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Future World, Epcot
Reader rating Reader rating 8.1 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 8.1  
"Club Cool is cool"
Reviewed on Apr 25, 2011 by
Rating: 9  
I loved Club Cool! I liked trying all the different sodas (good and bad) and it was hilarious seeing people's reactions to some of the drinks. Club Cool was a great place to escape the heat and look at some of the cool coke merchandise!
"A Sticky Disaster"
Reviewed on Feb 22, 2011 by VDisneyFan18
Rating: 4  
It is O.K. If it is crowded i wouldn't reccomend going in there. It is super sticky EVERYWHERE,(as you can imagine)and if you taste a certin one it ruins your experiance. Another thing is there is a cherry fanta from i think Germany and it is better than some American pops. Just choose wisely.
"Free Drinks"
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2011 by elw316
Rating: 8  
Granted they taste funny but there is 1 that is good. They do a fair job keeping it clean. It was redone a couple of years ago and that helped.
Reviewed on Feb 11, 2010 by mastercat999
Rating: 9  
tasty drinks!
"yummy drinks for free you can get on your own!"
Reviewed on Jul 24, 2009 by rustysgirl
Rating: 10  
a couple of em are funky to say the least while others still were very tasty. you can sample them all in a nice air conditioned room with music right next to the character spot. we were relieved to discover a place to quench our thirsts on our own without standing in a line to order a drink. I'm so glad this is here.
"Enjoyed it very much"
Reviewed on Jul 07, 2009 by Jasonflz
Rating: 8  
One little gem many might not know about in Epcot is Club Cool, a real load of fun. Here is a summary;

Go inside
Get a cup
drink as much free drinks as your body can take.

The drink selection is very unique with a nice blend of sweet, tasty, fruity, sool, soothing, bitter, or just plain nasty drinks. Some will make you feel ill and other will have you sighing in delight. How do you know which one is which? Just wait for people's reactions after they take a sip. Also, avoid the drink called "Beverly". You'll be glad you did.

8.5/10 stars
"Can't beat a free drink"
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2009 by wdwmagic
Rating: 7  
Club Cool gives you the chance to try Coca Cola products from around the world. Most important, it's free! This translates to free drinks, in an air conditioned environment - not bad! The place does get busy, and you will have to listen to some radio Disney type music, but it's a neat place that is well worth a visit.
Reviewed on Oct 13, 2008 by Disneygirl91395
Rating: 10  
is you like soda this is the place to be. free drinks and is air conditioned. perfict for a hot day.
Club Cool
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