Dolphins in Depth

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Dolphins in Depth

Dolphins in Depth

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Disney’s Dolphins In Depth is an in-depth, behind-the-scenes experience to learn more about Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins and research at The Seas With Nemo & Friends, as well as to increase awareness and appreciation for their counterparts in the wild. Most importantly, Guests will meet them up close and personal in the water! Guests are guaranteed to get wet, and most likely splashed, by the resident dolphins. 

Program includes a photograph with the dolphin, refreshments, and a T-shirt. Theme park admission is not required or included.

Experience Details:

  • See how dolphins are cared for day to day.
  • Guests are able to view the backstage areas and see first hand how dolphins are trained.
  • Explore some different ways dolphins are cared for through trained husbandry procedures.
  • View up close a private training and research session with our Marine Mammal specialist team.
  • Engage in conversations around issues that affect Marine Life in our Oceans.
  • Meet Dolphins up close and personal in a 30 minute waist deep in water interaction.*

*The dolphins' participation is voluntary and is therefore a hopeful interaction. Dolphins are never forced to participate in the 30 minute interaction at any time.

*This is NOT a swim program, so Guests will not need to be SCUBA certified or even know how to swim to enjoy this magical dolphin experience. Guests will interact with our dolphins in waist deep water. This is a close and personal encounter with a maximum of 8 Guests per day.

Updated 24 February 2017

- Offered Tuesday through Saturday at 9:45am.
- Ages 13 and up (Minors must be accompanied by a guardian adult aged 18 & up).
- 3 hours duration.
- $199 per person (no theme park admission required.)