Discovery River Cruise

Disney's Animal Kingdom

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The Discovery River cruise was an opening day attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom that is now unfortunately closed. The attraction was originally a relaxing river boat cruise around Discovery Island, essentially circling the Tree of Life. Over the few years that it operated, guests became unhappy with long waits and lack of "thrill", and ultimately the attraction was closed. Disney did attempt to rescue the river boat ride by adding animal exhibits, and even renaming it Radio Disney Cruise, but none of these measures ultimately saved the ride. One of the loading docks has since been used as a chacrater meet and greet for Pooh characters. One of the original boats routinely brings chacraters out into the water around the Expedition Everest area of Asia.



There were a total of seven boats, each seating 62 guests. The boat names were Manatee Maiden, Leaping Lizard, Scarlet Flamingo, Otter Nonsense, Hasty Hippo, Crocodile Belle, and Darting Dragonfly.