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Adventureland, Magic Kingdom
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Adventureland Snack Cart menu
located near the Jungle Cruise across from the Tiki Room

cinnamon-glazed almonds  $3.50  (ddp snack)

vitamin water  $3.25  (ddp snack)

smart water  $3.25  (ddp snack)

Dasani bottled water  $2.50  (ddp snack)

Powerade  $3.00  (ddp snack)

bottle straps  $3.75

bottle toppers  $3.75

Mickey's Premium ice cream bar  $2.75  (ddp snack)

Edy's Dibs  $3.75

Mickey's cookies 'n cream ice cream sandwich  $2.75  (ddp snack)

Edy's strawberry bar  $2.75  (ddp snack)

Haagan Daz vanilla & almonds ice cream bar  $3.75  (ddp snack)

Itzakadoozie  $2.75  (ddp snack)

Frozen banana  $2.75  (ddp snack)

no sugar added strawberry bar  $2.75  (ddp snack)

Nestle frozen lemonade cup  $3.25  (ddp snack)

nestle frozen strawberry lemonade cup  $3.25  (ddp snack)

-sales tax included where applicable
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Adventureland Snack Cart
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