Alfredo Di Roma Dessert Cart menus

World Showcase, Epcot
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Alfredo Di Roma Dessert Cart menu
Tiramisu $3.95
-Lady Finger Bisquit, espresso coffee, marscarpone cheese, egg brandy, whipped cream
Paste del Giorno $3.00
-Choice of any one of our chef’s daily creations
Cannoli $3.95
-Pastry shell, filled with ricotta cheese, candied fruits, chocolate & cinnamon
Chocolate Mousse $3.75
Apple Sfogliatella $3.50
-Puff pastry with vanilla cream & topped with marinated apple
Torta di Cioccolato $3.75
-Chocolate Cake
Italian Cheese Cake $3.95
Biscotti Toscani $1.50

Espresso Doppio $1.89
-Double Espresso
Cappuccino $3.00
Flavored Syrup for coffee .40
Cappuccino with Biscotti $3.75
-with large biscotti
Café Latte $2.75
-Espresso with hot milk
Hot Chocolate $2.50
Granita $2.83
-Strawberry, Lemon, ice cappuccino
Imported Mineral Water $2.25
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