Journey into Imagination (Pavilion)

Future World, Epcot

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Description (Ride): Join host Dreamfinder and his impish companion, Figment, on an imaginative romp through the creative process. A stunning ride-through attraction, Journey into Imagination displays how all literature, drama, music, art, and inventions come from "one little spark" ... the magical quality of imagination that dwells inside each of us.

Description (Theater): Presenting "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience." Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) is being honored with the inventor-of-the-year award when things get a little out-of-hand and the audience experiences some of his inventions at close range. Also features Eric Idle as President of the Imagination Institute.

Description (Image Works): A "fun house of the future" where you can challenge your own imagination. Create works of art with an electronic palette. Take a role in "Dreamfinder's School of Drama," play an orchestra full of instruments with a wave of your hand, or create your own face at Making Faces.

This pavilion was reworked into the IMAGINATION! pavilion in 1999.