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Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom
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"Dad's favourite"
Reviewed on Apr 24, 2014 by Reynolds UK
Rating: 10  
Of all the rides this is the one that hits at the heart strings, sentimental and relaxing at the same time. The Tikki room runs it close but this is still number one for us.
"Happy times"
Reviewed on Mar 05, 2014 by David Reynolds
Rating: 10  
Quite simply a time to reflect on all things good from Disney. A favourite of all the family from the UK. PRPDLJL
"A sentimental favorite"
Reviewed on Dec 29, 2011 by wsmith1978
Rating: 9  
Needs a little updating when it reaches the modern day, but an other perfect ride that will always remind me of my first trip to WDW in 2009. I was blown away by the whole experience, and this attraction is a very special part of that. There's always a great big beautiful tomorrow if you're going to be at Disney World!
Reviewed on Jul 03, 2011 by zacopeland18
Rating: 2  
My wife and I use this ride to take a short nap when it gets a little hot out and we're a little tired from walking around the parks.
"Love it."
Reviewed on May 17, 2011 by Hot4Hudgens
Rating: 9  
Love this one. I'm fairly young, so I appreciate any time-pieces and this one, of course, does so in the way only Disney can. Really enjoy it, whether it's during a regular visit or using the attraction for much-needed downtime. Never change it, please!
"Cute "
Reviewed on Jan 14, 2011 by elw316
Rating: 7  
The best way to describe the show/ride is cute. The best feature is the a/c in the summer and you can rest for 20 minutes. If you have seen it once then you know the story and song. It would be nice if they update the last area. Nothing to scare kids
Reviewed on Aug 05, 2010 by HM Spectre
Rating: 9  
The Carousel of Progress is a great look at the past and how we got where we're at. It's not a thrill but anyone with an appreciation for history and the future like Walt had will enjoy it. Technology advances so fast that it's always a little out of date but it still gets the message across.
"A Classic !"
Reviewed on Jun 01, 2010 by sowardsg
Rating: 10  
This rates as one of my most favorite attractions in the MK. It had been several years since I had been to disney and when we went back in 2002 it was closed at that time. I was devastated !! We have been going back every year since then and I can't wait to see this classic creation of Walt's. I was so sad to hear they my close it and tear it down. It would be a shame to loose this educational experience. It is a great see for young and old !! Maybe it just needs new seats, but do not change this classic attraction.
Reviewed on Jun 01, 2010 by jjharvpro
Rating: 10  
This sit-down ride is especially part of my must-do list with my dad. It is an attraction that was made with Walt's pure, special touch. It's special to me in that way. Now even though this ride is somewhat old and does not have the HIGHEST quality of Audio-Animatronics, it is TOTAL CLASSIC DISNEY. Experience this if you want a look back on time itself and a look back on Walt's perspective, or if you want to cool off after a long day in the Magic Kingdom.
"Best WDW Attraction"
Reviewed on Apr 24, 2010 by Myron
Rating: 10  
In my opinion, the Carousel is the best attraction at the Magic Kingdom. If it ever closes, I would no longer visit. I saw the Carousel on the very first day it opened at the 1964 World's Fair and loved it ever since. I followed it when it moved to Disneyland in California and then to Florida. I am sad that they want to close and demolish it as it is part of my youth. It is one of the few educational attractions remaining as it takes guests through the past and into the future. They already demolished GM's "World of Motion" which showed the story of the invention of the car. I already heard that the attraction is only opened seasonally.
Reviewed on Dec 06, 2009 by Jeany031
Rating: 10  
COP is my favorite attraction! I can't wait to see it again!
"A true original!"
Reviewed on Dec 02, 2009 by DisneyFan83
Rating: 10  
Slow for the young ones, I always slept through as a young boy, but an absolute original. I like how they have added the display screens in the cue area, you get to hear Walt talk about the attraction as they develop it. A true classic and will ALWAYS be a Magic Kingdom staple!
"there's a great big beautiful tomorrow"
Reviewed on Oct 19, 2009 by PrincessJen
Rating: 10  
This ride truly makes me happy! I absolutely love the song - it will be stuck in your head all day! I don't think that anyone should go to Disney and miss this ride! You just have to go on it!
"Disney Original!"
Reviewed on Aug 17, 2009 by daydreamdana84
Rating: 9  
Yes , sure this ride is slow , But it's my mom's favorite! It's great to go on for a cool off. The song does tend to get stuck in your head but my family loves it!
