The Boneyard at Disney's Animal Kingdom closing for refurbishment

Feb 01, 2016 in "The Boneyard"

Posted: Monday February 1, 2016 10:44am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Boneyard playground at Disney's Animal Kingdom is scheduled for a refurbishment later this month.

The closure begins on February 22 through to March 17, reopening to guests on March 18 2016.

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Rob562Mar 03, 2016

For those looking for the music, t's also playing in at least one or two rooms of Restaurantosaurus. (Specifically the Rec Room with the jukebox and Gulfstream trailer) The idea behind the music selection is that it's the tracks chosen by the paleontologist grad students working in the fossil dig site. -Rob

BEARSHOUSE4Mar 02, 2016

My daughters were always scared of the sound effect when you stepped on the pressure pad. The deep roar came from somewhere out of site, and I enjoyed seeing them jump!

Indiana StoneMar 02, 2016

Will this be receiving any lighting enhancements like so many other areas of the park?

DisneyChik17Mar 02, 2016

Oh, so this is like, just for kids... :confused: .. Noted. Seriously, I love this section, and it's the only thing in Dinoland that does nearly put me in the hospital.

tribbleorlflMar 02, 2016

I couldn't tell, but the last time we were there in the summer, the rubber floor was looking bare in spots and some of the rope ladders showed some signs of wear.

DisneyFans4LifeMar 02, 2016

Bummer. We're going back at the end of March, so it should be back open by then. I wonder what they're doing to the area.

tribbleorlflMar 02, 2016

Yup, the whole area is closed. Somehow this thread escaped me and my kiddos we bummed to find it closed this past Sat.

DisneyFans4LifeMar 02, 2016

Does this also include the area where kids can dig for fossils? Were there on the 28th and was going to take my daughter for the first time, but the playground was she ended up digging for fossils for a few minutes.

WDWtravelerMar 02, 2016

Photo update as of Tuesday, March 1.

IncomudroJan 13, 2016

My kids had a ball in there, and as an adult who once dreamt of being a Paleontologist - I love the way it feels like a dig site. Love the songs, and lots of anoles running around too.

ToTBellHopJan 13, 2016

Yeah, the music picks are quite clever. It also is a fantastic playground--Disney's best according to my kids. Hurt my darn LCL going down a slide with Logan though. I'm too old for enclosed slides!

BoltJan 13, 2016

Love hearing REM's - End Of The World in a dinosaur themed area.

Biff215Jan 13, 2016

Our kids love it in there. The music is fun, but it can be so hot, not unlike the rest of AK. Happy to see it's getting some attention.

ToTBellHopJan 13, 2016

They do!