The Boneyard

DinoLand U.S.A., Disney's Animal Kingdom

A playground area for the little ones in DinoLand USA at Disney's Animal Kingdom, the Boneyard features a play maze built around dinosaur fossils. The site also features a dig site, where guests can search for fossils.
  • Main Details

  • Park Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • Land DinoLand U.S.A.
  • Type Playground
  • Queue Details

  • FastPass+
  • Extra Magic Hours

  • Morning EMH
  • Restrictions

  • Age Ages 10+. Children under age 7 years must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older.
  • Accessibility May Remain in Wheelchair/ECV
  • Important Dates

  • Grand Opening Apr 22 1998
The Boneyard overview

The Boneyard overview

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The Boneyard playground has reopened at Disney's Animal Kingdom
1 month ago

The Boneyard at Disney's Animal Kingdom closing for refurbishment
5 years ago

The Boneyard playground closing for refurbishment this month
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The Boneyard playground closed for refurbishment Feb 22, 2016 to Mar 18, 2016

The Boneyard playground closed for refurbishment Oct 24, 2012 to Oct 25, 2012

The Boneyard playground closed for refurbishment Sep 18, 2012 to Sep 19, 2012

The Boneyard playground closed for refurbishment Oct 05, 2009 to Oct 18, 2009

Activities at The Boneyard

  • A giant, multi-level maze with covered slides
  • An archeological dig site where kids can excavate fossils from a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • A set of hands-on musical bones set into the side of a hill
  • A Jeep for climbing and make-believe driving
  • Interactive exhibits, including dinosaur footprints that make sounds
  • A shaded seating area at the dig site with large fans and music