""Secretly Loved By All That See It""
Reviewed on Aug 11, 2009 by WDW Is My Life
Rating: 9  
Whether it be for an air-conditioned oasis, the clever story line, the catchy song, to see some great audio-animatronics or to just see a small part of Walt Disney's mind. This has something for everyone and I am sure will enjoy like most people do.
"love it"
Reviewed on Jul 25, 2009 by rustysgirl
Rating: 9  
we almost missed this one but since there was no wait we decided to do it. i'm so glad we did! its like a movie theater that turns in a circle. the animatronics are incredible & the story in general just watching the way things have changed throughout history is awesome. (and i'm not a history fan haha) the part at the end where they almost blow up the kitchen was funny.
Reviewed on Oct 24, 2008 by Jaytrod
Rating: 10  
I love this ride. Its starting to get a little old nowadays but its still fun and it's a great place to rest your feet or get out of the sun for 20 minutes or so.
"Don't miss this ride!"
Reviewed on Jul 30, 2008 by PipersPicksTV
Rating: 10  
My kids are still a little fussy on this one, but it is a must-see ride. The way it looks at history is just incredible.
"One of my Favorites!"
Reviewed on May 12, 2008 by travelgip
Rating: 10  
This "ride/show" is one of my very favorite in the Magic Kingdom. Not only does it have "Uncle Walt's" hands all over it (right down to the voice narrating it" but the animatronics, theme and purpose are all wonderful. It seems a little jokey now since the "future" portion is not where we are, but the beginning scenes from the early 1900's and into the 1950's is great. Like watching life history play out before you. I highly recommend this for adults who have an appreciating for history and the beginning of animation entertainment.
"A Wonderful Disney Classic"
Reviewed on May 06, 2008 by friendnc
Rating: 9  
We love this attraction, especially my wife. I remember seeing it with my family as a teenager in the 70's and I still love it, as do my 15/12 year old sons. Could use a bit of updating every 5-10 years or so. But a great attraction that I look forward to taking my grandchildren to see one day!
"One of our favorites"
Reviewed on Jan 05, 2008 by Spaceship_Rob
Rating: 10  
It's not fast, nor thrilling, but the Carousel of Progress is one of our families' favorite rides in the Magic Kingdom. We like it because of it's light-hearted approach to life in each the decades it covers. It's good to be reminded that today's modern inventions were not always part of life in the recent past.

Our kids can't fathom a world without DVD's, IPODs, the Internet or cell phones. My 16 year old always learns something new about the recent past and even though she's too old to ask "was it really that way back then?", I can see the wheels turning as she exits the theatre.

Keep running the Carousel of Progress, please Mr. Mouse!
"love it"
Reviewed on Jul 29, 2007 by DisneyGIRL91407
Rating: 7  
I love this ride for a few different reasons. Number one, it has great animatronics in it. Number two, i love the music in it.
Number three, its a good place to just sit and relax. Everyone that has been to Disney knows that there isnt much relaxation with kids. And number four, its air conditioned. Its very hot at disney so this ride gives you a place to cool down!
Reviewed on May 31, 2007 by MEEE
Rating: 8  
The Carousel of Progress was an original attraction created by Walt Disney and has won many awards throuout its life. It was closed seasonally but seems to be back. Carousel is one of the best shows but might need an update in the "21st Century" part. Really a classic though. If its open, it definatly is worth seeing, maybe when lines are longer for other attractions. The rotating theater is a nice touch, thus the name carousel. 8.5 out of ten
"Still has a bit of charm!"
Reviewed on Mar 04, 2007 by simonandlaura
Rating: 7  
Still worth a visit for seasoned WDW guests. The content means something but the auditoriums are staring to look a little shabby in places.
"Love it"
Reviewed on Feb 07, 2007 by DisneyFaNatic1
Rating: 10  
Whether your kids find it boring or not, it is a show they should all see. When I was young, I was so bored, but now that I am older, it is one of my favorites and I really learned to appreciate it. Disney should never get rid of the ride.
"Hope it lasts forever"
Reviewed on Nov 14, 2005 by crxbrett
Rating: Not rated  
Okay, since I was lucky to see both versions of this show I am rating each one on it\'s own since they were very different.

