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Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom
Reader rating Reader rating 8.0 / 10
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"RIP Dreamflight"
Reviewed on Feb 03, 2011 by derelicte19
Rating: 9  
Dreamflight wasn't a thrilling or suspenseful ride but for some reason, I loved it! It was one of my favorite in MK and I was very sad to see it go. I do like Buzz but I liked Dreamflight better...
"Good but not mindblowing"
Reviewed on Aug 28, 2008 by MEEE
Rating: 7  
Dreamflight was a whimsical, very relaxing dark ride. The sound track was about average but the flying effects were nice. A lot of the theming looked pretty cardboard like, however Dreamflight was a average ride for Disney (outstanding for anywhere else). Buzz Lightyear is an upgrade though.
"The flight of your life!!"
Reviewed on Nov 14, 2005 by crxbrett
Rating: Not rated  
Okay, I admit it, I loved Delta's Dreamflight/Take Flight. It was somehow hypnotizing to me. That song would get stuck in my head the rest of the trip. Ahhh, memories.....I know it wasn't the best attraction and the appeal factor was low. I never expected it to last forever. You knew it was someday going to replaced. The cheesy cut-outs in the barn! The guy strapped to the plane doing stunts! The Japanese garden! The French street! The jet engine with fog!!! The giant pop-up book with the Delta jet projection whizzing by in the background! It was so memorable! I agree it wasn't a crowdpleaser, but to me it was one of the best rides in the Magic Kingdom. And the best part--you could walk on this ride whenever you liked without a wait! No matter how crowded the park was.

A very average ride to an average visitor. But one of my favorite rides in a long line that are now gone at WDW!!
"ah dreamflight........"
Reviewed on Jan 15, 2004 by fanofdinsey1981
Rating: Not rated  
I miss this ride, and the big huge pop up book. but buzz is a crowd pleaser, and the ride was sure to finda time when it was outdated.
"A secret kept too well"
Reviewed on Nov 16, 2003 by Michael M Crave
Rating: Not rated  
"Dreamflight", one of the most exciting dark rides to come out of the 80's, may very well go down as one of the most underrated attractions in Disney World History. It deserved a better fate, which it could have found by being placed in a more appropriate location - Epcot Center. Dreamflight explored the past, present, and future of air travel much the same way Epcot rides liked to explore the past, present, and future of other leading industries (transportation, communication, agriculture, etc.), but, unlike most of Epcot's now-extinct rides, this one was much shorter, but in that time packed a very exciting pace and punch. Around six minutes long, it was imaginably quite cheap to build, but still as inspiring and rewarding as any of the epic dark rides at Epcot. Also like most of Epcot's ghosts, this ride had an undeniably addictive soundtrack that had you humming the theme's chorus all day long. Heck, I still find myself humming it as I sit overwhelmingly bored on Buzz Lightyear, "Dreamflight"'s replacement that panders directly to the attention defecit disorder culture that now makes up the heavy bulk of Disney World guests. Call me crazy or just lame, but Buzz can't touch Dreamflight's fun and effectiveness at pulling you into its theme and staying with you for years afterwards. I still remember a ride on Dreamflight more accurately than I remember whatever the heck happened during my six minutes of spinning, shooting, and, well, well, whatever else happened on "Buzz Lightyear". And the best part of Dreamflight? Never a line. Unfortunately, that is probably also what ultimately ended the dream and grounded the flight.
Reviewed on Oct 05, 2002 by Brooke
Rating: Not rated  
It was alright but Buzz Lightyear is better. Plus this was not a good ride for Tommarrowland.
Reviewed on Sep 06, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"Decent Diversion"
Reviewed on Sep 06, 2002 by YankeeFan
Rating: Not rated  
Though now replaced by the better attraction, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, the Delta DreamFlight attraction was a pleasantly relaxing diversion of an attraction. Dealing with the history of airflight, it didn't boast any particularly great effects or anything but it was interesting. If it had still been around today, it'd be a good way to kill time while waiting to use your Space Mountain FastPass.
"Great attraction"
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2002 by WDW-Imagineer
Rating: Not rated  
Dreamflight was a very fun attraction, and was quite relaxing as well. I was disapointed when it closed, yet I believe it was replaced by superior ride.
"In our Dreams"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2002 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
This now extinct attraction was excelent. With several original themes, Dreamflight took us on the history - and the future! - of aviation. Jumping into a pop up book and traveling around the world presented us with a feeling like no other. It will always be around in our hearts!!
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