Honey I Shrunk the Audience

Future World, Epcot

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Honey I Shrunk the Audience is a 3D movie with elaborate in-theater effects. It stars Rick Moranis, who's character Wayne Szalinksi is receiving the inventor of the year award from the Imagination Institute.


Height/Age Requirement: No

Fact and Figures

  • Pre-Show length: 14 mins, 10 secs
  • Show length: 17 mins, 50 secs
  • Sponsor: Kodak
  • Actors: Eric Idle as Dr Nigel Channing, Rick Moranis, Professor Wayne Szalinksi

The Magic Eye Theater that hosts Honey I Shrunk the Audience has had three previous 3D movies since it opened.
  • "Magic Journeys" - opened October 1, 1982, closed February 9, 1986 and then moved to the Fantasyland Theater in the Magic Kingdom, playing from December 15 1987 to December 1 1993
  • "Captain EO" - opened September 12, 1986, closed July 6, 1994. The show was then moved to Disneyland Paris.
  • "Honey, I Shrunk The Audience" - opened November 21, 1994 - present.