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Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village
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Sanaa dessert menu

A Sweet Ending to Your Celebration . . .
Dessert Sampler 6.99
No Sugar Added Mango Pudding, Cardamom-Butter Cake,
and Egg-less Chocolate Cake

No Sugar Added Mango Pudding 4.49

Chai Cream
with Tea Tuile 5.49

Vanilla-Coconut Rice Pudding 5.49

Cardamom-Butter Cake
Orange Supreme with Saffron Syrup 5.49

Egg-less Chocolate Cake 5.99

Carrot Halvah 5.49

Loose Leaf Tea Offerings
Served in its own tea pot with a diffuser. 5.95 ea. (17 –oz pot)

Organic Assam
Harvested in Northeastern India
and known for its full-bodied
malty character.

Golden Assam
This second flush, large-leaf golden
tipped Assam produces a
full-bodied cup of tea.

Herbal Spice Chai
Naturally caffeine-free original house blend
of hand-ground spices has the same
complexity and richness of a
traditional black tea Chai.

Mosala Black Tea Chai
Complex blend of fresh spices
and Indian black tea.

White Tip Darjeeling
Treasured for its ripe, complex flavor
and floral bouquet.

Thunderbolt Darjeeling
The “champagne of black teas” is named
for the region, as Darjeeling literally
means Land of the Thunderbolts.

Organic Rooibos
This famous “red bush tea” hailing from
South Africa is naturally caffeine-free,
organically grown, rich in vitamins,
minerals, and antioxidants.

Earl Grey Rooibos
Caffeine-free, features South African “red bush”
blended with bergamot orange.

Mango Rooibos
“Red Bush” scented with tropical mango.
Rooibos is rich in antioxidants and a good
source of iron and potassium.

Pina Colada Rooibos
Transport yourself to a tropical paradise beach
with a sip of this piña colada-inspired Rooibos!

Vanilla Rooibos
Vanilla bean sweetens this Rooibos, organically
grown, rich in vitamins, minerals, and
antioxidants, and naturally caffeine-free.

Hazelnut Rooibos
Sweet, earthy Rooibos carefully blended with
the warmth of hazelnuts yield a rich
and medium-bodied infusion.
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