Journey into Imagination (Ride)

Future World, Epcot

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Image Works and the current ride-through attraction, Journey Into Imagination, closed October 10, 1998.

Description (Ride): Join host Dreamfinder and his impish companion, Figment, on an imaginative romp through the creative process. A stunning ride-through attraction, Journey into Imagination displays how all literature, drama, music, art, and inventions come from "one little spark" ... the magical quality of imagination that dwells inside each of us.

Capacity: 2,240 per hour, 7 per car (ride)
1,776 per hour, 592 per show (theater)
Show Time: 13:00 minutes (ride)
17:50 minutes (theater)
Speed: 1.25 - 3.0 fps
Ride System: Omnimover (ride)
Sit-down Theater
Walk-through (Image Works)
Participant: Kodak