effects animator

Camera and Electrical Department
Pat O'Mara .... grip
Marc Wolff .... pilot: camera helicopter

Editorial Department
Danya Joseph .... apprentice editor

Reviewed on Nov 26, 2008 by MEEE
Rating: 8  
Also known as the Universe of Energy, Ellen's Energy adventure is one of WDW's most underrated rides. The animatronic dinosaurs are great and the ride elements combined with show elements are blended beautifully. Ellen DeGeneres is the "main character" and does a quality acting job. This is one of EPCOT's original attraction and easily worth riding.
Ellen's Energy Adventure
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