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"Fun and Cute But..."
Reviewed on Mar 11, 2003 by Tigger Boing
Rating: Not rated  
This parade wasn't a true Disney parade since it only involved the main characters for the show. It had no other Disney characters and was very short. It was cute to see once....wouldn't waste my time for a second viewing.
"One Giant Promotion"
Reviewed on Mar 09, 2003 by MickeyMoose15
Rating: Not rated  
What can I say other then the fact that this is just one giant commercial? Oh, yeah! The fact that Dinosaurs went off the air maybe less then a year after this debuted. Wasn't on TV that long. Why did Disney do this? Just to suck up to the Jim Henson company as they tried to buy it?
"Live Commercial"
Reviewed on Aug 25, 2002 by MKCustodial
Rating: Not rated  
If I remember this correctly, it was no more than the characters from the "Dinosaurs" series in a double-decker moving around the park. And by characters I mean the family, and Baby was a doll with a rotating head.
Dinosaurs Live
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