Registration now open for V.I.PASSHOLDER Nights

Jul 24, 2018 in "Ticket - Platinum Pass Annual Pass"

Posted: Tuesday July 24, 2018 3:04pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Registration is now open for the V.I.PASSHOLDER Nights at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

Passholders are in the process of being emailed with invites, and registration is on a first come, first served basis at

V.I.PASSHOLDER Nights are available to Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus and Premier Passholders, taking place on:

  • August 5 2018 at Magic Kingdom from 10:00pm to 12:00am
  • September 6 2018 at Epcot from 9:00pm to 11:00pm
  • October 25 2018 at Epcot from 9:00pm to 11:00pm

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Kman101Apr 03, 2019

It really was bizarre and felt so nice to not be stressed and surrounded by people!

PiebaldApr 03, 2019

We signed up for TL. We did MK and Epcot in the past few months. Epcot was kind of lame because WS closed early and it just seemed dead (in a bad way) whereas MK was super enjoyable. Hadn't felt so stress free at MK in ages. Walk on to everything and just cool vibes all around. The drizzling probably cleaned out the crowds.

ParksAndPixelsApr 03, 2019

Missed chance to sign up! We arrive that evening...

donsullivanApr 02, 2019

It appears that something might have changed in the e-mail blocking I've battled with for these emails over the last many years. I got it fixed 2 years ago for the Pandora Preview with a secondary email addres but I noticed today that this email came into the original email address that had all of the blocking issues in the past. I'm hoping that's an encouraging sign that the long term issue (10+ years) I've had with passholder communication might be slowly getting resolved.

Kman101Apr 02, 2019

I didn't even notice it was for MK too on 4/28. Would have been nice before my birthday but it was filled in like no time ...

JohnDApr 02, 2019

I know why I didn't get it. I'm a Silver PH. I guess I don't pay enough for this "free" event.

JansanbrenApr 02, 2019

As per usual, no email.

monothingieApr 02, 2019

Only with the holiday parties. The after hours events at the MK start immediately after park close. at DAK and HS, they start 30 minutes after park close. This kinda annoyed me when we did the MK AH event because at 9PM HEA ran for 25 minutes and basically tied everything up in the park on AH time.

nickysApr 02, 2019

Don’t they usually have an hour between park close and the start of a hard ticketed event? Plenty of time to usher everyone else out.

monothingieApr 02, 2019

I was actually surprised at how easy it was to sign up for it. As of now, the park is scheduled to still scheduled to close at 9PM. Park hours always wind up changing, so I would really be surprised if this didn't change to 11PM. Unless they are going to let day guests clear out before the hard ticket event starts. I'm also wondering how crowded it will wind up being.

JohnDApr 02, 2019

Yeah, 4/28 is Sunday. I arrive Mon 4/29. Just as well for me. Per usual, Silver is SOL.

Texas84Apr 02, 2019

Bump. Just got this e-mail. There is one error, MK is not Tuesday. The date is correct. Magic Kingdom® Park TUESDAY, 4/28, 11 P.M.–1 A.M. Enjoy access to more than 25 of our most popular attractions and Character Greetings, too. Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park SATURDAY, 5/18, 5 P.M.–8 P.M. MONDAY, 6/3, 5 P.M.–8 P.M. Take advantage of the first-ever V.I.PASSHOLDER Nights at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. Experience magic in every drop with popular waterslides and splash-tastic surprises during this special evening event! PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited capacity of this event, registration for each Platinum Passholder is limited to just one of the above events. Registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may register up to three other Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus or Premier Passholders linked in your friends-and-family list to share the fun.

RonAnnArborSep 02, 2018

I was signed up for the Epcot passholders event this week, but I cancelled. There is just simply no reason to go. I have no reason to wait in lines to ride things for two hours at 9:00 when I can ride them any other day first thing in the morning at rope drop. I do think it is nice that they offer these, especially for annual pass holders staying on property and visiting from out of town - but for locals, this is just a nice afterthought to make pass holders feel appreciated. In reality its just sort of a EMH for locals for the most part. As to World Showcase - they simply close off exactly what is closed off before that part of the park opens at 11:00 each day -- so consider the passholder experience the same as being in the park at 8 am for EMH before the park opens and you can't book FP during that hour anyway.

donsullivanSep 02, 2018

Last year, I just reach the end of my patience with this mess and was not going to let up until they fixed things. I wasn't willing to accept getting blown off like they had in the past. I had gone through the same hell around the New Fantasyland Preview and when it started happening again, I wasn't letting go until they fixed it. You don't have to actually re-register; they can change the email on the account and everything in your profile is maintained including admissions entitlements, ADR's, FP+, etc.. I was just unwilling to change my email address on principle and they found a way to add a second address to the account. I still log in with the same email I've had on the account for decades, I just do not get any Passholder communications on that address when they are sent, they are received at the second email address that was added to the account.