Sorcerer Mickey Hat Icon

Hollywood Blvd, Disney's Hollywood Studios

PHOTOS - Sorcerer Mickey Hat icon demolition very near complete
9 years ago

PHOTOS - Sorcerer Mickey Hat icon demolition update
9 years ago

PHOTOS - Sorcerer Mickey Hat icon demolition update
9 years ago

PHOTOS - Sorcerer Mickey Hat icon demolition update
9 years ago

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The Sorcerer Mickey Hat Icon was built in 2001 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Walt Disney, in a celebration called 100 Years of Magic. The hat is located at the end of Hollywood Blvd in the central hub of the studios.


On April 11, 2003 a new sculpture, replacing the "100 Years of Magic" Celebration logo under the Sorcerer Mickey Icon, debuts at the Disney-MGM Studios. This permanent sculpture features gold ribbons decorated with silver stars and is located adjacent to a merchandise venue under the Sorcerer Mickey Hat Icon.

Facts and Figures

  • Hat Height - The hat itself is 100 feet tall. Since it is resting atop the ears and canted to the side, the summit of the Icon will settle at 122 feet.
  • Icon Weight - 156 tons
  • Hat Weight (the brim and hat only, excluding the ears and support structure) - 27 tons
  • Foundation Concrete - If poured on a 1' depth, the amount of concrete in the base would cover an entire football field.
  • Hat Size (as wardrobe) - The hat is a size 605 and 7/8
  • Mickey Size (if he were to wear it) - For a proportional perspective, Mickey, wearing this hat, would be 350 feet tall. (Based off of scaling the real-life entertainment characters in the park)
  • Hat Paint (Chameleon Paint) - The hat is painted with a custom paint technique called "chameleon paint" which will cause the hat to shift in color as guests move closer and around it. We are using enough of this "automotive type paint" to cover 500 Cadillac's.
  • Mickey Ears (Light Ribbon) - The faces of the ears are new special effect called "Light Ribbons" (by Walt Disney Imagineering).
  • The ears will appear to change colors, surface shapes and sparkle with internal pixie dust lighting.
  • 91 panels for the hat
  • 18 sections for the brim
  • 18 spirals
  • 6 stars
  • 2 moons
  • 13 total air vents
  • 13,493 bolts holding the hat together
  • 26,986 washers
  • 17,000 feet (or 57 football fields) of underground utility piping
  • HAT interior space = 59,458 cubic feet
  • HAT can hold 444,744 gallons of water
  • HAT can hold 3,704,720 pounds of water
  • Ring Beam = 56-1/2 feet in diameter
  • Mickey Hand height = 39'-6" high
  • Mickey Hand width= 32'-8 1/4"
  • Left Ear height - "to top of ear" = 61'-3"
  • Right Ear height " to top of ear" = 39'-2-1/4"