TRON Lightcycle Run looking increasingly unlikely to open in 2021

Oct 19, 2020 in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

TRON Lightcyle Run looks like it will miss its originally planned 2021 opening at the Magic Kingdom, and will instead move to a 2022 opening.

According to a post on the WDWMAGIC Forums from a reliable poster who is involved in the supply chain for the construction of the coaster, construction will come to a halt at the end of the year, and will not resume until October 2021.

The plan is to complete the exterior canopies prior to the halt in construction, which will at least provide a visually clean sightline at the back of Tomorrowland.

Numerous factors have contributed to the likely delay in opening. Construction came to a complete halt during the initial COVID-19 outbreak, and although it has resumed, COVID-19 physical spacing for workers has greatly reduced the numbers of people on site. Disney is also seeking to minimize expenditure during this time, and would like to see a return to a more stable financial picture.

TRON was originally to be the centerpiece of the Magic Kingdom's 50th anniversary celebrations.

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Article Posted: Oct 19, 2020 / 9:57am ET
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sbunit25 minutes ago

I think it depends more on revenue coming in and available cash flow than how much of the population is vaccinated and starting to travel again.

ilovetotravel197744 minutes ago

If the rest of the population (other than essential workers) start to get vaccinated let's say in April 2021, would Disney ramp construction back up so the ride would/could be open for the 50th (October)?

Walt d13 hours ago

Im ready’ im a user”

JoeCamel14 hours ago

Just look at that Tron spider taking over the kingdom!

MisterPenguin15 hours ago

OMG! When did they move the train station and the Astro Orbiter to be right on the water's edge??!!!

JoeCamel15 hours ago

Amazing what you can do with a long lens

NIUHuskie15 hours ago

What is the blue barn that's between TRON and the Barnstormer? How long has it been there? Just wondered if it was a temporary building for construction or if it was something I hadn't noticed before.

trainplane315 hours ago

That's an interesting angle:

MisterPenguin18 hours ago

Yes. And, according to insiders, pushed back to 2022. But Disney could always reverse that decision... unless they truly are leaving the interior of the ride unbuilt for a lengthy amount of time, then, in that case, it will be 2022 since they wouldn't be able to complete it in time for 2021.

Fox&Hound19 hours ago

Hahaha, that was how I read it first too...

solidyne1 day ago

I think the reference was to wdwmagic's update: PHOTOS - TRON Lightcycle Run coaster construction at the Magic Kingdom The commentary mentions an orignally intended spring 2021 date.

JoeCamel1 day ago

My question is if they will take the tower crane down during the hiatus? I believe WDW owns that one.

wdwmagic1 day ago

If they were to work continuously though Oct yes, but we suspect things are going to come to a halt end of this year for a number of months.