'Points of Light' in place on the underside of Spaceship Earth for EPCOT'S 'Beacons of Magic' show

Jun 09, 2021 in "Spaceship Earth"

Spaceship Earth point of lights on the underside - June 9 2021
Posted: Wednesday June 9, 2021 1:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The rapid installation of the 'Points of Light' at Spaceship Earth is continuing this week with lights now in position on the very bottom of the structure.

Lights have now been put into almost all of the most difficult locations to access, including the very top, overhangs and areas close to the supports.

The lights installed in the lower sections also offer a nice closeup look of the custom lighting modules that Imagineering is using for these new lighting effects at the EPCOT centerpiece.

The main LED will shine light outwards and is surrounded by a number of smaller modules that will shine lighting to the side onto the panels of Spaceship Earth.

Concept art of the lighting shows what we can expect when the effect goes live later this year for the start of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary celebrations.


According to Imagineer Zach Riddley, "Her classic look will be maintained and accentuated through new colors and intensity in programmed expressions that extend into the new main entrance fountain and the entire World Celebration area."

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JustInTime2 days ago

Wow. The lights ok SSE are incredible

Gringrinngghost3 days ago

The first photo shows in the tweet that the Side LEDS are covered in a yellow phosphor based gel. Just looking at this, the side lights, I would be surprised to see as RGB as there isn't even anything indicating RGBW as it would be a half and half. But the lens gives me the impression that they are using a Cree/Luxeon Star style light on the sides. To Surmise, I fully believe the sides are Cool White LEDS only, and the center is RGBW in cool white, unless it's a 2 package deal thats running Bicolor LEDs with the RGBLEDs.

FutureCEO3 days ago

I think of this scene whenever Disney mentions beacons lighting up and whenever Oct 1st rolls around.

wdwmagic3 days ago

Yes as far as I know they are all RGB.

jrhwdw3 days ago

I believe the whole SSE is RGB?

Gringrinngghost3 days ago

Shame the sides are only cool while LED and not RGB but alas.

jagiord13 days ago

Wow, that's pretty magical.

ImperfectPixie3 days ago

If this is what they have in mind, and the LEDs aren't on all the time, I could actually grow to really love this.

jrhwdw3 days ago

New Photo from Zach! Saw it on Twitter from That Other Site. Maybe we don't need the flood lights anymore??? Pretty!!! Cant wait for 2 weeks!!! Unless SSE/Harm soft opens right after EF's last night???

ImperfectPixie3 days ago

This will never get old for me. Ever. (ETA: I didn't edit this photo at all.)

Supernova3 days ago

I hope they do away with it. I think it looks really dated.

MisterPenguin3 days ago

I'd pay good money for the opportunity to take a hammer to those orange floods. Orange lighting looks horrible (to me). Looks like SSE is constantly celebrating Halloween.

Father Robinson3 days ago