Wonders of Life (Pavilion)

Future World, Epcot

Signs and icon removed

Signs and icon removed

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Closed sign

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Exterior refurbishment

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Wonders of Life pavilion closed as a daily operation at the end of operating hours on January 4, 2004. It operated on a seasonal basis beginning January 5, 2004 through to January 1 2007..  It has not opened since January 2 2007, and is currently being used for special events.


Wonders of Life Pavilion contained the following attractions

Body Wars 
Take a high-speed race against time for a thrilling view of the body's immune system in this exciting flight-simulating attraction.

Cranium Command 
A humorous look at the workings of the human brain experienced through the eyes of a twelve-year-old boy.

Making of Me 
A sensitive film portrayal of the birth process including spectacular "in utero" footage by Swedish micro-photographer Lennart Nilsson

Goofy About Health 
Children's theater area showing videos that feature Goofy displaying proper health habits

Fitness Fairgrounds 
A collection of fitness-related exhibits, including a sensory funhouse (hands-on exhibits involving the 5 senses)

Frontiers of Medicine 
Exhibit area featuring a series of videos on various health topics