1975-1993 (Now Is The Time Version)
Queuing Time-Excellent. You never had to wait!
Audio/Music-Excellent. Now is the time! That song was so catchy and brings back fond memories! Better to me than the current one.
PreShow/Queue Area-Poor. Nothing to see or do.
PostShow-Very Poor. Although I don\'t think one was needed for this show.
Thrill-Very Poor. Again, no thrills. But, it wasn\'t meant to, either.
Duration-Excellent!! Perfect for relaxing or enjoying a long and interesting show.
Kid Friendly-Good. I think this version of the show was actually more interesting to kids. It had more humor and seemed more entertaining.
Overall-Good. I think this was my favorite attraction when I was a kid.

1994---(Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow version)
Queuing Time-Excellent. Again, no real waiting time.
Audio/Music-Good. To me, and I know it\'s the original theme, it\'s not as good. I have a soft spot for the older one.
PreShow/Queue Area-Average. Although, it\'s better than it used to be. Now they have a cool video of old footage that is very interesting to watch!
PostShow-Very Poor. But it doesn\'t need one, either!
Thrills-Very Poor. And again-it wasn\'t meant to, either!!
Duration-Excellent. No such thing as too long for Disney rides!
Kid Friendly-Average. I don\'t think the current show is as kid friendly as the old one. Maybe because I\'m an adult now.
Overall-Good. Still a treat for the whole family and preserves Walt\'s vision and dreams of a brighter tomorrow.

One thing that will always be annoying on this attraction--the 4th and final room. Unless Disney updated it every 3 or 4 years, it will always be dated. In 1994 the finale was fine, but in 2006 it is hokey and lame. The Now is The Time version\'s finale was even worse!!! It had a Brady Bunch-like feel to it with floodlights, shag carpet, turtleneck sweaters, beads and a TV inside a wood display to boot!! But now that I think of it, that gives it slight charm .
"old school"
Reviewed on Oct 13, 2005 by 3IAlienKid
Rating: Not rated  
I love the old animatronic shows like this one. This is how they used to do it. While I like societal & cultural changes in taste, it's a shame this type of storytelling is considered dated, because there's so much nostalgic charm in something like this. Although it's future is uncertain, I appreciate Disney's attempts to update it, featuring a new preshow video explaining the shows historical relevance as it relates to Walt Disney himself, and I like the updated dialogue better than the original, especially the running joke about specifics technological improvements to the same types of household chores, each update building onto the next era's (show scene's) update.

Probably only a ride for those who appreciate the nostalgia.
"Catchy song!"
Reviewed on Dec 12, 2004 by DDuckFan130
Rating: Not rated  
Even though it's old, I believe in respecting Walt's wishes about keeping it around. Definitely great to catch a nap in, but if you're not sleepy, it's definitely worth a watch and listen. The song is catchy and you'll be singing it as much as "It's a Small World" lol.
"A Little Piece of Walt"
Reviewed on Oct 17, 2004 by bigtinkfun
Rating: Not rated  
I hadn't seen Carousel of Progress in many years because I usually visit in the off season. I saw it on this last trip and fell in love all over again. As others have mentioned, this attaction was a personal fave of Walt's and most closely shows his outlook and touch. For The Powers That Be at WDW to replace it would be criminal. The audience sits in a theater and watches a series of vignettes about how much life has changed in the good ol' US of A since the early 1900s through about the 1980s. The attraction could use some updating and I'd like to see some more decades added, like the 1960s and the 1930s, but otherwise, it is a great tribute to Walt and his vision of progress. It's a great big beautiful tomorrow...
"Relaxing & Stimulating"
Reviewed on Sep 22, 2004 by disneygirl1026
Rating: Not rated  
I absolutely love this ride. It is a genuine Disney classic! While it may not be thrilling, I love the look of the ride. It has a great storyline and provides a cool atmosphere on a hot day. This is a nice break in anyone's long day at the park. This ride is a family favorite!
"Now is the best time"
Reviewed on May 24, 2004 by Usarmye2
Rating: Not rated  
I loved this attraction for 20 years ever since my first visit. I will be absolutly upset if they ever tear that down. The music is catchy and the attraction is wonderful. Especially if the day is hot and your feet hurt, like the Space Ship Earth in Epcot, It is well worth every minute.
