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Pleasure Island, Pleasure Island
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Portobello dessert menu
white chocolate custard
Our signature dessert! Classic white chocolate
custard caramelized with a crispy candy glaze 6.95

Illy espresso & rum-soaked ladyfingers
with mascarpone cream & fine cocoa powder 7.95

chocolate paradise
Rich chocolate layer cake with
chocolate ganache & toffee crunch 7.95

fresh berries
Raspberry liqueur & berry sorbet 6.95

authentic italian gelato & sorbet
Your server will describe today’s selections 5.95

cappuccino gelato
Our very own chocolate coffee ice cream 5.95

panna cotta
Winter Park honey, locally harvested fruit 6.95

chocolate ravioli
Chocolate truff les with biscotti 6.95

coffee & cappuccino
We proudly feature Illy Coffee

café portobello
Cappuccino with a delightful blend of
Grand Marnier & Frangelico 8.95

café italiano
Cappuccino with Amaretto Di Saronno® 8.95

forté gourmet tea selections
Earl Grey, Decaf Breakfast, Chamomile,
Orchid Vanilla, Jasmine Green 4.95

cappuccino e chocolate 4.95
café latte 4.95
cappuccino 3.95
espresso 2.95
coffee 2.95
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