Mickey's Birthdayland

Magic Kingdom

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Mickey's Birthdayland was a land at the Magic Kingdom, built to honor Mickey's 60th birthday. It has had a number of name changes, and is currently known as Mickey's Toontown Fair.


Mickey's Birthdayland opened on June 18 1988 next to Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom to honor Mickey's 60th birthday.

Attractions included:

  • Grandma Duck's Farm with live animals (chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, cows and miniature horses.
  • Mickey's house, including the Birthday Party Tent in the back yard which featured Minnie's Surprise Party. Characters would join Mickey on a birthday cake stage to sing Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse.
  • Mickey Mouse meet and greet in the dressing room at Mickey's Hollywood Theatre.
  • A train station for the Walt Disney World railroad, and a live show featuring Disney characters. 

At the end of Mickey's 60th Birthday celebration on April 22 1990, Mickey's Birthdayland closed and was reopened and renamed on May 26 1990 to Mickey's Starland

Mickey's Starland was then later updated and became Mickey's Toontown Fair on June 29, 1996.