Reviewed on Jan 21, 2004 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
This is a slow-moving, upbeat show with great narration by Jean Sheperd (the adult voice of Ralphie from "A Christmas Story"). The kitschy audio-animatronic visuals and story of how home life has changed in the last 100 years were good enough to hold my interest. Barely. I wouldn't go out of my way to see this, but if the line is short and you're hot, give it a look.
"Just a tad cheezy"
Reviewed on Aug 02, 2003 by meeko_33785
Rating: Not rated  
Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress is definatly starting to show it's age. The idea is intreeging- follow progress throughout the 20th Century with an avaeage American family. the gimicry of having the theater rotate around the stage is also very interesting and differet. Most of the humor is somewhat dated, but still manages to be entertaining. Other than that, however, the show seems a bit hokey. Most of the action of the ride consists of the Carousel family patriach showing everyone his new dishwashers, ovens, blenders, and other such household appliances. It still has the same feeling that you are seeing an over-glorified commercial for GE appliances. Add to that that the animatronics are looking very old, especially compared to animatronics at nearby Alien Encounter and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. Some changes are definatly needed at the Carousel, but, even with its flaws, it's still enjoyable and entertaining.
"Call It Quits Already"
Reviewed on Mar 08, 2003 by MickeyMoose15
Rating: Not rated  
The attraction has been around since 1983 and it is definitely showing its age. I know they slightly update the attraction for the 25th Anniversary of the park, and nobody appreciated it more then I, but the attraction is too darn old. Let the carousel spin one more time, put the tired attraction out of its misery and plop in a brand new attraction. This thing is taking up money, time and space that could be used for something better. If you don't want the attraction to go becaus of the fuzzy memories, there is a thing called videotape. By now you have to have at least one full ride showing of the attraction on some family vacation video you have. Watch that bring back memories but just let the attraction die so other things could be put in for the further enjoyment of theme park guests.
"Extremely interesting"
Reviewed on Mar 06, 2003 by niccolo
Rating: Not rated  
A very intelligent, well developed ride. It involves a look back to the 1900's, the 1920's and the 1940's and also up to the present day. What makes it so interesting is it shows you the human side of these time periods: what people were doing in their everyday lives. It shows how things changed and how people felt about the "progress" at the time. The thrill in this ride is largely within your own mind. It is emotional and thought provoking. With fantastic music and a memorable themesong this attraction is highly recommended.
Reviewed on Dec 19, 2002 by onelittlespark
Rating: Not rated  
Queuing Time: Just fine! Never too long, never too short. Audio/Music: An EXCELLENT score! Preshow: Excellent history and footage of the 1964 version! Storyline: Excellent! Every thing about it is innovative. Theming: Heck, yeah. Better than most! Post-Show: My post show is riding it again... ;) Thrill Rating: For me, I find thrill in classics. Just being! Duration: Perfect. I love the length of this attraction. Kid-Friendly: Of course! Let's say Family-Friendly... Overall Rating: EXCELLENT This ride defines Walt Disney's message. One of the best attractions at the park in itself - and by far the most classic. I can't bear to hear anyone say to close it...there is no true justification for closing Walt Disney himself said this to be the only attration to stay in his parks as long as it existed. I love it. Not to miss...missing it will take the Walt Disney out of Walt Disney World!
"A Bit of Disney History"
Reviewed on Oct 13, 2002 by Jabas
Rating: Not rated  
Truth be told, if I had a limited amount of time in the Magic Kingdom I would not go on this attraction. It does not thrill, excite or even really entertain me...and yet I would recommended it. Why? Because it does INTEREST me as bit of Disney history; a reminder of the how the greatness that is the Disney parks developed. If you are not a Disney park fanatic, if you're just there to crash head-on into Disney magic, you could be okay skipping this one. Oh, and if you don't heed my advice and find yourself sitting there bored....FOR THE LOVE OF PETE do not get up and try to leave people! The theatre rotates, okay? The door doesn't come out where you think it will and you run the risk of delaying and ruining the show for everyone else. Tirade over.
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by RAYROBBINS
Rating: Not rated  
"Great Ride"
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2002 by Disney4648
Rating: Not rated  
The Carousel of Progress is one of the best attractions at the Magic Kingdom.
