Laserphonic Fantasy

World Showcase, Epcot


Laserphonic Fantasy replaced A New World Fantasy, opening in the summer of 1984 and brought a new dimension to Epcot. The show could be viewed from all around the lagoon and featured synthesized music. The projection barges were abandoned and the fountain and fireworks barges were arranged around a central barge containing lighting effects, fog effects, and lasers. Laser projection booths were installed at Canada, Mexico, and American Adventure. The automation of the Pichel lights was completed and added to the show. Later, small fireworks barges and seawall fireworks were added to expand the show. Laserphonic Fantasy was replaced by IllumiNations in January of 1988.


Laserphonic Fantasy was the first use of laser graphics on a water droplet screen.

The Skater scene was the first use of non-continuous lines in laser animation