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Reviewed on Dec 23, 2005 by Computer Magic
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We were placed on a small bus at Rainforest Cafe and taken to the the Safari area. We saw all types of animals although the tour information states you won't. My wife hair was chewed on by a Giraffe that was on loan by a Zoo. She was standing next to the fence and the Giraffe leaned over.

The duration was a little long, we became bored looking at the food prepartions for the animals and then the look at where the hay is stored.

We received a free pin at the end.

Great tour
"Behind the scenes at DAK"
Reviewed on Dec 17, 2005 by akiraraptor
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Backstage Safari is a behind the scenes on how Disney runs an animal themed park. We've done this tour several times over the years, and it has changed a little each time.

As of the last time we took this tour, it begins with a ride through the regular Safari ride for your group. You then move on to the backstage area to see several barn, and sometimes animals and the caretakers.

Since this is a working backstage, things cannot always be "scripted" so your experiance will vary from tour to tour.

We've been able to feed a girraffi once, see the elephants play in the out side pen area, touch a reptile and bird, and talk and ask questions of several care takers.

This all happened across several tours, so do not expect much, but you may get surprised if things work out.

You then are moved on to the food prep area, and are show how all the food is created and readied for the animals. You can sometimes get some juicey information like the lions favorite treat in a rabbit frozen in ice. The bunny pop.

Then the tour finishes with a walk through the vet areas that you can see at the Conservation Station.

As a side note, the tour has become more about pleasing the "common man" than in previous years. The first year they had the tour, there was no ride in the begining. Instead the used the time in the middle of the tour in a classroom setting. A cartaker would bring in an animal (an American Alagator once) and have an Q & A session.

The previous tours were more centered around education, and I believe, were better than the current format. Thus I would have given excelent in years past, but now I consider it good.

In any case, it is still one of the better Disney tours you can take, and well worth the money.
Backstage Safari Tour
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