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Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
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Jiko Dinner Menu
Animal Kingdom Lodge
December 2007

lamb "patis" $9.99
-pulled lamb rolled in phyllo with mint-cilantro chutney

lentil "pastilla" $7.99
-lentil-filled phyllo pockets with sweet-and-sour sauce

maize and sweet potato "tamales" $8.99
-herbed maize pudding and truffled sweet potato mash with shredded goat cheese in corn husk boat

fire roasted sambal shrimp $12.99
-with chickpea and peppadew bhaja

kalamata olive flatbread $9.99
-with four cheeses and laura cherel soft goat cheese

artichoke and peppadew flatbread $9.99
-with midnight moon goat cheese, arugula, and cilantro-yogurt drizzle

barbeque chicken flatbread $10.99
-with grilled onions, apple julienne, african barbeque sauce, and four cheeses

taste of Africa $9.99
-kalamata olive hummus, durban tikka masala, and malay spinach-lentil dip, with lentil papedam, whole-wheat lavosh and flax seed naan bread

Soups and Salads
roasted golden chanterelle soup $7.99
-with toasted pumpkin seeds, and white truffle whipped cream

field greens and vegetable salad $7.00
-crisp mixed greens with tomato, radish, toasted lavosh and lemon dressing

"Ahi" tuna two ways $13.39
-seared tuna with zough yogurt and marinated tuna with tikka yogurt

cucumber, tomato, and red onion salad $8.30
-with arugula, cottage cheese, and watermelon vinaigrette

wood-grilled pork tenderloin $26.00
-with sweet potato rosti, sauteed spinach and spiced pork reduction

chermoula-roasted tanglewood chicken $26.00
-with red skin mashed potatoes, preserved lemons, kalamata olives, roasted garlic, and harissa

durban curry shrimp $28.99
-shirmp ragout with durbanesque curry sauce, artichokes, tomatoes, sweet peas and jade blen rice pilaf

broiled filet of arctic char $21.99
-with heirloom tomato salad, avocado, kalamata olives, pickled red onions, and peppadew vinaigrette

Kenyan coffee bbq-braised short ribs $35.00
-with crushed idaho and sweet potatoes, onion-garlic sauce

maize-crusted and seared pacific halibut $33.39
-with vegetable of the moment, tomato-butter sauce, and crispy sweet potato

pan-roastd jumbo scallops $23.99
-with golden brown mealle "pap" and spicy tomato-onion

oak-grilled filet mignon $37.99
-with macaroni & cheese and red wine sauce

berbere-braised lamb shank $27.99
-with toasted couscous, baby spinach, and berbere sauce

grains, peas, and vegetables $24.00

Kid's Picks for guests 9 and under
-all meals served with choice of juice, 1% milk, or bottled water

Appetizer and Sides
garden salad with tomatoes and carrots $3.00
mixed fruit salad $3.00
carrot and celery sticks with peanut butter $3.00
green peas and carrots $3.00

tomato and cheese pizza $7.00
peanut butter and jelly sandwich with fruit, peanut butter dip, carrot and celery sticks $6.00
grilled cheese with carrot and celery sticks, peanut butter dip, and fruit $6.00
grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes, veggies and fruit $8.00
broiled fish with mashed potatos, veggies, and fruit $8.00
grilled beef filet with mashed potatos, veggies, and fruit $11.00
macaroni & cheese with white cheese sauce $6.00
-soft drink available upon request

vanilla ice cream $4.00
jiko puzzle with ice-cream sundae $7.00
mixed fruit salad $3.00
"s'mores and more"-build your own with marshmallow fluff, peanut butter, melted chocolate, and graham crackers $6.00
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