"Walts great idea!"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by genius7777
Rating: Not rated  
Walt came up with the carousel of progress himself, what a great idea!This is a show about how time moves along and how life just keeps getting more advanced and better. If your in the magic kingdom and are hot and need rest just join the show and relax in air conditioning!Carousel of progress boasts catchy theme music and very interesting audio-anamatronics. The show is great for adults and kids alike, and a must-see for all walt disney fans.
"A fun look back"
Reviewed on Aug 31, 2002 by wolf359
Rating: Not rated  
Although this attraction's fate is looking dim, i really enjoy this ride for several reasons. Being one of Walt's last attractions he personally worked on makes it special to me. It is also funny and a unique attraction. My one complaint is the jarring switch from the 40's to modern day...i wish they would return the last scene to the 60's. since the whole attraction is about the audience looking back in time (though the narrator is seeing "modern" day) i think the 60's would fit in just fine.
"simple yet satisfying"
Reviewed on Aug 30, 2002 by bgrego
Rating: Not rated  
not every ride has to be a wham bam thank you mam. THis is relaxing and entertaing and educational. when they get rid of this ride then walts signature on the park is dead.
"Walts RIDE!!"
Reviewed on Aug 29, 2002 by tiggerspooh
Rating: Not rated  
I love this ride once I ride I have the song stuck in my head for hours!!! It is a bit dated though!
"A Disney Classic!!"
Reviewed on Aug 26, 2002 by tinkerbell9988
Rating: Not rated  
This attraction is a must-see for any Walt Disney fan.
"Classic Walt attraction"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2002 by J.E.Smith
Rating: Not rated  
A good ol' classic Disney attraction, made by the master himself. The rotating theater brings you through each scene at the years and progress advance, with a small look at the future. Also, there is the classic Sherman song "Great Big Beautiful Tommorrow". People really enjoy this one. Whenever it is open, be sure to check it out!
"It's Walt Himself!"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2002 by grizzlyhall
Rating: Not rated  
The Carousel of Progress, Walt's favorite attraction, is Disney itself. This popular, and historically significant, attraction takes guests through time to see the progress of the American family. This attractions themes on the family and progress was Walt's vision, later put in his EPCOT form. The longest queue wait may be about 8 minutes, as the theaters rotate to your load. During that time, there's an entertaining video hosted by - you've got it - Walt Disney himself! As we enter to hear the catchy theme song, and find a seat, we hear about the history of the attraction. It was Walt's own idea from beginning to end and premiered in the 1964's NY World's Fair. Since then, it's been the most seen stage show in the history of American theater. Walt himself said that the Carousel is the only attraction he wanted to ALWAYS stay in his theme parks, as it clearly displayed his outlook on life and progress! As for the show, we are introduced to John, the Carousel father, around the turn of the century. We give out a few laughs at how hard life was for the family compared to today's standards. On to the 20s and late 40s - to see a whole slew of Audio-Animatronics (the same family) and their "animated" gizmos that have taken them to the future's innovations (the final scene). The musical score is the best I've heard in the Carousel Theater - starting with Valentine's Day theme to the 4th of July, on to Halloween, and Christmas. And, of course, the Sherman/Sherman theme "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" (Walt's Favorite) is now back at the theater. Adults can relate to the family - and a few jokes are specifically in for a few chuckles. It's "kid friendly" also - all the kids I know love the theme song and watching the family progress. All in all, this is a "must-do" Disney attraction. Seeing it on your trip will make your Disney experience fully complete!
"not for thrill seekers"
Reviewed on Aug 22, 2002 by Eeyore
Rating: Not rated  
The Carousel of Progress is a great way to see Walt's vision in action. The pre show showing Walt and the Sherman Brothers is good. The wait for this attraction is never long. It's a nice place to sit and relax in the air conditioning. Unfortunatly, this attraction is only opperated seasonally and on limited hours, from 11am to 5pm. It has been having quite a few technical difficulties lately, the most recent being an AC problem that shut the attraction down for a whole day. If this attraction is open during your next visit see it right away, it may be your last chance.
"A Dated classic"
Reviewed on Aug 19, 2002 by NowInc
Rating: Not rated  
This attraction needs to go! I respect it for its classic history, but its an eyesore and a waste of space. The land could be used much better, and the ride itself costs way too much to run. As its seasonal periods become shorter and shorter, i look forward to seeing its perminant closure. Its only good for killing time between fast passes...providing that TTA is busted or something. It seems to be a good place to catch a nap.
Carousel of Progress
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