Jingle Cruise

Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

In the spirit of the festive season, the World Famous Jungle Cruise ride takes on a new persona as the Jingle Cruise, offering a holiday-themed escapade filled with cheer from start to finish!

Jingle Cruise 2023

Jingle Cruise 2023

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Embark on a whimsical voyage with the nostalgic skippers of the Jungle Cruise, who, longing for the comforts of home, have infused their journey with a dash of holiday revelry. Every nook from the boathouse onwards is adorned with joyful decorations, some sent from afar to the skippers and others crafted by their own hands. As you glide through this winter wonderland, be prepared for a sprinkle of seasonal humor as the skippers unwrap a collection of merry jokes, sure to kindle the holiday spirit in all who cruise with them.